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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EST

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the violence in egypt as mohamed morsy supporters clashed with his opponents near the presidential palace with both sides of called mass rallies. no relief for britain as the country's finance minister warns an already angry public that there are five more years of a staring and cuts. israel refuses to comply with u.n. demands that it opens under the knowledge nuclear facilities for inspection and join the nonproliferation treaty calling the general assembly vote void.
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around the world on screen online international news and comment live from moscow we start in egypt where the standoff between mohamed morsi and the opposition has caused new outbreaks of violence supporters of the country's leader have reportedly clashed with his opponents near the presidential palace where both parties have planned demonstrations the muslim brotherhood is rallying morsy supporters in response to an opposition march which attracted tens of thousands on tuesday night . is in current. in the streets outside the presidential palace it's become a battleground between pro and anti mohammed morsi protesters we were there last night an enormous crowd made up of the more liberal elements that the opposition elements in society gathered to demand that varying things in between him leaving his office completely or at the very least rescinding those extra powers that he
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gave himself over a week ago that caused this whole feel or in the first place the police fired a few rounds of tear gas but once the crowd set about wrenching aside the barbed wire barricades the police really fell back and didn't do very much to stop them and they swarmed around the palace chanting there also seemed to be some may indicate that the police and security forces were going quite lightly on the protesters a few people went so far as to suggest perhaps that they bought perhaps a little sympathetic to the protesters but one soldier for example still on top of his armored vehicle and raised the egyptian flag from inside the compound which gonna do huge cheer from the crowd however today those things do seem to have turned nasty initial reports have now been asking late ing or fighting between the two with sticks between the muslim brotherhood and pro morsi supporters on one
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side and those on the other side. anti morsy also a hail of stones flying outside the presidential palace a very tense situation there people already having been wounded that's tomball reporting there from tahrir square in cairo and we have to get more insight into what's happening there in egypt when i'm joined a little later by a representative the spokesman of the muslim brotherhood that's a little later here on alt. well the longer the deadlock between president and opposition in egypt goes on the greater the danger things could spiral out of control let us know where you think the standoff might actually lead by taking part in our poll at r.t. dot com let's look at the results on the screen so far one of the third of those who've had their say believes that the egyptian leader will cancel his new decrees in order to stay in office just over a quarter think the new wave of anti-government protests will result in further instability leading to a libya star war slightly less so the current situation will lead to the military
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and its president mubarak's clique coming back to power and finally we can see there that less than fifteen percent are convinced that morsi is resignation and new elections are in evitable let us know what you think at r.t. dot com. the u.s. is prepared to send picture of missiles to turkey after nato approved the plan to defend itself against potential missile attacks from inside syria and america is also pressuring iraq to search syria planes for weapons even demanding it grounds passing jets but baghdad isn't enthusiastic reports. as the syrian government struggles to stay in power fighting against rebels backed by the west america is also attempting to suffocate the alleged weapons flying into damascus washington accuses iran of being the key arms supplier to assad forces and to stop the transfer the us is now reportedly demanding that baghdad inspect planes
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flying from iran over its airspace into syria and the american government unfortunately. very strong. in many other countries this is just more. amazing thing. that they can control the flights over countries and force. forces. by doing so the u.s. has created something of a paradox forcing iraq to prevent iran from dealing with syria by bringing up this issue of so-called weapons supplied to just another way to pressure the baghdad regime united states feels that it's not invested blood and treasure in terms of overthrowing saddam hussein that it has the right if not the obligation to move in order the internal affairs of the baghdad regime obviously. objects to this kind of approach and i daresay that the iraqi people object to that approach as well under
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u.s. officials have complained that baghdad is not doing enough to cooperate with washington's demands since september iraq has only managed to allegedly inspect two iranian planes baghdad does not have an air force and grounding planes is proving too costly as they must be refueled after each check recently iraq made it clear that it is not willing to march to the beat of america's drum in an interview with the new york times iraq's minister of transportation said quote we are an independent country and our stance is clear we will search whichever plane. we want whenever we want we will not take orders i think they're expected to take our most countries doing. sanctions on the american government so. the iraq don't feel. nearly one decade after saddam hussein was ousted
