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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EST

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freeboard video for your media project free media r t dot com. egyptian tanks a back on cairo's streets and the army moves in ordering protesters to clear the area near the presidential palace but here is clashes between pro and anti morsi demonstrators devotees point to. israel's prime minister looks home reassurance during a visit to germany as other new allies get tough for the palestinian statehood and illegal settlement building. and cheap labor behind america's prison walls a was a big business with an appetite for profit being led by along the jail terms of the biggest population of inmates in the world.
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you're watching r t good to have you with us they just an army has ordered all protesters to leave the area near the presidential palace where overnight clashes between rival demonstrators left at least five dead and hundreds injured tanks were brought in the supporters and opponents of president morsi continued fighting each other well into early morning the violence was the worst in the latest wave of protests that started two weeks ago and president morsi assumed the absolute poem colorways reporter bell to is on the square for us while our teams tom botton following developments outside the presidential palace. right now i'm of tahrir square where scenes of a car there have been scuffles on the square here behind me and we're seeing violence in other cities like in series and is there a year in particular the headquarters of the muslim brotherhoods have been attacked during these. clashes between rival protest groups following mostly as what they
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called power grab concessions that gratian we would himself sweeping powers and of course the constitution which is being put to referendum possibly next week which are many of the opposition groups sees it dismissed in addition there's been some reaction from his aides several members of the presidential committee have quit in protest of of this outside the presidential palace basically we've seen very violent scenes overnight my colleague tom barton was that reporting from the scene we're about as close as we can get to the fighting here in central cairo right near the presidential palace a huge mess i have muslim brotherhood supporters up there is pelting stones too i'm sorry morsi persisters here who are giving as much stones back to the crowds are flowing to and fro injuries are being carried back in their stores with head wounds and other wounds from the flying stones moments of cut tails are being thrown the buildings were
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a set your alarm set on the fact that someone is an immensely violent situation now having just sended from an earlier in the day when the person who is the supporters arrived at the un to you know see a protesters camp dismantle it and attach them it's now descended into running battles you can see some of the stones being thrown there this is the result you want to take a tough question because we want to come statesman. on the streets. lars k. freemen from the executive intelligence review magazine says the way the arab spring played out for egypt caused the current turmoil. what was storied as the arab spring almost two years ago in two thousand and eleven has somewhere been hijacked by which in my core combination of the muslim brotherhood and salafist networks and so now people are seen that it appears that president morsi and the muslim brotherhood and moving more and more who are consolidating political
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control and the population is not accepting any demands and dreams of the aspirations of the arab spring from january two thousand and eleven have not been met and the backing by president obama of president morsi has also been a serious deficiency and so the people are left with nothing but to demonstrate and to try to stop where appears to be a dictatorship or at least a consolidation of power by the muslim brotherhood. some u.s. officials are suggesting the syrian military is preparing to use chemical weapons against rebels and is awaiting final orders from president assad that quotes from unnamed sources in the american media come as washington says that there would be a reason to intervene and he is middle east correspondent policia reports the growing frenzy around w m d may not be a coincidence. these rumors are verified as of yet there are just allegations what
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they do suggest is that syria's military has been mixing chemical weapons and loading them into bombs the allegations suggest that the syrian president bashar assad is reportedly planning to use these on his own people now the reports say that syrian forces have been unloading bombs with components of salmon gas which is of davy nerve gas and that they have sixty days in which they can use these bombs until the chemical mixture expires and has to be destroyed this comes as the u.s. military is making contingency plans should the syrian president bashar assad suddenly leave with the u.s. sources saying that they are aware that assad has received numerous asylum offers at the same time the united states has reportedly deployed the u.s. eisenhower's start strike group which went through the suez canal from the persian gulf over the weekend and we understand according to reports that it is making its way to the syrian coast and it has been throughout this week now on board all eight
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fighter bomber squadrons of the seven at the same time there are eight thousand sailors airmen and marines and joins the u.s. i were just after amphibious ready group which already carries some two and a half thousand marines now what this does indicate this latest development is that the united states now stands ready for direct military intervention in the syrian conflict certainly that is what we're hearing from various sources and various commentators who have been following the story closely what it also indicates is that increasingly we are hearing from all quarters on the global community the idea that intervention in syria could be an option i just want to remind you that when we saw foreign intervention in iraq at that stage it was only allegations that the country had chemical that the country had weaponry that the country had the capability of carrying out what with that time was called weapons of mass destruction destruction and on those allegations alone there was foreign
