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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. as a report on. the jets opposition group has left their demands on president morsi after a night of clashes reportedly forced him to sneak out of the back door of his own presidential palace. in the u.k. a drive to build i could give the government absence to people the internet activity sponsored privacy concerns with the home secretary labeling everyone opposed to it as terrorists and paedophiles. and israel seriously rebuff the un calls to reveal the truth about its nuclear program fusing to acknowledge it has atomic weapons all provide proof it doesn't.
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it's three pm here in moscow you love with us on our t. get she have you with us this afternoon opposition groups in egypt have issued a set of demands to the country's president mohamed morsi aimed at scrapping his latest political drives this fall as a few stand off outside the presidential palace in cairo which reportedly falls a gyptian leader to feed the building locally based on reports has more. i was that in the march tenth that tens of thousands of protesters coming from various locations in cairo converging in front of the presidential palace in this suburb of cairo when they got there they were greeted by police behind barbed wire and really i mean speaking of the protesters they felt like they wanted to protest the walls of the presidential palace to the president not to what they said was a bunch of police so what happened is they broke through the barbed wire which obviously was met with to tear gas so quite
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a lot of take us by the police who actually fled eventually the tens of thousands of protesters continue and had their protests in front of the walls right now as you can see behind me got an ongoing sit in the hundreds that sleeping in on tahrir square in addition we've got hundreds outside the presidential palace also staging a sit in the national salvation front which is the kurdish the opposition forces they have three points they put towards president morsi the first one is for this contentious constitutional declaration which she issued last week which awards him sweeping powers to be rescinded but the second one is the referendum on the constitution what's happened recently is of course that the egypt's constitution was written very fast passed by the president to put to referendum which many people see quite a bad move by the president if they believe that the assembly that wrote the constitution is in fact it is just a mess so they're asking for this referendum which is due to take place next week
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to be canceled the third point is for a new constituent assembly one representative of egypt what happens was during that the process of drafting the constitution majority of the leftist liberals and church representatives staged a mass recount of the assembly saying that they were bullied by the islamist dominated body into writing a kind of constitution they don't like we've got quite a few made to see sectors of egypt. which are joining the protests for example yesterday we saw a journalist striking at least fourteen newspapers and different need t.v. channels refused to publish yesterday in protest of what they said was impingement on press freedoms and freedoms of expression edition we have a judicial strike which has been ongoing since the constitution that gratian was announced we have also seen supports all the president's on the brotherhood his organization for months running his own suffered
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a organized by division by the conservative groups so we're really seeing is a divided country. and as public discontent over egypt the leadership grows louder . we're asking the sweeping and go against president morsi bring it all to mislead so far the majority of those who have already taken part in the side vote something that egyptian leader will cancel his new decrees in order to stay in office perceval portable you don't you wait over and to government protests will result in further instability leading to a libya style to the rest of us really it's between two options some playing of the military and as president mubarak's clegg returned to power and others are leaning towards most things a potential resignation had to argy dot com men have your say. by region for those guys it's not a bad idea to ask friends of for help but sometimes even that doesn't like reported little later on how washington is having trouble convincing its allies to intercept
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suspected on sex was from the lawn. the cream of syria's rebel factions the newsroom front will soon reports claim be designated a terrorist organization by the united states hardline islamist group has been at the forefront of recent rebel victories and syria has some describing it as the most elite of all the anti assad forces the group said to have been behind this view of suicide bombings and filmed executions. at some point to any serious scrutiny from point backers until now meanwhile nato has promised to station page on anti air missiles in turkey at the request of ankara a move that some see as baseless. every massacre there happens anywhere even in the suburbs of damascus we look these are people there if you treated by islamists games as well and sometimes these are perpetrated by these weapons against themselves supported by saudi arabia some by carter logistical support by turkey
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buying weapons in the black market in the middle east and as far as ukraine as we already know we have to analyze the picture of missiles at the border we don't delete just highlight why do usually only u.s. officials for chemical weapons were thought about sharks are just completely absurd peacher reso isn't that fact weapon is not a deterrent it only specially of course if that the syrian army would never launch missiles across the border against circuits because they know they will be attacking our nato allies. supporting the rebels as one thing they by putting spokes in assad's wheels it is another america has been demanding iraq a socialist syria ban planes for weapons going so far as to call the need to ground all passim jets budget to washington's dismay baghdad hasn't been all that enthusiastic about my reports. as the syrian government
