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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2012 4:00am-4:29am EST

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colombia's rebels say they will do toward peace with the government as we hear from one of the armed groups negotiators in an exclusive interview with the spanish. forces paintings and by next year as a brit some forty billion euros for rescue for lenders while the people are struggling with the bank. and america's mounting debt and questions over its foreign policies sparked a growing movement in different states to secede from the beginning.
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and you saw in russia under around the world this is ours he was me thanks for joining is colombia's armed opposition group fox says it wants dialogue and peace with the country's government the statement came from one of the group's top negotiator tiny and nine maya who spoke exclusively to our spanish language channel ahead of a fresh round of peace talks in cuba. human how enough are gravel sent colombian officials holding talks trying to hammer out a peace deal letting america's fiercest drive also and their force attempt to put an end to the fifty years of conflict this has claimed more than half a million lives and the sole woman at the negotiating table is dutch fighter and yet no meyer she left her alone to join fire ten years ago to fight what she calls social justice and has become a symbol of their revolution struggle that is spoke exclusively to our t.v. in the fields t.v. interview she in the new talks launched we have not taken the arms because we wanted we have to get the arms because the colombian state and the united states
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imperialism have obliged compelled us to do so that's a that's one very important thing to keep in mind. we as an armed organization have always wanted dialogue we have always wanted peace we have always asked for peace the prospects for success during the negotiations in how a mediated by cuba and norway a fragile these saturday they call them in army launched a bombing offensive killing twenty rebels this was fired a unilateral cease fire and turn it told me that with people being killed for their use it's unfair to blame them for. people who were in colombia want to fight for ideas different than the neo liberal ideas are killed so how is it possible to participate in politics if people who have other ideas are killed and that's the reason of the armed struggle in colombia that's the reason why we are still
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fighting the new told me for it is not sponsored by the other religion american countries these by such claims from the west and also commented on scandal cost to enter the area was founded by the colombian army and was made public gauge the full interview here on our t.v. it's coming your way on wednesday. it's a good day for spain's ailing banks and the eurozone has cleared some forty billion euro support them up and that's part of the cash agreed on under a deal struck in this summer but despite his deteriorating financing the trade is still rejecting the idea of a bailout for the whole country. explains the money should be ready for distribution to spanish banks by the twelfth of december this is the finance minister gave it the green light as part of their monthly meeting in brussels this money will be distribute with thirty seven billion euros going to. nationalized banks and two point five billion going towards so-called what it does
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mean for spain is that they joy likes of portugal italy along with greece as countries who are entering this festive period partly full of the joys of christian guarding their finances responder's people who showed in the recent past that they are very much upset with the current situation in the country in the fact that the government's asking for money in order to bail out the banks well that's hardly going to put them in good stead with the spanish people who have already been to their theory against the way that the government is handling the situation. recent surveys meanwhile show eighty five percent of spiny is have little or no faith in their prime minister with his government cutting benefits and freezing pensions and a dutch politician to one month is believes madrid should allow for economic development instead of austerity and saving their banks. there is a fundamental flaw in the banking system which is. the government has basically
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taken over the banks the greed of the banking cartel degree of the central bank and they allow banks to print money that is not covered by anything the government does intervene too much in the market. and the way to solve the problem is by government withdrawing by shrinking the role of government by getting government to spend less and types less and regulate less that is what will get the comic back in order that's what will. cause the jobbery to grow again and unemployment is here. so. failing companies being supported by government is only a very short term solution in the long term but it is a disaster. five e.u. nations including britain and france have summoned stays or a ambassadors to express concern of the plans to build more settlements in disputed lands in east jerusalem he was also joined by the u.n. washington warning that israel's plans pose
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a threat to the peace effort but prime minister binyamin netanyahu is vowing to press ahead and continue construction and. journalists and international affairs expert says netanyahu is aggressive stance could cost him the support of he's a longtime ally. netanyahu he's scoring domestic points and he's definitely positioning this. as a bid for big three in january of this king the loss of even those kinds of bees you know on capitol hill who have been very staunch that he and betty it is liable so far and. such as that. political move would have a long consequences in the sense that they will you know two state solution my sense is that. the united states is looking a little less with grassroots movements growing and each state to secede from the
