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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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those who are in town at least including the opposition including the opposition. and it will be sort of symmetry. not completely the same. it will as the bill passed by the senate it will deal only with the citizens of the united states and there is the symmetry but it will deal with violations of human rights of russian citizens not just anybody as in the senate bill so it will be a more focused narrow version of the same document so as for the same as they are same those people who are responsible for violating human rights of russian citizens. in the united states will be denied access to the russian federation and their bank accounts assets in the russian federation
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will be arrested here you called it asked symmetric so who are the americans that may be banned from entering russia what will be the criteria can we can you name something specific well i can do you have a name of who will probably lose his visa for example well as far as i know first of all after the american state department introduced their list of foreign ministry also introduced its own so the lists do exist. and. i also also aware that one of the former chief so one ton of base was denied already. to the russian federation as for the quote for the full for the further list. first of all i think there will be all sort of people who are related to the death of the adopted children from. parents. the parents and of course those for example
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judges who set those parents free. who let them get away with who let them get away with it on the most notorious cases and that was. there are many instances of them actually legally all these children who are adopted in the united states still citizens of the russian federation. also. to this list the people who kidnapped victor boot for example in thailand illegally and brought him to the united states i am sorry saying so despite despite the judging of the court moscow still considers that it was illegal and that boots rights were violated. according to international law that was a brutal violation of his rights and the logic is the same you know
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no one in monday's kill list adopted by the u.s. congress is. is proved guilty. the investigation on magnitsky in russia continues the trial over the heritage capital deal on tax evasion is still not in the court so the investigation goes on but the people who are in the list they're already outside of presumption of innocence. doctrine and. actually we have to also establish the same logic person is kind of think that he will be traveling a lot anyway or maybe maybe not listen you know recently to one of the recent interviews you said that the magnitsky act will spoil their relations between moscow and washington is it happening yeah it is happening the duma will adopt the
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small this week probably in the first reading. by the end of the year the i don't know how it will be called but the russian equivalent will decide by the president and that will not be welcomed in the united states besides one should not exclude all sort of by side effects. for example during the weekend the russian authorities argued that american meets we should is already traveling to the russian federation is not of the proper quality and they meet maybe more things like that so you can start with that and that it can and then it can expand my list is open in a sense that in the u.s. congress version the u.s. government is to open the to make them public to to me phyllis public and their
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open in a sense that it sample is. endless amount of people can be added to those lists and we can face the it. spencer or battle of the lists and the geographic expansion of the list the u.s. congress also. or other countries to introduce their own versions of more than scalars. but why do americans need special legislation to prevent when somebody entering the country because the state department can count a little oh he should be he's authorized to give or not to give these are so can we say that the magnitsky act is just a political gesture some bollix you know it's a political game a political show why would you. and i think this show is very a lame duck congress we should up to this law actually. there was a unintended consequence of banning the jackson very commandment
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which in fact was spoiling the economic relationship. actually at this point was more harmful to for the united states and american businesses than for the russian federation there was a strong business pressure to eliminate jackson very but for american legislators it's very hard to make a pro russian gesture when they're not at the same time so something should stink there so how we can say that the magnitsky act as a replacement jasper unvalidated very very is because they need to give this atmosphere i mean they need to feel that smell one thing they need to keep. unfortunately judging by practical consequences and magnitsky is always worse than jackson when it was not in practical terms i don't think that those people who are in the big new skill list those investigators prosecutors judges prison
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personnel that they are spending their weekends in florida or they have their bank accounts. new york they don't but it can really spread and have very damaging consequences to different aspects of the relationship so that john mccain he said that they did this legislation is pro russian i mean the maginnis do why did they say. john what did he mean we mean definitely the most pro russian urson in american politics and of course whatever she does is for the good of russia no question about it. well. i think in his view as well as in the view of some russian human rights activists especially funded by the united states it is good to punish everybody who is. against. human rights who is against american interests
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he was working for for the american company hermitage capital. for not only. absolutely not it is completely legal but this is also a signal that you should not really. with the interests of the united states if they are involved there from his real point what is good for for the united states is also good for russia there's his logic as well as the logic of some russian liberal politicians most of the journalists say that the recent. posing of the sanctions against foreign meat including american meat imports into russia is sort of a retaliation also to the middle east well the official official point of view of moscow is it is not. can you prove it can you can you explain that that it's really not a retaliation everybody thinks it is you know when it comes to meet you can never
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distinguish between political. senatorial. as for foreigners decisions meat and chicken especially meat as you remember the so-called polish meter was a major problem in russia you relations for four years and though it turned out it was not exactly the polish meat it was indian meat which was exported to russia via quotas of the european union through that area of poland and. you know. in this case is really hard to say of course. strictly speaking the kind of meat americans delivery here banned for imports in the russian federation but there was no official ban on that. and now there is. who knows. says we just last week the deputy head of the russian state duma foreign affairs
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a remarkable reminder of courage and selflessness. putin is of more people. playing into all the russian aside. more news today violence has once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are rooted a clue.
