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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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it's ten pm moscow time tonight international condemnation of israel grows with france and britain summoning a bastard is to protest plans to colonize more palestinian lands and withdraw a. u.n. say israeli settlement could deal and almost. all of the coming up. rush are in turkey pen lucrative business deal says president putin says the two countries are also looking at new ways to try to solve the syrian conflict while warning against a military buildup on the turkish border. plus a banking bailout euro zone finance ministers reconvene in brussels tonight as madrid makes an official request to the e.u. to rescue this week banks.
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hello kevin owen here at r.t. tonight's for you company france and britain of some of the israeli ambassadors in their countries together and says over why more settlements have been authorized in disputed lands near east jerusalem the un and the e.u. have also said that israel's construction plans pose a threat to future peace negotiations now more from a middle east correspondent paula. it's happening in an area known as anyone and what it effectively means is that the voice that income will be cutoff instrumental in this announcement is widely perceived as punishment against the palestinians for number one going to the un was with this by the number two winning it essentially winning that sees the palestinian state being recognized within one hundred sixty seven borders and given non observer nonmember observer status at the united
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nations now we're also hearing criticism of some european ambassadors european diplomats warning that we would encourage certain moves against israel now we're also hearing from the un secretary-general ban ki moon to quote him he says that this has developed and in most fatal blow to the remaining chances of securing a two state solution amongst the punishment that the israeli government has taken is that they have frozen some one hundred million dollars in tax money that israel commits on behalf of the palestinian authority has built a painful blow to the p.a. because essentially can only cover around seventeen percent of its needs the rest of the money comes from this tax money comes from the united states and from the european union if you look at the sick the population in this country they too also unhappy they do not believe that the israeli prime minister netanyahu will go ahead with building these units they believe that it's almost a cheap route by netanyahu to try and gain support ahead of january elections and
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that this is an internal matter to try and really build votes b. and that's when you know who government essentially sees this but and perhaps i should say not just the netanyahu government but many israelis feel that it was a one sided resolution that was put forward at the united nations and the point being made by the government is that they cannot be any kind of unilateral moves on the palestinian side they need to first be negotiations and only then can that lead to talks there needs to be direct top. between both sides. and washington's. main middle east partner over those new settlement plans saying they're damaging longstanding u.s. israeli ties but prime minister benjamin netanyahu brushed off the criticism today vowing to press ahead and continue construction anyway british m.p. jeremy corbyn thinks television risking losing all its allies netanyahu seems simply to have not cottoned onto the fact that the vast majority of the rest of the
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world support the right of palestine to exist support the right of palestinian recognition and therefore not of occupation of the west bank two state solution is something that everyone is wonderful signed up to but the reality on the ground of gars still not having complete free movement in and out and the huge number of settlements across the west bank under circular roads and of course the problems of east jerusalem suggest that it's quite difficult to achieve it unless there's a real will so withdraw the settlements and allow palestine to develop and i don't see that will at all with netanyahu if he can't even rely on governments that are basically quite sympathetic to israel and israel's claims then he's losing out big time all around the world and he just needs to wake up i think the washington support will weigh in very quickly obama has been reelected on the reelected president into a second is that his most powerful and i think lesson there who might do well to remember that he also very much involved yourself in the internal politics the usa
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during the election campaign that can't even do it himself very much the administration the movement around the world for palestine for palestinian people is unprecedented netanyahu should wake up and recognize that. pressure in turkey to boost the trade turnover to one hundred billion dollars a year just one of the big business announcements made during president putin's visit to istanbul for the two countries remain at loggerheads over how to solve the conflict in syria which neighbors it is really was at the meeting. syria dominated the press conference off the russian and turkish leaders to quote president putin we russia and turkey have common goals when it comes to syria but it's the methods of reaching that solution peaceful solution is that we cannot really quite agree on that just yet other than that of course you also spoke about the necessity of keeping our eyes off the syrian issue there was a question the problem with
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a turkish journalist who said if there is a possibility that syria will attack turkey you said notion which the russian president dismissed saying that syria has to was going on inside its borders right now to even think about possibly going outside and attacking somebody he said that notion is the be preposterous when it comes to turkey's recent request to nato to place patriot missiles on its border with syria russian president once again underlining the fact that russia does not want to see such a development as long believe it will be a good idea. we do share turkey's concern over the events taking place on the border we understand the feelings of the turkish authorities and the turkish people but we call on them to be more reserved in their reaction because the creation of additional capabilities on the border will not ease and situation and in fact. now when it comes to russia's official stance on syria we are really not yet the promise defenders of the current syrian regime. we are not the
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advocates of the present syrian authorities we're concerned about something else about what will happen in the future and we do not want to repeat the mistakes that we believe were made in the past let's remember how actively the libyan rebels were supported by the russian community you could have thought people who want backed by the west would let the situation spiral into a tragedy and that the ambassador of the united states be minded would you before making any steps when you. consequence. the second major business partner. to turkey. so he really did seem like.
