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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you live on one hundred thirty three possible so food i should try it because you know how fabulous and lucky i got so many i mean. i know that i'm still really messed up. in the old story so personally apologize it's. worse for the least a little lie down six of the. radio guys and four minutes from me. what you were about to did you never seen anything like this until.
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one guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set now i want to talk about the national defense authorization act you know the bill that obama signed on new year's eve of last year that allows the indefinite detention of american citizens without due process while a draft of the n.d.a. two thousand and thirteen just came out and an amendment added by lawmakers seems to require interior our right to a fair trial so no more indefinite detention rights are actually not so much the white house has already alluded to a plan to veto management citing reasons completely unrelated to indefinite detention confused alone let me break it down a little bit last thursday the senate approved a measure sponsored by senator dianne feinstein that's sort of boyd's part of the current n.d.a. law the part about indefinite detention the operative words here are sort of you see you wrote an authorization to use military force a declaration of war or any similar story sean not authorize the detention without
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charge or trial of a citizen or lawful permanent resident the united states apprehended in the us unless an act of congress expressly authorizes such attention wait. what was an act of congress authorizes such detention yep the amendment is written vaguely as the n.d.a. is it self creating a loophole or the undeniably unconstitutional practice of holding us citizens on our military prison for an indefinite amount of time can still occur looks like the world indefinite detention is far from over at this pisses you off and you've come to the right place so let's break the set. remember back when former president george w. bush asked is our children learning well for what it's worth that's
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a really good question as it turns out a harvard university study shows that foreign students are now outpacing american students at a staggering rate recently students in shanghai who took international exams for the very first time out scored every other school system in the world the u. well as on the other hand came in twenty fifth of math seventeenth in science and fourteen in reading skills look what i'm getting at here is that there's still a long way to go to get this country back on track and it doesn't seem like our elected officials are the ones leading a successful race to the top but there are a few education leaders that know the difference between good policies and bad ones one of those people is rob the last superintendent of detroit's bloomfield high school rob posted an alert on the school's website calling attention to a number of recent pieces of legislation that he says are aimed to quote corporate ties and dismantle public education in a letter he states i never considered myself
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a conspiracy theorist until now this package of bills is the latest in a year long barrage of ideologically driven bills designed to weaken and defund locally controlled public education handing scarce taxpayer dollars over to for profit entities operating under a different set of rules i believe this is fundamentally wrong and in fact what rob is objecting to is the idea that we're handing over public education facilities to for profit companies one of the bills rob is fighting senate bill six twenty would allow the lowest achieving of five percent of all michigan public schools to be converted to charter schools now by basing a complete faith in standardized tests to determine the competence of teachers and the abilities of children there's a human element to completely missing from the. and rob understands that he understands it's a personal initiation of marketplace competition into america's educational system
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is one of the reasons that students of the us are falling behind so for being a vocal grassroots leader and urging others in his community to stand up against policies that would only hurt public education superintendent rob glass is today's hero so who is the villain well that person is suzanne thank her calmness for fox news and author of how to choose a husband her most recent articles and titled the war on men were suzanne outlines her expert analysis on why less people are getting married because she says women aren't women anymore. that's funny because last time i checked i had all my lady parts so what the hell is she talking about well she says quote in a nutshell women are angry they're also defensive though often unknowingly that's because they've been raised to think of men as the enemy now the men have nowhere to go it's this precisely this dynamic women good men bad that is the stronger the
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relationship between the sexes yet somehow men are still to blame when love goes a wry first of all this isn't true i don't know what kind of man hating rock you were raised under but i don't know any women who are inherently angry at men and no we were raised to think of men as an enemy we're just raised to think that we should have the same opportunities and it's that men that have but that's not all are mindless blather continues she says quote men want to love women not compete with them they want to provide for and protect their families it's in their d.n.a. but modern women won't let them. i don't know if you realize the suzanne but a lot's changed since the one nine hundred fifty s. mainly one person's income can't feed a family of four in a white picket fence house anymore and how dare you generalize modern women i mean
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women who are simply in the workplace and want to be treated with equal pay and respect as men as ruining the ability of medic protect and provide for their families but you guys she does provide a lot at the end of the tunnel she says women have the power to turn everything around all they have to do is surrender to their nature their femininity and let men surrender to theirs if they do marriageable men will come out of the one work. gag yes suzanne if we just surrender to our femininity go back to cooking cleaning and having babies you know all the stuff you claim women's roles in society are the men what actually want to marry again men i can tell you gus that i was reading such a sad and pathetic self loathing commentary from a female author personally call me crazy but i think it's time to progress rather than regress sixty years and i'm proud of women coming
