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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EST

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international condemnation of israel grows with france and britain summoning its ambassadors to protest plans to colonize more palestinian lands and withdraw aid. the un says israeli settlement expansion could deal and almost fatal blow peace for the details coming up. as border tension flares again between turkey and syria the conflict is expected to be addressed during the trade visit to istanbul. and the british jobs program that's just not working since revealed this scheme actually makes it even less likely to keep people employed.
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twelve news and much more twenty four hours a day this is party. well we're going to go straight to our top story now president putin is in turkey for talks i believe we can now cross a live to a news conference that he's having with prime minister recep here in istanbul with trade and syria very much on the agenda that's trying listening if we can. just. get your record in holding on the turkish side by sending a corporation and. establishing a joint venture called marketing distribution between rusty have to. be called in j.c. .
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so you can see they're actually signing some trade agreements there which is it is very much trade oriented as russia and turkey seek to further develop close trade ties especially with energy but of course syria is bound to have been on the agenda as well and we will go back to this this news conference in just a couple of minutes i believe. for the mean time france and britain have summoned the israeli ambassadors in their countries to get don't ever why most settlements have been authorized in disputed lands in east jerusalem the u.n. and the e.u. have also said that israel's construction plans pose a threat to future peace negotiations and more from our middle east correspondent not clear. what's happening in an area known as one and what it effectively means
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is that the west bank will be cutoff. and this announcement is widely perceived as punishment against the palestinians for number one going to the u.n. with the number two winning it essentially winning that sees the palestinian state being recognized within nine hundred sixty seven borders and given non observer nonmember observer status at the united nations now we're also hearing criticism from european ambassadors european diplomats. against israel now we're also hearing from the un secretary-general ban ki moon to quote him he says it has and almost fatal blow to the made in. the killing a two state solution amongst the punishment that the israeli government has taken is that they have frozen some one hundred million dollars in tax money that is what makes on behalf of the palestinian authority has built a painful blow to the p.a.
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because essentially can only cover around seventy percent of its needs them. rest of the money comes from this tax money comes from the united states and from the european union if you look at the sick the population in this country they too are also unhappy they do not believe that the israeli prime minister netanyahu will go ahead with building these units they believe that it's almost a cheap move by netanyahu to try and gain support ahead of january's elections and that this is an internal matter to try and really build votes b. and that's one of the government essentially sees this but and perhaps i should say not just in the technology government but many israelis feel that it was a one sided resolution that was put forward at the united nations and the point being made by the government is that they cannot be any kind of unilateral moves on the palestinian side they need to first be negotiations and only then can that lead to talks there needs to be direct talks between both sides. but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is brushing off criticism at home that he's worsening
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the country's diplomatic isolation he's vowing to press ahead anyway and build more settlements israeli academic community ice in the believes and a viable peace solution needs work from both sides. the decision that was made on thursday from my point of view as an israeli was anti israel not just pro palestinian i want to see something which is a win win situation one that's vote for all palestinians that goes towards an independent state not just in rhetoric and then not just in declarations but in actuality and to do so those same palestinians have to come back to the negotiation table for the last four years they have refused to do so in israel we look at things from the security point of view for a variety of reasons you can critique us about that i understand but that's what we're looking at i think that this government has stated clearly that they're willing to negotiate that they're willing to come to a compromise that they want to see a two state solution but now without negotiations without us as a partner to do
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a one sided to impose it on israel and they feel the strong need to give a response as an israeli i can say that has to do with domestic politics personally i don't necessarily adhere to that stop i think you've heard a lot of criticism here in israel in linking it in such a way but that is also about politics what president putin as he said is in turkey for talks with officials from russia's key trading partner but the visit is being overshadowed by the two countries differences of assyria moscow is concerned that includes backing of the rebels and the expected deployment of nato missiles on turkish territory it comes as more stray syrian shells reportedly fall across the border into neighboring country lottie's ridiculous comports now from istanbul. russia believes that any outside interference in the syrian conflict which has been raging on for almost two years now is completely unacceptable absolutely damaging
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to the regional stability turkey however seems to have a different opinion on the matter they have completely severed their ties with the countries that used to be not just a. very close ally have been very openly supporting the syrian opposition whether or not they have been known to be aligned with extremist terrorist organizations as long as these people are against president bashar assad the turkish government seems to support them and that is again a situation which moscow says is very dangerous they're saying that if there are weapons on the border they will shoot and this will be one of the main topics of discussion between president putin and the turkish leaders and also several bilateral deals are expected to be signed considering culture technology. energy but of course also this visit is important because the recent rumors about the russian leader have been circulating for quite some time all of these rumors regarding his health. saying the reason why the russian president.