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struggles to stay in power fighting against rebels that by the west america is also attempting to suffocate the alleged weapons flying into damascus washington accuses iran of being the key arms supplier to assad forces and to stop the transfer the u.s. is now reportedly demanding that baghdad inspect planes flying from iran over its airspace into syria and the american government unfortunately. very strong rule in many other countries this is just one more amazing thing you. see that they can control flights over countries in force. force and. by doing so the u.s. has created something of a paradox forcing iraq to prevent iran from dealing with syria by bringing up this issue of so-called weapons applauds it's just another way to pressure the baghdad
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regime united states feel that it invested blood and treasure in terms of overthrowing saddam hussein that it has the right if not the obligation to then order the internal affairs of the baghdad regime obviously. objects to this kind of approach and i daresay that the iraqi people object to that approach as well unnamed u.s. officials have complained that baghdad is not doing enough to cooperate with washington's demands since september iraq has only managed to allegedly inspect two iranian planes baghdad does not have an air force and grounding planes is proving too costly as they must be refueled after each check recently iraq made it clear that it is not willing to march to the beat of america's drum in an interview with the new york times iraq's minister of transportation said quote we are an independent country and our stance is clear we will search whichever plane. we want whenever we want we will not take orders i think they're expecting one else to take
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our most countries doing it in a sanctions treatment of the american government so the. shah of iran is don't feel the same water why should the. government iraq is. even before the war started with the sanctions and the killing of children by work and medicine. through. other countries including in syria nearly one decade after saddam hussein was ousted by the us led invasion into iraq washington is pressuring a new government of the very same country to help move the leader of a different one as america continues supporting syria's opposition in part by policing iran iraq for its all to march in lockstep with orders has criticism thing of a middle east trying all the white house may not be able to navigate. artsy. minority
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dot com disguises disposable cell phones and other deceptions they hit and run story of alleged murder and antivirus invented john mcphee takes a new turn as a pops up in guatemala topless the prosecution and police its neighbor responded. and bad neighbor ghettoize amsterdam's authorities are proposing to the victor residence with a record of the arrest meant to separate cams that would live in comfort to shipping containers that had more actually. people in britain face being branded terrorists or paedophiles if they refused to allow the government to pry into the internet activities at least that's according to the u.k.'s home secretary after she said any want to post to the communications data bill fell into one of those groups. takes up the story.
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the way it would work if paused is that the police and security services would have unbridled access to your internet data by obliging mobile phone service providers and internet providers to store that internet history your data for a year now the government say that it's a necessary move in order to safeguard the public and to fight crime that's being organized through the internet increasingly such as that extremism and paedophile rings but civil liberties groups are up in arms about it they say it's an in and infringement of your civil rights they've called it the snoopers charter and we hit the streets of london a little bit earlier to talk to the general public about what they thought of the prospect of the government being able to snoop in on that email history of their web browsing history and their social networking history let's take a listen to what they told us how would you feel about the police having access to internet search history not so good without my concern i think something like my
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concern i wouldn't mind i would mind but only. on a very condition i think you have to have control of one area of your life or look them in one area just to have access to areas that i am secretary to reason may she's behind the draft bill and she's been lobbying it quite aggressively and some critics saying in rather a bizarre fashion actually she said in an interview with the sun criminals terrorists and paedophiles will want m.p.'s to vote against this bill whereas victims of crime police and the public will want them to vote for it and it's a question of whose side you're on now i've got nick pickles who's the director of civil liberties group big brother watch in the studio here with me now and then here's something to you on are all the people opposed to this legislation criminals terrorists and paedophiles as the home secretary suggests. that everybody opposed this bill. force of those categories there are people from every