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union though the move was largely symbolic more than a million americans have now signed petitions to the white house saying that i'm good with the government encroaching on states' rights where in a partner. for that. with more to moderate here is that for a former colony won the right to determine its own best of the. test of perfecting the more you have moved forward was four weeks following barack obama's reelection nearly one million americans have moved forward by campaigning to break apart all fifty states have filed online petitions with the white house requesting to peacefully secede from this so-called perfecting union a movement that's garnered more than thirty thousand signatures in north carolina. where many like michael toggled. see independence as a symbol may twentieth
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a consistent one is the day that north carolina saved from the union and america stars and stripes ripping at the seams there's no doubt in my mind that it is inevitable i mean something like this with the debt this country has with the growing disunion in the among the people they can't last forever and that's through the lesson of history big empires always collapse on their own weight secession supporters like bernard first some say washington's weight of growing debt and loose wars government intrusion and a broken immigration system has become a bipartisan destructive force is beyond reform you can't reform that federal government whether it's the republicans in charge or obama basically of the republicans are just as bad as far as we're concerned they're corrupt and are out of touch in southern former confederate states like north carolina culture and social issues play a big role for those like harold cruz who believes the u.s. is too big and thus destined to fail and the south.
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different country already the united states. we have different values different belief systems critics have dismissed secessionists as disgruntled voters angry over president obama's second term however in the two thousand and eight presidential election obama became the first democrat in more than thirty years to win north carolina a red state turned blue with the promise of change four years later tens of thousands of voters in the very same state believe they'd be better off on their own. the average american the things they believe in they're tired of the endless wars and here we are talking about invading iran now i can't think of anything more the white house meanwhile promises to review and issue an official response to all the. titian's with twenty five thousand or more signatories at least seven states fit that category we used to be the universe driving along at thirty five miles an
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hour by ourselves with the social media as a goal and now we're being perished on both sides and lanes by people going on we are and it's amazing because here we were thought to be radical fifteen or twenty years ago and now we're mainstream. a mainstream movement to move apart marina porton i r r t. washington is reportedly planning to double the size of its espionage network abroad expansion is part of the whole within the defense intelligence agency and is expected to rival the cia so they d.n.i. plans on hiring more than sixteen hundred undercover agents with a significantly a very violent operational chinese military as well as iran north korea and militant islamist groups in africa are believed to be among those in the cross has expanded supplies for a spy force and scott horton country recently at harper's magazine believes that by pouring more money into its spine it works the u.s.
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is missing its neglected old fashioned efforts at intelligence gathering. this planning change actually can be read as an admission of sorts and that is that the intelligence that's been collected by this massive apparatus has been very very weak particularly in the critical north east. middle east and. and the north africa region and also in pakistan the intelligence community did not see the arab spring calming. in the koreas mrs smith's about the situations and countries like egypt and syria for instance and i think in part this results from a heavy focus by the intelligence community overall on what's called signal signals intelligence that is very very sophisticated intercept systems to the detriment of the traditional human intelligence and i think now what we see in washington is
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a general acceptance of the fact that you can't do that the system is out of balance that they have to have much better human intelligence gathered on the ground to be able to interpret what they've gotten from signals and this is an effort to to address that problem but it also means continuously ballooning budget for intelligence. the u.k. is accused of abandoning families in need of state support and that some say it was revealed an average household is now forced to pay seventy three percent of its being sent to turn that's coming up after the break. which issues do just what their name implies they get between people and drive them apart like a wage and these issues seem to always take the forefront in the media it's things
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like abortion gun rights marijuana legalization and the weather well the weather isn't really a west coast people sure talk about it way too much there's only so much room with the national discourse and the switch issues just eat up all the time and attention but the thing is that there's a little so they call the tenth amendment you know the one that says that any powers that are specifically delegated the federal government are reserved for the states and last time i checked the constitution doesn't have a special weed clause saying that marijuana has to be an all or nothing a national proposal and that goes for abortion and most of the wedge issues also there's a simple answer all these wedge issues just left the states make up their own minds but then again without wages shoes what would the mainstream media have to distract us with but that's just my opinion.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing up for a shelter all day. do
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we speak your language was anybody will or not a. program some documentary some spanish matters to you. but we'll turn it to bangalore stories. here. to. find out more visit.
