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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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here are being allowed to stalk. stocks the economy no wonder no one's got the silver spike to put the zombie banks out of out of our misery well the fact is maybe snooki is going to be fine it's going to be the scum villages into which all the people are pushed because the bankers are building their own palaces their next door neighbors with baby snooki now he goes on to say and a whole then goes on to say if we are fortunate the cost of the crisis will be paid for by our children more likely it will still be being paid for by our grandchildren there is every reason why the general public ought to be deeply upset by what has happened and angry you see he's saying you're not only are your children but your grandchildren are going to be born in scum villages but this one thing getting you through your day is going to be kate's baby this is going to make you so happy and you know the fact is he saying is as bad as world war two and it
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was during world war two that people were put in containers to go live with nuisance people that people didn't like certain elites didn't like right well scapegoating in is part of any austerity package it would include scapegoating air instead of scapegoating along ethnic or religious lines is just going to be scapegoating the poor and just say you're poor so we're going to put you in a scum village and we're going to cut off your services and whatever then would be george osborne's final solution we can only wait and see now again part of this austerity package this austerity autumn budget being passed is again because of the bankers as the haldane says they caused this crisis they lost more wealth today for us than during world war two former boss chairman admits bank was guilty of a lot of mistaken lending lord stephenson the former chairman of boss has admitted
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that the bank was guilty of quote a lot of mistaken len. doing in the run up to its near collapse in two thousand and eight stephenson admitted on to say that some of his bosses lending was just incompetent it wasn't there was nothing illegal about it well the ease it's almost correct but he's saying he just needs to revise a statement or replace the word mistaken for fraudulent and or a legal that would also suffice what was done was illegal and fraudulent and oh lord puss you know he'll be half naked getting spanked at the club later on you know this week tony for his sins as most of these serb snooty persons atone for the sins they commit against the people oh spent my bottom was where the tussle full of so sure you understand then i'm going to be nice to the bank and fry well lord lawson accused him of being delusional to think that it was all just
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accidental incompetence lord stevenson responded quote i deeply regret the mistakes made in the corporate london book and with the wisdom of hindsight i wish we could have done things to obviate them so with the wisdom of hindsight right here on the kaiser report we're going to look back in time oh to october two thousand and three at b.b.c. dot co dot u.k. mortgage customers urged to law house buyers are being encouraged to break the law in order to obtain huge mortgages the b.b.c.'s discovered brokers and even banking staff have been telling buyers to lie about their incomes to get bigger and bigger loans as they point out this is that a division of boss that they were looking at two thousand and three act over two thousand and three and they said the brokers themselves were telling the customer to lie on their application and then the b.b.c. money program said what shockingly what the ordinary human being out there of the
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sort that's going to be thrown into a container and. scum village doesn't realize is that they are breaking the law and they will do prison the guy encouraging you to do that the guy is going to get a huge bonus for you doing this he will face the penalty right the guys who are testifying now saying that they are incompetent or they overlooked something and i say no they're breaking the law in their acted fraudulently and because there's a headline in two thousand and three i know that they broke the law and i can say that. with with with one hundred percent guarantee of truth because we covered in two thousand and three they broke the law they committed massive fraud and now they're further penalty for their crime they are talking about well i wished we would obviate the situation i want to take you know princesses. as a role model instead of obviate obviously obviously your way out of trouble if you could if you could give birth to a baby snuffy you crime ridden poxy little moron twerp banking scum you to
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be on the front page flashing your bad for the nation. i can't massive i can get out of but i might if i can i'm very fast. yeah you'd be celebrated too bloody well the amusing thing is to look back at this article from two thousand and three in the b.b.c. and there they say quote and these underhand tactics could also be the reason why house prices have gone on radio jocks you know let's let's why we parsing words it's called breaking the law this is exactly how the concentration camps happened in nazi germany what the jews ok they were told lies and propaganda like this jumped and they were of being exterminated which is the same thing is going to happen if the people because they are going to tell begging bogus that's right don't upset baby snooki he's trying to sleep. well so they say that this is why
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house prices are going on suppressed so long and they speak to adam less who say well the house prices are way overpriced at this point in this in two thousand and three we've had another ten years of extreme bubble so to think about how much fraud was necessary how much incompetence was necessary to keep this bubble going for so long but let's not all bad understand the problems like columbia skyrocketing that's a good way to make money in the city of london make a market is likely to be i'm sure they will over there at icap or the new cap or is no cap whatever they call that that is a slush fund all right stacy herbert thanks so much for being the cause of the report thank you. thank you for the second half of it talking to tim street u.k. on.
