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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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egypt's top judges rebelled against president morsi refusing to oversee the referendum on a controversial new islamic constitution. russia and turkey look to safeguard their burgeoning trade ties from political fallout from the syrian conflict and president putin this is the ball. state where politics the usual. young unemployed in the u.k. despair of ever finding a job with a government billion pound flagship skiing seeming to make matters worse.
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are you watching r t live from moscow the political crisis in egypt is deepening with the country's top judges rebelling against president mohamed morsi the supremes constitutional court has refused to oversee a referendum on the new draft constitution planned for two weeks time and claims pro morsi supporters have prevented them from doing their job judges declared an open ended strike late on sunday when they were supposed to rule on the legitimacy of the islamised dominated panel which drafted the constitution thousands of morsy supporters surrounded the building and stopped the judges from entering the opposition who continue their protest against what they call an oppressive regime are planning to march from the presidential palace on cheese day meanwhile egypt's economy is deteriorating as economist explained to our teams tom barton in cairo.
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with protests continuing around the clock both for and against a gyptian president mohamed morsi the country's economy is facing increasing troubles. with me to discuss this is very tellabs an economist here and current head of thank you for joining me think first of all tell us briefly what was really going on in the stock market pull on the show every week i'm hearing most is announcement in the next that the kid issues are still small school shopping days or even coalesce around to turn this thing down this isn't mutual have and this is love is most of the outgoing he comes i am happy we are going to kick around fulfilling the billionaire goes how would you compare egypt's economy now walsh from. harvard teaches that a commie was somewhat stable not move out of the service was the sixty five point six x. in food bank now we'll start our own fifteen zero point five billion dollars and
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this is a huge cut i thought would result and it affected the inputs on the top it affects investors no one will come to invest anything here in egypt today usually is fully aphoristic sector. and in a large unemployment thing to do is to add the us also said too soon we are in the fifth situation now this continues to be all over egypt this will affect all safe to say of egypt business will be shot at our feet now we are divided between two parts that is opposes a political force in one hand and muslim brotherhood in us of hands we are all in there betty this is the situation gratifying to you it seems that the egyptian people don't agree on much these days one of the few things they do agree on is that egypt's economy needs to get back on the right track and as soon as possible.
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russia and turkey will try to shield growing economic and trade ties for my widening rift over the syrian conflict has president putin visit all turkey that leads calls for international action on the conflict and strongly backs the opposition has asked nato to deploy patriot missiles at its border moscow says the move will only provoke more tension. reports now from. russian president was it would take us quite an extensive agenda on this visit in this town full of course a lot of documents are expected to be signed concerning the cultural and economic cooperation between russia and turkey but it's not so much the issues which the two countries are green on this the issues on which moscow and prof have sort of disagreements about which will be the focus of the meetings of course these are mostly dealing with gaza in the us about that its recent conflict with israel and of course the issue with syria now you have to remember that uncle rod has just recently filed an official petition to nato to put dietrich missiles on the border
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with syria turkey says that it's afraid of a possible spillover from the civil unrest in its closest neighboring country into the turkey just territory but russia remains adamant that putting weapons on the border with other countries. use possibility of those weapons actually being used and that this is the surge which was employed by the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov the force these are expected to be that she's disappeared the issues in the region to be discussed by those in the fields in moscow has been crystal clear to all of the world see the determination of increasing. the conflict in syria which has been raging on for almost two years to the nonprofit ex-pres it said disapproval of the current rule of president bashar asad on many occasions it has openly supported the syrian opposition in this latest move with the patriot missiles on is. order seems to be and another. all the uncle was determined nation
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to sever all good relations with the damascus that he used to enjoy. watching r.t. good to have you company and in the next few minutes we report on a revolution in the british welfare system that seems to fall in flats as the latest figures reveal the multi-billion pound program to provide long term jobs for the unemployed simply isn't working. also ahead we examine why cats are may have all teary motives and seemingly generous investments because the french economy got the details right. the gold fever. turned thousands into slaves. my father but also among brothers involved in the mines and since i started working in the mine i stayed
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here. a few multinationals. to cash cow to be milked dry and it's my think that in this country gold medal logie has an environmental cost which is an acceptable local business was labeled illegal and controlled by criminals you know in order to protect our lives our families and to work in peace. moves. we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups prices colombia going to pay. the modest effect on our. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew. i'm sorry welcome to the big.