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this is aussie live from moscow welcome back the average family in the u.k. is being forced to hand over two thirds of the earnings to the government a new study claims households are the one breadwinner paying seventy three percent of their income into tonks but receiving no benefits in return. the implications. up to seventy three percent that's the amount of tax that your average british household pays once an average british household that's two kids two parents with one breadwinner so a lot of people who are just trying to raise a family being called good by this tax that goes towards your income tax your national insurance a lot of other european developed countries they also pay a high rate of tax but nowhere near as high as the u.k. we've got the netherlands pays around forty eight percent tax germany pays around forty percent average families that pay in tax now we spoke to
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a few londoners on the streets and i asked them about how they feel about how much tax they pay let's take a listen i'm not particularly looking for us personally each player such as it should be fair across the board people should pay proportionately. from it really. feels like it's going to the fact that some of. the communities it's just. good. business. so as you can see there are a lot of people just extremely frustrated that they aren't getting any of their local services back it's demoralizing figure and as the government had promised to recognise marriage to provide some of these tax breaks they haven't done that yet and in the run up to christmas with prices on the rise through prices fuel prices just the price of heating a family's home this is very very bad news and a lot of people feeling extremely frustrated about it. he's maybe sent away but
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it's been revealed as the us now relies on iran when it comes to the treatment of its soldiers despite american sanctions imposed on turned round to going to has purchased medicine from the islamic republic to trade that was based on by deadly snakes in a stunt plane and more data on archie's love site. also online for you facebook is important but people's privacy advocates revealed its new cell phone app can and are automatically uploading every image taken with a mobile device to the social network data service this and much more on our. india says it's ready to deploy its navy to the south china sea to protect its oil interests this comes amid accusations china is somebody. in the disputed area and for more on this we're now joined live by professor joseph trying of city university thank you very much indeed for joining us professor so why is india
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getting so heavily involved in this dispute. i guess the recent course has been the issue off a new passport but it's time these authorities indicate territories in dispute between time in india as chinese territories may need the two pieces of land at the eastern and western foothills of the himalayas known as the our natural pradesh and outside chin because of the mesquite nationalism the indian government cannot afford to be seem to be reaped in dealing with time you know obviously a high of course government popular and provides more support for military spending especially spending on modernization and while it may be india has its own security has own is own energy security problem and it is eager to
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explore our natural gas in the south china sea i do believe that india certainly has influence with india a student group in mind india also has a free trade agreement with the group just like china and south korea and it is easy to maintain a high profile within the rule by. expanding trade relation yes there's also been much much diplomatic wrangling between india and china over gas and oil exploration in the past and this latest development to escalate the situation to a real conflict. well certainly the east will remain frictions between the two countries. both countries do not want these frictions to escalate into a kind of military conflict basically the indian government is whole soaring
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for domestic and international purposes i think he would be very careful to ensure that the probability of a military conflict move the main very low do you think china is willing to maintain a heavy presence in this area so through each area at the expense of a potential diplomatic fallout with neighboring nations i guess. to maintain a very fine but balance is so time there still needs a peaceful international environment to concentrate under small tonight's program it is not wise to engage in military or territorial skirmishes. own malls or whose name. and decision to meet will play into the hands of the united states. and the obama administration has been making a lot of progress but is returning to
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a sort of strategy extent need because the neighboring countries of china are abducting a kind of hedging strategy that is to say to balance kind of by strengthening security ties with the united states' rights and there have also been reports from beijing that a high non-police will be boarding at searching ships in the area under new rules that to take effect said the start of twenty eight thirteen so can they say they should move slower relations even further with its neighbors. the moment he seems time. is to return real interest hopefully this will be a scholarly chinese authorities on one all saw as to satisfy our domestic nationalist sentiments and at the same time would like to award serious conflicts. or even an escalation of. what its neighbors so all