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a little turn it if angles couldn't stories. for you here. in troy altie spanish find out more visit eye to allahabad dot tito's calm. the gold fever. turns thousands into slaves. must follow but also months rather involved in the monsoon and since i started working in amman i stayed here a look at it. if it multinationals. to cash cow to be milked dry and if i think that in this country gold medal logie as an environmental cost which is unacceptable to local business was labelled illegal and controlled by criminals you know in order to protect our lives our families and to work in peace . we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups what price is
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colombia going to pay. the people. the modest effect on r.t. . welcome back to the report imax keyser time now to go to jim street of u.k. and cut one of the most successful protest groups of all time jim st welcome to the kaiser report thanks for having me max all right to the street almost entirely because of u.k. on everywhere you look these days in the u.k. you find ed lines like this one footfalls tax shame of all this up to the camera and on starbucks agreeing to pay more taxes also what a news this is to become a very successful in widening campaign how did it start what what what what does it
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solve it going to so you can call started at the end of twenty ten where a group of friends and campaign is who'd been involved in previous kind of protest movements were really like angry and frustrated with the coalition government's plan to cut public spending their unprecedented plans to such deep cuts to public spending which we knew was like a recipe for disaster so we were like how can we really cut to the core of their argument what's the thing that will really show the public that their lies about the need for austerity well just that they were lies and so we came across information that had been out there for a while i mean you can cause building on like groups like tax justice network connection aids research that has talked about tax havens and tax abuse for decades in the u.k. but we decided to add a bit different different tactic to the protest movement rather than just going on
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marches we've learned that direct action scenes in occupations and using creativity and fun really worked so our first action in october twenty ten was a sin. vodafone's flagship store in oxford street because vodafone the telecommunications giant. it was found to have avoided with the second billion pounds in tax so that's west side all right so i know going back a few years we covered the philip green over there at our kiddie a group with his top shop he paid his wife a billion pound dividend in morocco i can beat on monaco excuse me avoiding huge tax liability and a lot of people talked about it but nothing came of it but then what you're saying is that wants to these austerity measures came then folks like you can't put two to two together and figured out wait a minute wait of austerity doesn't make sense because you've got huge amount of revenues that you could collect if companies were compliance with their tax
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obligations now of course what do you make of the fact that in many instances the companies will say well technically we are paying our tax they use the dutch sandwich they use the you know all kinds of loopholes except. this is their defense but. in response companies in the u.k. themselves are now piggybacking what you're doing and saying we can't compete if these if these other companies are not paying tax you have all big coalition now both with activist and corporations correct wow. sort of i mean the problem there is that it's so nice types of businesses which are really supporting or kind of waking up to this problem like i would say that the the the corporate tax abuse of massive huge multinational corporations and i think the multinational element is pretty important here that they really like playing gaming playing the game that they're kind of abusing the system they're pursuing aggressive tax policies to
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minimize that tax to the lowest possible level because i don't have the loyalty really to the u.k. the u.k. public but the people who are going up to the businesses that maybe those businesses who you know are more aware and more conscious of being in touch of the public be in touch with their consumers and especially like small and medium enterprises who really are going to lose out if your starbucks your amazons your googles kind of reduce the tax base because and i can therefore make more money because it's not a level playing field it's not fair we're not all in this together and i think that's what really cuts the core of the rhetoric of the government the government say we're all in this together they say there's a big society but when you look at it there's one rule for the average man in the man or woman in the street there's a totally different system for those people who have billions and billions of pounds like philip green unlikely the other big corporations well let's talk about starbucks for a second because starbucks again it was the target of a campaign five or six years ago by reverend billy was in london with
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a major campaign it didn't really gain much traction but now u.k. uncut as got starbucks coughing up some more taxes and in fact. they just two weeks ago were saying that well we're not going to pay more taxes but you can get is applying some pressure and now they are going to be paying taxes and there's a big campaign coming up december eighth right another after another big part of this campaign talk about the starbucks campaign and what's what's happening coming up in early december sure so when we found out it was. a reuters report that kind of exposed starbucks practices when we heard about that we thought. this is an opportunity for us and it was our around that time there also speaking to women's groups who are being affected by the cuts because as the institute for fiscal studies argues the groups they are most going to be affected their lives damaged by the cuts are those least able to pay at least able to cope with them which is women
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especially young women single single moms with with with kids they're going to be most impacted by the cuts so we've been working with women's rights organizations to develop this this campaign also as they were by will be staging sit ins around the country at starbucks in their stores to transform them into services women services primary services which women primarily benefit from that are going to be suffering from the government's cuts so in love and such london for example will be transforming starbucks to flagship stores into women's refuge and the other one into a crash because of a sea child care support and well this is a being cut and that's the kind of language or and we say no if the government like you say raise the appropriate amount of tax a fair level of tax then we wouldn't need to have these cuts right now parliaments public accounts committee will soon release a report blasting the tax avoidance schemes used by u.s. multinationals again another u.k.