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intervention so certainly the eyebrows are being raised in the international community as to whether or not we're going to see intervention here in syria. germany and israel have agreed to disagree over the issue of jewish settlements on palestinian land. chancellor macao stop short of condemning israeli actions actions which have left her and european partners furious israel is facing increasing isolation on the continent updated announced plans to build three thousand homes on occupied palestinian territory in germany initially criticise and me if i didn't join other east asia cold in israel embassadors to go to damage your relations between the two you have been especially tense after germany abstained from a u.n. vote which upgraded palestine's status in the organization german journalist manual and writer says israel is used to going unpunished for as provocative actions if we don't break the law speaking eight we see that it's really really what the west i
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don't know how many you will receive where. khomeini sanctions you through or resolutions you through to really follow. these procedures almost never work for your political actions and i think it's really it's very much useful because you really are you have on germany because we. are. very strong for you know i don't. palestinian statehood and condemnation of israel's new settlements to drive a wedge between tel aviv but you're still being stuck. in the area seized by israel perhaps. cashing in on america's soaring prison population we explore the cheap labor market behind that and.
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you can tell ordinary russian. in the blink of an. anthropologist in those days different clothes different food. different animals. but what about. my journey. to the big city was all shiny. scrapers and shopping much like any other prosperous russian. so i decided to try. a small town just outside. dumplings came from here to dominate the russian cuisine but only in siberia.
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with cabbage and making sure you can have as a starter main dish. although it would draw. most people in siberia see nothing wrong with hunting only if you decide to participate. when you look. upon martin. the muck is in the middle of a swamp only accessible by air transport in the summer months and wind across the script three dogs it's inhabited by sudbury and a large muslim minority that migrated ahead before the russians. and this. israel siberia maybe not the stuff of tourist brochures but
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distinctive enough to show that after all these yeahs siberia still not quite like anywhere else. you want to live from moscow one area of america's economy which is thriving is its prisons are packed to the rafters with criminals who make up a very lucrative and cheap labor force and as out his guns she can experience businessman spend millions to keep it that way. in the us the market for cheap labor is booming behind bars in the last fifteen years partnership between prisons and private manufacturers has increased significantly there are becoming america's very own chinese style manufacturing line behind prison walls prisons in fact
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advertise themselves as such as an alternative to outsourcing cheap labor to china or elsewhere on the web we came across this pitch that prisons prepared to persuade private sector companies to come and do business with them take a look. there is not enough folks that will do this type of work in this country so therefore we're bringing bringing back this industry that is actually has been going out of this country and we're putting it you know inside the walls and it's absolutely a perfect idea. i have a workforce that is not the kind of problems or baby sitting senator always hearing they're always going to come to learn bring your business or leave a wide variety of industries take advantage of prison labor among many other things prisoners make clothing textiles electronics furniture and even solar panels hundreds of companies have used prison labor directly or through subcontractors
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including microsoft boeing starbucks tory secret and others by federal tax. rate compensated up to forty percent over what do you think. taxpayers to howards the need to. hear everything. work in prison is mandatory and the choice many inmates have is whether to work for a government run prison industry for less than a dollar an hour or private one for a minimum wage or for around six dollars a unit cory's a government owned corporation that uses prison labor to produce all kinds of goods mainly for other government agencies one hundred seventy five different types of products and services you see the variety listed on their. web site they to partner up with private firms now last year unique course revenue nine hundred million dollars as far as private prisons are concerned two of the country's biggest prison corporations made three point three billion dollars last year alone private prisons
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are created in that york stock exchange they are for profit companies and the savings that they reap from using inmate labor. go to their bottom line it's money they otherwise don't have to. keep. large prison populations and harsh sentences result in greater profits america's three major private prison company spend around forty five million dollars over the past ten years on lobbying state and federal governments for supporting immigrant detention mandatory minimum sentences three strikes laws and other legislative measures that contribute to the growth of america's gigantic prison population one can argue about the many causes and effects of america's skyrocketing incarceration rate but since prisons became a for profit industry in the us thirty years ago the number of prisoners has gone up dramatically not to say that it was the only cause behind the spike but many argue with part of it and now with
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a cheap labor market expanding behind american bars one is wondering whether the justice system in the us is adopting market values in washington i'm going to check on. on our website the cable company which wants to know you better much better by telephone giants all the page and will be quibbling that will be watching you while you watch t.v. all designed to better told you that the typing. plus the glorious but still in business you a security company formerly known as black nortel wins a multimillion deal with troops in afghanistan head to argy dot com for all the detail.