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by the u.s. led invasion into iraq washington is a new cover of the very same country to help move the leader of a different as americans continue supporting syria's opposition in part by police in iran iraq for its all to march in lockstep with orders has created something of a middle east trying the white house may not be able to navigate. not artsy. turkish troops and helicopters of pounded the kurdish area near the border with syria killing thirteen suspected militants the crisis in syria is being seen as a chance for kurdish aspirations for independence and statehood and whether the turks are actually shooting themselves in the foot by supporting the syrian uprising is a subject up for debate in the latest edition of cross talk that's coming up later today. well china's new government is ready for a full make over promising to revamp its image for decadence and crack down on
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corruption so it's out with huge entourages and banquets and the red carpets will be rolled up and stored the aim is to save money and prevent any more of the recent high level political scandals dr chan gang from the national university of singapore believes it's all due to outside pressure. of course the new leadership understands. communist party narcos faced a big problem of image crisis now which means actually there the poverty of. the bottom and off the social media has cost them more and more dollars on the corrupt and lavish lifestyle. communist party congress we also win is. a series of reports five international media talking about. scandals and the corrupt new behavior is related to the communist party. officials so i think b.c. it's a kind of also
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a kind of response to the international critics of. ari . now online r.t. don't call me at the moment the creepy crawly who became the first arachnid to make it into space but only had a few days to enjoy his fame after touching back down on earth you can find out all about that on the web site r t v dot com. and that is online all the time as a say r.t. dot com find out about that now israel has dismissed a un resolution calling on it to open up its nuclear facilities for inspection as a meaningless and mechanical vote to the general assembly assembly overwhelmingly back to proposal calling on israel to join the nuclear non proliferation treaty israel has never officially admitted it possesses atomic weapons although few doubt its fully armed as artist paula sneer now reports it's a story that has all the ingredients and untrue of
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a hollywood blockbuster nucleus nagging a hollywood producer and israeli prime minister it's a story that here in tel aviv the authorities don't want to talk about but two israeli americans have put pen to paper it's probably be. best kept secret in the world on center stage as are known mulch and a hollywood producer and israeli undercover agent who is alleged to have smuggled nuclear triggers from the united states into israel a california engineer which had kelly smith says he was recruited by most in the early seventy's smith was later convicted in the united states of running an american front company to help. the story first surfaced an f.b.i. files released at the end of last year and enjoys of goldman's tell all book confidential but this was a very limited operation in fact when the crown which is the hebrew acronym for find your over the tablet even the start with unaware of its existence. only it was basically created behind the back of this with the purity of. earlier this year the
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f.b.i. released these documents from a seven year investigation which began in one thousand nine hundred five they show how a network of front companies connected to the israeli defense ministry smuggled nuclear triggers out of the united states to israel what's apparent in the documents is that the israeli ministry of defense would place an order for prohibited items with an israeli company called he light trading. the light trading is where benjamin netanyahu worked and would meet with richard kelly smith. when he visited israel then they would transfer the order to an organization called milko in california to fulfill the order violating export control act and shipping the triggers are the united states they called it the operation project pinto all the allegations are based on smith's testimony and many have been surprised by the detail if you take
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a look at the documents netanyahu is definitely mentioned in the document and that's what surprised us because typically. you get two types of sensors of this type of document sometimes a block off an entire page sometimes of just block off a name in this case netanyahu his name is clearly stated in the documents in the documents it is alleged netanyahu asked the hollywood producer not to discuss the matter publicly in a written response to r.t. the israeli foreign ministry denied all allegations on the other side of the story aside from the leaked documents washington to is keeping quiet israeli new capabilities of some of the most guarded secrets the u.s. government holds far more secrets some would argue then information it has about he ran but for the foreseeable future the book on israel's nuclear secrets is closed. r.t. israel britain is facing at least five more years of austerity the country's finance