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cut success untaught success story you expect do you expect google amazon other u.s. multinationals to follow suit or even to broaden this campaign yeah i think the issue here is clearly we're glad that they're getting movement we're getting traction and there's signs that people are starting to wake up to the problem even those people like osborne and alexander who before bury their heads in the sand but the question here is not that is important you know starbucks google and amazon. enter negotiations but it's not up to them to change the law they. you know be covering up massively more but the government should be taken strong action to stop it in the future and have new legislation have new laws to say right this is tax avoidance if it looks like tax avoidance and it smells like tax what it is is tax avoidance and we can have a broad principle that rules out because otherwise what the companies warn they want to think. regulation which isn't just another way where they can hire expensive accountants to get around the law and then siphon their money their into
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their in here and there we don't want that we need just have a one very simple rule that says tax avoidance no way no in this country and yeah i'd also like come down on tax havens as well internationally that's really important so we don't have a race to the bottom so the corporations think they can go wherever they like basically right now in the case of starbucks of course the boycott is a very potent weapon because it's a retail company. it's not an institutional business to business massive computer company listed like an i.b.m. or something starbucks is directly with the public so a boycott really cuts into their revenues and for that reason it can be a very effective means to get the company's attention have you given any thoughts of the idea that there are a certain number of boycotters would result in a certain amount of their revenues of the top line being depleted and therefore their earnings as a corporation would shrink to some degree in other words are you using you're
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making the connections economically between austerity cutting services to mothers and the tax that's not being collected are you going to dig deeper into showing how this boycott mechanism the economics of it how it affects on a quarter by quarter basis potentially the after tax whatever they pay income to these companies and could this be yet another way to apply some very precise strategic pressure on the company i think there's an interesting debate to be had. like what such acts were and it's a good i think it's good for like protest groups in this day and age because you know we seen with the arab spring you see and occupy international activists really need to learn from each other and work together more and see what works in different contexts and here learn what such acts with which targets so i would like all international most national chains corporations which have high street presence is the reason why you can cause word is like you can take action where you live so
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if you're fed up and angry about the cup or about tax avoidance you wake up one morning you wake up on saturday you've got a couple of spare hours you can just walk out of your your house go down to a local starbucks and make your voice heard that way so that's that's why it's been successful because you know these people are busy lives and you need to have an easy way to get involved in protest and also people are understandably fed up with the main main political parties right now with the googles and amazons i think like the idea of boycotts and other kind of tactics that's where the debate comes more interesting because as you point out they don't have high street stores right they have headquarters they have other kinds of offices how can you talk to them that way one of the things we've done is for example we've kind of done kind of spoof yes men style kind of stunts. again it's like for example majesty revenue and customs outgoing tax day of hardware well we've kind of given him spoof awards from goldman sachs another company saying thanks
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a lot for letting us off our tax so yeah i think there's a debate that's been had a month campaign is how can we target tax avoiders which don't have high street stores it's an interesting one. yeah now of course you are being very successful with going against these companies and of course all the companies flood into the banking system and the banking system ultimately is where the biggest fraud takes place any thought or do you have any plans of going after the big kahuna the banks the holy the big four in this country the big four money center banks that are the scourge of this country any plans to do anything or maybe you don't want to tip your hand your thoughts so i mean another thing to say is that. it's a network so it's up to activists where they lead to take action and tollway the ideas and tactics and targets and we have national days actually people come together there was like twenty eleven around the time where more information was coming out about not only like barclays for example their tax strategies for tax
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avoidance but also you know more information was coming out about how much we subsidize the banks still despite the fact they crashed the economy they were being held responsible and the government's regulations are very we can no effective so we did do a kind of sins in occupations in bonds of barclays and h.s.b.c. b.s. because obviously they've kind of. taken they've had their own kind of welfare whilst welfare for the majority of people is being cut by as a gang obviously massive handouts so i think it may be interesting to think about revisiting those kind of campaigns there is a group which is like a group it came came out of a you can call called move your money which started talking about moving people's bank accounts to alternatives the kind of more invest ethical investment kind of bank banks so that's that's one thing to look up yeah i think maybe it's time to look again at the bangs and i we've got about thirty seconds can you just talk a little bit about the campaign you've got called balan's against the banks yeah
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that was that was just like i say the campaign from earlier in twenty eleven that was about basically saying what we need to allow is the real economy we need to have an investment in jobs in infrastructure and people's communities in libraries and not bailout the banks the banks have got enough money and they crush the economy and we're just going to give them a free ride in a free ticket that's not the way forward banks and the financial institutions you know like. be said in rolling stone they're the giant vampire squid sucking the life out of the real economy so what we need to do is just ignore them let them fade away and invest in the real economy and that's what that campaign is about all right jim st if you can. we're out of time thanks so much for being on the kaiser report cheers max. all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert out of like my guest jim street of u.k. uncut if you want to send me an e-mail please do so because of reported our t.v. are you at all excited as guys i know.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for langley you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charming welcome to the big picture.
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