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hundreds of antiwar activists have protested in london after the u.k. finance ministers admitted this to be five more years of us charity for the country demonstrators say it's the budget for war that should be cut rather than wealthy kate hudson from the n.t. cuts coalition all resistance was among the crowds. britain spending on nuclear weapons this is not the fundamental issue it's something that the vast majority of the population is again currently we are spending three billion pounds a year just on maintaining existing systems we know the government wants to spend a hundred billion pounds on replacing this weapons of mass destruction system what could that guy fool britain that could buy incredible amounts of investment in really industrial development sustainable energy investment things that would really work to regenerate our economy yet the chancellor is tinkering around the edges our government needs to address these problems it's elected by the people to
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provide services for the people to make our country run properly it's not a government that's been elected to help the big corporations we have to see a change here. and outies a financial guru max kaiser has his own unique take on what's in store for britain you can watch the full program the kaiser report later today but here's a quick. people of the united kingdom listen to me. your future and your future is scum villages and real babies at a newspaper say will look like this. yes the mayor of the eyes of a cold hearted lizard but so does your future eating the mud pies of austerity and not because i think the best name for this baby will be. standing. with this austerity budget and with the celebration all the newspapers are talking about like the baby is going to cost two million dollars a year the first year for clothes just for clothes and yet any of the mothers in
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england are being told or of the united kingdom are being told we're going to slash your benefits we're going to make sure you're not you know feeding your children too much no no no well a couple points there first of all. it's austerity for the baby stucky the royal baby as well they're not going to bore the silver spoon in his mouth is going to be a silver plated. austerity first baby as well. to some other international news now. says of pleasure protests and students of athens and thessaloniki during our rallies to mark the fourth anniversary of the shooting of a teenager by a policeman purchases the world while some petrol bombs with tear gas and stun grenades used in response to the old alexander also got up or less was shot dead in athens in two thousand and eight sparking means or why it's across the country the police officer responsible was jailed for life because it was decided the teenager
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posed no threat. typhoon bopha always has been battering the philippines for the last two days has now claimed all those three hundred fifty lives the storm moved away from populated areas of the wednesday tens of thousands fled their homes as heavy rains and high winds rolled across southern and central regions of the country cutting off power in two provinces rescue teams have been working in the worst hit areas but it's feared the number of casualties will rise. because i'm twenty three rebel group is to hold talks with the country's government in neighboring uganda that's up to militants from the group withdrew from the strategic city of goma though they remain in areas nearby m twenty three zero says at the meeting to discuss political and constitutional issues or should involve the opposition as well as civic organizations. earlier u.n. reports that one is backing the rebels as a means of trying to secure control of resource rich parts of congress territory.