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political party senior law enforcement officers technical experts so i think it was very crude but we've got interpol saying that cyber crime is now one of the fastest growing criminal activities on the planet i mean the government's right for looking for some sort of solution to this growing problem well in the big think about this if you're looking for a needle in a haystack don't solve the problem but it looks more we should have a new powers but they should be used against individuals operations what this bill proposes is that everybody in the country behavior is monitored but there you have it a very crux of virtual idea from the home office and one that might not go down to well with the rest of the government we've got reports that deputy prime minister nick clegg is preparing to oppose it because of the prospect of infringement of civil rights here in the u.k. well staying with the u.k. as its time is with the euro become ever more as a major longer cultural referendum on whether britain should come back its
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relationship with the e.u. backed by a groundswell of public support for complete withdrawal from the bloc. beijing's looking to do away with the communist party of china who goes on a mission to reinvent itself following lesson long winded red carpet and extravagant banquets that's ahead on our. trimmings list or even for specialists how a voice can produce several sounds it wants to do means the art of throat singing comes naturally picked up like a language. a
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language of communicating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from the unions believe not only animals but also the surrounding objects like reverse forests and defense don't have souls and by imitating the sounds they believe assumes to capture the power of nature. was. to get to one of the five main stars of scrotes engine it imitates the gentle breezes of summer chara whose name means great hunter says the first piece adopt her. there are special instruments that accompany the singing if gainey says there is even a legend about his instrument a gill it says once there lived a poor shefford who had the best horse that won every competition but jealous people killed it on the horse was revived as an instrument book at the wizard of
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subtle is because of the spirit of the horse going to his dream he said make an instrument from a tree the sounding board from the leather on my face the strings on my tail and to remember me make an engraving of my head part of the instrument he did so i called the instrument again which means come back and this melody only instrument is called cry over again. the. culture is that so much of an artistic each musician on the market hurts it seem like fantasy only two years ago could become a reality very soon with a strong sense of identity and spread across the middle east.
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do we speak your language as everybody will or not do. this program some documentaries in spanish what matters to you. it will turn it into anglos stories. here. i'll teach spanish to find out more visit actuality that. you're watching r.t. good to have you with us the united nations general assembly is pressing israel to be real its nuclear arsenal israel has lashed out against the overwhelming approval
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of the resolution which calls for international inspectors to be allowed to examine his atomic program its foreign minister said the vote was meeting last the country also rejected a un backed conference on a nuclear middle east israel denies it has nuclear weapons but refuses to provide proof that it doesn't charge as policy or tried to lift the veil surrounding israel's atomic program it's a story that has all the ingredients and in truth of a hollywood blockbuster nuclear smuggling a hollywood producer and then israeli prime minister it's a story that here in tel aviv the authorities don't want to talk about but two israeli americans have put pen to paper it's probably be the best kept secret in the world on center stage as are known multan a hollywood producer and israeli undercover agent who is alleged to have smuggled nuclear triggers from the united states into israel a california engineer which had killed. smith says he was recruited by most in the
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early seventy's smith was later convicted in the united states of running an american front company to help with. this story first surface to be i found it released at the end of last year and in joseph goldman's tell all book confidential this was a very limited operation in fact when the accounting which is the hebrew acronym for science liaison bureau with the nablus even the third was unaware of its existence and only it was basically created behind the back of this will security establishment only of this year the f.b.i. released these documents from a seven year investigation which began in one thousand nine hundred five they show how a network of front companies connected to these weighty defense ministry smuggled nuclear triggers out of the united states to israel what's apparent in the documents is that the israeli ministry of defense would place an order for prohibited items with an israeli company called he light trading. the light trading
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is where benjamin netanyahu worked and would meet with richard kelly smith. when he visited israel then they would transfer the order to an organization called milko in california to fulfill the order violating export control act and shipping the triggers out of the united states they called it the operation project pinto all the allegations are based on smith's testimony and many have been surprised by the detail if you take a look at the documents netanyahu is definitely mentioned in the document and that's what surprised us because typically. you get two types of sensors of this type of document sometimes a block off an entire page sometimes of just block off a name in this case netanyahu his name is clearly stated in the documents in the documents it is alleged netanyahu asked mulch and the hollywood producer not to discuss the matter publicly in a written response to r.t.
