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from funny stupid. stunts on t.v. don't come. syrian rebels are of threatening to execute a kidnapped ukrainian journalist if the ransom isn't paid reportedly saying russian and ukrainian citizens shouldn't be allowed to leave the country alive. britain says it has evidence of russia's involvement in the death of former spy alexander litvinenko after six years of failing to provide any and tangible proof. debt ridden greece gets this latest installment of bailout funds needed to keep the economy afloat in exchange for a debt buyback scheme which many see as counterproductive. and as the u.n. atomic watchdog wraps up talks with iran we look at why many iranians consider acquiring nuclear energy as not just
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a matter of necessity but one of national pride. world is live from our moscow headquarters you're watching r t with me one of the ukrainian journalist kidnapped by syrian rebels faces execution unless a fifteen million dollars ransom is paid. has been working in syria during the conflict helping international news outlets including our t.v. the world's main groups defending the press have strongly condemned the targeting of reporters our middle east correspondent paula slayer is following those developments for us. this coach never was taken hostage in october hones the free syrian army has held her for nearly two months they have accused her of being both a russian and a syrian spy she has a kid into you tube videos that were released earlier by the free syrian army and
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in one of those she appealed to the embassies ukraine and russia as well as to the syrian government to meet the demands of the kidnappers it's very difficult to say whether in fact these demands will in fact be made she read a text in those videos in arabic in which admitted to having participated in the fighting and having worked as a military interpreter with syrian and russian officers but the authenticity of these videos believing that they were made while she was under duress now the ukrainian foreign ministry has also released a statement released last month saying that officials would negotiate for her beliefs but they did not also sort of the details international press groups have called on the u.s. and the e.u. which recognized the syrian opposition to pressure the rebels to free the kidnapped reporter but dr ali mohamed from the syria tribune doesn't believe that they're going to get results. to the west or western citizen or american citizen
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particularly both here to to. be sure to put some pressure through. the. countries. that have been sort of thing there were a massacre for. the way we still enjoy the. support from from the information and the across. some syrian rebels are reportedly threatening to make russian and ukrainian citizens in syria their target and prey saying they shouldn't be allowed to leave the country alive meanwhile moscow is warning that the opposition may win the conflict but and an honest sceptical price. has the details the russian foreign ministry would not exclude the possibility of the syrian opposition forces being victorious in the military conflict in this country that is according to the deputy foreign minister minister but he stressed once again at what price a completely unacceptable price according to the russian foreign ministry this
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victory may come he said that for now it has been claimed that sixty percent of syrian territory is being controlled by the pro position forces whilst forty percent of the territory remaining under the governmental control and if the opposition will be willing to push further this may lead to more casualties with forty thousand people about forty thousand people already killed the death toll could rise to hundreds of thousands of people and this is something russia finds us completely unacceptable and believing that this price is way too high this statement comes shortly after a conference in morocco finished with around one hundred countries pledging their support to the syrian opposition the same time of violence is still taking place in the country with several terrorist attacks rocking damascus and the neighboring outskirts of damascus in the last forty eight hours. as the u.s. and its allies give full endorsement to the syrian opposition there are fears that
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the countries don't fully understand who the and fighters on the ground truly are on our website we have analysis of who is actually doing the fighting against the government there as well as a look at the tactics that are being used. the death of former russian spy alexander litvinenko who was poisoned in london six years ago is once again in the spotlight testimony at a preliminary hearing into that incident just live in ankara was a paid british intelligence agent and that the russian state was involved in his murder or his lawyer smith is in london following the developments for us this is not just about the sort of salacious details of spying on the wealthy there is
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there a wider implications to this and of course there have been the maybe just stumbling block in u.k. russian relations for the last six years since it happened and it comes up every time in any kind of problem in the relationship between russia and the u.k. and of course the main program at the moment is syria and how much involvement the international community could have in syria we having that the inquest has said that the u.k. government has material evidence that the russian state is guilty but interestingly under the new or the english court's judgment on the lawfulness of the behavior of another state so that's an interesting point which i'm so will come up again when the inquest is held but of course we've seen no details of this evidence which is interesting bit u.k. government has kept its evidence very close to its chest meanwhile there is convincing evidence on the all the sides of course lugovoy out. the u.k. police's main suspects. because poisoning he recently passed
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a detector test administered by british experts in which he was specifically all this whether he has had any involvement in his death he said no the lie detector test was. also. told at all to me that he didn't suspect the kremlin or i'm going to go void of having any involvement in his this inquest we're expecting it to take place next year and it's an inquest in which there will be huge media attention from all over the world you know and atomic experts are back in iran to try to make headway over tensions surrounding this controversial nuclear program it's the first visits and stocks hit a deadlock in august and the i eight team is hoping to get access to some of the sites suspected of carrying out nuclear activity is one place are unlikely to get access to is the parchin military facility which tehran insists is a non nuclear site saying that inspectors have no right to access it iran consistently denies that its uranium enrichment has military aims but despite the