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welcome back to spotlight i'm al green of and just a reminder that my guest on the show today is the just left nick and the deputy head of the russian state duma foreign affairs committee mr nikken of. burning international needs today is the one we're getting from from the middle east of course the new aggravation of the situation in egypt egypt was among the first countries who caught this this wave of freedom. in the early to do two thousand and eleven well the revolution but. since then the true moral didn't stop for long do you think it will stop in the first seeable future. while the there was
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a soviet revolutionary song revolutions have a beginning they don't have any end and i think there's what happens with almost any revolution there analysts especially not remember trotsky's idea about a permanent revolution and revolution was exactly the idea of the of the bolsheviks in the early russia. and the permanent revolution goes on. actually the idea that a. will of the people democracy can produce a liberal regime. the arab world in egypt is somewhat naive which we think it's wishful thinking actually. the egyptian president morsi is. the democratically elected president of egypt. but the will of the democratic will of the egyptian people was not something which many of the
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revolutionary expected nor definitely what the west expected from the democratic process in egypt. what we see now is not so much an arab spring but rather an arab fall which may turn into the arab winter. the majority of the arab street which is really now the driving force of change or legitimization regime in egypt is. a slab asst of a muslim brotherhood it is more islamist we would expect there also. aligning themselves with the salafi parties and movements which are the second largest and they form a ruling bloc which is not for democracy. there is a paradox of democracy in which was no one even to plateau. majority can
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elect a dictator and there were many instances in history when the majority elected dictators . the kind of the constitutional regime where they are getting now is far from being liberal it is democratic in the sense that it reflected the will of the people but the will of the people is not a liberal democracy it is a talk rissi of the sheria law and strict government control this is disliked by the revolution or all revolutionaries but if you need to choose if you are for democracy then you for the will of the people and the will of the people is not liberal. certainly made the middle east and particularly egypt is the big issue today two years after mubarak was overthrown egypt chins are once again protesting the ruling regime spotlights in the d.b. there has more on tap. he's face on protesters banners
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hosni mubarak ruled egypt for thirty years it took mohamed morsi months not years to find himself in a similar situation for those who protested against mubarak's regime to him years ago things turned out not quite the way they expected after mubarak was ousted the muslim brotherhood managed to take a libyan position and the country though it was not the leading force of the egyptian revolution which was first dumped there up spring later got the name these alarmist way into this protest in the arab world ended up in the electoral success of islamised parties in many countries including the egypt. what eventually brought the egyptians back to the hariri square was marcy's november declaration granting his office wide ranging power was effectively neutralized in egypt's judicial system and prevented it from challenging his authority we had a revolution to get rid of a tyrant taters. and we in order to do that we made
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elections and made a revolution and made it actions to choose someone to the present us and turned out that this guy is also a tyrant himself and number of people were injured in the violent clashes protesting more sees decree as a result the gyptian president decided to scrap the decree that gave him sweeping powers but that did not stop the public discontent deposition has been trying to avoid a constitutional vote scheduled for fifteenth of december the constitution's critics say it ignores personal freedoms disregards the rights of women and sales to properly represent all egyptians despite the controversy surrounding morsi and the muslim brotherhood analysts say there is no real political alternative to them in egypt at the moment. though many say that egypt
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may end up with a dictation dictatorship more strict than than that of hosty mubarak well you just said that that the that the that a democracy that the law like and never comes out with with. a liberal regime rather than why is it isn't only in the eastern countries like the eastern mentality where where people actually long for a kind and just king rather than the rule of law well mubarak was a secular leader and that's why he was disliked by the muslim brotherhood and that was why he was disliked by most of of his of his nature. not for being too liberal or not enough liberal but being not enough. and so the revolution against him was not so much liberal as it was a moslem revolution and the moslem political culture does not include democracy in
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it it includes very strict order. at best case the sheria law which is not extremely democratic. and exactly every arab country we shelled free of and fair elections got islamist governments free and fair election in palestine we've got hamas which is popularly elected government there whether who like it or not. in algeria. many years ago they held a popular election which ended with the victory of the islamists and then the civil war which still affects the country. same in egypt the same in tunisia the majority vote for islamist parties they're not for for the secular liberal forces which are really in the minority in this part of the world and whose ideas are contrary to many of the basic elements of the islamic political culture syria
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another problem country in washington and london have been concerned lately that pressure assad may use chemical weapons against and against the protestors does moscow share this concern no there is no such concern in moscow. may be disliked by many and he deserves that but he is not a lunatic in a sense and actually the russian position. on syria is that actually will turn it over to. at this point looks much worse than an ass of himself. because. it is now clear that a large if not the larger part of the so-called protesters just international terrorists international terrorist international coming from all over the arab
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world and not just the arab world and it is not a fight for democracy it it's against the fight. again the fight against the probably one of the last secular semi secular regimes in the middle east let me putin that has recently said that moscow isn't a thoughtless defender as he put it all of the current syrian regime does that mean that moscow's position towards assad is becoming more flexible no more school has never been really supportive. irrespective of what he does no there was not a case where they actually ok we said that we don't see a real alternative to s.x. which is being supportive to us that isn't well that is why there is there is no alternative because even this opposition goldrush which was recognised by some of the western capitals is not recognised even by the rebels. and of course
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the russian position is based on the declaration which actually foresee is the dialogue of all sides of the conflict and walt no unfortunately the position of the opposition government or the western governments is no talk to officials damascus which is contrary to the greed upon. statement on syria which i think open some prospect for peaceful settlement and as of now there is a battle and each side. has its truth is truth there including the governments. because us it is not just a dictator responsible dictator she's responsible he's responsible for his people for they'll always for the army for for the people who support him and it is still unclear whether it's a majority or not a majority of the syrian people who still support the government he need to care
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about minorities both kurds about armenians who are already fleeing from syria and about the fate of christians after. the islamists take over these are not his son or this piece was a muslim brotherhood in egypt. those who fight against the regime are more militant thank you and thank you very much for being with us in just a reminder that my guest on the show today was beaches and he can deputy head of the russian state duma foreign affairs that's in full out for politics if you want to have personal. someone in marjorie think patiently next time you drop a online calendar not on t.v. are you and let's keep a spotlight and. we'll be back with more and comment on what's going on in the now from the bush plan to bend the party and take.
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