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city. i. welcome back palestinian president mahmoud abbas has returned home to cheers from
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supporters after he won the de facto stated recognition from the un the mood though wasn't mirrored in israel which promptly shut down cash flow to the region israel collects around one hundred million dollars in taxes and customs duties which goes directly to the palestinians but that will now be used to pay their substantial debts to israeli companies earlier israel also announced further settlement expansion the palestinians un upgrade doesn't change the situation on the ground but allows the autonomy access to international organizations to challenge israel's actions earlier israeli academic middle east and told my colleague kevin zero in that statehood should be achieved through peace talks. the majority of israelis and . in the sky every move by the way has stated clearly that they'd like to see palestine independent both of us understand that there's a difference between saying palestine independent and doing it on your own with the united nations without israel as a partner as if saying that the impediment is just the state that's here let's do
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this hand in hand without negotiations without us as a partner to do a one sided to impose it on israel and they feel the strong need to give a response as an israeli i can say that has to do with domestic politics personally i don't necessarily adhere to that stop i think you've heard a lot of criticism here in israel in linking it in such a way but that is also about politics but of course israel maybe not helping the matter could be said on top of the and i was for the settlements israel's also announced it's not going to hold over a hundred million dollars of aid to the palestinians to pay back debts to israeli companies is that really an option when of course you've got the world's largest refugee populations on your doorstep that refugee population is something that needs to be taken care of and the case but i'm looking at these as part of the last four years the decision that was made on thursday from my point of view was an israeli was anti israel not just pro palestinian i want to see something which is
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a win win situation one that's both pro palestinian that goes towards an independent state not just in rhetoric no not just in fact rationed but in actuality and to do so those same palestinians kevin how to come back to the negotiation table for the last four years they have refused to do so they've refused time and again and we're all aware of that it was one of the main reasons that the forty states did abstain from the vote on thursday did so because of that rejection of israel it isn't just about being pro palestine it's also about accepting israel here and that's where we need to go. while staying in the region in france and britain may be considering hard moves against israel find out online world wide areas in london may recall their ambassadors from israel because of over televisa seeking to expand settlements in disputed territories that is on party dot com plus gridlock a giant traffic jam in russia paralyzes
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a major highway trapping motorists of a day visit more details there that it was. a miserable failure that is how the opposition described the british government's program to reduce unemployment the five billion pound plan aimed at encouraging private firms to take up those who lost their jobs due to public sector cuts help less than three percent of those who signed for it r.t. sarah firth has this report. some months now twenty five year old jay paxton's been keeping a video diary about his experiences on the government's work programme. the work programs the government's flagship scheme that pays private sector organizations to place people in work and they called it a revolution in welfare but the first figures released since its launch revealed a resoundingly failure something that hasn't surprised in the slightest so you've
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left a to go and keep his appointment now it seems pretty tightly regimented we watch people running in all morning to keep that appointment g.'s been coming to this job center once a fortnight for the past six months that he's been on the government's work programme in the time he hasn't found a single job unfortunately that's not uncommon the latest figures released by the department of work and pensions say that joe is just one of hundreds of thousands of people that is signed up to that work program he's found absolutely nothing. in fact between jeanne two thousand and eleven and july this year of all the people he was signed up to the work program and the three point four percent found work fall below the targets of five point five percent which is the number of people he find work without any sort of program it means that people like the typically
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less likely to find a job than if their own new work program whatsoever can you talk as he is to the last six months what has the experience on a daily basis with this work. well. einstein once said that the definition of insanity is to do one thing and then to repeat production and expect a different result and after doing the same thing and getting the same results for six months i'm starting to feel pretty insane every year and it is maddening the frustration be anguish despair most of the time the job in the experience is having serious effects are actually gone to the doctors a couple of times because of our sleeping cycle problems i'm sleeping way too much and i should be at the doctor's them sounds interesting from what you've said it sounds pretty terrific when you fill in this track list and filled in the chart listeners like you got clinical depression. figures.
