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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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hold free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free video done to r.t. dot com. egyptian tanks back on karros streets the protesters from the area near the presidential palace where fierce clashes between pro and anti morsy demonstrators have left at least seven dead. rumors grip us news outlets of the syrian government is preparing to use chemical weapons just as washington admits military intervention is under consideration. new online video emerges suggesting syrian rebels might be considering a chemical attack of their own. and the u.s. senate passes a bill removing barriers to trade with moscow one at the same time backing sanctions against russian officials for human rights violations which moscow pulls .
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around the world onscreen online international news and comment live from moscow the egyptian army has cleared protesters from the area near caro's presidential palace clashes between rival demonstrations that took place there overnight wednesday left at least seven dead and hundreds injured tanks were brought in as supporters and opponents of president morsy forty each other into the early morning . reporter bel true is outside the presidential palace. as you can probably see behind me there are hundreds gathered here as marches converge outside the presidential palace calling for the end of morsi and the ever singing his concession decoration be seen a reaction on an official level in quite a big manner for example we had at least six of most these aides resigned over the violence in addition to the heads of the state television and radio he was signed saying that he didn't believe the country should be managed in this way so really
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you know we've got we still got ongoing strikes by the judges in fact the heads of the referendum committee that he's supposed to be managing this referendum that would that we will see next week for the constitution he also quit in protest against the behavior of the missing brotherhood organization as we saw these really very violent clashes yesterday my colleague tom barton was on the streets of cairo he has his reports you know things have got out of hand when the army has to be called in well here near the presidential palace in cairo tanks are indeed on the streets the army are reinforcing the barricades here and to mohamed morsi protesters chanting after immensely violent protests broke out yesterday for many hours a jewel of flying stones and shoot with the two sides firing fireworks into each other's ranks as it were throwing molotov cocktails and natural bombs lighting
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cars and shop fronts hundreds of people injured reports of deaths as well because of all those flying stones. the ambulances having to work overtime and yesterday the police and the army nowhere to be nowhere in sight yesterday nowhere to be seen trying to break up those crowds of angry protesters and immensely violent situation on a degeneration of the political situation here with a constitutional standoff between mohamed morsi and his muslim brotherhood politicians on one's. right and the country's top judges and the opposition on the other opposition supporters calling morsi a new photo or pharaoh saying that he should at the very least remove the extra powers that he gave himself the other week and probably now is calling as they did two years ago against mubarak for the downfall of the regime that's why the army here that's why they're reinforcing the barricades they're trying to maintain order
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here but the fear is that that political situation will manifest itself in more violence here on the streets of cairo. parties tom barton following developments there in cairo and he's sharing the latest updates by his twitter feed and one of his most recent posts he says that despite the presence of soldiers and armored vehicles there's concern it will be enough to prevent more clashes in get further updates by checking top bomb underscore party. the u.s. defense secretary says washington has serious concerns the syrian government is thinking of using chemical weapons against the rebels the u.s. indicated this week it could intervene in the syrian conflict if those arms are used the american media got its claws into this story quoting unnamed officials as saying the syrian chemical arms are ready for use his middle east correspondent is following the developments. these rumors are verified as of yet they are just
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allegations what they do suggest is that syria's military has been mixing chemical weapons and loading them into bombs the allegations suggest that the syrian president bashar assad is reportedly planning to use these on his own people this comes as the u.s. military is making contingency plans should these to you and president bashar assad siding with the u.s. sources saying that they are aware that assad has received numerous asylum offers at the same time the united states has the cortical deployed the u.s.s. eisenhower start strike group which went through the suez canal from the persian gulf over the weekend and we understand according to reports that it is making its way to the syrian coast and it has been throughout this week now what this does indicate this latest development is that the united states now stands ready for direct military intervention in the syrian conflict so that is what we hearing from various sources and various commentators who have been following this story closely there is at the same time some evidence emerging that rebel fighters might be
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allegedly planning some kind of chemical attack on syrian president bashar assad's supporters there is a video that has been posted online on tuesday now it does show what is thought to be a rebel fighter feeding a chemical weaponry to rabbits and within a minute those records we will not show you how they died because the video is disturbing this is in fact what the video has to say for. you a guy like these two rabbits you enemies of allah do you believe it now. with our chemical and biological weapons look for yourselves b.c.b.s. rabbits' chemical weapons for one minute only and they did your destiny will be like them because you are supporters of bashar al assad god is great god is great way to see we are from the are real sons battalion we were. to you with our chemical weapons. the video has not been verified this is an important point to
