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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm EST

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but i don't have a great connection with my community so i figured if i open the store and was visible the people that i want to connect with will come in. i didn't start this crazy like we're just robots as i was very very ma'am nice got to call the head guy and then i had too many free things i deserve making for other people and it's also now my right that you under coach that made in four years and i've got all these people on torts nations d. jack black in progress it's. so kind of people. crazy. i am in the train arborists a tree surgeon and i've had my own business for the last thirteen years in my job is to keep the trees up not cutting down because of the economy when we had this depression we were in it's basically chilled nine out of ten small tree
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businesses so people like myself have been run out of business. and. everyone calls turning around and you're a burner and if you're not. the only complete it's there it's on i always on i know. really have the option to go this time here you can always go down there but it's not really. going to. make the city think of running like move. on.
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it's. the best of the. artists all coming together. and then there's. not a pile of mud instructs there's mud in the buzz. and
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. shallots you. can't. eat you can't. see any. chance they've been lazy.
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the lady it was. really. this is i mean this is my secret this is my secret this bomb that me and my college friends came up playing i don't rent. rockets when we add me up you go up and make a rocket ship like that and i'll be packed like that. show. that. this is where they there's this is the furthest out part of the city the last streets were on like she's your age starts to a and and they go as a clock from two o'clock as like a horseshoe to ten o'clock and i just wanted to show this area and show how
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big it is because when we come back later in the week this is all going to be full all of the streets completely fill up and it becomes a huge city so i mean like serene a half or four miles by the same like three and a half or four miles and it's kind of a circle more than a square and it's just fills up and we have our city for one week. ok let's go. early want to go let's go to the families. as our population increased so did our. start community grow up mature now if you
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mature your mothers and fathers die. and we didn't have a place to reflect on that the man represents a lot of things so a lot of joyous things ends and often sometimes. sad things but not enough it didn't it didn't it didn't address the issues that our community was facing young people committing suicide ok. mothers and fathers dying and it just became a need that need our community need. outside world churches and now the churches are being replaced by. theme parks or shopping center so in our community we have a lot of themes parts and we have a lot of shopping centers that we didn't have a place to reflect so this kind of a kind of fills that.
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they have done so much work here since we were here last the other day oh it's amazing how what they are doing. is so much detail. no major. when it burns it is going to burrow. like nothing you've ever seen. it's just stalling is all soldiers because there's no no no nice little with nothing to lose and you just sit here you'll win. when i hoped to get my tools when
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i was only ninety six not out against cousins souless school when i tossed tools in h.d. does all this and it is a little business on all i hold for now you know which side cluelessness was. i just couldn't use the six six six no no hot stove. was who knows the night school is easy to say there's little interest on a. high school english was a loser's nice clocks diseases tools when they're off school and risky business is a loser in their eyes closed it's not just six titles with high schools with nice homes with my girls to six cooks just to see who's. this is my best friend trying. to go in if there's
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a. scene right out. for you during your trip to a trip to big. because it's deal one way that we know how to get our money across the other side. right everywhere to every little thing means something to someone to talk to don't want to put a little bit of really want to look for. the only one with the one wherever whatever is going to make the other side you know.
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will be the true science technology innovation all the least a melon mince from around russia we've got the future covered. wealthy british style. restaurant. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's cars or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our. choose your language. because we know if. someone. chooses to use the consensus here. choose to opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories get inside the life choose the access to office. gold fever. turns thousands into slaves. much problems but also among others involved and since i started working at the moment i stated. to nationals. cash cows to be milked dry i think that in this
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country metallurgy as an environmental cost which is unacceptable local business was labeled illegal and controlled by criminals in order to protect our lives our families and to work in peace. we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups prices colombia going to pay. the price of the modest effect on our.
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wanted to. come up. but just a little tighter shalom those are not my. my mall money. and.
