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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2012 10:30am-11:00am EST

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citizens in russia this document has a huge main significance which will enable us to provide. for me morial and preserve the memory of far and street a lot of things happened between us and the history about us all in the past we have to look into the future and i'm really pleased that this is exactly what we do with our turkish friends of course it's already been said but we talked about the international agenda as well regarding the israel and palestine settlement and the matter of syria and the north african middle east situation and jane you're all here to close i would like to thank mr prime minister again and all of our friends for such a constructive and result of negotiations but if you can we have agreed to have the first session of the high level council in russia in two thousand and six their team thank you very much for your attention.
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to. we would like to. propose that the russian press ask their questions first. and let us see who will be first to ask the question is among the russian press. radio i have a question to the president of russia. so . there there were reports about syrian refugees on the border of turkey about four hundred thousand people
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did you discuss the issue of a peaceful solution for syria from the syrian point of view. indeed we discussed. this issue from various angles including i'm an engineer and i want to know would like to say that. of what is happening in syria our position is completely much not only on that one but also. what kind of situation we should achieve in syria our position is matching not one as well so far we haven't found a common approach to the methods of racing that goal to the methods of settling this issue. but as it's been said always today when structed our foreign ministers journey negotiations there were some new and fresh ideas which it's.
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premature to talk about it i would like to hold some additional consultations when or stand the situation that here you find yourself in considering the inflow of refugees and we do realize that it is difficult to gain such things as. bombing of your areas even know i'm sure that i was just an accident nonetheless the fog happened and it's an extra lowered and a huge moral responsibility as to hurricanes here our neighboring countries and for us we do care a lot about it because it's very close to our own national borders and wasting contact with our turkish friends i will continue this work.
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you know with a news agency i have a question to both presidents it's about energy you both mentioned such an important feature as a building at the first nuclear power station in turkey. would you say that this project is irreversible now or is there any risk of its reversal the way it happened in bulgaria in my second question is also about energy. and we carry out a lot of joint projects here in turkey you've mentioned the south stream show in the future turkey is going it's developing into an energy hub but at the same time russia has both the north stream in the south stream and we have a number of other projects awaiting their implementation would you say there are any priorities and how do they actually manage what priorities are more important and which less and how did it do the all come together.
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or par station prospects is that said everything is happening to the schedule there have been no delays or failures and we really expect that but our turkish partners . with their respects of the russian side we. and soon you will be with. the funding of twenty million billion dollars we expect the support from the church government i don't forsee in a stretch for that project and i'm not just talking about building that power plant i'm talking about the entire sex hero of high technology in turkey including training local staff and i'm sure it won't happen otherwise i'm sure that the church side is really interested to see this project implemented and so we are there for a done for serious threats for this project regarding turkey be calming a certain energy hub for europe but a string of david. but. the key priority for us in
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this word in the work such kind is the diversification of ra's of delivering our. raw material tare key markets you've mentioned the north stream indeed it's been finalised and. will start to south stream soon but let's not forget for a long time there is a blue stream working as well the sixteen billion that we've been supplying the along this pipeline system to turkey directly i do not realize. a agree with our turkish friends to expand the abilities and capacities of the blue stream including access to the third world countries.
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you know. i have a question to mr president here in syria we see we see that in syria thousands of people have lost their lives in there many refugees have fled from syria russia has voted against this engine begins the syrian regime in russia has opposed. the placement of patriot missiles along the syrian border. do you think that there were guarantees that president assad will not use nuclear weapons against turkey. syria have nuclear weapon nothing of the sort i have no idea but that looks i was one of them so. there's guarantee this year is not going to use nuclear weapon i is saying iran's
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lation earlier question syria is not in your corner copy countries you know and you're quite a power and not even close to producing or possibly producing the weapons of mass destruction that's firstly and let me repeat even if that was the correct translation of your question as for the pleasure system it's not the best system in the world that's the ration system and secondly i would just separate the turgid is concerned related to the events of the border when are stand the feelings of the church authorities and the people but we call them to be more reserved in their reaction because we've been creating any additional. capabilities at the border in the good anna will not ease the situation but to the country will only aggravated me because you know as they see even if you know of a play if there is a rifle hanging on a wall at the end of the play that rifle will definitely shoot why do we need
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extras shooting at the borders now regarding russia. we. are you know not. the promised to fan doors of the regime in syria is that said we're not bad because the present syrian authorities we are concerned about something else about what will happen and it would not want to repeat the mistakes that had been made in our viewpoint in the recent past. remember how actively the western community has supported the libyan rebels who could have imagined baghdad and that the same paved all that were supported by the way i just would cause a tragedy and assassination of the last of her. before taking a misstep you should change what will follow which. as i have said. today. turkish
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friends and we've discussed this civil and there were some new ideas that you came up with but they require additional thinking and collaborations will persist and to work with turkey and the entire international community to resolve this complicated issue. you can. for the most remote. from a turkish news agency who question about. it a chanel sanctioned. there was a statement. supported within the framework of the embargo against iran. interacts fictitious that.