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make but certainly the message it sends out is ominous washington says president assad could resort to using chemical weapons out of despair his government is on the verge of collapse but dr ali mohammed i spoke to my little earlier he's the editor in chief of the syria tribune online magazine he believes that those concerns are exaggerated they have been saying this for the past like teen moms arabic this is so for syrian government it's still there and it's not this group who goes in why with president assad or the syrian army has chemical weapons been screaming for ground down the damascus airport battle not that we could go but a cruel death again and again why would the syria give a pretext to the u.s. for to intervene in what it doesn't even need so it's obvious that syria has something that is scary to its. support the idea is this thing was built and. developed through the face of the massive nuclear power nuclear power that israel
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have to have it work but does it made it breaking out obviously the syrian conflict again spills over into lebanon had to watch it all come from or why division between those for and against syria's president is causing cross border violence which is already claim for my. son is approved legislation that imposes sanctions on high ranking russian officials who washington accuses of human rights violations it links them to the abuse of lawyer said to get magnitsky who died in a russian jail three years ago paradoxically in the sleigh same legislation the us removed decades old trade restrictions but he's understudy to check in and has more on the double act. what does come out of the u.s. senate can be described as a step forward and a step back at the same time when it comes to us russian relations a two fold bill containing two curious elements has been passed the step forward is the long awaited repeal of the quiet outdated jaxon van a commandment which was adopted by nine hundred seventy four for decades it has
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been complicating trade between russia and the us and has been traditionally seen as a major echo from the cold war but it's the step back that's the twist in this particular vote the so-called mug needs that is part of this passed legislation and what it does is impose sanctions such as visa bans and asset freezes on russian individuals that the u.s. deems involved in the tragic death of lawyers to give magnitsky in two thousand and nine as well as other russians that the u.s. considers involved in human rights abuse and the reason this is a major setback of course in america's relationship with russia is because moscow has made it clear time and time again that it sees this as interfering in russia's internal affairs. russia's foreign minister has condemned these so-called magnitsky act as. you see coming off has more on the reaction from moscow they have called the legislation quote a measure of the absurd and on its twitter feed and both in
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a statement the foreign ministry had said and i quote apparently washington has forgotten what year it is and still thinks the cold war is going on they went on to tweet it is perfect perplexing and preposterous to hear human rights complaints from the united states where torture and kidnappings are quote legal in the twenty first century they also went on to say that this legislation will certainly have a negative impact on bilateral relations between the two countries and also said that it's a quote biased approach that is nothing but vindictive but a vindictive desire to counter russia in world affairs so this of course undermines just how tense relations between the two countries will be as a result of the casa just this act. let's get some. reaction to the adoption of the magnitsky act and the implications it might have from the us i'm joined live by author and journalist don de bar on the cold war era trade restrictions they've been removed but new restrictions strings attached as it were the magnitsky act imposed what was today's vote a step forward or a step back in relations between the two countries. i guess that remains to be seen
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certainly the removal of jackson vatican is a step forward the imposition of these other restrictions are vacillating really unless he look at it within the context of economic warfare the test for a finding under the new restrictions magnitsky. pretty low threshold for there to be a declaration of a violation and then there can be selected economic warfare conducted against russian citizens or russian businesses so if the united states for example has a product it wants to bring into the market in russia and there's a competing russian product there that say would compete by reciprocating and selling its products here suddenly that company can be found or some individuals in that company can be found to be in violation of the new restrictions and that
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product barred the monies of that company sees that cetera if you look at it in that context then it's a asymmetric by lateral trade deal and if you look at it in the context of domestic politics here keep in mind that mitt romney was running like a cold warrior against barack obama and barack obama although he didn't indulge in that. anti russian in. his opponent certainly didn't stand up and hold what he was doing for what it was this cold warrior nonsense the relationship between the united states and russia should be much further along in terms of economic developments and their political problems and such as just sort of almost a cartoon to look at here so why has the u.s. done this i missed out on usual is it to block people from entering the country and even freezing assets and prevent them from doing business on an on an individual basis but actually tied in with this jackson vanny agreement why do you think the
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state has actually done that. well first there is an actual political threshold to get passed in order to get jackson vanity repealed again romney ran you know as a cold warrior anti russian that russia was going to be the big enemy of the united states in the years to come certainly that sentiment was shared within the congress or that position would have had that least been buttressed you know post facto in the congress and so. people who would have to go home and explain their pro russian vote as it might be called by their opponents in their districts to their constituents could say hey all we did was update it we still have imposed restrictions on them but they're not communists anymore now there's some corruption there and we've given the president the tools to deal with that so i that there may very well be a considerable portion of this that's for domestic political consumption but also the internationally yes or internationally i'm sorry looking at looking at israel
