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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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three broken videos for your media project free media. silenced the ordeal of a journalist held by syrian rebels with no news of a fate since the deadline passed for her execution. energy addicted britain is accused of resorting to dirty policies to drill for gas as it approves a technique criticized for destroying the environment. and washington should deal that would let more u.s. troops into asia china's new leader advises his military to prepare for a struggle. it is a pleasure to have you with us here on new day. live from the russian capital the fate
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of a ukrainian journalist held by syrian rebels remains unknown after a deadline from a group threatening to execute finally passed on the question of was kidnapped by insurgents said to be from the free syrian army and she repeatedly accused of brutality against civilians taking up the story for us now. well the deadline has passed with no word as to whether or not she is dead or alive she was reportedly kidnapped by the free syrian army and held for ransom of fifty million u.s. dollars she was taken hostage nearly two months ago and since then has appeared in two separate videos in the first she appeals to the ukrainian government to pay the ransom money and set her free in a second which many believe was made under drew is she admits to being a spy but the point needs to be made that just about everyone believes the that this video was made under extreme pressure and delts the object of mists of what
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she was saying now reporters without borders amnesty international and a number of other nongovernmental organizations have called on the free syrian army as well as the syrian national coalition they've demanded that they immediately secure her release saying that this is the first taste of the newly widely recognized government at the same time the same rebels who are allegedly holding her have posted a video in which they have said that no russian no ukrainian and no rain in will leave syria alive so there is deep concern as to her fate now recently there has been a wave of rebel executions in one at least ten bound prisoners are shot at point blank range by the rebels and this was recorded and posted so certainly there was a lot of concern over her photo particularly the fact that nothing's been heard from who is very warring. not
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a horse one of our policy reporting right there what american troops are getting closer to syria's borders the pentagon deployed patriot anti missile complexes in turkey defend the country's borders the missiles range however will extend deep into syria terms or read all about the full details of r.t. dot com. the future of the middle east and what role the international community has to play in it that is the main theme of the latest edition of people the felts crosstalk and the question of who bears responsibility for the strife gripping the region that's all being debated twelve thirty g m t. y one blame the united states for the sectarian divisions they existed in the middle east for hundreds of years and they were exacerbated by the iranian revolution you have. a theocracy in iran that has tried to shape the region according to its own interests and a lot of the sunni states resigned this and of course the united states is allied
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with a lot of them including saudi arabia. going to u.k. over the chiefs ability was supporting. the saudi arabia which is the main troublemaker in the region which has caused both a stone to become such. a haven for extremists and this is also the case in syria where because of so the funding and precisely because of so do support you have all of these judges pouring into syria. this is r.t. the u.k. government has given the green light to a controversial gas drilling technique known as fracking it's heavily criticized for its destructive environmental impact or including causing massive water pollution artie's poorly boy as more this. is the only company with a license to conduct fracking in the u.k. but that's all changed now that the government has given its blessing for the quantity about. method of extracting shale gas from underground already operates
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several wells here in lancashire but the divisive technology was temporarily banned last year and with good reason to the fracking taking place here to minor earthquake. felt like it was terrifying. a local unpaid is doing very little he said i don't know a lot about it well he should know all about it you're going to turn this into. a line shareholders pockets this is not going to benefit us and it will be a legacy of toxic legacy for our children hundreds of miles away in london the capitals outspoken mayor calls shell gas on six of the nation's prayers and the reserves in lancashire america but for residents here in this trying to call corner of england it's a blight on their otherwise peaceful community and the prospect of more fracking sweeping the countryside is frightening and they keep talking about it being in line but people aren't aware of those reserves all the way down i think at the
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moment it's all about. how much better off will be but at what cost the technology may raise fares but the promise of riches from the rush for shale gas has set politicians pulses racing despite mounting opposition which has spread beyond lancashire show gas extraction using hydraulic fracturing techniques is a high risk activity which has many benefits for foreign investors but very little for the people of britain for dirty energy. pollutes groundwater. it is a short and not very intelligent solution to energy problems they're going to get money out of a grant program to. bring corrupt governments were doing anything for money i think it's just sort of resource money they can just get the money so this is not really
