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claims that stalin had been murdered was his son by silly. stalin circle would not forget the outburst and would soon try to get rid of him. but before doing so a magnificent funeral was organized for the former leader. many died in the crashes crowd lined up to see his coffin. is possible to express their grief. the party and the people of our country a suffering. around me. for many years the soviet people were led to believe that stalin had died in his kremlin apartment while his country house remained a secret only stalin's in a circle was aware of the circumstances around his death. the leaders descendants of only been able to come here after sixty years. alexander bodansky and step on mickey and have not seen each other for many years.
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as the son of stalin's closest colleague. for the first time they were invited to stalin's country house to see with their own eyes where he lived and died good day to you hello glad to see you here we have you been here before many years ago. i have never been here my father used to be here quite often. showing them around stalin's residences historian tough. he co-wrote a book about conservation and knows the place like the back of his hand. which i now understand why start in the had given the older not to clean the way the snow under the windows but he wanted to be able to see footprints as the windowsills were very little but. there were no such instructions. well he could have merely said it well actually all his words were written down as a rule. let's start our tour let's begin with the small dining room the room.
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stalin was particularly fond of this room which doubled as his study. there's a fireplace here stalin enjoyed spending time in front of it on long winter evenings hunting rifle sound close by and started love to shoot and scare away the crows. on the first spring night of nine hundred fifty three he decided to sleep in this very room. the leader was so terrified of assassination attempts that he had several beds prepared for him around the house. not even his bodyguards knew where he would sleep each night a decision that was to prove fatal. though. he always slept on different couches in the main put a chair and
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a lamp next to the couch where he was going to sleep he could as he usually read a book for falling asleep but i would be did. on that night stalin went to bed at about four in the morning he had stayed up late with guests from his closest. nightly feasts were a regular affair. the body guards knew that their muster would not be up before noon. but at midday the bell in stalin's room. remained suspiciously silent by three pm he still had not a merged. body guards weren't allowed to call on him uninvited that was strictly prohibited. later in the afternoon duty officers became seriously concerned. only by seven o'clock in the evening having received a letter from the kremlin did the officer on duty decide to take it to stalin. he found the soviet leader in the doorway of the next room lying unconscious on the
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floor. with you this is where he was found on this carpet between a table and the couch. that is still unclear what happened to me you know there was a glass of mineral water here. he would it was lying there most likely he stood up and failed to get to the couch feel the. stalin had suffered a massive stroke and there was no one close by to give him aid. there was soon rumors that stalin had not just died but was murdered. though never when a tyrant of such caliber dies and these kinds of assumptions are always made when a tyrant lives behind high walls there is always the feeling that his own circle might be plotting against him. stalin's worst fears of conspiracies and
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assassination may have come to pass with his sudden death they distrusted the people close to him so much that he fired his bodyguard nikolai vlasic who had headed his security service for twenty years and was one of his most loyal and reliable people shortly after his dismissal. ended up in jail. for much of what it was the official reason for the last six imprisonment was that he misbehaved and fooled around at the expense of the state the style and never blamed anyone for that he decided to get rid of him because blizzard could have held office for too long and have become unreliable and you. would stand beside the leader during all publications he was a general who had finished only three classes of secondary school and had been decorated without having performed a single feat. stalin never knew that his personal bodyguard kept
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a secret diary of his time but the leader no one else did do so as stalin himself decide how and by whom he would be remembered in history. for many years of last week's unique record of the stalin era was classified just recently as it be made available to the general public. it's the only unofficial testimony of a man who had been with stalin old time. used to wear an old shabby coat over his wife and i've used it to make him a new one but she needed to take his measurements to do so she could have taken his old clothes and made a new one of the same size of the tailless she failed to take his measurements as he flatly refused to say he did a new coat but we still managed to make him a new coat we changed it for a new one when the chance arose stalin pretended that he hadn't noticed the list. elastic protected stella and was by his side for twenty years and of course he was
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deeply attached to style risky behavior. in the evenings when we were on vacation we always had dinner together with secretary description and stone and joseph so one of its jokes a lot and shared his memories from his ponced he told us about his life in exile in the tora hunt screeches those hours of leisure spent together with the leader will always remain the best hours of my life it was so likeable i always felt easy and free together with. the diaries produce the impression that floods it like many other people formed an impaired judgment of what was going on instead of taking a critical view of the situation his mind was obscured with the ideology finally crafted by the leader of the. classic was the only person allowed to take pictures of stalin and his family at their country treat in these photographs stalin is not the grand figure of a propaganda poster but i know
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a great about spending time with his family. in the one nine hundred thirty s. he trusted blessing implicitly even allowing him to look after his children. but then a great tragedy struck for which he would never recover. culture is that so much involvement taxpayers money mentoring is a chinese economic life area and. this is the stated goal of the international. business employment information just as. you. olympic gold.