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your credibly annoying champ you know him why. would you like to shut your mouth believe me your name and mouth. are. cut all this. other world for the most part this is when we come and we have elected loathsome have a good time and mean people i mean there's no there's no barriers we all have something in common i come here to see the man burn to see all the hard to meet new people with common interests but back in the real world the other the other side.
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people are so interested in meeting each other it seems like and they are very close in their own worlds and they. are my side. like i don't i don't go out of my way and go up and talk to people on the street. maybe if there was something in common i had with them i would but in general i keep to myself most people do for that reason i don't think. over the last ten years i've made more friends fear on the fly and then i have in my home state. now the sun is down up and the night life begins everything changes.
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because as. you look like the man. i am. i. i. i i i. i i.
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i i i it's like a big circus a whole city just a big circus. never know what you're going to see. giant freak show. you have to leave your friends. oh my god i'm.
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so out of control building a hole they have city there like. right there now it's that's. what it wall street was. all street last march and. i got matches. at my. heart. my project to burn wall street. it's about getting all the american skeletor from either the left or the right just we all has a common things that we all want to fix our country and effects the rest of the world. or our country is being controlled by big money people that are so greedy
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that they're why destroy everything just so they can have some more money but it's not yet value. that where they got set like that. so we're trying to say that we're trying to get the tea party of the i get my vote. and to communicate with each other and out push their legislators to take money out of politics in america that is a publicly funded several get the same amount of money so it's not who's got the most amount of money for commercials that wins it's the smartest you know man or woman running that whole system then when. we also want to regulate wall street with prison sentences and set up money. if i rob somebody of five hundred dollars they put me in prison for fifteen years if you rob somebody five hundred million dollars they'd slept on the wrist and take a hundred thousand dollars from us really profitable to rob people of five million dollars if you were to go to jail for five hundred years from driving five hundred billion dollars bubba your new life partner they will do they will be doing that
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less i mean there's always going to be an evil person out there too but to the rest of the most of the staff in the line of we won't have all these problems. in our economy won't collapse. is a training thing it's right you know you go to work a job retraining your labor or discredit so that you can trade for other goods in the market it's just a value system. but. it itself is value. i can't eat like. going to see the ship. going to see the sunken ship.
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on. fire or. young american thinker you. know. who believe. in. hard. to those who love. to see lead with people or. if the. cheerleading team parikshit.
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pretty hard. does not get a job life with our money and on my side because let me eat let me say if you let it fly behind it maybe. you want to make. a magic of repair and.
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history coming here when my youngest son is ten months old and my older son was born. and now they're seven and three and we're still coming kids help is the best place for families on the take. forever then disneyland values are more important and more useful. you know it's you don't teach them that they want they need to buy things to be happy here everyone just gives things and you take and there's no value i mean this mom i mean that like when you go somewhere like disney world they just want you to buy things out there but here the experience is what's important. now is in your tokyo utopia surely you find me
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a perfect person and i'll start believing in a perfect society. no no there's no purpose so that's kind of a backwards approach to things but i believe in a but i believe that we can all be reality if we deeply feel we belong to it but i don't but for everyone to liberty you themselves. i think that's possible both of those things and i think in some major we are as a test case to our program. like
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. ours life. dammit. just nefesh. the furnace every year is a ritual so for me i like to yell when the burning like to yell and scream let out all my frustrations and energies from the year before and then started and it feels really good still this let's. do it fifty thousand people at the same time and energy is just unreal when they like the man they're just so strong and it's just a really great place to be.
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the world's very messed up place right now and it's on a it's on a bed in the road with no brakes going as fast as it can so enjoy the ride because something is going to last long. i don't know yeah there's lots of the noise of me and i can't read the newspaper i don't watch t.v. i don't want to know i don't i don't want to know why people are being killed in other countries with my tax dollars i didn't ask them to do that i don't want to have anything to do with that small stuff world. so you got to go out have fun when you can and enjoy what time you have to tell people that you love you love them so might not see it.
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