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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EST

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reports of fresh violence in egypt as mohamed morsy supporters clash with his opponents near the presidential palace where both sides have to hold mass rallies. no relief for bridgend as the country's finance minister is along that already angry conflict that five more years of a surgery and cuts ahead. and israel refuses to comply with u.n. demands that it open its unacknowledged nuclear facilities for inspection and join the nonproliferation treaty calling the general assembly vote void.
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you're watching are too good to have you with us we start in egypt where the standoff between mohamed morsi and egypt's opposition has caused a new al breaks of violence supporters of the country's leader have reportedly clash with its opponents near the presidential palace where both parties have called rallies the muslim brotherhood is running morsy supporters after tens of thousands took part in an opposition march on his palace on tuesday night car based porter has more. i was that in the march tenth that tens of thousands of protesters coming from various locations in cairo converging in front of the presidential palace in this suburb of cairo when they got there they were greeted by police behind barbed wire and really i mean speaking of the protesters they felt like they wanted to protest the walls of the presidential palace to the president not to what they said was a bunch of police so what happened is they broke through the barbed wire which
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obviously was meant to tear gas so quite close to gas by the police who actually fled eventually and the tens of thousands of protesters continue to meet and have their protests in front of the rules right now as you can see behind me got an ongoing sit in the hundreds that sleeping in paris square and in addition we've got hundreds outside the presidential palace also staging a sit in the national salvation front which is the kurdish opposition forces they have three points that they put towards president morsi the first one is for this contentious constitutional declaration which she issued last week which awards him sweeping powers to be rescinded the second one is the referendum on the constitution what's happened recently is of course that the egypt's constitution was written very fast we passed by the president to put to referendum which many people see quite a bad move by the president if they believe that the assembly that wrote the constitution is in fact going to just submit their asking for this referendum which
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is due to take place next week to be canceled the third point is for a new constituent assembly one representative of egypt what happens was during that process of drafting the constitution majority of the leftist liberals and church representatives staged a mass recount of the assembly saying that they were bullied by the islamist dominated body into writing a kind of constitution they don't like we've got quite a few made to say sectors of egypt. which are joining the protests for example yesterday we saw a journalist striking at least fourteen newspapers in different need t.v. channels refused to publish yesterday in protest of what they said was impingement on press freedoms and freedoms of expression edition we have a judicial strike which has been ongoing there are since the constitution that gratian was announced we have also seen supports all the presidents on the brotherhood is organization we still must run these on suffered
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a organize by division brotherhood an ultra conservative groups so we're really seeing is a divided country. the longer the deadlock between president and the opposition in egypt goes on the greater the danger things could spiral out of control let us know where you think the standoff might actually lead by taking part in our poll at our dot com and here's how the vote looks so far a third of those who had this say believe the gyptian leader will cancel his new decrees in order to stay in office just over a quarter think the new wave of anti-government protests will result in further instability leading to a libya style we're slightly left see the current situation will lead to the military and its president mubarak's clique coming back to the column and finally in less than fifteen percent are convinced morsi is resignation and new elections line evitable let us know what you think at our team dot com. the u.s. is preparing to send patriot missiles to turkey after nato approved
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a plan to defend itself against potential missile attacks from inside syria and america is also pressuring iraq which is surging syria bound planes for weapons even demanding a grants pass in jets baghdad isn't enthusiastic as marina bought my reports. as the syrian government struggles to stay in power fighting against rebels backed by the west america is also attempting to suffocate the alleged weapons flying into damascus washington accuses iran of being the key arms supplier to assad forces and to stop the transfer the us is now reportedly demanding that baghdad inspect planes flying from iran over its airspace into syria and their american government unfortunately. very strong. in many other countries this is just one more amazing thing is that government is saying that they can control flights over countries in force. force or.