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at the start i was drawn science i'm going to be the next greatest thing show the world it's like i don't want to take. a drug to do something more constructive things are pretty much. all fish if malik tells us that the one size fits all formats is the work program it's stifling the individuality of young. people i speak to quite intelligent quite bright some of them have to be some of them don't some of them are quite well skilled and they hate being told what to do and they like to take appropriate action for themselves. be quite good at finding work for themselves. it is difficult with a work program what we've seen though is that in fact when you get the best of the private sector involved when you pay them lots of money they actually do worse than doing nothing at all we asked the government why their work program was pretty things such poor results and why the figures they really seem designed to mask the
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true extent of the failure they responded saying it's ridiculous to suggest the work programme is not helping people into work despite being faced with their own shortcomings it seems the government still doesn't want to listen to people like telling the loud and clear i regret to inform you that on this occasion you have been unsuccessful. so r.t. london a look now some other news making headlines this hour anti-government protesters have held mass demonstrations in bahrain define the kingdom's ban on large public gatherings there demanding increase rights and an end to widespread discrimination against the shiite majority the bahraini authorities have failed to implement the reforms they promised and have been handing out harsh jail sentences to prominent opposition activists ten christians have been killed in a in
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a machete and going to tank by suspected design miss rebels in northeast nigeria the fight is then set fire to churches and government buildings in a village near near the border with cameroon the victims were returning from worship when they were attacked by the gunmen and a road construction crew official suspect islamic group is behind the a sold they have already claimed hundreds of lives in similar attacks this year. in hungary around ten thousand people have protested against the far right opposition party in the capital budapest outrage was sparked after one of the party's leaders suggested cheese be screened to see if they pose and i quote a security risk the politician later claimed he was misunderstood with his party saying the protest was political alarmism caused by desperation over their rise in popularity. the resource rich state of qatar has been pouring millions of dollars into the french economy the arab country says it wants to aid small businesses and help rebuild impoverished neighborhoods but is artie's alexia shared ski reports
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the gulf states investment is being met with suspicion. france is already no stranger to qatari dollars fans of parisian football club pre-surgery man cannot believe their luck ever since middle east and shakes invested into the team they've bought world class players and hired a top coach now this small business owner hopes he can also have a slice of the pie and huge economic crisis financing from governments are. too big to be obtained talking about cuts or we are talking about business we don't have any finance so we have a financing of financial. we can go and that may soon happen nicolas sarkozy's administration cemented ties with doha placing a military base in the gulf state and signing an investment deal now qatar is to
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invest fifty million euros into the french economy primarily to help small businesses and rebuild parisian slums mostly inhabited by immigrants from arabic and african states. who oversaw the deal says this will help many the songis maybe. that will help these youth. to escape this circle because when people have a job their vision of life is totally different when these strong people have no job they go into religion they go into violence and terror and that's terrible for the republic and that's terrible for france but after from so our long game to power this love affair with qatar got called despite that the new administration said that deal with katara would still go ahead things are not looking as optimistic as they were during the sarkozy era every step of the guitar ambassador in paris is being closely watched by the french media and some members of
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parliament are even calling to investigate the actions of qatar and frogs security experts believe that qatar's initiative is. not as innocent as it may first appear security service perfectly know that cats are as a dual strategy on one hand and culture as a purely economic strategy to find all the sectors to invest in and to make money the other strategy has got there is religiously and geopolitically driven it to mean that it's subject to explain radical islamism is means one how business in north africa in the middle east in central asia as well in southeast asia and to develop such a strategy that the western world to keep it sounds pretty nationalist forces say the developing suburbs is only a cover up for investment into radical islamic groups that i was investing against libyan regime even a small market that he was the best guy actually issued to fearing now we have a civil war involving a lot of islamists presence as in syria today we know that he's investing in.