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the israeli foreign ministry denied all allegations on the other side of the story aside from the leaked documents washington team is keeping quiet is really new capabilities of some of the most guarded secrets the u.s. government holds formal secrets some would argue then information it has about iran but for the foreseeable future the book on israel's nuclear secrets is closed police here r.t. israel. to some other international headlines in brief now libya's a prime minister. done now as a reportedly survived an assassination attempt he was attacked by a group of armed men in the city of beida two hundred kilometers east of benghazi several cars in his convoy was severely damaged in the attack the premier electrician of turbot was in the city for talks with the local council. the death toll from typhoon bob power which is currently battering the philippines has reached over two hundred and seventy tens of thousands have fled their homes as the
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elements of course are going else central areas cutting of power into entire province as rescue teams are working in the worst hit areas where it's feared the number of casualties will rise even more the storm is expected to move into the south china sea on thursday. so isn't better to. love a million coverage or has committed suicide in brussels he leaped to his death from an airport car park over eight meters high and the unnamed official said he acted without provocation while waiting for foreign ministry staff who were due to hold talks with nato officials the fifty two year old envoy leaves behind six. after four reaching criticism over massive overspending china's persistent or rather president of you has a mounds of things are going to be getting a little less showy so it's out with the huge entourages and massive penguins and
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the red carpets will be rolled up and stored some chinese experts believe that this could be an important step in the battle against corruption. the communist party in china is not going to be able to. eliminate corruption when families of the only populate really are themselves in more dealings and they commissioned well beyond their normal means of accumulation and then you have a problem unless those have been dealt with not being able to do with corruption completely but they are ostentatious displays of ill gotten gain and that can be dealt with and that is what she jinping is focusing on at the moment. the mayor of london has suggested the u.k. should significantly cut back its links with the e.u. in the year as a calamitous project he called for a referendum on the role of the country in the blog robert oulds director at the
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bridge group think tank says that the mayor has struck a chord with the british people as the majority won the u.k. out of the e.u. once and for our according to the opinion polls most people in britain do want the u.k. out of the european union i think the e.u. is a massive burden both in terms of tax amount of money you have to pay to be you each year and of course it regularly treat burden trade with other businesses individuals on the continent will always continue whether we're in the you whether we're out of the year you remember the european economic area britain has global trading links we don't really need to be run by brussels and the institutions of u.k. and union telling this country what to do we're big enough to manage our own affairs the economic evidence is really pointing towards if britain were to leave the european union it would be actually help the british economy it would actually help our economy to grow and it would reduce the burden on the british taxpayer. he says make a shift in the geography of the middle east is now on the horizon what they're discussing
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next on the future of an independent kurdish state. fifty feet it's. easy to. see. wealthy british style scientists are not on the tireless.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much cause or there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our cheap place.
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the show would be so much brighter if you knew about songs from fines to pressure. to start on t.v. don't come. on.
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below and welcome across time to tell the kurds would seem like a fantasy only two years ago could become a reality very soon with a strong sense of identity and spread across the middle east the kurds are making gains towards the goal of creating their own state while the arabs fight among themselves for the kurds planning. to cross not the kurdish issue i'm joined by my guests in washington edward joseph he's an international conflict a democracy expert and we have that's the bill again he's the executive director of the rethink institute all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and if i go to you first i mean as i said in the
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introduction as the arabs fight among themselves particularly in syria it's the kurds that are winning hello peter i i don't know if i would. go that far to say kurds are winning i think that it's true that. kurds see an opportunity here and consequently turkey. which is the country most concerned about kurdish naz nationalism having being host to the largest population of kurds in the world is cry wary of this situation but in particular i think when we talk about potential developments the most immediate case of course is syria and i don't think the situation on the ground there would suggest that there's a clear winner or certainly not for kurdish aspirations at the moment the kurds of course would like autonomy in syria and.


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