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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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three broadcast video for your media project free media r.t. dot com. president putin rallies lawmakers to boost social conditions and clamp down on financial. position on the global stage. north korea. launching a long range rocket in defiance of international warnings raising fears across the korean peninsula and beyond. rest and some support for syria's main opposition and. friends of syria. through its backing behind the rebels.
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live from moscow this is r.t. . putin focused on improving russia's social sector and both during the economy during his first address to lawmakers since returning to the kremlin where the president warned it's high time to seize the initiative lest the country falls behind on the rapidly developing global arena he also called for much tighter controls over government spending and the income of bureaucrats warning them against drawing money away from the country's economy well let's get the latest from the who was there. actually take us through a main point. for the country's future. and i'm not sure he did actually get the connection with alexey back if you can harris alexia tell us what the latest was on that what did he say that we've lost
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the connection there we'll try and come back a bit later in the program. ok let's move on now to north korea well the country says it has successfully placed a weather satellite into orbit but launch early on wednesday was the second by the reclusive state this year after any attempt in april failed shortly after liftoff. by conquering immediately sent shock waves around the world prompting criticism from its neighbors both south korea and japan reacting to the tokyo saying not tolerate the actions. provocative to counter any possible threat moscow says the launch will have a negative effect in the region goes against the u.n. resolution where is currently under sanctions and banned from conducting missile and other nuclear related tests antiwar campaign eric surat can that says peace negotiations are the only solution. these are causes to have talks not
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less talks and the north koreans have been willing to attend arcs other nations have certainly russia has another nations are that have been involved in the six party talks japan south korea the united states are less willing to engage in talks when these things happen but what the u.n. said was not only don't use ballistic missile technology it said we must have a commitment to a peaceful diplomatic and political solution to the situation there i'm afraid that the united states is going to step back talk less isolate more the military base that the united states brought really south korea's building on g.'s you ira in an effort to create a ring. around china perhaps the deal with north korea are all setbacks to peace what's necessary i think at this point in time is what it is to step back from the
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process and the outside countries the other countries around the world must say wait a minute peaceful china south korea north korea japan has a region will have a huge impact on world east and i think that it's really incumbent that we put pressures towards peace and not tore up the conflict any more. now russia says america's formal recognition of syria's new opposition alliance effectively shatters all hopes for a peaceful solution to the syrian conflict moscow also adds that the move signals the u.s. is wish for the rebel coalition to overthrow the regime in damascus meanwhile delegates tending a western backed friends of syria conference before throwing their backing behind the opposition and calls for present us to step down what is going to take on reports. they call themselves martyrs. all those you see around you of the fighters you see are living martyrs
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and the living martyr has already sacrificed a soul for this country the syrian rebels say they will stop at nothing to defeat us out. some of them are so proud of their deeds that they post them on the web including the execution of prisoners. or having a child behead a man who was presumably an assault supporter atrocities are committed on all fronts during syria's bloody civil war according to many accounts on the ground islamic groups that do most of the fighting on behalf of the rebels dr tatar we come meet was a member of a jihadi still can ization twenty five years ago he later became a vocal opponent of radical islam that you have this have no problem to behead people alive you deal with people like bin ladin and there are because of al qaida who have no his e.t.a. shin to use any form of whip around to to really. control any place. religious believes and ideology representatives of opposition
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fighters came together in turkey last friday to form a unified command with the support of the so-called friends of syria including the gulf states the u.s. the u.k. and friends one of the delegates at the meeting says two thirds of the islamist dominated anti assad groups have ties to the muslim brotherhood and salafist people here in washington don't seem to understand that if you don't like the government in karo or if you do like the government in cairo i guess i should say then you will love the government that comes to power in damascus because you will see a sunni muslim islamic government a muslim brotherhood style government that is absolutely intolerant fundamentally hostile to the west washington has failed to officially denounce the many suicide bombings perpetrated by the rebels in syria preferring to. focused on the wrongs committed by the assad regime alone the u.s. is also ramping up the rhetoric about the possibility of the assad government using chemical weapons against civilians something that damascus says would be suicidal