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while these strongly condemns the construction of israeli settlements its members are still happy to buy products with millions of dollars from them every year although as artie's bit of a report that there are growing calls to ban trade which is illegal under international law. produce of israel except this isn't israel this is the jordan valley in the west bank and this farm is deemed illegal under international law the european union imports around three hundred million dollars worth of products from here each year now a group of twenty two n.g.o.s from across europe is looking to highlight the issue and it's published a report in which it claims imports make the settlements viable because they are produced in illegal settlements which are contrary to international humanitarian law should be banned out of the european union now if this is not possible at least the consumers have to have the possibility to. to decide for themselves if they
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want to buy products which have been produced in legal settlements your c. farms this land is much concerned by the thoughts of european n.g.o.s he says he's here because his government told him it was ok to be here. because i was told he. saw a circle where i was told they could it's more the state of israel told me time to go i'll go i'm told i'm an occupier when i got here there was nothing. and we made it. in denmark and the united kingdom goods coming from settlements in the west bank already has to be marked differently to denote that it's not from israel the collective n.g.o.s want to see this implemented europe wide here in europe there are many people with ties to the middle east region and they want to make sure they know exactly where their produce is coming from. are you sure this comes from spain
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. is a palestinian living in germany she has family in the west bank and says the israeli checkpoints mean palestinian farmers are losing out to the settlers even even though you think they get jordan they really checkpoints check points for days and. the sun. and then you can't even the rest of us anymore those behind the report into trade between the settlements in europe say they aren't trying to organize any kind of witch hunt we're not talking about boycotting jews over here we're not talking about even boycotting israel itself we're talking about making a difference differentiating between. legal israeli products which should be watched by european citizens as much like what course the short and second products which are totally illegal and should be banned and people should not buy. our t. . over to washington d.c.
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next to lauren this is capital account coming up in a few minutes. well with. science technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered. mission.
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accreditation three. four chargers three arrangement three. three zero tight three. three blog as a plug in video for your media projects free media old dog r t dot com. or
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. go to favorite. turnstyles its interests relates to my father but also among
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brothers involved in the mines and since i started working in a mine i stated i look at it and feel multinationals. make it a cash cow to be milked dry and if i think that in this country gold medal logie as an environmental cost which is unacceptable to local business was labeled illegal and controlled by criminals you know in order to protect our lives our families and to work in peace. most blog post that we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups watch for prices colombia going to pay for. the modest effect on our t.v. . you speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic it's we'll hear. from the world talks about six
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of the c.r.t.c. interviews intriguing story to tell you. troy arabic for a visit or a big t.v. . good afternoon welcome to capital like our i'm lauren lyster here in washington d.c. these are your headlines for wednesday december fifth two thousand and twelve while the world how it's economic cast on the u.s. fiscal problems or the drama in europe what might be we be missing elsewhere say japan the former c.e.o. of the japanese company olympus michael woodford is here he went from feel level executive to whistleblower he's here to talk about the one point seven billion dollar fraud he exposed as well as what he thinks about water and your business practices and economic help in japan and president obama says he'd love to have
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a business leader for his economic team this term but he says it is just so hard to recruit why. the confirmation process has become so miserable so drawn out. now it may not get as much play but how does senate confirmation get in the way of properly policing the financial sector we'll have a reality check plus former senator alan simpson has been a guest on the show and he has a new message for millennia old. used to grammy your breakfast and your first world problems and getting on you tube show you can see gangnam style and. we will talk more about what's behind the debt related directive in a loose change let's get to today's. apple account.
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the company olympus if you're not familiar many are but it's the japanese manufacture of medical equipment and cameras like these. soldiers and closer they're getting. well maybe the former c.e.o. got a little too close but it was big news back in the spring of two thousand and eleven when michael wood burt a westerner was made president of the company the first westerner to really climb the ranks from within a major japanese corporation then in october of two thousand and eleven he became the c.e.o. of olympus in addition to president but just two weeks later mid october of last year he was unexpectedly fired by the board now according to the financial times a limp is portrayed him as an outspoken westerner.


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