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a very amicable. germany's considering deploying nearly two hundred soldiers part of the. border with syria more than sixty percent of the move according to a recent poll. public opinion. our chancellor mrs merkel is obviously over fulfilling and prematurely fulfilling washington's wishes which is completely against the will of the people and sixty percent by the way is i think not the correct figure this is a regular tradition in our days that the parliament overrides the wishes of the people so many people here do not trust the parliament they do not trust the
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government and they do not trust the media and what we have here is you know eighty percent who are against the afghanistan issue and we sent our troops against their wishes then we are you know paying into the bankrupt euro currency to get again against eighty per cent of the wishes of the people and now we are sending these patriot systems and that is a very bad situation all still to come in the program with me kevin zero in spanish banks cry for help as the country falls a formal request for thirty seven point five billion euros of bailout cash from the e.u. magistad. you just love me enough you know use that to ride a horse you've got to catch it first. frame
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it's a daily routine that you saw office of course bleeder on the island of bohol and at the heart of. his life on an isolated farm is about blue sky green grass and she's horses. sometimes it gets lonely here but who says have become part of me now i've fallen off so many times sometimes the breach is well it's part of my everyday life. and homes being home to a rat. just sluff for centuries most still live off the land but you can't and fish. by coal is often called the pearl of siberia and i said to be the pearl of by call it's a land of think forests. and vast staps.
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virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was cornish quickly becoming a magnet for nature lovers and fuel seekers you're quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about a t.v. or even run in water for most people a tent is the only eruption but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for. in journey to buy coal can be unique a trip of a lifetime and the locals say once you've seen it they'll be coming back again and again.
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to the. science technology innovation hall believes developments around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you here soon. part of it and realized every. time our visit to.
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spain's made a formal request for funds to help his battered banks the deal be discussed in the euro zone finance meeting underway right now in brussels details for montes peter all of them spain has requested nearly forty billion euros worth of financial aid to help its crippled banking system this money will be distributed with thirty seven billion euros going to all its paying for nationalized banks and two point five billion going toward spain's so-called bad bank now the cash should be ready for distribution by around the twelfth of the. e.u. finance ministers meeting in brussels they're expected to ok this cashiering as part of their monthly meeting but what it tells me for spain is that they join the likes of portugal and italy along with greece as countries who are entering this festive period hardly full of the joys of christmas regarding their finances the spanish people as showed in the recent past that they are very much upset with the
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current situation in their country and the fact that the government's asking for money in order to bail out the banks well that's hardly going to put them in good stead with the spanish people who are already. here really against the way that the government is handling the situation. over there let's discuss this now with chairman of the libertarian party in the netherlands germany on the line to you well thirty seven point five billion that's a lot of money is it enough is the question. it probably is not enough because there is a fundamental flaw within the banking system which is that. the government has basically taken over the banks they created the banking cartel they created the central bank they allow banks to print money that is not covered by anything printing money out of thin air and that is what is what is the fundamental flaw and
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that allows for these bubbles of bubbles to burst until the spending and for flaws stakes no bailouts will ever be enough. to simply is not as you put it i guess yeah i mean not only the financial cost here there but also it's easy when we talk about these stories day in day out the human cost the human individuals the families trying to feed clothe the kids to make this bad happen the spanish banks are going to have to cut thousands of jobs spain's unemployment already a twenty five percent in spain a fool yet more people out of work because of this well this is a human tragedy obviously and hired unemployment is definitely a problem but it cannot be fixed by government bailouts and it cannot be fixed by government spending more money and creating more debt. the reason there is an employment is because the government intervene too much in the markets. and the way to solve the problem is by government withdrawing by tricking the role of government by getting government to spend less tax less and regulate less that is
