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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2012 1:30pm-2:00pm EST

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looters that takes your breath away a few tourists travel to these paul it's no prepackaged comfort but they joy is a while these guaranteed guineas a zoology professor he works in the u.s. and travels to these remote areas in russia every summer as he says he confines untouched landscapes like these anywhere else in the world. we're going off the list below sea line. if i go wrong the wrong surprise again you'll go straight to the water and so we did our plan to get closer to the sea lion and shake its flipper failed. one animal whose par you definitely wouldn't want to shake here is the brown bear you can literally spot a grizzly here by every small weaver this sort of bears are they have a very slow food i will have to keep an aisle when directed at. them.
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so we won't go to shell people required. and quiet we went but the wind was not on our side and the bear got away and they're usually the first to avoid contact with humans but during spawning time when both people and bears go fishing people often shoot at them to scare them away and every year here in the region you hear about someone being killed by the predators. but at the mugger down nature reserve where we are no one disturbs the bears peanuts another local resident to haiti's peace being disturbed here is the howlers eagle in has a wingspan of two and a half meters ignace only here in russia far east because of the bundles of salmon and sea gulls which feed the giant bird in his studies if gainey focuses on birds
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so he took me to one of his favorite places here mara island it has the biggest colony of seagulls in the region the climb up was tough. but the prize was worth it. if there was no security here it would be no reason there you will have tons of people coming here out just to get some for only on the beach here nothing is guaranteed you have to struggle to get your piece of bread nothing really all you can. predict you have to rely on yourself a few bucks. or so we're going to have to be the bat. may be for the wildlife here is the lack of visitors this for the better but when you stand on top of a niland like this you just can't help wanting to share the beauty. hello
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there welcome to businesses our rosters a massive giant no risk and the call has proposed to record evidence of ten billion dollars over the next three years the decision has been made by the new management of the company and raised a few eyebrows because the song is all the company's expected profits for this period so along with eyebrows questions and now being raised as to how the company can justify this of writing so let's go over to three change to talk about it on the business ask how life ok so tell me these fix dividends are not of value relative to its net profit i tend to stand to make to explain to me this doesn't make sense when you're spot on to notice that because usually companies go ahead
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and just say we're going to pay twenty five percent of net profit so you know it's in the investors' also interest for the company to do as well as well as possible take a look at what was happening in the previous year so twenty ten and paid more than a billion so did in twenty eleven still no information as to what's going to happen this year waiting for that but over the next three years indeed record some of ten billion dollars no matter what kind of net profit basically the company is going to receive all shareholders should be kept happy so basically what the company is doing is well doing its most to to promote a very generous image that it's going to will satisfy pretty much everyone not just the majority shareholders and these are some of the richest men. in russia that led to the possibility of apartheid and just recently and i'm on a bit more which but also the minority shareholders too so also you know it doesn't mean you rightfully also noticed that it will amount to the net profit over
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these three years but it doesn't mean the company will not be spending a dime on the investment program it's still going to go ahead with that but to me here will it be able to find such as the sound ten billion dollars a lot of money well apparently yes because the company is going to according to forecasts generate around six and a half billion dollars in just capital flows so that's just during normal business activity then this recent deal that we've seen between those rich men i just talked to you about means that it's going to sell its fourteen percent stake into route that's going to give it another billion dollars and also the amount of mortgage has recently invested into the company and will provide another two billion so all that's left is to find a bit of money on the market just to borrow it the company has very little leverage it's just those around half a billion dollars right now that's very little compared to its size so it has
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a very good reputation the biggest nickel miner in the world he will have any problems in attracting cheap credit but what happens there if the market ten thousand nickel prices drop profits declined sharply well that is the best question because this forecast this promise of ten billion dollars is based on a flat price of nickel the way it is right now so if the market goes up it's easily turned into reality if the market goes down then basically things might change and you know the company might not just keep its promise according to be to be counted . even though it might have some my dream is a bit. so president announced a near future will change your student is dividend policy and. how they really do it they can announce something like can you do it in policy with up was more
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than fifty percent dividend payout we will be still dependent on. the exact net income of the company will fall during. the rest of my own for example might be paid a special dividend so i don't think become for you will this amount if nickel price loses fifty percent. so they go for an investor at least he or she knows more than anybody else that the market will definitely grow and that's a good investment right now otherwise there's still risk absolutely especially in these are all the tomato chouest times to me that's right ok let's move on to the markets and see what's happening just now with us so they are indeed rising as have a low cannot softer job an investor confidence climbed and trade is a way progress on federal budget talks to washington. european stocks advance for a seven day that's amid speculation the federal reserve will expound stimulus