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minister says there's no miracle cure for the country's economy the highly anticipated autumn statement by george osborne brought little relief for a public already angered by government cuts will mourn story i'm joined by sarah firth in london so sarah what does the chancellor's statement mean for the u.k. public in real terms. well everyone now madly picking their way through the the facts and figures and wow was there a lot of figures one thing was very very clear and that's that the u.k. is set to face even more austerity you know what those figures showed us was that the u.k. economy is going to shrink by not point one percent by the end of twenty twelve now it sounds like a small amount but of course no sign of that all important in fact what we seeing is that borrowing. we've seen that the debt has risen and not fallen and most crucially i think is probably the fact is the government have missed but that reduction target so we're now facing an extended austerity program is going to take
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us right the way three to twenty eighteen safe a pretty gloomy outlook and look this is what we were expecting but of course that's going to really not be what millions of families all across the again to one thing here and of course this is really going to affect them and real turns now to speak to us more about this autumn statement by the chancellor today i'm joined by a labor m.p. and the public i said a public health minister thank you for joining us so the british economy is slowly healing according to chancellor george osborne what was your reaction to that well i thought that was a very silly statement the truth is every prophecy every target of themselves he has failed he has not met his targets he's not going to do with the deficit as he said the road growth. growth and also there's going to be
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a huge cart made in benefits pavement to some of the poorest people in the country are going to suffer the most i was resolved to go to and there's no end to this will start to get some and i want to talk to you about that because we saw that just one percent for the benefit of the welfare bill and that's less than inflation you know that's really going to hit a huge. number of book forty seven billion pounds so it will be cut from the benefits bill and we're talking about farmers is a really on the bread line anyway even losing ten twenty pounds a week is a big hit i mean it's a very cold side and it's very cold prospects for britain's poor because they are going to bear the brunt of the sturdy caused by britain's bikers and also doesn't know what he's do when you listen to the rhetoric that when he was speaking about the welfare bill you obviously you know it is quite strong language he's talking about fairness but then saying at the same time you know we need to be fair to the people whose neighbors were living off benefits and this is something that
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affects your constituents quite a lot on jobseeker's allowance you know the government things seem to be doing their part in providing a sustainable use is not quite on pleasant rhetoric about poor people. and a lot of tourists like that they like the idea that people are going to take a hit but how can it be for the very poorest people to lose money and time because it's already heart rate of tax there who get hundreds of thousands of pounds. and that is why i think the british public is going to be very upset about this budget and about to start and the fact that there is no good site to go down ok but the government would say to you and the critics right now. look they've got the euro crisis where in iraq no one's going to dispute the fact we're in very very tough times but what they're doing is dealing with this in a way and then having to deal with what they thought. their strategy which is to
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lash expenditure cuts in the government spending cuts in benefits is going to make the recession worse because if you take you know if you want to grow you put money in people's pockets so they got to spend it poor people but governments then the opposite is. cut the tax rate for the richest people and take money away. is not the way to grow the economy we are heading for an extended period of. the stagnation and. thank you very much for joining us but also save us a little because the concern has he said there on picking say the thing is that the one thing cutting through all the waste and says it's enough that the k. is going to be set to have to place itself but even tough because of the even whole austerity. sara thanks a lot sort of live from london and we have more from the u.k.
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head for you this hour with a look at how london has voiced what many brits have long been thinking and the news continues financial crisis the head of the british capital urged the u.k. to hold a referendum over the country's membership making an exit and likely prospect of more nuts and other stories after a short break. tucked in between the russian mainland japan and the sun coming island is the island of minute on named after french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the pride of the sakhalin region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. until two thousand and four the island was part of the borders zone and was completely restricted to be easy to know the speak to us place is open to tourists unique plants and animals are its top attraction.