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by doing so the u.s. has created something of a paradox forcing iraq to prevent iran from dealing with syria by bringing up this issue of so-called weapons supplied to just another way to pressure the baghdad regime united states feel that it's not invested blood and treasure in terms of overthrowing saddam hussein that it has the right if not the obligation to move in order the internal affairs of the baghdad regime obviously. objects to this kind of approach and i daresay that the iraqi people object to that approach as well the names u.s. officials have complained that baghdad is not doing enough to cooperate with washington's demands since september iraq has only managed to allegedly inspect two iranian planes baghdad does not have an air force and grounding planes is proving too costly as they must be refueled after each check recently iraq made it clear
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that it is not willing to march to the beat of america's drum in an interview with the new york times iraq's minister of transportation said quote we are an independent country and our stance is clear we will search whichever plane. we want whenever we want we will not take orders i think. our most countries during the. treatment of the american government. don't feel the same or. nearly one decade after saddam hussein was ousted by the us led invasion into iraq washington is pressuring a new governor of the very same country to help the leader of a different as america continue supporting syria's opposition in part by policing iran iraq for its all to march in lock step with borders has pretty something of a middle east triangle the white house may not be able to navigate greenup or not
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artsy. turkish troops and helicopters have pondered the kurdish area near the border with syria killing thirteen suspected militants the crosses there is being seen as a chance for could have aspirations for independence and statehood and whether the turks are actually shooting themselves in the food by supporting the syrian uprising is a subject up for debate in the latest episode of cross talk coming up next hour. britain is facing at least five more years of a stereotype the country's finance minister says there's no miracle cure for the country's economy the highly anticipated autumn statement by george osborne abroad little relief for public already angered by government cuts for more on the story i'm joined now live by sarah further from london sara what exactly did the chancellor say about the measures the u.k. public will face. it's taking time but quality is healing
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those are pretty much the first words out of the george osborne's mouth that was meant to love in the houses of parliament it's the way he tells them isn't it i mean he then delivered us in this autumn statement the red is a kind of mini budget the following has in fact been revised up that is rising not falling and the person can't settle in for more spending cuts more cost of welfare and all stereotype all the way to twenty eighteen and despite all of that he still tried to convince us that the government are making some progress now it wasn't particularly bright autumn statement no one was expecting that we were expecting this her cluing me forecast for the economic future but it was pretty tough and of course as we said the chancellor trying to convince people that things are actually working that they're pushing ahead with
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a similar plan that many people are saying is simply failing. he's definitely not up to the job and hasn't been right from the outset what he has is an ideology which is about dismantling an important welfare state and making sure that those that are on high incomes are protected. you know sarah we hear how hard people are still struggling in the u.k. else when euro but what does this statement actually mean in real terms of all the people. well you know all across britain right now people are going to be watching this in their homes businesses they're going to be have been watching what the chancellor saying very very closely in trying to figure out now as we came away with a different facts and figures exactly what that means is than in real terms now in that respect when you listen to the autumn statement a very concerning part of that speech that george osborne delivered was when he spoke about welfare really we saw the conservative attack on welfare continuing i
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listened to the language in the rhetoric that was used there he talked about fairness but then he said fairness also needs to be about the person who leaves home in the morning and looks over to their neighbor he's asleep living a life on benefits i'm not sure how much george osborne really knows about living on benefits that i can tell you is not much of a life r.c. has spent the last couple of months investigating exactly what is going on with the case welfare sisters and it's a miserable failure all round the work program figures released a week or so ago failing the people on benefits and recently sent a new rule for people on disability benefits who are going to perhaps be forced into unpaid work i mean it really smacks of back to the days of the british workhouses and it is incredibly concerning and you know i'm not pulling any punches said the state of the welfare system in this country right now is that diabolical and in the coming years you're going to have some horrendous stories coming out
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about these people the most vulnerable in our society suffering and really if you go into the detail of what george osborne is saying today it seems that the most vulnerable in society are going to be the ones who are in fact going to have to pay for this continual ceratin and make no mistake they have really going to suffer this is an austerity program this not even halfway three and we still have more cuts ahead of us more cuts the spending more cuts to welfare and more real pain for the people in this country sarah i can tell how this is affecting you tougher times ahead for all brits and it's going to be an even tougher end of the thank you very much for the reporting live from london. why do we have more from the u.k. ahead with a look at how london's mayor has voiced what many brits have long been thinking i'm at the e.u. school teaming financial crisis ahead of the british capital or in the u.k. to hold a referendum over the country's membership making the exit