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hold together his trips abroad has nothing to do with his health but has everything to do with the schedule and he's back on track now and probably will be making more trips to foreign countries well the turkey faces a tough challenge if he wants to find a compromise between its ties with russia and the gulf states according to analysts . turkey cannot avoid. the brush about syria because of the dependency that he has on russian energy this is practically impossible for not to take a look out he wants to place this is a key regional art gallery but this is going to be achieved without a compromise between the interests of the u.s. and russia that this visit of today very important because of course that part of the subject to that would be
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a discussion on the campuses sort central asia and especially of the syrian situation so it has to take into the russian position as much as the u.s. while being an ally within nato and please the arab countries in the gulf which of course that. were egypt's top judges have agreed to see the referendum on the draft constitution in two weeks time according to the legal aide to president mohamed morsi this follows a standoff for the leaders in the supporters who had besieged the supreme court building and prevented judges from entering due to whom in the galaxy of the is the most control panel that dropping egypt's new constitution judges instead went on strike well into me today to the protests it comes as anti mercy activists renewed calls for demonstrations against what they call an oppressive regime that mass marches planned for tuesday and that's the political turmoil continues in egypt finances are also suffering as economist better toilet explain to tom barton in
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cairo. with protests continuing around the clock both for and against egyptian president mohamed morsi the country's economy is facing increasing troubles with me to discuss this is very an economist here in cairo better thank you for joining me think first of all tell us briefly what was really going on in the stock market call on. just over a week i'm hearing most announcement in the next that the kid issues are still small school shopping isn't even coalesce around to turn this thing down this isn't you have and this is love is most of the funny outgoing he comes i am laugh we are going to take on food for the billionaire how would you compare egypt's economy now rules on the. father teaches that a full meal is somewhat stable not move out of the service laws to certify for
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instance absence of bank now will still down fifteen point five billion dollars and this is a huge cut out there with his own hand it affects the impulse on the top it affects investors no one will come to invest anything here in egypt to do these easy to put the aphoristic six took. on a loan to unemployment thing to do is to add also six to sunni odan if it was sick she would. kill to scantiness to be or usually egypt this would affect all safe to say of egypt business would be shocked at our feet now we are divided between two parts that is a quote is a political force in one hand and muslim person who didn't as one hand whom we all in the thirty fifth the sixth was gratifying q it seems that the egyptian people don't agree on much these days one of the few things they do agree on is that egypt's economy needs to get back on the right track and as soon as possible.
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britain's unemployed into jobs is proving to be a costly failure both recorders of a million people join the work program but only a fraction is still employed before later. sent to the french cut off qatari cash. well. it's a little skepticism. some of it is the most influence the details just ahead. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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is easy. to. see. moments of the. serious technology innovation all the rest of the limits
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around russia we've got the future covered. well back to our top story now president putin is in turkey for talks and we can of course live to his press conference with prime minister recep tayyip i won in istanbul with trade in syria very much on the agenda let's try to snip. them. and.
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musician. and. well as we wait for translation there we should say that the russian president has been meeting turkey's prime minister to discuss the syrian conflict which is certainly strained bilateral relations between the two nations moscow is a very much a key ally of syria but i'm clear as well been backing the rebels trying to oust syrian president bashar al assad so it's nice to see where the difference is a rise. of course concerned with anchors back in on the rebels as i say and the possible deployment of nato or patriot missiles in turkey comes as more syrian shells reportedly fall across the border into turkey now they've signed several key
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deals we understand on economic cooperation and turkey is a top consumer of russian natural gas and the popular destination for russian tourists russia is a very much a major market for turkish construction companies and russia is also building turkey's first nuclear power plant so very much an important trade meeting between the two leaders and foreign policy is also on the agenda in this temple of course turkey is actively supporting the rebels across the border in syria. is against any foreign interference in the conflict in iraq she was also voiced some concern over the planned deployment of nato missile batteries on the turkish syrian border relations i should say some background here for you between moscow and actress suffered somewhat of a setback in october when turkey impounded
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a syrian plane was heading from russia to damascus let's try and. we will come back to this. this very important news conference as soon as we can get a translation there for you. now in the meantime britain's new work program is supposed to get the unemployed into jobs with something less success than people who look for them so the five billion pound program so far only got around three percent of job seekers off welfare officer has a story for us. for months now twenty five year old jay paxton's been keeping a video diary about his experiences on the government's work programme. to work programs the government's flagship scheme that pays private sector organizations to place people in work and they called it a revolution in welfare but the first figures released since its launch revealed
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a resoundingly failure something that hasn't surprised in the slightest thing birthday to going keep his appointment now it seems pretty tightly regimented we watch people running in all morning to keep that appointment g.'s been coming to this job center once a fortnight for the past six months that he's been on the governance work programme in the time he hasn't found a single job unfortunately that's not uncommon the latest figures released by the department of work and pensions say the job is just one of hundreds of thousands of people signed up to that work program he's found absolutely nothing. in fact between jeanty thousand and eleven and july this year of all the people who were signed up to the work program only three point four percent were found work far below the target of five point five percent which is the number of people who