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leaf limit. the speed. limit. which. league. looking. good luck. play lists. in a. lot of a little. he
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and some to see if destruction without noticing. what could've been just ruins lives saved by a great sacrifice. understood by huge efforts. a remarkable reminder of courage and selflessness. putin is a. people. playing. the russian the site. choose your language. keep it open if. someone. chooses to use the consensus get a. chance to opinions that invigorating. clues to stories get in the lists choose access to office.
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alexander visits the nobody tree and must go every year here the soviet and russian elite such as nikolai gogol and bar as yeltsin of buried. the grave of stalin's wife and alexander's grandmother now dazed a little you have up is also here i would like to do you know the story of the monuments and do you know why hand is an opposition to the deal of a very talented sculptor made this monument. and that's how he depicted the hand of someone who takes their own life. on the night of november the ninth one thousand
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nine hundred thirty two stalin second wife additional island we have shot herself after a fight with. stalin did not attend the theater. i think she had no other way i know it's you know there was no way she could escape stalin as knowledge of who died on the list and she knew what a blow it was going to be for him yet though most of that of that's why she did it i think that he did have a sense of guilt will it may have blamed the circumstances on her nature. but he certainly did have a sense of indirect guilt in the i'm going to find. the man who was said to have a heart of steel hardened even more just a few years later the country was swept by a wave of repression taking willetts the old bolsheviks the cream of the intelligentsia generals of the armed forces and all surviving relatives of both stalin's wives. often a desert his death stalin would never marry again.
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well. he believed that she. put it down betrayed him. which well it's human not to blame oneself. distanced himself from his children and move to the conserve a country residence leaving his daughter and son of his former home with a babysitter and make a level is chief of security. stalling was deep in grief after his wife's death who was also his different his children were little of the time being a very busy person stalling could not afford to give them a lot of attention so he had to entrust the embry his kids to housekeeper carlina she was a well bred woman who was very fond of his children when both of them grew up and started school most of the responsibility for them also foaming. full which he sank into solitude deep in his heart he was lonely even before that just
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like any person striving for power but after his wife's death he became a lonely in every sense of the word no one could ever replace his wife stupid he went to bed later and later every night inviting people round to keep him company deal. before his wife's death stalin's in a circle used to visit him with their own wives but often that those a little of a passed away it became a bed only affair. the large dining room in the conceive of country house was the center of the famous night feasts. stalin made his guests dunce the dining room still as the gramophone presented to him by churchill and when stalin played the records of his favorite songs. he was taken there from the small dining room after the stroke. an improvised medical center was organized to hear what people were trying to figure out what to do with
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human dignity by the third of march it was clear that his brain had suffered irreversible damage more than insult. doctors came to stalin's bedside too late at least twelve hours had passed before the unconscious leader was found. when the guards reported that stalin was on his deathbed those closest to him were too afraid to go to his country home. minister was bizarre was this the minister of state security sim yawning and that was scared to enter when he arrived on the minister of state security someone that everyone in the country feared was too afraid to come in i would imagine he would see stallin sick in his own bed in open his eyes look at him and say why are you here. one of the most sinister figures of stone and in
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a circle turned out to be brave enough levante beriah he knew too well that all of his ministry of state security prita says is that ended up in front of a firing squad he also fell out of stun in favor and was very likely to be arrested soon the supporters were also being prosecuted. because very a was the one who understood the situation in the higher echelons of power so he could not allow this to happen. moreover my grandfather told me that very or heard even close to that it was him it was responsible for stalin's death barry used to say that he saved everyone from the repressions by the unpredictable insane dictator as. if the. area immediately realize just how serious stunts condition was but he barred doctors from being called and left. the most dangerous thing was the fact that there was a traitor among the people close to stalin it was very and he was inexperienced and
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coming in to me cleverly disguised his motives and stomach trusted him that was his big mistake barry had long been striving for power. resorted to all possible ways one could think of he was capable of and. it was not just beriah but every one of stalin's associates who had reason to see his demise i just left molotov and i just does make a particularly fearful of arrest. terrified of conspiracy against him decided to completely restructure his circle and at the same time to intimidate the people of his country once again. it doesn't seem yeah it is not all families friends colleagues hundreds of people could have been affected so now it is even how to imagine that it could really be the case i won't be when he was given the list to the enemies of three people but their wives me what i will he said he signed that list and ordered them all to be shown how could
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a person be so cruel or. just left molotov the man who had signed the secret protocol of the division of europe with the nazis and further reason to hate the head of state stalin had sent his wife. to a gulag. molotov himself was deprived of any real power preparations were already being made for his arrest while a tough grandson owes his own to stalin's death. to future both mullets of the same choosing are great at surviving really spirit but when they saw the first signs that my grandmother was going to be arrested certainly become a little plan it was actually they got divorced and passageways it was their only chance for survival wizards and the plan worked. that's how my mother stayed alive and gave birth to me. many people surrounding stalin had motive for murdering him however some didn't have the courage while others lacked the opportunity.