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lack of evidence proving otherwise israel has repeatedly threatened military action if diplomacy fails as artie's maria promotional reports mutual distrust between iran and the international community has already claimed victims. three decades of pride followed by three years of mourning when a man siri met her future husband a young physicist she immediately knew he'd come a long way indeed he went on to become one of iran's leading nuclear scientists and two it all ended one sunny morning in january two thousand and ten missions that would raise them left to work and then i heard a terrible explosion i rushed to see what happened he was lying like this. i called most mice who'd mice. i thought he was just scared then i turned to him there was no face just blood in tissues he was the first
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victim in a gruesome trend associated with his work since two thousand and ten at least three other nuclear scientists have been murdered in iran doesn't mean they were working hard so their country didn't need to beg other nations for know how else we have the right acquires this knowledge and feel independent. women series husband began embarking on his nuclear career it was not a life threatening occupation in the seventy's western countries were eager to help iran develop its own nuclear program supplying into with technology with no strings attached that changed when the iranian regime deed was earlier seen as inalienable right became its biggest liability iran. would be emboldened in its pursuit of nuclear weapons billions of dollars have been pumped into the industry before the revolution at the time of the shah why should they give up now just because western powers say so while iran's nuclear program is now
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a target of western political discourse there is only suspicion and no internationally recognized evidence that the country's moving towards build an atomic weapon iranian officials believe all this tension. it is fabricated with the same purpose to demonize them in the eyes of international community if you have no use in your kitchen and some of the recent concert is contoured and said go or no if it's very dangerous maybe you want to use it to some. this is very. george king. the perceived fear is that the iranian regime can't be trusted with a nuclear capacity but even those who want a total change of leadership see should be non-negotiable for the country in the current issue as. iranian backed down across the board but even i knew. it was. kind of drago between iran. you.
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want black. south and this life which is the. blast that killed one serious husband was seduced shown that the clock in the living room stopped at the time of his death both the west and iran are equally failing to move forward iran has long insisted on its right to develop a peaceful nuclear program but suspicion in the west has led to more and more severe sanctions the more iran resists the more the pressure builds and both sides show little sign of giving up and while the west sees only dangerous intentions people here in iran believe it's all down to pride and prejudice or if nationality from tehran. arrival here to discuss the presence in iran is political analyst chris bambery who is live from london for us sir thanks for joining us joining us on the program now this parchin facility i mean if the inspectors actually were
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gained access to it do you think that this would somehow bring the international community closer to ending this standoff over iran's nuclear program. yes i think you would think it's something that is quite possible to do if the do go sation zoran good thing i think the iranians are prepared to give access but up until now every time they have come to an agreement with the inspectors with the i.a.e.a. the americans of shifted the game and are dancing demanding some new adding some new demands i think the iranians in a very suspicious that he had to go along with asked them the simple girl asked to jump to another who has been the pattern it's been established and i think there's something else that comes into the revelation today that the united states during the one nine hundred fifty s. in one thousand six days was and was prepared to use its nuclear weapons and avenge of an attack on it by russia or china a conventional attack i should add means that you know and and then it comes out
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that actually the policy changed only when the soviet union acquired a suspicion nuclear arsenal to take out the united states of america then they came to an agreement with the soviet union means around mostly looking at that and thinking well actually it's when the russians had and you could ask all americans not to talk to them so maybe what we've got to do you know is develop nuclear weapons so i think by upping the ante all the time the americans could actually drive the iranians to do something else that they don't want to do which is develop nuclear weapons but at the end of the only tehran can control is what it does in its own turf and as frustrating as it may be for the iranians why not just allow the inspectors to access that site especially if there's nothing to hide. say that every time they've allowed this to happen and then just been presented with more demand they have come to an agreement and i think as well they continue military buildup on the sanctions which are going on against iran on not helping the situation i think one of the things it could have done to ease this is an easing of
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sanctions as a concession if you like some sort of problem for the arabians and then iranians who responded but the west far from doing. i have continued to up the ante by increasing sanctions an increase in the military pressure and many iranians know feel that any claimed owed on this would be some sort of national disgrace what the west done is made the new arena a nuclear nuclear program as of touchstone of national pride one of your interviews said and therefore it becomes more and more difficult for the reason to quiet down so i think as i say the iranians may well give access but i think you know these negotiations have to because only good faith alone is on the table is what is on the table and is not the way some other demands a person by washington which is what is continuing happened you well do you think that the radius can lose faith in those haitians as a whole i mean we've heard these talks of wrapped up a looks like a self will be meeting again in tehran in january but we've had talks after talks