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on the other hand many rebels are not averse to the idea of suicide in the name of what they call holy war militants have recently taken control of a toxic chemical plant in the country's second city of aleppo a video was uploaded to youtube showing them testing chemical weapons on rabbits we could not independently verify the authenticity of the footage for them although you will go like these two rabbits despite supporting the anti assad forces the obama administration also recognizes that there are radical groups among the opposition in an attempt to distance themselves from extremists washington has designated one almost a terrorist organization it is thought to be one of the most aggressive and ruthless groups currently involved in the conflict it's seen as more of a symbolic move on washington's part as many other rebel fighters in syria will come in the efforts of those designated terrorists. this is a demonstration of support for almost in syria people heard chanting we are
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students of osama. in its own words the assad government is fighting terrorists that battle has claimed thousands of innocent lives the measures the syrian government resorted to have been widely criticized but does that mean the world should keep their eyes shocked at who's actually fighting for power in syria now in washington i'm going to check on. well back to our top story now that's of a russian presence a federal assembly address the kremlin he focused on improving russia's social sector and both during the economy and during his first address to lawmakers let's get hold of a. guy who was there for us tell us a little bit about what his main points were and. the prospects he's painted for the country's future well putin's first annual presidential address since he returned to power for the third time did not contain any groundbreaking sensations nor constitutional changes like it had happened before but definitely this speech
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was very important in terms of he speaking speaking about primarily about the domestic issues in russia i mean ninety five percent of his speech was dedicated to the problems and issues inside the country rather than problems outside the country and foreign policy because in the previous addresses which are usually focused only on the foreign policy issues this time it was all about russia and the main idea and this idea basically is the one you can use in the very start of his speech was that this time is now and that it's either now or never for russia because the world isn't going through a crisis and if russia doesn't pay attention to its youth then it is facing a very dark future let's listen to what the president had to say. not what it is the what's the as of today the percentage of healthy active able bodied people in russia aged between twenty to forty is one of the highest in the world but in twenty years time this economically active population could shrink by fifty percent
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unless we do something this trend could continue either we provide interesting jobs give opportunities to create business which build families raise children or be happy all in just a few decades russia will become a poor country populated by an elderly generation incapable of preserving its own territory and i would. in his election campaign put we had promised a lot of things out today we basically heard his strategy on how he's going to implement those things in an ordinary day life and basically his main message is diversifying economy fighting corruption fighting any any kind of traces of criminal activity in the governmental bodies. so this according to put in will make a life in russia stable and better and basically those people who are gathered here all the lawmakers and others who gathered in in the kremlin to listen to that applauded in agreement to what the pushing had to say let's see we'll certainly see
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where their promises and his strategy will work out in the next five years he remains of. the live from the kremlin thank you. well just ahead for you family matters as it continues to drive parents and taking the brunt of the details coming out. and having received a slap in the face from judges turn their backs on egypt's new constitution the government there is looking for ways to secure the referendum in public i'll throw all that off the back.
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of russia's no way from civilization and if we are one helicopter treat from the nearest village. they stole one family have been living here for a long time in tents made of reindeer skins. bludgeon runs in a signal and then it's they also grew up in the to draw but left it at the age of six and never returned they now live in the city in apartment building but still remember their regions was.
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was large and it was a dancing teacher. was a and to his dances he tells the stories about his motherland. lives in europe to now has a one thousand strong reindeer herd when the enemy only saw the light can and most around brood is gathered turns and moved to another posture they travel hundreds of kilometers in winter women and children for them. the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds even though there is sometimes a similar. well
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look. it's technology innovation all the latest developments around russia we've got the future covered.