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the egypt president morsi will also provide support for the sanctions against iranian regime. as regards. delivered for russia to iran so i have a question the international community. has been discussing your visit you've come to turkey after some preparation and this is your first visit abroad in recent weeks. into this is seen by some. resumed confidence between the russian federation and turkey. how would you comment on that and your prime minister has said that patriot. missile systems will be stationed in order to provide security would you guarantee to
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us that syria will not strike on turkey is a question for me. where a nod guarantors of the situation and they region in general we do not exist. i'm sure that you and your. area. and its neighbors to have to figure out the substrate within the country with a tragedy of related strikes on the kurdish area i'm sure it was just mexican and i have no doubts about that at all but we understand we're quite aware and we have enough reasoning and sense you don't have to be an expert or us special forces from ation to realize this is syria is not concerned about attacking its neighbors it's just not reasonable but we should all strive to. stop the violence in this
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country and we have complete understanding and the same approach with our turkish friends on this matter. as far as iran is concerned in the issue of russian oil being delivered to the country. there is a bilateral agreement. on the. bilateral agreements and did this issue should be viewed within the framework of a bilateral agreement. iran is the second most important supplier of natural gas to turkey second only to russia as far as saying chanson are concerned. are used against iran. we cannot abide by such thing you know.
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we have already stated that we will continue importing from iran and will not give it up because natural gas is a strategic energy resource for us and we need it and we need from iran based on. that has been stated several times and we will continue our policies in this. moment because there are similar deals. by other nations and other economies so why can't you turkey do the same. each and every economy has the right to have its own economic cooperation and look after its economic interests in turkey it is exactly that position thank you very much thank you for your attention in your time. well there we have it a live news conference there with president putin the turkish prime minister recep
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tayyip one he said that we share common goals between our two nations we value our cooperation russia very much present putin for his part said we discussed a wide range of issues an important sector of energy but regarding syria he said there were some new and fresh ideas will continue this work but crucially we do not want to repeat the mistakes that have been made in the recent past and of course i will have more on this as we get it including our correspondent live in istanbul later on in the program. now spain has made a formal request for e.u. funds to help its battered banks deal will be discussed at a euro zone finance meeting in brussels later on monday last week the european commission approved a thirty seven point five billion euro bailout package for the country's banking sector stressing that madrid has met all conditions to receive the tranche but it's now at discuss more this would not trickle of the economic and financial consultant thanks for joining us here on r.t.