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measures on the news from germany gave investors a bit of a base as well. as the occurrences and the euro as far as investors are concerned really as it was germany is in good shape that it improves the chances of the single currency that many in town who got the year are there for gaining ground. after the russian ruble is finished up makes gaining against the dollar i love i can't hear you say. the russian markets closed up the session lasts although as you can see the bright side of the market. as staying with stocks up make use of a lot after bass have started production of mr mayer today shows and asked of us have recently been shooting up in anticipation of the deal. the russian cars certainly have a bad reputation in the west here's how it jeremy clarkson reviewed the lotto from
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all of oz for his segment and top gear at least give you an example over each terrible rush you read it breaks were made from our military machine. farms our menu of the show british properties really is. cheap but the much discussed seven hundred fifty million dollars deal with reno at nissan is supposed to change that it's off to vaas most dominant model on the russian market has been a lot of over the past several decades but because its quality has been so low compared to its foreign competitors within a similar price range that it's been a losing its market share fast and stacked it dropped from forty four percent in two thousand and four to just eighteen percent this year and of course it wants to regain some of it back its best selling model this year has been
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a lot to graunt and many people say it's actually quite decent especially considering that it's prices started about eight thousand dollars and inspired by its domestic success it wants to start selling the granta abroad starting next year primarily of course to the former soviet republics countries like ukraine belarus and kazakhstan but also to western europe it does have a number of devoted fans even in countries like germany but the one good thing about this deal with every known nissan is that at least the government will no longer have to spend billions of dollars on supporting the ailing auto maker over the years this state supports came in many shapes and forms in stock to auto vos receipt. eved eight fifty seven billion ruble that's about one point seven billion dollar credit line from the state that it pays no way tristan and doesn't have to
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be back until the year twenty thirty two how do i get a loan like dobbs and of course the famous cash for clunkers program launched by the state in twenty ten primarily benefited of to vaas in fact about fifty percent of its monthly sales in the twenty ten and twenty eleven came from the people who participated in that program but of course regardless of all the incentives if you ask me i would really want to own a lot of. and days so that's a business kevin back in just under two hours or i think from i would give them. more of the money rollercoaster had to an hour to report on how japan's fifth of recession in fifteen years could see the u.s. cussing in tokyo troubles are likely to work for the new government and military ambitions to the war a no could see it toying with washington's campaign examine out of it will closely
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also the stories of american sterilizes teenagers because the government didn't think them capable of what it saw as normal families it's a great. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard work and is a big picture. wealthy british style. expert on.
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i. guess your efforts of pulling out of the economic model well documented but is still a load japan has now entered its fifth recession in fifteen years it comes just days before the country's election there which is expected to sweep the current prime minister from power the first journalist james colbert believes any change in power could see a more militarized japan in a region where tensions are already high. it seems that almost inevitable that the
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l.d.p. is going to be put back into power next week and with that comes not only big changes in the economic policy but i think there's going to be some some very big changes geopolitically speaking as. the leader of the l.d.p. is quite a hard liner on a number of issues and is even thinking of revising the japanese constitution to allow for greater military use of the japanese military over see this is his second kick at the can as prime minister if he does get it in fact elected next week and while the first time around he was interested in revising the japanese constitution it's a deeply deeply unpopular policy here in japan which tends to have a mostly pacifist population but because of these rising tensions in east asia generally speaking with north korea and with china and some of the other tensions flaring up it's definitely an idea whose time seems to have come geopolitically speaking and i think the united states will be quite happy to see more hardline
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japanese parliament getting into power we could expect to see some some of the change that i think will have to take place culturally here as well as a population that since the end of the second world war has been trained into passivism will likely have to be trained into militarism if a gets is when. mixed news for a jailed human rights activist in bahrain today leading campaign and his prison term cut from three to two years on a pale but the widespread calls for his release following his conviction back in august for organizing a legal gathering and inciting violence international pressures voting on the monarchy to stop persecuting political activists let's go to an enema now and the site had a almost sallies there full of iranian pay and human rights activists thanks for being with us good to say it my roger then stays behind bars that's what we hear albeit with a reduced sentence so it is a mixed bag is it a sign that the regime though is starting to listen. unfortunately
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we hear today about the reduced the three year sentence to two years but it shows that the regime and to practice revenge against maybe roger actually maybe i should not be behind the bob lots of officials figures in this regime should be behind the mob always calling for the people who will and brain is calling for democracy is calling for our rights he's calling of all our demands to be. achieved so he is not the person should be behind above and unfortunately we are in the ship. so as far as your concerned no even small cause for joy tonight. unfortunately it seems that they don't want to say to the observers not to
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organize a human rights organization they are not practical they reduced the. the charge to say. practical but i guess that out of. the they are facing very high pressure to release and that we have roger he is a human rights activist and he did not practice the violation at all so. actually we are looking forward to seeing that be with us any time specially that the. evidence any evidence against be ok with the bigger picture on sunday of course the u.s. state department called on bahrain to drop charges against anyone accused of offenses involving nonviolent political expression one of the chances that the ruling family will actually change its ways we touched on that just now let's go back to it again is anything changing. the royal family be out of the void.