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i do believe china understand stu. scully and. i could be moved to establish some kind of dialogue with the indian government where i got your point professor joseph chang of hong kong city university thank you very much indeed for your time. and to some other news making headlines this hour iran claims it has captured another you are strong of a territory the revolutionary guard the can eagle unmanned aircraft had conducted several. reconnaissance flights over the persian gulf in the past few days and it was reportedly brought under control by iran's air defense units after it entered the country's airspace in november last year iran captured a cia spy drone deep inside its territory and last month a brain in planes tried to shut down an american military surveillance aircraft
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over the persian gulf. nato said to approve the deployment of pilots of patrick and to missile systems on turkey's border with syria says the move would be purely defensive to protect uncorrupt from the syrian conflict has warned syria's president assad of using chemical weapons and crossing the red line this i made to u.s. intelligence reports suggesting damascus is preparing to deploy its chemical weapons something to syrian officials deny. thousand protesters have clashed with police as they tried to storm the city hall in belfast and west arrested after the council's catholic majority voted to remove the british flag from the building for most of the year causing it fears bach watched from the protestant contingent five policemen two security guards were injured with demonstrators vandalizing police cars and trying to smash through the gates the union flag has previously flooded this is a hole in a century. you're up to date in
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a few minutes with spotlight. the ride that takes your breath away to eating across the sky as it was a mohnish could you know the biggest salt lake in europe and more than two hundred species of birds but also on the verge of extinction on these islands in the south of russia they find shelter before migrated to other parts of the world. here we see the great white pelican and several species of the domination pelican which are both in the red dates of birth but there are only forty to fifty couples left in
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the region your palate can use as well as other species at the monish gugino feed these birds are waiting for their parents to bring them food the best cash for them is in a small areas a lake where the war is relatively fresh as fish cannot survive in the salty a part of the money and the lakes getting salt every year they manage to do lowe's and all to fish oil reservoir which has failed in the nineteen fifties in the areas hot climate the evaporates quickly and the local saw as natural sultanate state so are just told to push the blades dormant there are relatively few water sources here some water comes from the dawn river and some from the cuban during the last three to four years we've had a really severe drought drought we are practically standing on the bottom of this lake it's been falling every year the majority of birds have been retreating as well or they nestle in new orleans and. the drying out of the lake also threaten
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one of the world's biggest populations. they leave a one of the money on and someone next destination. they're holding four hundred is the animals here the area is a protected wildlife preserve it's a place of serene peace and calm in recent decades dozens of canals have been dug around here to cultivate the local staps broad grassy plains this may be useful for humans but it does badly hit many species as the animals here for instance so i guess antelopes which are extremely shy were scared away only to be killed in the hundreds of thousands by poachers focal here believes the substance found in their horns can cure impotence just some forty years ago there were more than two million saigon antelopes living in asia and they no where else in the world but now people
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brought the species to the brink of extinction so this region is be reaching alive for thousands of years but now we know relatively short space of time it's my been diversity of creatures is second and from it's by man and nature itself. hello again they're welcome to walk like the interview fell on artsy a milder novel and they were a guest on the program these senior day. on the first of december russia took up the g twenty presidency from mexico and started preparations for the most important economic event of the year the g.
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twenty meeting and say puter. so special in-house thing to stop and what can russia offer as the g twenty chair will discuss it with the kremlin's g twenty shows. that . russia has started chairing the group of the world's twenty largest economies its goals are to fix the global economy and create more jobs for everyone the year long presidency is expected to be full of talks on different levels the organizational burden for the high profile meetings falls on and lead group of diplomats known as the share price named after the human line mountain guys these officials do much of the heavy lifting for the.


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