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what comic back in order that's what cause the job rate growing and i'm finding it here. so. failing companies being supported by governments is only a very short term solution in the long term it is a disaster. you on the first person but i found instead on this program we keep going round in circles don't we and the cash now is supposed to allow spain's full biggest nationalized banks to function without further government support i say that in inverted commas is that realistic. well nobody knows. i mean obviously we the public don't get to hear the full story. but what we've seen over the last five years is continuous bailouts. banks and other companies that are considered to be too big to fail are supported
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by government consumption that is so one time to fix it needs to be done once the problem is solved and it just isn't true. government bailing out companies and banks that are not. solvable and not thinking of profit are made bad policies passed bailing them out is going to make the problem worse because a moral hazard people learn from this that it doesn't matter if they make bad decisions of the matter if they waste a lot of money the government going to bail them out anyway the long term solution is to have no bailouts that way successful managers manage successful companies that don't need bailouts will. be able to grow one and all the people in charge listening to what you have to say then i wonder that's the question isn't there i mean you are many of our guests say this but doesn't what's happening end of the day i told. well yes and that's because when governments make
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these decisions it's not their own money that they're wasting it's other people's money they're wasting and that's why they can keep this out. that final question is spain any closer to winning the final big bang. for the country do you think or is this going to avert it now. i'd be surprised if this is the final bailouts. i think there are a lot of problems in many countries that we have no clue yet exists. i think there's going to be a long line of bailouts and the question is can can we keep paying for them i think there will be a time when there simply won't be enough money for the next bailout when that happens then policy change it's something similar that happened in new zealand in the eighty's they ran out of money and as a result they have to talk back government spending as a subsidy you have to bribe the ties but that's one incident started booming and
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that's when it comes to the growing again that's what has happened here as well we need to run out of money first the government run out of money before it will change its policies unfortunately because the european union is very big and a lot of countries have a lot of money it's going to take a long while for this to happen a slow death i guess you say in there yeah sorry i said a slow death i guess you say and they're so much the death of this interview too because i've run out of time is chairman of the libertarian party of the netherlands thanks for ever so much to the pain on the program good to see tonight . a new study reveals britain is one of the toughest countries to live when it comes to paying taxes the research shows that somehow souls are paying around seventy three percent of their income into tax with no hope of getting valuable benefits in return shocking if you want to those families those taught life to artie's polyploidy she said learn the pulley high that a break it down for one of these numbers mean for u.k. families the headline figure they're extremely disturbing. it's
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a hiring figure kevin yes up to seventy three percent that's the amount of tax that your average british household pays once an average british household that's two kids two parents with one breadwinner so a lot of people who are just trying to raise a family being called good by this tax that goes towards income tax or national insurance and what it all tallies up to is it means that some families are paying getting back as little as twenty seven he for every one pound so a demoralizing figure. at least fifty countries sure enough the u.k. is coming up well over seventy percent of the bottom but how does this differ from other european countries with high taxation well a lot of other european developed countries they also pay a high rate of tax but nowhere near as high as you said as the u.k.