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for the country's best interest to do that way brussels isn't convinced either the european parliament is reportedly considering regulating the potting shale gas industry concerned that britain doesn't know what it's doing by throwing itself wholeheartedly into the controversial practice at the minute we are not self-sufficient and gas and haven't been for a very long time we were but in actual fact we import about half of gas now we see that in the us gas prices are a quarter of what they were i want you to track this suit to output this suit print is much less so there are many reasons why she'll go out if it. would be attractive in terms of curators blood and also probably in terms of profitability and that's what's drowning out the warnings bringing down people's energy bills means politicians and big business can press ahead even though those living in the shadow of fracking facilities know that the government is playing with fire. r c
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lancashire. and r.t. is coming from moscow just ahead for you here and more revelations are surfacing in a case which has been poisoning ties between russia and the u.k. evidence emerges that former russian intelligence officer alexander litvinenko was in the pay of british and spanish secret services this before his murder six years ago. for now an entrepreneur who's become a leading light in russia's opposition movement has a new fight on his hand this time with allegations of theft and money laundering. prosecutors allege that alexina valmy together with his brother defrauded a transport company of more than one point eight million dollars so let's hear more about the charges now marty's out from boston standing by for us live by tom good to see you can you just bring us up today what is the latest now on this. by the rory yes alexei novelli has been charged with fraud and money laundering relating
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to a case involving a postal service says his brother works in russia's postal service investigators alleged on the two of them set up a fake company then using their contacts in the postal service they managed to convince a private company to use their firm for postal services they then proceeded to massively over charge this company investigators say and then pocketed one point eight million dollars worth of fun was from the deal also laundering some of that money say investigators in a very complex scheme it is details. of novelli fruit for his part sais that he's he wasn't aware of of this charges until late suddenly popped up and he's also implied that they're politically motivated but designed to
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discredit him he's been instrumental in organizing opposition protests in russia over the past year he's also facing another other charges of fraud this is the second time in six months that charges have been brought against him in the other case it involves similar allegations involving a timber deal both of those investigations are ongoing into alexina valmy. our party's our top bottom there live in a very chilly moscow thank you for that. well just ahead here in the program that of a. really heavy petting in germany and the bundestag officially limits the level of love you can show to your head for the new anti beast yeah let's see the distillation upsets the country's one hundred fowls and open the soup. and it was said to get nuclear talks back on track saying the un's watchdog latest visit
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was productive still not allowing it to inspect the controversial test site of us coming up in just a few. of the san bernardino california police force who have to shrink by eighty officers this year to cover their budget deficit during a local meeting the chief of police laid out the city's problems the sea is facing waves of gang violence theft and drug trafficking but with all the prisons completely overcrowded many of these criminals go right back on to the street and there's just nobody to put more police out there to fight them the police chief really only had one solution offer a given situation go home lock your doors and load and you know what actually that's not that bad of a proposition america's always been
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a country where people been expected to look out for themselves and i appreciate the police chiefs honesty but i know the world we live in and i have a feeling that the second some homeowner shoots a guy who jumps over his fence at night that homeowners going to go to jail for life you can't expect that a nineteenth century attitude towards crime will be able to work in a twenty first century world where rapists can sue you because they slipped on your slippery kitchen floor if you want people to be able to defend themselves that's great but you have to allow them the legal liberty to do so or else the criminals will just take over but that's just my opinion.
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years under siege. destruction without mercy. what could have been just ruins. saved by a great sacrifice a. hundred story by huge outfits. a remarkable reminder of courage and selflessness. beauty is a. key to all the russian side all.
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would be soon which brightened. soon from things to freshen some. stunts on t.v. dot com. just about a quarter past the hour here in moscow this is artsy the u.s. looks at a. boost its military presence in southeast asia with washington reportedly on the brink of a deal to rotate or more troops and ships all the way through the philippines territorial tensions in the area are simmering and many see the move was an attempt to undermine china's influence there and some say it's all a dangerously high stakes game. america does like to miss around with china and
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trying to stand up by taking sides in this dispute between china and its neighbors it's really not because here's one way or the other that the philippines mrs clinton has called the south china sea the west in sea that's a very strategic part of the world a lot of shipping through that area and. when there are so many players that involved you cannot control them or any one of those are in really it would be very hard to control the situation bring it under control. the i.a.e.a. has concluded its mission to tehran and made good progress that's according to iran's envoy to the nuclear watchdog however the two sides did fail to agree on the inspection of a military base in parchin which is suspected of nuclear weapons related activity and more negotiations now shut you off for january that the u.s.