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for well. a vote on the new president's back to constitution is in jeopardy after the majority of the country's judges refused to oversee the poll the government has decided to split the referendum into two realms so the remaining judiciary can cope with demand when it comes. to government demonstrations on the streets of the capital plan and so his most. legendary outside his palace and breached security barricades and leader gave himself extensive new powers last month to backtrack a surprising public anger however most of us continue to push through to propose constitution. some critics say civil liberties e.g. to islamic dictatorship will true is forming and soon kyra. the general assembly of
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the judges club announced that they would be boycotting the referendum and the problem is now he will actually man the polling stations this is met with the cuban scenes here in front of the presidential palace protesters said the referendum simply can't go ahead if the judge is going to be manning the polling stations there has been some talk in the last few weeks about professors stepping in to help in addition to being some individual judges who said that they will choose sist here at the protest they are absolutely convinced that the referendum will be a no simply because there has been such a large expression of dissent here on the streets with protests happening almost every single day in addition to the high stakes to society for example and the journalists striking and of course the judges cover their eyes just a few kilometers away here from the presidential palace a significant ronnie's in support of the president with tens of thousands of people by god it's saying that the constitution is the only way stupidity in this country saying yes to legitimacy and that really egypt must vote yes in this referendum to ensure a successful transition to democracy when the news broke the president mohamed
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morsi if you do use this new law granting us soldiers the right to arrest protesters condemned this is basically egypt experiencing martial law will be here on the streets of cairo is there is unrest continues and there is significant violence the minute you will step in and use quite heavy handed tactics against the protesters and we will see quite a lot of violence human rights groups amnesty international and human rights watch said it was a worrying sign giving the day the truck history of the military the military of course were in power of the president mohammed president mubarak stepped down and during that year and a half a transition we witnessed a lot of human rights violations by the army including the internationally condemned practice of civilians been trying to put a military court to just have to see really what happens on sunday in the upcoming weeks but granting the egyptian military more powers could lead to severe consequences according to call mr north eric margolis. i think it was a major mistake by. above president morsi to do this to throw this
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thing into the hands of the army it's just what egypt asked most egyptians don't want more military rule and it's dangerous bringing soldiers in to calm civil problems because once they get a taste of our you often don't want to leave the younger gen the generals with the experience of disillusionment may very well be anxious to remember that's how come all of the nuts are coming to power and the rule for many years and he by the way remains still remains the most popular political figure in egypt in spite of all the disasters that have to man his watch so there are no longer serious colonels and brigadier generals who resigned ourselves room might be another nasser. or head straight to r.t. dot com for expert analysis and footage of the undressed surrounding the worst crisis to grip egypt since last year's resolution. also online israel is set
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to replenish its depleted ammunition and stop its attack on gaza and an arms deal with washington learn about the details of the conflict on our website. where the britain that making a shaky recovery from a double dip recession the government there is promising steady economic growth for next year but critics say it's the less fortunate who are paying for the upton by having their benefits raided by prime minister who is no friend of the family aunties reports. the brits have got it coming a raft of nips and tucks to tax some welfare that's going to see those with the least squeeze the most so while the treasury chief admits millionaires are about to get an average tax cut of their one hundred thousand pounds a year from next april it's the less fortunate who bear the brunt of dealing with the u.k.'s ten billion pound welfare bill but the cuts will come in disguise take
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for example the new so-called bedroom tax tenants in council housing will get less than benefits if their state funded accommodation is deemed too big for them some local authorities already say that could push up to four thousand people into homelessness especially as they're already being squeezed with an increased cost of living that's making christmas tough in many households the government insists it needs to fix public finances and that means cuts among various with too little to spare the chancellor has really made the main target of his austerity the poorest family he's cutting the support received both for the working poor three tax credits and so on and also for the for those on able to work it's not just bedrooms being taxed but motherhood as well last week the chancellor announced that maternity pay would be capped meaning that pregnant women will be almost two
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hundred pounds worse off starting next year opposition labor m.p.'s have labelled it the mummy tax and an unprecedented raid on families and that softer those at the other end of the age scale were left reeling this year from the granny tax leaving pension as a further three hundred pounds out of pocket and a winter of worry ahead david cameron might have promised to be the best family friendly government ever but with friends like that who needs enemies. some of that world news now this hour but as wayne and the president hugo chavez has successfully undergone an operation in havana to remove a cancerous tumor leader will remain here for further treatment had been in mission recent tests show the disease has hit chavez recently won reelection and has vowed to return to work quickly whenever he wants to back his vice president. cheney's