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after talks with no outcome. i think the result is we paid you could go and you go a long way to try and. come to come to an agreement and as i say every time we do it for the demands of the mines in place of an iranians are adamant they are not going to construct nuclear weapons and it will the home of the west reprints and i'm speaking to and wondered you know the united kingdom government is going to spend billions of poe's on really policing its weapons of mass destruction trident nuclear weapons it's developing a nuclear weapon program there's no talk of sanctions against the united kingdom there's no talk of sanctions against the united states which plan to use these weapons as we reveal today so mccain used to use them in the korean war and in the cuban missile crisis and has used atomic weapons in russia on august second one hundred forty five new sanctions against them and nothing is done against israel which a legal it possesses nuclear weapons does not allow any inspections like they're a means to not sign up these agreements like the iranians and yet nothing is done
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about israel because its nuclear weapons are acceptable in washington that is essential point and the for those grand hypocrisy on the scale here you know. for the west and its allies will go to nuclear weapons either since another wall for iran well certainly i can me but you bring up the us you bring up an israel and i want to ask you i mean we've heard obviously israel threatened a preemptive strike against iran numerous times the americans seemed to be has intention to do the sort of thing they informed and warned israel against that the critics had suggested that was before because president obama was fighting a reelection campaign now that he has secured another four year term do you think that this can change the dynamic change that i. have no faith in obama. is going back a lot of things are moving causing him going town will be but one of the things he's been actually a loyal supporter of israel despite his voice with netanyahu this really does really well with obama go along with this and therefore i think i will continue to
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see the military buildup in the gulf but it's important to say that israel can threaten iran does not have the military capability to take over there really nuclear facilities there on north arabian weapons by the way it is just in a moment a nuclear program it doesn't have the ability to do that it's going to have to rely on the americans to if it came to it to have the weapons to get into then you could bunker you could bunker system in iran and the dangerous thing year is the military buildup we are witnessing in circling iran and in particular in the persian gulf because we know from history back in one thousand seven hundred eighty seven that the americans shot down america unring instable airliner with over two hundred people dead irina's did not respond thankfully but any incident which happens like this in this current situation could really set fire to a big slug set ablaze a fire i don't think we have to be working at this and saying the military buildup in the persian gulf is highly dangerous in an area which is growing in instability
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not just in terms of the tension between america and its allies in iran but also what we're seeing in black rain in kuwait and in saudi arabia this is not an area of stability of the moment and things could happen it was going to skip the control . of washington i think people in the way people in america elsewhere should be demanding an end to the military build up against iran i don't see the sanctions against iran those are very real i want to follow up on something you had said you said that israel alone doesn't have the capability to necessarily launch an attack on iran but we have heard reports of israel's supposedly purchasing thousands of g.p.s. guided weapons systems from the united states do you think that this could be some sort of a sign perhaps that tel aviv could be preparing for a confrontation. on the region for a war in gaza it didn't come out of very well and we saw this on hamas is missiles reaching philthy so this really is must be desperate so we rebuild this is also in order to keep its military bans on all the other states inside the region so how many how does a setback in gaza out of those and if we knowing what the israelis alike will be
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desperate to build up there are meant to keep them in this appears position at the same time they must be aware that actually the facing quite serious enemy is now in the shape of hamas in the shape of his go are under of course the one stage which actually provided weapons to the palestinians in the gaza war which was iran and therefore i think israel is in a weaker position it has been in many many years as a consequence of these debates in gaza israel is the one in gaza product line believe it's a vision and is defeated weapon all right well thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us that is chris bambery political analyst joining us live from london. well coming up on the program on the other country cast out by the international community north korea has been widely criticized over its recent successful rocket launch with the u.n. security council becoming the latest to condemn the move it promised an appropriate response is sparking speculation that the country may be facing a further sanctions which are eagerly sought by the u.s. as well as some european states now while north korea says that it merely put
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a weather satellite into space countries like japan claimed it was a long way from missile test its second attempt this year after a failed launch in april well one expert on north korea professor richard frank thinks that sanctions are highly unlikely to change the country's course of military development. sanctions are of course an appropriate means to show your political dissatisfaction but in terms of being effective if they are almost useless in terms of north korea sanctions up in the plight full of decades korea had enough time to find ways around those sanctions there are humanitarian concerns as the allies the try to so i think sanctions have more or less a symbolical function but they will have very little actual effects on the korean veterans a rocket or a missile is definitely a question of interpretation from a political perspective because technically both devices would be you saying is the difference is what the pay a little bit you put a satellite tall it's