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a likely prospect. china's rulers are planning an image of. growing criticism of the government's extravagant lifestyle that's. the legacy no one should be proud. of scrap metal littering pristine arctic landscape building stilton over their foundation pipes spilling black smoke over the snow covered peaks the traces of the soviet industrial activity on the pittsburgh an archipelago don't make a pretty picture the guiding principle here is the worst the better that can do nine hundred eighty bearings work was a burgeoning mining community the soviet union was determined to maintain at all costs thirty degree located halfway between north america and western europe this busy bergen archipelago is part of norway but a special status that allows other countries to set up industrial bases here in the
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middle of the cold war it served as the use of sars westernmost outpost now it's one of the soviet union slask preserved relics. picture of what would have happened to the soviet union if it was cut off from any financial support for two decades if you're curious western tourists and i think it could be even more appealing for russian travellers the local administration is increasingly under pressure to bring the infrastructure up to more than standards if these modernization efforts are not very popular with tourist operators if you come into a very authentic place like. it should stay the way do so. it would be my wish i mean that's the part of the a little you know authentic traditionally opulent. i should not i would not like to have it in a shiny condition to be on and the time to change even for the better is not always good for business it's something that even
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a local band has become attuned to when they try to add the morning russian songs to their repertoire it left the audience called all they wanted to hear it was a song comfortably from there we are. you watching r t china's new government is ready for full make over promising to revamp its image for data dence and crack down on corruption so it's all to with huge entourages and banquets and the break up is will be rolled up and still what the aim is to save money and prevent any more of the recent high level political scandals that's a chen gang from the national university of singapore believes it's all due to all
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side pressure. of course the new leadership on the. communist party know i was a big problem a major crisis which means actually the poverty of all the bottom of the social media has cost them more and more dollars on the corrupt and lavish lifestyle. communist party congress we also witness to. a serious reports five international media talking about. scandals in the corrupt new a.v.o.'s related to the communist party. officials so i think you see it's a kind of also i'm not response to the international critics of. ari. on r d dot com the hit and run story of alleged murderer john mccarthy go
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online where we've lined up the latest about the formatting computer virus entrepreneur and how his false id he's just can't capture and on the country's. noisy neighbors in the netherlands being away harassing the people living next door could see you exiled from city centers and forced to live in basic containers and the police supervision get more that's an obscene dot com. the mayor of london wants the u.k. to significantly reduce its ties with the e.u. calling for an art referendum on membership and the influential boris johnson called the single currency euro zone air calamitous project analysts are
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a bit older says the mayor has struck a chord with the british people and the majority one out of the. according to the opinion polls most people in britain do want the u.k. out of the european union they think the u. is a massive burden both in terms of tax amount of money they have to pay to you each year and of course it's regulatory burden the trade links would always continue will always be buying german cars or french wine and french cheese and and we'll be selling to them financial services and other goods that we make in britain so that won't change course what will change is that the money that britain has to hand over to the european union will cease or we can drastically reduce that we don't really need to be run by brussels and needs to shift of the opinion to country what to do we're big enough to manage our own affairs. some other international news in brief typhoon bhopal which is currently bettering the philippines has claimed more than two hundred eighty lives tens of thousands fled their homes as the storm
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rolled across the south are in and central areas cutting of point to entire provinces rescue teams are working in the worst hit areas but it's feared the number of casualties will rise the storm is expected to move into the south china sea on thursday. service embassador june a joe brown is lover milinkevich a has committed suicide in brussels he leaped to his death from an airport compact eight meters high and under aimed at serbian officials said he jumped while waiting for foreign ministries job who were due to hold talks with meat of the shells the fifty two year old envoy leaves behind six sons. in the u.k. two australian deejays pretending to be the queen and prince charles of course a royal rumpus they phone the hospital where the pregnant kate middleton this day and chatted to with a nurse about her condition hopes is managed to get a full update on the duchess of cambridge's conditions she saw to be less than
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twelve weeks pregnant and was admitted to hospital on monday with severe morning sickness. the painstaking search for peace in colombia continues with the latest round of negotiations between the government and guerrilla rebels the talks come amid the deadliest military raid against the armed insurgency is discussed as began in october during an exclusive interview to r.t. a top quark official says they want peace but claims they've been forced to fight for it. people who are in colombia want to fight for ideas different than a mere liberal ideas are killed so how is it possible to participate in politics if people who have other ideas are killed we have not taken the arms because we wanted we have taken the arms because the colombian state and the united states imperialism have obliged school impelled us to do so. my. israel has dismissed