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for example in the human rights violations that go on there the united states as was pointed out before with guantanamo with all kinds of extradition judicial killings all over the world to be pointing fingers at people over human rights violations in front of the rest of the world makes the u.s. look pretty ridiculous and let it sit it really is taking what it sees as a principled stand against the magnet seascape magnitsky case and many would say of course it has every right to do that you know. yeah i mean there were four senators that voted against it and they're the four senators that generally vote sanely two of them anyway particularly bernie sanders also carl levin and two other democrats the remainder of them schumer and gillibrand for example from the york where i am and lined up with the republicans on many major public policy issues so that as they campaign as being against the republicans where the rubber hits the road they end up voting with them in
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a very very few progressive insane members of congress on the other side as in this case well last month the e.u. adopted a resolution urging all member states to accept this act interestingly enough the french ambassador here in most case had the powers is to stay out of it do you think other countries will follow france's late my hope so i mean there's a socialist government so-called anyway in paris and at the very least they have to appear to not be hard core cold warriors even though the soviet union doesn't exist anymore but an interesting backdrop is the t p p meeting this going on in the new zealand right now where they're looking to open up trade in the pacific basin and particularly dealing with issues of copyright piracy and other things that the u.s. says you cues china of repeatedly and yet you don't see the same kind of vitriol being pointed at china which may well be because china owns so much of the u.s. this paper at this point that they be sort of pointing their finger at the boss what about canada that's said to be in the process of drafting something very
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similar again yes russia what would why canada what are their reasons that canada has been voting and acting in concert with the united states for the last few years now if you look at the votes on israel for example you'll find the united states canada guam and you know like some small rock in the middle of the pacific voting on one side and the rest of the world on the other i can explain exactly what that dynamic is is that. as a candidate in lockstep with the u.s. one of the stork we can it has been a lot of progress in the way that it's treated for the national interest but that's been going on for a while and i cannot explain it it makes no sense just briefly you said earlier that the jackson family could dream of dropping that is a positive stage and you did give an idea of how there are complications arising on both sides because of this magnitsky act but over ruled on surely there are many people who are going to benefit from this the overall. result of all of this it's
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going to be beneficial isn't it despite the magnitsky act which maybe perhaps but a storm in a teacup at the moment well certainly you have removing legal prescription is against free trade that are pollute politically inspired is a step forward whether u.s. multinational corporations come to dominate the russian economy and wipe out whatever domestic economy is there as a consequence of free trade might not be a good thing for anyone including americans because the jobs will end up in china and korea but the idea that this cold war vested has been removed i think is a good thing and i think the idea is driving it and the powers that are driving the businesses want these barriers removed i think those are also good things and coble vestige and yet just briefly the russian foreign ministry very angry saying this could be a return to the cold war. well it indicates a inclination that way from the united states and the russian foreign minister
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should respond to such an obvious insult where the united states probably the preeminent violator of human rights at this point in terms of scale magnitude and depth pointing its finger at anyone certainly the person who's having their finger that finger in their face should reply point out you have no standing to accuse us of anything and stand up for themselves and so i think the foreign minister is correct to do this don't really interesting here thoughts don't join me live from the u.s. it's great to hear thank you thanks very much. egypt's president mohammed morsi is addressing the nation at the moment of thousands protest across the country mostly puts the blame on the opposition saying they're trying to incite outrage against his legitimacy and he's talking in the light at the moment as you can see he's apparently saying that there were infiltrators among protesters yesterday which led to the violence where we'll get more coverage on these developments in current late here in r.t. that continues after the break stay with us we have live in moscow. gracefully
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. it is a way of life traditionally the people are. herders in many ways they. are also highly skilled and organized. depending. on the day we found this particularly camp they were settled near the coast of the see here for families work together to manage nearly a thousand reindeer herding reindeer is not just a job people want back. but they can use almost every single part of the right to help them survive. a deer is
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a means of transportation. equipment. for the. life in the tundra is harsh and so before winter hits many of the children are helicoptered to the center of the district for boarding school. students learn different languages utilize modern technologies through specialized grant programs and even learn arts skills all within a protected the school was founded. a scientist who wanted a better way of life for his people but even with the most progressive ideas and education many say they don't want to trade the modern life. i have returned to the time and i actually like it here if you're outside there's fresh air fresh water looks at the site you can see deer it's
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a joyful sight. a sentiment that hopefully ensures that russia's northern reindeer will have caretakers for generations to come. soon. experience before theories with the. survival. of. the force or should. they all here to make.