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a rocket if you put a nuclear warhead on top it's a missile basically it's the same thing to go to the u.n. to see a resolution there are hoodies interpretations i'm the legal expert but i don't at all so it definitely doesn't believe this resolution is enough to prohibit. all of that launches for peaceful purposes frankly speaking i do not really believe that north korea intends an all out attack on its neighbors this program including nuclear program has purely defensive and in terms of purposes it's knows no size interest to have war because if you have war in korea both korea selection is off for a lot as long as the regime is stable in north korea and that's actually to keep pressure there is no immediate it's our danger of a war breaking up. still ahead this hour the russian president lashes out at america's president so strong that swallowing an american decision to sanction the russians who are linked to alleged rights violations and a high profile corruption case the sound lots more for you after
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a short break. i never thought i could earn a living this way. natalee issue of all is the norm or should test small arms so there's a lot almost machine building ploy and not obvious sourced count of all the weapons she's fired over the past twelve years. i got so used to it sometimes my friends ask me to join them at the rifle range and i say no wait i'm so tired of shooting. the planet's history goes from making firearms doing world war two to ballistic missiles from nuclear submarines during the cold war the bulk of the soviet industry was moved here in the 1940's to flee the advancing germans so if you will speak in the heart of soviet military production closed off before in this whole
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first century it's true i've done the massive moods of the soviet military when the u.s.s.r. collapsed but life here was shaken to the core but some adapted to better than others. this is truck factory russia's number one truck maker or girls will look at how well the workplace is organized everything's done to make sure the work is done time there was production is booming in the factory has largely managed to get on to civil rails these johnsons sold around the globe hit a base of brand new be no way to be delivered to acquire seventy trucks like this once roll up the blogs going bad about every day look about this things that absolutely huge. well i'm no formula one pilot but hopefully if i can get up that. i can go for a test drive. oh
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that was fun to get one of these to travel to whatever in the morning was with a cost of about forty thousand dollars i should start saving money. wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report. download the official application so choose your language stream quality and
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enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch our t.v. any time. welcome back well bloody near put it has lashed out against the u.s. for passing sanctions on russian officials suspected by washington of being involved in the prison death of lawyer sergey magnitsky referring to the move as absurd the russian president hit back attacking america's prison track record. but. frankly speaking i don't understand why our american colleagues are doing this most likely it's internal political intrigue the foreign ministry has already
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called it the theater of the absurd that's precisely what it is a sort of game of death was a tragedy but does nobody die in u.s. prisons maybe even in greater numbers. for eight years they have failed to shut guantanamo down where people are kept without due process under wearing shackles like in medieval times people who open secret prisons have legalized torture during investigations are now pointing out drawbacks. put in has also said that russia has yet to complete its investigation into magnitsky its death moscow's promise to retaliate against the sanctions by barring americans that it accuses of human rights abuses. always more for you when our website r t v dot com for it for you there the power of this well that's going to be tested on a u.s. sergeant who claims that he has a new prosecutors are hoping that he'll remember the day when he allegedly killed five fellow servicemen in iraq. and here's a strange one for you point out the tale of how one paralympic athlete left
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a trained racehorse in his wake winning a contest between man and beast. the euro zone's biggest banks may soon come under general electric policing from brussels in a move which could get the green light from the e.u. leaders in the coming hours it's a key step towards a fully fledged banking union on the continent with national powers slowly being concentrated into a single authority now the deal was a matter of concern in britain where many had feared that it could lead to the country's isolation but under conditions agreed to by finance ministers on thursday the u.k. and other non eurozone members will have influence over the decision making process
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now earlier stephen wolf from the u.k. independence party had told me that british leaders policy is contrary to what the majority of the people there want. but there is a certain code of politicians devises in this country who are petrified the no longer going to be at the central table of european joining the late night events in the. hotels that they get the decision making the real buzz of being but there are those like me surely politics that believe that being outside of this particular could actually influence the great great britain's influence would actually rise and we'd be able to trade more easily with the rest of the world because we're freed of these regulations so you're not alone in the euro or a perspective i want to pull up a graph that we have for our viewers here showing that more and more people would vote for an exit if there were a referendum like this is data from the mori opinion poll now how does this growing
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anti e.u. sentiment in your view sit with for example prime minister cameron's desire to be in the union and to be actively involved in the decision making process well he's isolated he's isolated themselves from the general opinion of the british people and he's isolating themselves from a large amount of m.p.'s within his own political party he is stuck with a coalition where the liberal democrats huge believers in the european union they themselves don't like to be told by the british people of what they know is the right answer in the throes the british people is that we can see that the change in the global economy means that we've got to trade with the rest of the world and we should be isolated we've one small particular state and he's and he's a real problems. euro zone finance ministers have rubber stamp the latest installment of bailout funds for debt ridden greece the money had been withheld for months and was dependent on athens buying back some of its debt before getting a viable cash injection and artie's peter all over imports high.


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