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find work without any sort of programme it means that people like john. typically less likely to find than if their own program whatsoever can you talk as he is sort of the last six months what has the experience been and on a daily basis with this work. well. einstein once said the definition of insanity is to do one thing i meant to repeat production and expect a different result and after doing the same thing and getting the same results for six months i'm starting to feel pretty insane and it is maddening the frustration be anguish despair most of the time in the experience is having serious effects are actually gone to the doctors a couple of times because of our sleeping cycle problems i'm sleeping way too much more should be the doctors there sounds interesting from what sounds pretty
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terrific when you fill in this tracklist so i filled in the chart listeners like you got clinical depression. figures. i was like science i'm going to be the next greatest thing show the world it's like i don't want to take these pills i'd rather do something more constructive things are pretty much gone full fish if malik tells us that the one size fits all formats is the work programme it's stifling the individuality of young. people i speak to quite intelligent quite bright some of them have to research. some of them are quite well skilled and they hate being told what to do and they like to take appropriate action for themselves and usually quite good at finding themselves. in these difficult with a work program what we see now is that in fact when you get the best of the private sector involved when you pay them a lot of money they actually do worse than doing nothing at all we asked the
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government why the what program was pretty saying such poor results and why the figures they released seem designed to musk the chilly extent of the faith. he responded saying. it's ridiculous to suggest the work programme is not helping people into work despite being faced with their own shortcomings it seems the government still doesn't want to listen to people like a telling the loud and clear i regret to inform you that on this occasion you have been unsuccessful. sarah. london about our top story now and that news conference with president putin in turkey in the istanbul with a very important talks with prime minister recep tayyip. as for foreign policies. to a large extent. you know the stance of turkey is similar in many ways to
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that of russia. to put it into. this was voiced during the meeting of our respective ministers of foreign affairs. we wish. the freewill of nations to prevail we would like to see peace and stability restored in the territory of syria. and and out early this is very significant for the people of syria for our entire region and for the world in general this negotiation. reconfirmed that we share our common goals in the aspiration and you know open minded dialogue between our two nations and i would be of critical importance for the prospects of
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developing these relations. our understanding of our regional responsibilities our multi-faceted cooperation in the black sea. are good examples for that and in order to develop that strategic outlook i believe that we should serve stability peace and prosperity in the region in from that point of view we value our cooperation with russia very much i believe that turkish russian relations will have greater prospects. thanks to these initiatives our final objective is to reach. trade turnover one hundred billion dollars with russia. we have. seven and i'm sure that in our next year. at
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one hundred billion dollars from with the present thirty five billion dollars trade turnover it is a great honor for me to welcome you here it is to the president of russia was to vladimir putin you welcome. mr prime minister ladies and gentleman. trust. are today's conversation and all of all of the trade and economic ties between our countries says believe that we arrive at a friendly country not just a partner a neighbor about a country that is friendly to the high level cooperation council which had a meeting. of the russian turkish gratian that has proved to be quite well.
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and failed the. we discussed a large wide range of issues. to know the dynamic growth of our turnover now i'd like to emphasize. the second place on the trade in economic partners off turkey. this year the. first nine months has grown by fourteen percent which is a very good trend. against the background of the complications in the world. and our task mr prime minister it is said. to turnover which is an absolute.
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make. two thousand and fifteen which is. metals and. telecommunications and. brain development of satellite systems but. an important aspect of our. journey. which is important. to know is that. we have always been willing to. partners there being a disturbance in the supply of. requests we would increase these we are grateful to hard turkish friends for the decision.
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construction and you know a couple of days in our tour of should workers and friends are invited to attend that event. i would like to emphasize the plans to the first. promising and significant project i would like to know that there's been a lot of investment twenty billion dollars have been invested and this whole. but. adopted by the russian part will fully funded this project at the same time at least twenty five percent of this amount. will be covering the new jobs in turkey. now there are important top biggest prove the financial structure of our business. i mean
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providing. and. in our mutual payments that's what the prime minister talked about just a witness signing. in a financial sector and in september this year the russian bank. purchases of the turkish bank rating. overall. amount is three point six billion dollars which is one of the largest. the largest transaction in europe and the sector economy here. and we've touched upon him in a tearing issue is the practical work of the. public forum is about to start tearing questions include. and science i talked about the nuclear project i'd like you to know is that over one hundred students from turkey are studying in the
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corresponding jobs in russia. actually of this project is implemented and it is happening we're going to the plan that is going to happening so far then turkey will build a new competence level high technology competence level and i'm turris and of course mr prime minister has are just spoken about it's three point. russian tourists per year and this year will be even more terrorists which is a sign of trust to word the turkish republic towards the turkish authorities and a sign of stimulating your country. which is called voting by feet in the us meaning of this word russian turkey our neighboring countries we have a lot in common but sometimes we have dramatic pages of our history very important that we respect our legacy. just signed an agreement on the places of russian burials and her bearing.


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