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we've got germany that pays around forty eight percent tax story the netherlands germany pays around forty percent average families that pay in tax but the feeling amongst a lot of british families is that they just don't get back as much as people in other countries do there's a lot of cuts to local service says councils having to cut services inflation going up lots of families will brink of fuel poverty just trying to figure out how they're going to pay for christmas and a lot of experts saying that the u.k. is now the worst place to facilitate the creation of an aspirational nation so very difficult for just these hard working families that are trying to raise their kids so what's the government doing about it if anything other any plans on the horizon to help the people that fit into this category. well unfortunately kevin the government hasn't done very much they've spoken before about recognizing marib within the tax system but that hasn't happened yet and it's making things very
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difficult means there are no tax breaks for these families now we spoke to a few londoners today on the streets and asked them about how they feel about how much tax they pay let's take a lesson. i'm not particularly looking for us personally think that it should be fair across the board people should pay proportionately have it could be. working with you know getting people from it really. feels like it's all going to the five cars in the. communities it's just the. business for the kids nowadays they're not going to get any piece so we're putting money into the side pain all the time it's in the game and. so as you can see you know a lot of people just extremely frustrated that they aren't getting any of their local services back it's an demoralizing figure and as the government had promised to recognise marriage to provide some of these tax breaks they haven't done that
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yet and in the run up to christmas with prices on the rise food prices fuel prices just the price of heating a family's home this is very very bad news and a lot of people feeling extremely frustrated about it kevin you look at this graph again the agency that carried out this research guess where the best places to live in the world where you pay the least. i'll tell you it's chilly some and it's chilly santiago twenty eight years later as well the weather is to this tell me emotional pick up there polyploid coming to us out of the pack out. let's take a look at more of the day's top stories cash from qatar been flowing into france for some time now the latest big huge tie up to pump vital funds into struggling small businesses but the goal states generosity is now being met with increasingly high levels of suspicion alexia's jeff ski's got the story for us. france is
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already no stranger to qatari dollars fans of parisian football club present your man cannot believe their luck ever since middle east and shakes invested into the team they've bought world class players and hired a top coach now this small business owner hopes he can also have a slice of the pie and huge economic crisis financing from governments are. too big to be obtained talking about cuts or we are talking about business we don't have any finance so we have the financing of financially and. with them. we can go ahead and that may soon happen nicolas sarkozy's administration cemented ties with doha placing a military base in the gulf state and signing an investment deal now guitarist invest fifty million euros into the french economy primarily to help small businesses and rebuild parisian slums mostly inhabited by immigrants from arabic
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and african states. who oversaw the deal says this will help many the songis maybe. that will help these youth. to escape this circle because when people have a job their vision of life is still very different when these people have no job they go into religion they go into violence and terror and that's terrible for the republic and that's terrible for france but after francois hollande came to power this love affair with qatar got called despite that the new administration said the deal with qatar would still go ahead things are not looking as optimistic as they were during the sarkozy era every step of the qatar ambassador in paris is being closely watched by the french media and some members of parliament are even calling to investigate the actions of qatar and frog's security experts believe that qatar's initiative is not. as innocent as it may first appear secret service
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perfectly know that cats are as a dual strategy on one hand and culture as a purely economic strategy to find all the sectors to invest in and to make money the other strategy has got there is really just the end geopolitically dreams and it's mean that it's subjective is to extend radical islamism it means business in the whole freak out in the middle east in central asia as well in southeast asia and to develop such a strategy that. the west and will to keep in century nationalist forces say the developing suburbs is only a cover up for investment into radical islamic groups that i was investing against libyan regime even if you were the best guy actually they should interfering now we have a civil war involving a lot of islamist presence as in syria today we know that is investing in. groups and arming them so. to be not so close so good partner for us
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and stories like that of mohamed merah a shooter from toulouse who killed seven jews this spring stirred the debate he came from one of the troubled areas where qatar is planning to invest and public discourse on the matter suggests that people in france are not certain whether the oil rich state would cure such a problem or aggravated alexy russian ski auntie reporting from paris. twenty seven minutes now past ten o'clock at night thanks printed out t. dimitri said to me try there what you got for us a few moments a the rich russia's richest there is still fighting battles in london got less royal there than it was a minimum of it with boris berezovsky just a while ago now it's. put on infighting out for one billion dollars higher than an arbitration court so i'll have that in a few minutes on my program. wedge
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issues do just what their name implies they get between people and drive them apart like a wedge and these issues seem to always take the forefront in the media it's things like abortion gun rights marijuana legalization and the weather well the weather isn't really a west cost people sure talk about it way too much there's only so much room in the national discourse and the switch issues just eat up all the time and attention but the thing is that there's a little so they call the tenth amendment you know the one that says that any powers that are specifically delegated the federal government are reserved for the states and last time i checked the constitution doesn't have a special weaved clause saying that marijuana has to be an all or nothing a national proposal and that goes for abortion and most of the wedge issues also there's a simple answer all these wedge issues just left the states make up their own minds
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but then again without wages shoes what would the mainstream media have to distract us with but that's just my opinion. culture is that so much about the taxpayers' money and it is a shame is a lot of people out here e-mailing with and every third world media is fond of the dramatic from water wars when it comes to describing the future management of global water resources. the gold fever. turned south of us into slaves. my father but also among brother involved in the monsoon and since i started working in amman i stated i look a. bit more to nationals. is a cash cow to be milked dry of and if i think that in this country is gold medal logie as an environmental cost which is an acceptable.


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