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stalin always replaced people his cabinet before they had the chance to have lost. the leader deprived himself of family friends and. relatives he replaced them with a party member of the raid. but just as he died suddenly it seemed to them that he had opened desires and raised and so they kneeled down in fear of mediately they thought he would ask them why they had gathered at his bedside where the stalin had fallen victim to the very system he had killed in which everyone was mortally afraid of him including the people closest to him some . while still in teetered between life and death those around him were already dividing up. stalin for the inevitable for four days soviet leader was pronounced dead on march the fifth one nine hundred fifty three.
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who shipped in the capri so this is the couch that style and died on the buildings didn't you mean there they were no the doctors asked to move them here and vats where he died they were. by the end of his life stalin's children had become a disappointment to. his daughters vettel and i was married twice both were unsuccessful dahlan did not approve of either of her husbands and she left for the united states and died in a retirement home all alone. the son vassily a drinking problem. his grandson alexander bodansky chose to take his mother's maiden rather than bearing that of the steel hearted soviet leader. when you know i can't say that i loved my brother i was afraid of him behold it was
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the greatest feeling i had towards him. i hated it when he took us to some parts together with him or wanted us to do some sports to the fun of. most that's a i never loved him as a loon who was often drunk yet i didn't understand it then when he was drunk he was a very difficult sometimes pleasant man. which into. the silly stuff it was called the first soviet prince for a reason. at the age of twenty one he became an air force colonel commander of the military aviation regiment a twenty six he commanded the most district at twenty nine he was made left in a general. after his father's death stalin was stripped of his rank and awards a month later he was arrested and sentenced to eight years in jail. the once powerful soviet prince was hidden behind bars in solitary confinement under the false name of assyria. after serving his term he was sent into exile and. one
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year later he died. thank you and he more three years i couldn't forgive him many things i couldn't forgive him for what he done to my mother i couldn't forgive him the horrible childhood my sister and i had her but i shall. but as i grow older. you know now i feel very sorry for him but i think this is because he was a very talented person which with a crippled life. style and died alone in a huge empty else there was no one there safe for the servants and bodyguards. he had eliminated everyone who was loyal to him people who had helped him with the revolution and with his repression people who had gathered at his home for holidays . the pictures of children on his walls had been cut from magazines just as his own sons and daughter had been cut from his life. is in
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a circle became his family the glimpse of a country house was his new gremlin. was new to use names to the good we don't know how it must feel to be in stone and serious with that many think about it but i think it's ridiculous to be made because no one has ever found themselves in such a position not even a single russian emperor. this is loneliness which is because this is the tragedy of sola jewish that. even though stalin lived for a short while after his stroke is in a circle had already betrayed him. historians believe that they deliberately prevented the doctors from attending to stun and. whether or not he could have recovered if help of being offered immediately remains a question no one can answer that. blue book with the some of the blows against it is curious that there is an assumption that stalin's close associates from the
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central committee presidium and soviet leaders were criminals who could easily kill their chief i don't need to warn you this is very interesting and no one doubted that he quit the miss and there were. stalin's death put an end to the repression just a few days after his funeral the rehabilitation of stalin's victims began in the past sixty years more than ten million people have been rehabilitated. while many have been terrified under stalin's rule there was still some left him. after being released from prison his former personal bodyguard nikolayev lesser continue to write his diary. i was badly hurt by stalin after twenty five years of excellent work without making a single mistake receiving any rewards an acknowledgement i was thrown into jail despite my endless devotion it threw me into the hands of enemies but never not
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a single minute in my life no matter what state i was in did i have a grudge against all of. ultimate. goal is. to cut. the speed.
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with. cutler's. a bomb is a good. place. to come out of my mind i'm a little. wealthy british science some time. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max kaiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds
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a report on our cheap. live.
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