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a long way personally looking forward to continuing to see the sets mashed on stereotypes and gender roles and suzanne if your whole existence depends on getting married well then you're just sad and that's why you suzanne vancouver are today's villain so go back to the one nine hundred fifty s. where you belong sweetheart and get back to scrub in that floor. today while speaking in. prague secretary of state hillary clinton reiterated a strong warning to the syrian government to not use its chemical weapons she said quote i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics of what we would do in the event of credible evidence that the assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against their own people but suffice it to say we're certainly planning to take action now her comments came just as new reports surfaced that israel had twice approached the jordanian government with
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a plan to take out many of these weapons while israel can do it alone the report argues that this was an attempt to ask permission from jordan country what sits at the fault lines of these chemical weapons sites all this issue and many more were addressed today at a special media roundtable with the foreign minister of jordan nasser judeh and here to break down some of what was discussed including jordan's role in syria and palestine i'm joined by our to producer america david i abby hyatt thanks for coming on and thanks to the may be a round table because i'm going over there and i'm actually so the chemical weapons thing this is kind of a new element to this whole discussion did you find out anything about whether this will be a reason jordan and other countries will use to justify intervention in the round table actually started off talking about this issue it did dominate the discussion everyone was very interested in many of the reporters were very concerned and very can kind of confused about the chemical weapons and you know how how serious this
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was and you know at what point you know international the international community was going to get involved there are a lot of people out there that are still skeptical that these weapons even exist i'm sure you know that syria is maintaining they do not but then i got that again iran also does the same thing where they're maintaining they do not have nuclear weapons so no one can say for sure but the jordanian foreign minister it was very confident that they do have weapons and. of course he's very concerned as you know these come the sites actually sits sort of on the border of jordan and jordan and syria when i asked him sort of what's the red line what's that point where jordan is going to say that's it you know that's the bottom line we have to get involved he was a little bit unclear but he did revert to something king abdullah has been saying which is that if syria does use these chemical weapons against their own people or their adversaries that will be
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a game changer now what they meant by game changer is not that jordan was going to you know basically get involved unilaterally and do something but that the international community that would be there sort of bottom line and they would say this point we have to do something about it interesting that using weapons as kind of the justification to intervene when it seems like a lot of countries do have weapons chemical weapons that you know you mentioned syria it is a huge concern of course the international community right now is that their biggest concern right now with jordan you know i can't say it's the biggest concern but it's definitely one of the biggest you know because the countries are so close and proximity to each other if it's syria flinches jordan is definitely going to feel it and just to give you an idea two of the impact of sort of having having on jordan since march of two thousand and eleven since the beginning of the uprising in syria about two hundred forty five thousand syrians have fled to jordan and of
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course that's quite a cumbersome number on a country where the population is only six million so they're really trying to accommodate these people but it is presenting some political strain these people are bringing their political tensions with them an economic strain of course i mean this is you know they're obviously already having you know economic issues and there's also been a series of protests in jordan against against abdul and also just for economic reform. do you think it's inevitable that. jordan will incur its own arab spring that's a question and the foreign minister has been getting the most and i think he kind of was priding himself a little bit he was saying that the arab spring kind of passed over jordan they had more of an arab breed as you well but he really mean tain that what jordan did differently that some of the other countries and do is that they acted very proactively i mean they heard the concerns of the people and they said ok we're going to make we're going to implement reform now now now of course you know it's a monarchy so there are
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a lot of people that are not happy with that but the king is willing to relinquish some of his powers and has actually said in the next couple of years he would like the people to elect the prime minister instead of him choosing the problems that would be great and of course you know it does seem like that's a trend going on right now of course all monarchies you know inevitably probably should fall as socially or ruling for decades but i want to ask you about palestine i mean here we have jordan neighboring the west bank what do you think's going to happen if you know if it does fall what will the signify for palestine and really could be a third. i mean that would be a huge deal that would shake up things indefinitely the jordanian foreign minister basically said the israel palestine issue is the forefront at the forefront probably the single most important issue because it affects the entire stability of the middle east and so that's what we remains to be seen as they do so if we're going to be around to break it down for a spirit david should it. not feel like you so far go to our you tube channel
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youtube dot coms of bringing a certain subscriber check on our facebook page at facebook dot com plus breaking the set we're going to fansite breaking the set dot com follow me on twitter. so to hear what loveridge palestinian statehood house on an international scale next.