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the bailout has already been given a preliminary green light is it safe to assume it will definitely be approved. i'm sure this has been on the table for a long time there's been plenty of discussions regarding regarding. really all that needed to go and it was an official and official request which is now. i'm sure it will be approved relatively quickly and as you said this official request is for thirty seven point five billion is that enough even. not always the is the sure tom i believe but this. is focused on the top four banks in spain. and a report an independent report commissioned by the spanish government back in june found that while they estimated that the banks would need sixty two billion euros to rescue the banking system and of course many thought at the time that the figure
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was quite conservative. of course since since. the summer the situation has deteriorated in spain. whereby unemployment has carried on rising loans having crease now to a record of close to eleven percent of outstanding loans and one would expect that the situation will deteriorate so yes i think this will be the first of probably more of them more than one tranche one indeed you mention the employment there already more than twenty five percent in spain is this sustainable. well the situation is deteriorating especially youth unemployment under. twenty five year old says believe around fifty four percent which is a disastrous figure and the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better if this is disastrous then as you say is there any sense in saving the banks if
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doing so only creases the burden of unemployment. i've heard of suggestions that. the banking system will need to reduce its staff by around fifty percent or was something in the order of sixty thousand people now of course banking jobs relatively speaking pay slightly higher wages than the maps and the average and of course this will be extremely painful when there's already high unemployment. is there sense in rescuing the banks well you could take it could take a number of different views my view is of course is the bank should be allowed to fail but we've gone down to the roots over the last few years of ensuring that. large banks can go. and and that seems to be the policy that will be pursued what that means. in practice is that that weakens sovereigns and now we're getting
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to a situation where more and more governments are looking like they're going down a bankrupt route and having gone down this route as you say when the cash is supposed to allow spain's four biggest nationalized banks to function without further government supports is that ever going to be possible. i'm not sure i'm not sure as i've said if the if the situation continues to deteriorate with unemployment is rising then there will be more bad loans and. it's difficult to see without a turnaround in the economy of the banks can improve their situation do you think that this banking rescue is really another way of getting the cash into the country without spain having to admit it needs the help of a full bailout. will this be an all the basis of the whole negotiations over the last few months spain has been trying very hard not to get an official sovereign
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bailout which would have lots of conditions attached and what is being negotiated. far as i can understand is a direct bank bailout rather than. a sovereign bailout which as i said we include a lot of a lot of conditions which. would be difficult for the spanish government ok affidavit them to paul economist and national buys a lot from london thank you. now other news now cash from qatar has been flowing into france for some time and latest being a huge tie up to pump vital funds into struggling small business the gulf states generosity is now being met with increasing high level suspicion. expense. france is already no stranger to qatari dollars fans of parisian football club man cannot believe their luck ever since middle east and shakes invested into the team
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they've bought world class players and hired a top coach now this small business owner hopes he can also have a slice of the pie and huge economic crisis financing from government are. too big to be obtained talking about cuts or we are talking about business we don't have any finance so we have a financing a financial. to work with. and that may soon happen nicolas sarkozy's administration cemented ties with doha placing a military base in the gulf state and signing an investment deal now guitarist invest fifty million euros into the french economy primarily to help small businesses and rebuild parisian slums mostly inhabited by immigrants from arabic and african state. who oversaw the deal says this will help many the strongest
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maybe. that will help this youth. through to escape this vicious circle because when people have a job their vision of life is totally different when these strong people have no job they go into religion they go into violence and there are and that's terrible for the republic and that's terrible for france but after france so our long game to power this love affair with qatar got called despite that the new administration said the deal with qatar would. still go ahead things are not looking as optimistic as they were during the start of the iraq every step of the guitar and bass today in paris is being closely watched by the french media and some members of parliament are even calling to investigate the actions of qatar and frogs security experts believe that qatar's initiative is not as innocent as it may first appear security services perfectly know that capture as a dual strategy on one hand and qatar as a purely kind of
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a strategy to find all the sectors to invest in and to make money the other strategy has got there is religiously and geo politically driven it to mean that it's subjective is to extend radical islamism is means one had business in north africa in the middle east in central asia as well in southeast asia and to develop such a strategy. of the western world to keep it sounds pretty nationalist forces say the developing suburbs is only a cover up for investment into radical islamic groups that i was investing against they've been regime in a small market and he was not the best guy actually they shouldn't be interfering now we have a civil war involving a lot of islamist presence as in syria today we know that is investing in. groups and arming them so all. of it not so good so so good partner for us and stories like that of mohamed merah a shooter from toulouse who killed seven jews this spring stirred the debate he
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came from one of the troubled areas where qatar is planning to invest and public discourse on the matter suggests that people in france are not certain whether the oil rich state would cure such a problem or aggravate it. reporting from paris. now to some other world news this hour south korea says it the key to reroute passenger planes over the yellow sea is to avoid any possible collision with debris from a long range missile that north korea is planning to launch later this month meanwhile japan is deploying a missile interceptors prepared to down the rocket if it poses a threat growing young insists the rockets will take a satellite into orbit the u.s. south korea and japan claim it's carrying out intercontinental ballistic missile tests. in two officers have died in two more were injured in northwest pakistan when an explosion hit a police van winkle was patrolling the outskirts of the city of peshawar where it's
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unclear how the bomb was detonated the city is located in pakistan's volatile tribal region and is often targeted by taliban militants. that's all from me for that my colleague kevin irwin will bring you more news after a short break stay with us. to speak your language just click click programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on the t.v. reporting from the world's hot spots fifty ip interviews intriguing story for you here. been trying. to find out more visit our big don't all teeth don't call.
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