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meanwhile has announced new economic sanctions against iran blacklisting twelve companies and individuals associated with tehran says nuclear energy program iran's israel is using the atomic issue as a convenient bogeyman to justify its own weapons program but that's according to tehran's former top diplomat in an interview with are coming your way in full next hour for now though a quick preview here even today israel is the are always using iran issue red lines don't lead to war justifying the nuclear bomb saying iran is existential threat for easily but the fact is easily is that. produce nuclear bomb before islamic revolution because of iran's nuclear where the shah of iran. is really the same is true he's really a nuclear bomb has nothing to do with iraq right here because he was
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a master produced before of evolution now they are using islamic revolution in order to justify which i would not be so argument. i. so good to have you with us here on our t.v. today the international scandal sparked by the death of former russian intelligence officer alexander litvinenko is gaining momentum a british pretty inquest review has revealed that litvinenko was on the payroll of both the u.k. and spanish secret services when he was poisoned six years ago the court of london all sort of hard evidence apparently implicating the russian state and his murder more on this right now from our to you more so this is not just about the sort of salacious details of spying on the world there is there are wider implications to this and of course it has been the major stumbling block in the u.k. russian relations for the last six years since it happened and it comes up every
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time there's any kind of problem in the relationship between russia and the u.k. and of course the main problem at the moment is syria and how much involvement the international community could have in syria we hearing that the inquest lawyer has said that the u.k. government has material evidence that the russian state is guilty but interestingly under the law the english courts can't pass judgment on the lawfulness of the behavior of another state so that's an interesting point which i'm sure will come up again when the inquest is held but of course we've seen no details of this evidence which is interesting leave the u.k. government has kept its evidence very close to its chest meanwhile there is convincing evidence on the other side of course. to go boy who is the u.k. police his main suspects in poisoning he recently passed a lie detector test administered by british experts in which he was specifically asked whether he has had any involvement in it because that he said no the lie
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detector test was passed by him also because only father told r t that he didn't suspect the kremlin or andrey lugovoy of having any involvement in. his son's murder this inquest we're expecting it to take place next year and it's an inquest in which there will be huge media attention from all over the world artie's laura smith reporting there now many people love their pets but it's the scale of that love which is now up for debate in germany parliament's considering whether to bring in another team lost to bring it into line with much of europe but that's caused outrage among the estimated one hundred thousand proud zoo files as peter all of us found out if it's a quest for ality or a victory for animal rights activists. man's best friend and sometimes more than.
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i need an animal to be happy if i did not have it there would be something missing with their soul more levels that we should put up with i can fall in love with your animal in the sexual relationship is not out of the question it's about all these people make up some of the estimated one hundred thousand zero files in germany and will start to slowly more like child some kids playing doctor with each other and it's not necessarily sexual but somewhat small experimentation that leads you further down that path. technically it has been illegal since the killer trees animal welfare laws were relaxed in one nine hundred sixty nine. where sex with animals was dropped from the start books. it is led to a boom in the practice and the proliferation of websites and even brothels devoted to it after new laws approved this week come into force the practice will again be considered illegal this group claim there will be
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a witch hunt when it comes into force. the way this law is written means that all you need is a rumor or accusation for the agency to get involved and take your pet away it also affects not just those who practice best here where for example an animal has certain issues and all you need is a suggestion that this could have happened for sex and you got into an accusation spiral that reminds you of a very dark sound in german history. of the zoo affiliate campaigners say that here in the german parliament there legislating against morality however the law makers themselves say that it's only the welfare of the animals that they care about. we are not policy and morality but we are improving animal protection law we would like to specify that it's forbidden to court sometimes for a sexual relationship with the line is when you cause suffering to an animal for your personal sexual gratification. denmark sweden and belgium currently