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in the market. for the summer seem anything like.
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november market to malta this month for palestine after an israeli offensive in gaza palestinians and human rights advocates a world wide green for a people constantly struck by death and destruction but merely two weeks later celebrations broke out after a successful bid for statehood at the u.n. it was then that the palestinian people experience starkly different emotions happiness relief and most importantly hope that finally things would change the many critics were also quick to point out that the un vote might be merely a symbolic representation of palestine's international support that it couldn't really change the reality on the ground without direct negotiate. as with israel so what is the tangible significance of this vote and how might it authorize the expansion of palestinian rights on the basis of international law to talk about all that and more i'm joined by francis boyle a presser at the university of illinois school of college and law and author of palestine palestinians and international law dr boyle thank you so much for coming
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on and taking the time. well thank you very much for having none of my best year of you are you audience so friends as you say that this is the start of a legal and the father which is a legal our prize instead of speak first of all tell us what it actually means to be granted nonmember state had status here. yes last year or our president abbas made an application for full fledged human membership and the united nations and elliston have the votes and you want to general assembly look at the obama administration tied it up in the security council. gates threaten to veto it all. of the united. palestine could have broken the log jam at the security council and turned it over to
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the general assembly for a two thirds vote in any event i believe they concluded that that would have been a step too far given the diplomatic and political situation so last spring the p.l.o. executive committee that serves as the provisional government for the state of palestine hold had to go for u.n. observer state membership along the lines that switzerland used to hang out i guess until about ten years one finally joined the united nations organization but from the very foundations you wait until about ten years ago switzerland was a u.n. observer state and in that capacity was able to join all of the international organizations treaties including the statue to the international court of justice
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for let's talk about some of the leverage that palestine now has from the status francis what new status doesn't give an international court you kind of just just touch upon the one we go recourses just palestine to have right now. well there are two in particular the first palestine can become a party to the statute of the international court of justice in the hague the so-called will court of the united nations system and then israel itself and the will court second palestine can now read a five the rome statute for the international criminal court and file a complaint against the highest level officials of the israeli government for war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide you saw one of the reactions of israel to the vote in the general assembly was to immediately
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announce the construction of more settlements are these settlements are war crimes the international court of justice and the rule in the advisory opinion on israel's war will they break the court's in either convention of nine hundred forty nine violations of the four chiva convention of one nine hundred forty nine are a war crime the rome statute also specifically makes a war crime the transference of million population into occupied territories by name and in addition when this practice becomes widespread or systematic and in this case it's both it becomes a crime against humanity so tell us stein can also pursue that approach as well and they are considering both least steps in ramallah today
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because of abbas just just for a whole return home from new york so i believe they are currently evaluating the situation and deciding how to proceed from here sure and you just mentioned before. or this that you know. the obama white house. tried to veto this this last year francis what do you think the likelihood of palestine going forward with actually charging israel now that they have the potential to join the international criminal court do you think of the u.s. is going to try to block this i mean the u.s. and israel such tight allies here obviously the u.s. u.s. was against against this vote from the get it i mean what do you think's going to happen once they do move forward with these. but actually we already did it after operation cast lead i advise president abbas to accept the jurisdiction of the international criminal court under article twelve paragraphs wary of the world statute which he did do and then palestine filed
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a complaint with the i.c.c. great for operation cast lead now what happened in may a case that was then the i.c.c. prosecutor at the time moreno ocampo said he would open an investigation into two points one did palestine have the capacity to accept the jurisdiction of the i.c.c. to did israel commit war crimes and crimes against humanity in operation cast lead well the latter question was answered in the goldstone report by the un human rights council that indeed israel had inflicted war crimes and crimes against humanity in operation cast lead and as for the first first point as he was leaving. called a press conference saying it was not for him to determine was the pella stein was