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and david lost alone we had a few problems i must say just before the broadcast they're getting through to saw it we kept losing the love we thought we'd give it a go we got the first answer in a way from him but we'll try and catch up with him later maybe record it ok so it had the. massai for bahraini m.p. on the line. thousands of american men and women were denied the chance to have children on government orders it was a decades long program of in forced sterilization of those thought unfit to be parents sorties more important some of the victims now being considered for compensation but who say it's too little too late you want warner pay it eighty four year old virginia brooks was just fourteen years old when north carolina's widespread eugenics program would forever alter her future then why don't i have to go to the hospital i'm not saying. rocks was with two other girls
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when a social worker picked her up she said we're gonna take you pin. down there did surgery and in no way do was doing to me eugenics is a pseudo science aimed at improving the so-called quality of the population by forcibly preventing reproduction by people thought by some degree to be inferior in america it targeted mostly young poor minorities the mentally disabled or those otherwise deemed unfit to raise children like brooks who was an orphaned teenager she came in my chart with on the for the. she says well you know what you nobody and you won't have no bridge. i said what a way to may one day you mean she said you won't never know. and there's one i want handed to me this is. the grand bronx went on to adopt
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a little girl and mary howard her husband of forty two years between them they have four grandchildren five great grandchildren and the unfortunate legacy of suffering under the shadow of mandatory sterilization. or order way she will marry somebody should be. this day that anything. they should base. probably one of the most infamous uses of this theory was the radical purity programs in nazi germany. while north carolina's eugenics program reportedly claimed seven thousand six hundred victims before being dissolved in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven north carolina was one of thirty two american states that practiced eugenics and this year it was on track to be the first state to compensate living victims like brooks with a payout of up to fifty thousand dollars they were going to kind of. except that
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they were born this kind of janice day. can do better than this. shame. to this day not one victim throughout the united states has been compensated for their lifelong suffer in june north carolina state senate rejected proposals to allocate funding for the compensation program some argue that paying victims for what was a legal program could lead to subsequent payouts tied to america's other historic atrocities such as slavery seven decades ago this building served as baker senatorial it's where state officials took virginia brooks and dozens of other young girls to undergo mandatory sterilization surgery today it serves as an apartment complex where families are living routine lives this as others still bear deep scars over how their lives were forever changed here they had
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a baby. of the people. a life changing question that u.s. state officials refused to answer for marina port archly north carolina. small world news now for you opposition activists in bangladesh capital detonate a bomb while enforcing a daylong general strike the police and guard to forcibly disperse protesters who smashed vehicles and hurled rocks the rest are up to it after accusations of government sponsored killings during recent protests against a popular political reform. north korea has taken its long range rocket off the launch pad in an apparent move to fix a technical problem. will be launched though by the end of the month the secluded state insists it's sending a satellite into orbit but many countries believe it's conducting a ballistic missile test banned from using such weapons technology and even sanctions with japan keeping
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a patriot missile system deployed to shoot down the rocket if it goes off course. u.k. based bank h.s.b.c.'s agreed to pay a huge fine for the u.s. department of justice for lapses in money laundering regulations allow its controls and poor policing of suspicious transactions left the u.s. banking industry exposed to mexican drug cartels the bank was also accused of violating sanctions on iran finally two billion dollars is the largest ever of its kind it comes as pretty standard chartered bank also agreed to pay a second fine for similar charges. twenty two fifty five moscow time thanks for being with us i'm kevin o. in this is r.t. international is just a few minutes away for more of the world's main news stories. sigrid
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