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the only e.u. states without is philly a law that leaves the prospect that these countries could become a destination for a zoo a fellow tourism german animal rights activists hope the move by the bundestag will become a europe wide ban. he asked who would support a european wide ban and be fairly teeth where stand behind other nations and we need to catch up. just outside of berlin as one of the largest animal shelters in europe consent is a major issue while those involved in animal welfare say must be addressed as dogs are loyal even when they're abused they're still going to look as if they're. especially when it gets enough to eat ducks will be happy whatever you dictate but there is not a sign that the dog is enjoying it wouldn't those in relationships with our littles though a confident that their love is legitimate in fear for the future. they
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fantasize about castrating me or taking my animals away for our friend has found a razor blade in this post with a note do it yourself so we don't have to our letters don't arrive too often but they arrive every now and then in the subway someone was yelling at me calling me names i'm concerned that attacks could become physical without an office. peter all over are really. right that's ahead of the law and us and i'll talk a couple account from our washington d.c. studios and just a minute. to means in this story even for specialists how a voice can produce several sounds it warms the to the means the art of throat
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singing comes naturally picked up like a language. a language of communicating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from the unions believe not only animals but also all surrounding objects like reverse forests and even stones of souls by imitating the sounds they believe assumes can capture the power of nature. was. there are special instruments that accompany the singing if gainey says there is even a legend about his instrument a gill it says he wants to leave to poor shefford who had the best horse that won every competition but jealous people killed it on the course was revived as an
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instrument. or was it himself but a full is because of the spirit of the horse came to his dream and said make an instrument from the tree the sounding board from the leather of my face the strings . and to remember me make an engraving of my head part of the instrument he did so i called the instrument again which means come back and this melody only instrument is called cryo. to fly as one of the most famous groups in the republic their next goal is to tour broad they say for you are p. and since difficult to pick up and sing so i ask them to teach me and see if i can do it. cheer it up. shero you stand out in that was sure to say can you know who was you
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think gang are oh. but now it is the and moody part of the song and not the actual throat singing which i wouldn't even try to repeat. so maybe you have to be born here to be able to sing like this i thought so until i met she looks like it vini and i don't even speak their language but she is from japan. most says to heart and mind that you come from two hundred years ago until sappy here she's not planning a professional singing career she keeps practicing just because it's become part of her nature. she did love her tour which was easy to believe when each most suited rebel which
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runs through to leave doesn't to do with dorna found anything to nj mission to teach me reason why you should care about humans. this is why you should want your only dog. good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm lauren lyster here in washington d.c. these are your headlines for thursday december thirteenth two thousand and twelve municipal bonds traditionally seen as a safe investment word the basis of whitney's crisis warnings in two thousand and ten now she predicted hundreds of billions of dollars in default over the next twelve months which never really came to be but since then we have seen some high profile cities bankruptcies particularly in my home state of california so is there a dark underbelly lurking in muni land and how might the fiscal cliff impact this three point seven trillion dollar market we'll ask the author of the warders dot
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com muni land column long and you may wonder how the fiscal cliff impacts news well it's a potential change to the tax exempt status i mean a simple bond interest yeah they're federal tax exempt more you may not know about you know simple bonds and our word of the day plus apple concedes defeat what is the world coming to after what wired dubbed apple's map pop map the hawk the libs or its disaster of a mouse out on the i phone five google mountain is back we'll discuss in loose change let's get to today's capital account. all right let's back up a little bit in late two thousand and ten it was prominent banking analyst meredith
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whitney big call there's not a doubt in my mind that you will see a spate of municipal bond evolves how many uses you could see fifty sizeable defaults fifty to one hundred sizeable default more this woman to hundreds of billions of dollars worth of defaults it will be something to worry about within the next twelve months ok now it failed to play out as she seemed to indicate it would over the following year in turn pretty much ever since we have seen a spate of headlines similar to this murder of whitney muni call was one hundred percent wrong according to a bond pro there however between two thousand and ten and now we have seen cities and counties run into trouble and in some cases file for bankruptcy they reportedly have included san bernardino mammoth lakes both in california central falls rhode island jefferson county alabama a few others have filed for bankruptcy but had their claims rejected and over the summer stockton california was poised to win then subsequent.


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