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his troops and arming them seoul. is a bit not so good so good partner for us and stories like that of mohamed merah a shooter from toulouse who killed seven jews this spring stirred the debate he came from one of the troubled areas where qatar is planning to invest and public discourse on the matter suggests that people in france are not certain whether the oil rich state would cure such a problem or aggravated. auntie reporting from paris. concerns over water wars are spreading around the globe with face some countries could eventually go tried later on peter lavelle and his cross talk guest debate whether there is a political agenda behind the panic. room of water to be out of water is a dramatic turn we definitely sells and everybody it feels like there's
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a drought there and there's more water to be had i think it's a lot different than that if we can get when you want to have the going to lifestyles the eating habits the consumption habits that the west has and has been espousing and selling all over the world look at us look at us we're so-called we're so great and you want to be like us now the rest of the world is trying to emitted precisely those sorts of those days and eating habits which are inappropriate for the kind of context in which in which those people are living that's the fundamental disconnect that we need to focus on the air out of water what do we do let's build a dam or you know what let's sell this technology and that's the sort of interest that that sort of conversation helps and that's very unfortunate michael in washington jump in go ahead there seems to be a tendency that is if you hear a country is running out of water it's going to require some sort of huge incredible thing whether it be some sort of large dam or some huge project or some major endeavor to rescue the country and bring back water generate more why not really in a lot of cases and particularly in a case like pakistan which i've looked at quite closely i know donnish as well you
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know you could take relatively simple measures like paying a relatively small amount of money to patch up leaks. i. cross talk to bayswater was here on our team just over five minutes time. now in india sustainable family businesses are being seen as the solution to drive the country's economic growth with the younger generation using prestigious education to learn the skills to take smaller businesses to the next level. met the man who knows the recipe for success. it's every little kid's dream to have endless amounts of ice cream and sweets but for gurpreet singh it was a reality he got a taste of his family's business and what would soon become his destiny from a young age when you're going to see your father. so. this time the business is going to. live and everything today gurpreet
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has taken his grandfather's vision and built an ice cream empire that both thirty five stores across northern india and a factory that churns out four thousand liters of ice cream every day singh is doing what most family businesses fail to do build a sustainable and successful model that lasts beyond the third generation he credits his business degree from the u.k. and his work experience at a restaurant there for much of his success. the opportunity to write. a letter got hundreds you know just come back and do something with your forefathers. so that's why i could see. if you expand on the same generation here in india as in a unique position for the first time many of his peers have been able to get a higher education at a prestigious university and they're using that education to innovate their
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family's business they're also taking control of their family business at a time when india's middle class is growing experts say that if this generation is able to use their education to cash in on india's growing consumer power it could help drive india's economic growth in the coming years something rajiv basu they've us says indian families are taking to heart. the best education to be seen as equals around the world and i think it has a lot of. you know potential for families going forward gurpreet hopes to take his family's company even further. or he wants to sprinkle stories across all the major indian cities and branch out beyond just ice cream to. if. i can if my own family if you can think of. those business. units of time travel in the market but of course you know why not before the.
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express. building something that will be good for his family's future the fact that it's good for india's economy well that's just the cherry on top preassure either r t new delhi india and coming up next as promised it is crosstalk with. sigrid laboratory mukherjee was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything mission to teach creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only. issues that so much about manners and i mean he's a she's a lot of people are thinking with an ever world maybe it is founder of the dramatic
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water when it comes to describing the future management of global water resource. wealthy british stock. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy. for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to kaiser report. hello
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and welcome to crossfire computable dealing with an ever thirsty world media is fond of the dramatic term water wars when it comes to describing the future management of global water resources i wonder valued is water today and how dear
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will it become as countries around the world go dry. and. to talk about what some call the possibility of future water wars i'm joined by tony allen in london he is a professor of geography at the school of oriental and african studies and author of the recent book the middle east water question hydro politics and the global economy also in london we have donnish mustafa he is a reader in politics and environment at king's college london and in washington we cross to michael goodwin and he is a south asia associate at the woodrow wilson international center for scholars all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in any time one twenty five go to you first in london if you like to charm water wars because it's used a lot in media. it sounds good because it's a literal border wars whereas in fact it before thinking that it was to run out of water whatever that.


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