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a un resolution calling on it to open up its nuclear facilities for inspection as a meaning less than mechanical vote the general assembly of all me back to proposal calling on israel to join the nuclear nonproliferation treaty israel has never officially admitted it possesses atomic weapons although if you doubt its fully armed as artie's policy or reports. it's a story that has all the ingredients and intrusion of a hollywood blockbuster nucleus nagging a hollywood producer and an israeli prime minister it's a story that here in tel aviv the authorities don't want to talk about but two israeli americans have put pen to paper it's probably the least best kept secret in the world on center stage is on on mulch and a hollywood producer and israeli undercover agent who's alleged to have smuggled nuclear triggers from the united states into israel a california engineer richard kelly smith says he was recruited by most in the
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early seventy's smith was later convicted in the united states of running an american front company to help move. the story first surface to be i files released at the end of last year and in joseph goldman's tell all book confidential this was a very limited operation in fact when the account which is the hebrew acronym for science liaison bureau with the nablus even the assad was unaware of its existence and only it was basically created behind the back of this with the purity of. only of this year the f.b.i. released these documents from a seven year investigation which began in one thousand nine hundred five they show how a network of front companies connected to these weighty defense ministry smuggled nuclear triggers out of the united states to israel what's apparent in the documents is that the israeli ministry of defense would place an order for prohibited items with an israeli company called he light trading the light trading is where benjamin netanyahu worked and would meet with richard kelly smith. when he
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visited israel then they would transfer the order to an organization called milko in california to fulfill the order violating export control act and shipping the triggers out of the united states they called it the operation project printer all the allegations are based on smith's testimony and many have been surprised by the detail if you take a look at the documents netanyahu is definitely mentioned in the documents and that's what surprised us because typically. you get two types of sensors of this type of document sometimes a block off an entire page sometimes of this block of a name in this case netanyahu his name is clearly stated in the documents in the documents it is alleged netanyahu asked mulch and the hollywood producer not to discuss the matter publicly in a written response to r.t.
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the israeli foreign ministry denied all allegations on the other side of the story aside from the leaked documents washington today is keeping quiet israeli new kid capabilities are some of the most guarded secrets the u.s. government holds far more secrets some would argue then information it has about iran but for the foreseeable future the book on israel's nuclear secrets is closed policy or r.t. israel. so today we take you to a wooden city that emerges only once a year and only a week before once again being wiped without a trace from the face of the year.
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wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike skies or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on r g.
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quick. jeffrey the jolly champ was created in the fifty's and mass produced i think it came out of hand and it was on the phone battery powered. toy that when you turn it on he clapped cymbals together all crazy
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crutch this year i'm in a funny movie and i decided i wanted to make the most annoying thing i could think of it represents me so many ways. that's annoying. as far as i am concerned i'm richest person i know i just don't have any money but i didn't want the most beautiful places i've ever seen i'm with the people who love me the most and i get to. do this art form that i've come up i've started doing in the last four years and it's just opened my eyes to so many different things and it was all inspired by burning man and it was just a coincidence because i was making costumes for myself and i had decided to make
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myself a coat and as i was finishing it the first person that came over to visit me said what is that and i said that's my royal road because i had realized when i had put it on it wasn't just a fur coat it actually was a royal row and that's when i became king. so the first person who came in said i want one of those and i said well it's going to be for five hundred dollars because it's expensive to me he said no problem. and he had me custom it so he could put his ball cap on and put the bill of his. kept inside the head so i have this little pocket here form and then. this is so. the reason i open the store was i do a lot of business online all over the world but i don't have
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a good connection with my community so i figured if i open the store and was visible the people that i want to connect with will come in. i just start this is crazy like we were just driving my friends i was very very ma'am nice got to call head guy and then i had too many free things so i deserved making for other people and it's also now missing my day that you wondered coach that made in four years and i've got all these people on torts nations d. jack black in progress it's. so kind of people. crazy. i am and i'm a trained arborist a tree surgeon and i've had my own business for the last thirteen years in my job is to keep the trees up not cutting down because of the economy when we had .


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