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illness forced him from office for a. gunman has opened fire to shopping center near the u.s. city of portland killing two people wounding a third before killing himself the suspect ran through the mall assault rifle ban camouflage suit and he must be some estimations on the way. he was a public transport systems are being equipped with or you were quoting devices to boost the security of passengers on the multibillion dollar upgrade is underway in several u.s. cities including san francisco and baltimore reporter michael brick says despite the seemingly good cause new technology sparks all kinds of privacy concerns privacy experts have different concerns that they won't wait with other sorts of technologies that they were all familiar with and some that are in development such as visual recognition software g.p.s. devices and the number of other technologies on the market already are coming to
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market that there's going to lead us down one step closer to tracking individual privacy law experts i spoke to said there's a. different dimension now it's one thing to be able to see someone moving around it's a different thing to be able to figure what they're what they're saying. up next laura nestor brings us her insight on the global financial headlines capital account is coming your way after children. in japan the average height for men is one hundred eighty two centimeters ten centimeters shorter because of that some employers refused to hire me one of them even told me directly that i was too short to deal with the clients computers already spent three months in this hospital and plans to stay for another four to
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add the coveted seven santa majors to his stature invented by the famed soviet orthopedic because we will result in the nineteen fifties these frames were initially used to treat fractures in deformities by cutting bones and slowly pulling them up or therefore stimulating tissue regeneration it was off was able to receive arms and legs and people who thought they were crippled for life be sent to the other patients shattered bones and in many cases their shattered lives in the angle when professing the result of design his first brain using bicycle parts sixty years later season venture is increasingly being used to help people what eager to fracture their legs to become a few centimeters taller than the ultimate goal is still the same six thing somebody is live both literally and figuratively about a third of patients admitted to be always out of center nowadays seeking surgery focus medical reasons most of them a man and most are not what you would call vertically challenged professor novick
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of who operated on many of them says it usually comes down to a man's pride some of the first patient to turn to us with a leg length i mean a quest to meet his fifteen centimeters to be still want to surgery because it's panos to than him we like to say that we need to break their legs in order to fix their head maybe not. room with them from the p.d. point of view but there is something psychological that prevents them from living below is fully being happy and we fix it like lengthening surgeries abound in many countries and even the out there prohibitively expensive in russia the entire course costs eleven thousand dollars about one tenth of the similar package in the united states financial considerations were one of the reasons that brought this washington state native to western siberia yet his main motive for the surgery had to do with how he fared in the auditors in america advertised as one seventy five i
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was one sixty seven or one sixty a console one eight centimeters would have brought me right to average users wanted to be average for women height isn't so important you know i think girl can be sure it's not a big deal i hear guy is like expected to be taller just before the operation most this matter russian girl who found he's a regional hide quite endearing yet he still want to have had the surgery adding seven more centimeters to he self-confidence she told me the whole time you're crazy you're normal you're perfect. so now or so they call you so what a compliment for somebody who's used to falling short of his own expectations.
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good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm more in the store here in washington d.c. these are headlines for tuesday december eleventh two thousand and twelve when talking about fiscal cliff solutions anti-tax advocate grover norquist we all know him he says nothing's changed from two years ago when president obama agreed to extend bush tax cuts for all. income is not strong there the argument to raise tax. says now it is not only better than it was two years ago. but does the government need to tax and borrow in order to spend or is the government actually less constrained in its spending than believed and do budget deficits matter much less right now than we may think well stephanie calton chair of the economics department at university of missouri kansas city and a subscriber of modern monetary theory is here to talk about just that plus the senate is reportedly looking at extending a two thousand and eight at the i.c.c. financial crisis measure that guarantees one hundred percent of all checking account bank deposits now the c b o estimates the f.d.a.
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as the does not collect enough fees to offset the risk exists as another subsidy for too big to fail banks we have a reality check plus a talian technocrat leader mario monti versus bunga bunga a three time former prime minister silvio berlusconi their latest debate centers around a different approach to bond yields will cover the spread in loose change let's get to today's capital account. government budget deficits do they matter of course but looking at the fiscal cliff debate it actually seems most seem to agree with that statement i just made though folks may disagree on the best way or time to address them here's the but is this
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framework misguided well yes according to supporters of m.m.t. at least as far as i can tell it's a theory we've been hearing more and more about over the years some guests on this show have revealed shades of it but we haven't really gotten into a discussion about it now some press attention has been given more it seems in the last year or so here's an article from the washington post modern monetary theory an unconventional take on economic strategy and further in this off article it talks about deficit our walls and so not hawks or does but owls now where did this term come from well according to the article it was coined by stephanie kelton a professor at the university of missouri at kansas city who with another gentleman talked about in the article is part of a small group of economists who have concluded that everyone members of congress think tank denizens the entire mainstream of the economics profession has misunderstood how the government interacts with the economy if their theory dubbed modern monetary theory or and then t. is right then everything we thought we knew about the budget tack.


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