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chimp on the fly. continues now and i'll teach you how many in israel have agreed to disagree over the issue of jewish settlements on palestinian land that's the stuff's soft stance of chancellor merkel to stop short of condemning israeli actions actions which of left her european partners furious israel is facing increasing isolation on the continent to offer announced plans to build three files a new hands on occupied palestinian territory and germany initially criticizing move but didn't join all the e.u. states who called on israeli ambassadors to condemn it relations between the two that's been especially tense off to germany abstained from a u.n.
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vote which upgraded palestine's this. in the organization german journalist manual often writes and says israel is used to going on punished for its provocative actions. if we go back and velocity kate we see that it's right who really was hampered by the west i don't know how many you will receive where again. and how many sanctions it is true or resolutions it's really really hollow and. these protests almost never a real political action and i think it's really it's very much use for because he can rely a lot on germany because we have political parties that are going to be we have a very strong for a you know i don't germany. while the use strongly condemns the construction of israeli settlements as members are still happy to buy products worth millions of dollars from them every year and all those parties people of reports there are growing calls to ban trade which is
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illegal under international law. produce of israel except this isn't israel this is the jordan valley in the west bank and this farm is deemed illegal under international law the european union imports around three hundred million dollars worth of products from here each year now a group of twenty two n.g.o.s from across europe is looking to highlight the issue and it's published a report in which it claims imports make the settlements viable because they are produced in illegal settlements which are contrary to international humanitarian law should be banned out of the european union now if this is not possible at least the consumers have to have the possibility to. to decide for themselves if they want to buy products which have been produced in legal settlement your see farmers this land is much concerned by the thoughts of european n.g.o.s he says he's here because his government told him it was ok to be here. i was told here you can hear
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. someone's circle where i was told they could do it to morrow the state of israel told me time to go i'll go i'm told i'm an occupier when i got here there was nothing. we made. in denmark and the united kingdom goods coming from settlements in the west bank already has to be marked differently to denote that it's not from israel the collective n.g.o.s want to see this implemented europe wide here in europe there are many people with ties to the middle east region and they want to make sure they know exactly where their produce is coming from. are you sure this comes from spain. renee is a palestinian living in germany she has family in the west bank and says the israeli checkpoints mean palestinian farmers are losing out to the settlers even even those who think they get jordan they israeli checkpoints keep them at the
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checkpoints for days in the sun. and then you can't even restaurants anymore those behind the report into trade between the settlements in europe say they aren't trying to organize any kind of witch hunt we're not talking about boycotting jews over here we're not talking about even boycotting israel itself we're talking about making a difference differentiating between. legal israeli products which should be washed by european citizens as much as they want course the short and second products which are totally illegal and should be banned and people should not buy. some other international news now at twenty six and a half minutes past the hour the russian capital of the mass evacuations from parts of after the explosion of a chemical container in the city's port area local media reports that it's caused public transport chaos in the argentine capital with many services canceled
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a toxic cloud has formed in the sky above the city but officials say it poses no serious danger. student protests marking the fourth anniversary of the shooting of a teenager by a policeman turned violent in greece in athens and thessaloniki protesters hold rocks and petrol bombs with tear gas and stun grenades used in response fifteen year old alexander. was shot dead in athens in two thousand and eight sparking major riots across the country the police officer responsible was jailed for life because it was decided the teenager posed no threat. to. the philippines earlier this week has now claimed almost three hundred fifty lives the storm moved away from populated areas on wednesday tens of thousands fled their homes as heavy rains and high winds rolled across southern and central regions of the country cutting off power in two provinces rescue teams have been working in the worst hit areas but it's feared the number of casualties will rise.
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the m twenty three rebel group in the democratic republic of congo is to hold talks with the country's government in neighboring uganda that's after militants from the group withdrew from the strategic city of goma and they remain in areas nearby and twenty three's leaders says the meeting to discuss political and constitutional issues she involve the opposition as well as civic organizations a u.n. report said that rwanda is backing of rebels as a means of trying to secure control of resource rich parts of congolese territory. well more news coming up later this hour including who's cashing in on america's soaring prison population explore the cheap labor market booming behind bars. that story to come after the break but we've got business as well after the break and the beach is here to tell us all about that so i understand that well european banks they really are now facing even more problems that's right you can say that they have a fiscal cliff of their own because new rules are coming in january which means
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that they need to save up more money just for a day but they're like half a trillion euros short i'll tell you more about that all right thanks a lot to retreat. wealthy british sign on. the. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our. fever. time style.


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