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a state so he was not going to act on the component that was a real cop out for political reasons because hello stein had just been admitted as a member state to us. which is a un specialized agency in any of their last friday. compos successor and pseudo has announced that in light of the un general assembly vote giving a list of observer state status she is going to revisit that issue. but second dad that initiative was not on the basis of palestine becoming a contracting party to the rome statute of the international criminal court which they can also do so they have two different approaches to the iceland city one of
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which they have already taken ok here and in france as we have and we have a little bit limited time here and i really want to get into a lot but do you think the u.s. is going to block any sort of charges i mean what do you think the u.s. is going to do. well they didn't block us the first time because the united states is not a party to the rome statute to the international criminal court so they they didn't stop was the last time when we filed after operation cast lead and their complaint is is still there and still sitting and now has a friday ms bensouda said she's going to look at it so i don't see how the u.s. or israel can block us that the i.c.c. when they're not parties well what do you just mentioned netanyahu you know continuing with building settlements we saw extremely aggressive rhetoric coming from that yahoo's administration saying that they want to bomb gaza to the middle ages but you know the defense minister is saying that they want to topple the hamas leadership if they do indeed get granted stated what do you think they're going to do i mean and you think they're going to follow through with any of these these
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aggressive threats that they made before this happened. you know it's if mr marino all compo had announced he was opening an investigation and. israel over the cast lead operation. i doubt very seriously we would have seen what i call cast lead to just terminated in november with a personal greenlights from obama so it's clear if you read all the israeli news media they are terrified of the i.c.c. . taking action against them and my strong advice to the palestinians is that that's more that's what should be done because it's clear as far as netanyahu in the us some see it this is a zero sum game they have no interest at all in any type of the two state solution they want all of palestine without the palestinians so i think the palestinians
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will have to fight back by means of law which is why it's called for those legal intifada with at least six seven different steps that they could start taking immediate leave i do have that advice over in ramallah. president abbas just got home he will have to sit down and consult with the p.l.o. executive committee and decide what to do i can't say you have about thirty seconds left i just wanted to say that it's not even just the i.c.c. it's also their ability to join international courts in organizations to gain control back over their airwaves and and the to fish i could you just comment on that really quickly to wrap it up. yes tell us stein can become a party to the law of the seat convention and get access to the gas fields there in the mediterranean off the coast of gaza a party to the international civil aviation organization and get legal control over its airspace a party to the international telecommunications union and get access and control
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legally over all its telecommunications a party to the geneva conventions and protocols making it quite clear that israel is occupying party they're under. it there is an entire list of things to do that they can now do and say hey you want to observe the state most of these conventions the un secretary general serves as the depository for that is he accepts the instruments of exception and now the palestine is an observer state he will have to accept that and david thank you so much for breaking that down definitely a tremendous step and the right direction we need a cake continue with us and support all of us francis boyle appreciate your time professor of law at the university of illinois. so clearly this vote is much more than symbolic palestinians finally have the ability to bring their claim of self-determination before an international court and moreover they can claim control over their land their air space their coastline is not doesn't correct
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decades of injustice but it is a good place to start so we can begin to move toward a more just future. emissions free accreditation free transport charges free. range means free risk free. to type free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free media and don carty dot com. wealthy british style some time to explain to the.
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markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mikes concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. world with. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. thank you. it looks like to me just last year she looked like you had to get serious about here is what i read to somebody.


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