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to be has been exploring the deaths of the world seas for several decades but it's here at more your own island where here is finally found what he did looking for. the water here is very clear the visibility is very good and the. the world here is extremely rich i've been to many diving locations across the planet including the island of bali but mine are on top of my list while some go to the cycling region to enjoy the sights others convert the island's nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in russia the tonight shock hundreds of thousands of tons of fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious salamon caviar almost unnecessary attribute of any feast in russia the owner of the enterprise says a good fishing season can bring in more than a hundred million dollars net profit. and to
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a large extent this is old to do what succulent offers environmentally the tonight show operates in only and natural habitat and mild climate unique natural sights and delicious seafood succulent can offer a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe the question is whether this distant land would ever be able to become a major tourist destination. it continues here in r.t. the mayor of london wants the u.k. to significantly reduce its ties with the e.u. calling for an in or out referendum on membership and influential boris johnson called the single currency euro zone a calamitous project and in this room struck
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a chord with the british people and the majority one tells of the e.u. . according to the opinion polls most people in britain do want the u.k. out of the european union they think the e.u. is a massive burden both in terms of tax amount of money to pay to the e.u. each year and of course the burden the trade links would always continue will always be buying german cars or french wine or french cheese and and will be selling to them financial services and other goods that we make in britain so that won't change course what will change is that the money that britain has to hand over to the european union will cease or we can drastically reduce that we don't really need to be run by brussels the needs of the european union to this country what to do we are big enough to manage our own affairs. some other international news in brief now typhoon bopha which is currently battering the philippines has claimed more than two hundred eighty lives tens of thousands fled their homes as the storm rolled across southern and central areas cutting off power to entire
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provinces rescue teams are working in the worst areas but it's feared the number of casualties will rise the storm is expected to move into the south china sea on thursday. serbia's ambassador to nato but honestly love milinkevich has committed suicide in brussels he leaped to his death from an airport car park eight meters high and then named serb an official said he jumped while waiting for foreign ministry staff who were due to hold talks with nato officials fifty two year old boy leaves behind six sons. in the u.k. to australian deejays pretended to be the queen and prince charles of course a royal rumpus the hospital where the pregnant kate middleton is staying and chatted with a nurse about her condition has managed to get a full update on the duchess of cambridge's condition she's thought to be less than twelve weeks pregnant and was admitted to hospital on monday with severe morning sickness. the painstaking search for peace in colombia continues with the latest round of negotiations between the government and fark guerrilla rebels the talks
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come amid the deadliest military raid against armed in. seargent since discussions began in october during an exclusive interview you can see here on r.t. a little later today a top official says they want peace but claims they're being forced to fight for it . people in colombia want to fight for ideas different and then neo liberal ideas are killed so how is it possible to participate in politics if people who have other ideas i killed we have not taken the arms because we want it we have taken the arms because the colombian state and the united states imperialism have a blight compelled us to do so. and that interview in full a little later today here on just a few minutes from now on breaking the set turns to the middle east as we bring you a complex movie of the latest developments in syria palestine and israel after that
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i'll be back with more news in thirty five minutes. culture is that so much simpler to give each musician the power line the market kurtzman would seem like fantasy only two years ago could become
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a reality very soon with a strong sense of identity and spread across the middle east because. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets and canada. china corporations are. close.
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to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i had lunch i got so many i mean ten pounds i know that i'm sitting really really messed up. and we're
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all for it so actually apologized. worse for going through. my downstairs of a. radio guy and for a minute. i want. to give you've never seen anything like this i'm told. by some guys i'm having martin so president obama had a meeting today with various governors to discuss ways to keep the economy growing but perhaps he should have just consulted with the white house petitions page because so far over fifteen hundred petitioners have signed what they see as this country's best economic stimulus plan construction of a death star yes the fictional space station and super weapon from star wars capable of planetary destruction with a super laser is exactly what the american empire needs so come on and let's break
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a set. despite so many diet fad that sweeps across this country every year obesity plagues thirty percent of americans and you can blame it on the fast food industry or lack of exercise but if you ever consider that diet foods themselves might be part of the problem let me explain the most prevalent artificial sugar on the market is aspartame which is also recognizes nutrasweet or you will aspartame is in over six thousand products including almost all diet sodas chewing gum frozen desserts yogurt and even vitamins and cough drops but the f.d.a. approved it so it must be safe right because if we know anything that the f.d.a. cares about our health so this year aspartame one hundred one no one all right it was originally discovered by g.d.
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searle which was later bought out by monsanto our favorite company later it's spawn of to form the nutrasweet company now awaiting for final approval the f.d.a. commissioner analyze some of cyril's aspartame tests which he said were quote at best sloppy and quote revealed a pattern of conduct which compromises the scientific integrity of the study's. compromising scientific integrity meaning that searle's tests were so full laud that they actually found tumors and rats but instead of reporting the tumors they cut them out and discarded them yes it did happen while the flurry of debate about circles tests prompted the f.d.a. to establish a public board of inquiry comprised of independent scientists to rule on safety issues surrounding nutrasweet and in one thousand nine hundred the board concluded that nutrasweet should not be approved pending further investigations of brain tumors in animals but there's more check it out.


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