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that's. true beauty isn't more people to. believe. all of. the world. little are little.
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well. it's technology innovations all the developments around russia we've got the future. we're now joined by iran's former top diplomats and now a scholar in the field of international relations mr seymour so i've been sort of thank you very much for meeting with us thank you let's start with the united states it's now clear that barack obama is staying for a second term in office do you expect iran still to attract as much attention or will mr obama focus on more pressing issues like dealing with the u.s. economy for example iran has been a top foreign policy issue for all u.s.
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administrations since nine hundred seventy nine. if not topic number one definitely iran has been always between top three foreign policy issues of the united states that's why i believe even in the second term of president obama iran would be if not the most important between top three important issues while now therefore only president obama is worse constrained before the elections do you think that could mean that he is more likely to get involved in something like a war with iran i believe obama came to office with. engagement policy he himself words since years and he had the good intentions he failed to deliver gauge with your own
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due to pressure from congress a pack israeli prime ministers and very tough policies of europeans because during president bush europeans they had engagement policy but on fortunately engagement policy of president obama europeans they had hawkish policies i agree with you president obama should have less constraint in the second term. therefore we can be illegal but more optimistic not too much we should not be too much to mistake because the pressures would remain the mystically from israel but he would have a little bit freer hand. for going forward with iran hopefully he would be successful and where you mention israel because he's really prime minister has been saying that the u.s.
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will assist israel if it strikes iran what does this mean now after the election i believe americans they do not want to be gauged feared war in the middle east americans they have good lessons from invading iraq and afghanistan they have lost trillions of dollars. thousands of lives and they're living of coniston and iraq with in a mess and they have not what you meant and stability has been much more wars in afghanistan and iraq after american invasion they understand the concept pointers of attacking iran would be can for it's compared to iraq and of coniston iran is to compare to iraq and afghanistan because iran is completely different that's why i believe there is a consensus within republicans and democrats that they should not
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drag the us to the third or benjamin netanyahu is all political futures only uncertain since this party is preparing to take part in the upcoming elections in israel how do you tell what's pre-election rhetoric and what are real intentions i believe even from the beginning netanyahu was bluffing. i believe fairs put pressure on american president to make a credible threat against iran. what to do what you do you mean by a credible threat they wanted american president to put a red line not on nuclear bomb on enrichment which is the legitimate right of every member when they could not or bomb are to this point he decided
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himself to make a credible threat in order to push the u.s. the e.u. in a position to choose between crippling sanctions or war which he was confident europe and the united states would be fair keeping sanctions but the main target of a lot of netanyahu from the beginning was crippling sanctions not war i believe he dismissed the u.s. and europe and he was successful israel's plausible nuclear stockpile or threat to iran. i really believe neither israel is existing threat for iran nor iran is existential threat to israel we had just global disease summit conference here and i told the conference that even today
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israelis they are always using the wrong issue justifying the nuclear bomb saying iran is existential threat for israel but the fact is israel is that israel produce nuclear bomb before islamic revolution where the shah of iran was that a lot of israeli. israeli nuclear bomb has nothing to do with iran because it was massed produced before of revolution now they are using islamic revolution in order to justify which i would not buy this idea iran has really been stigmatized in the public domain for the past few years what can their own do to persuade the west that it's not building a nuclear weapon i believe. iran has been ready
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for cooperation with the i.a.e.a. to remove the ambiguity. during all time you'll remember in two thousand and three to talk to two thousand and five we implemented additional protocol we implemented a subsidy arrangement called three point one we even suspended the richmond we gave access for the e.u. beyond additional protocol we opened the military side to die. but the e.u. three was not able to recognise the legitimate rights of iran because the us position was zero enrichment that's why didn't bush asians during our time failed despite the fact we were ready for full transparency and we proved practically during president i mean the new job russia in two thousand and eleven proposed step by use the plan. the russian step by step plan consisted of
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all majors requirements of the. atomic energy agency and united nations security council resolutions and even beyond but the iranian officials they will come the russian initiative as a basis for negotiations it was the us and the you'll reach declined the russian proposal therefore i believe again even today the russian proposal can be a good basis for negotiations you personally worked with. monitors in iran for several years and while the international observers are known to have accused iran of not letting them see everything they want while the iran has been saying that it can't satisfy all their demands whose right it depends iran is a member of safeguard. they are asking iran to implement additional protocol implementing
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additional protocol is not mandated for the nations for the cultures today seventy countries they do not implemented the protocol therefore this would be a guess chose a good read from iran to implement additional protocol but i. is even requiring requesting iran to give paks us to die is beyond additional protocol no nation in this war has given access to the i.a.e.a. beyond that the shop i believe iran is ready if they recognize the rights of iran for the richmond like any other member. of n.p.t. and if they are prepared all to make clear to lift the sanctions to start lifting the sanctions gradually at the end the state to lift all sanctions if the west and
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the five plus one already on these two issue i believe iran would show goodwill to accept additional protocol to cooperate with die a possibility they mention issues which would need to give access to die beyond additional protocol the e.u. hasn't been buying iranian oil for months now has iran been able to find new markets i believe iranian oil export has decreased fifty percent sixty percent but believe me even if you are a me and they cannot export one drop of oil they would not give up their rights under n.p.t. it really there's a mad there how much you want can exported or not during the war eight years invasion of iraq nine hundred eighty two nine hundred eighty eight we had much more
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or situation. let's move on to syria no how do you think the craft in syria may affect the situation around iran i believe this would affect more the region the us allies i believe if they continue like peace syria would go to see revolve and satirical and war. spreading to iraq so the arabia jordan lebanon and even told q. iran would be delisted to be affected by ideas spread of civilian war or war from syria. of course iran may lose one friend particularly like bashar assad at but it doesn't mean they're radical muslims they are caught they would come to paul where they would be friend of israel or america. muslim brother rude if they are in power they
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would be much more ideologists. the base would be islamic ideology aside the secular that's the difference what is the biggest threat for the united states in which i have believe that the biggest threat threat for the us is coming out of a spree where where salafi. taleban is i'm a lawyer they're extreme some need is radicals are. capturing the muslim countries the collapse of the us allies like mubarak been at least one after one this is the real threat to the us how do you see the situation developing with the arab spring is going to spread to other countries nobody knows but but but as far as i can see. there
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is alarmists are coming to power through a whole middle east and this would affect the remaining us allies in the region mr mousavi and thank you very much for your time on this was iran's former top diplomat and now scholar in the fuel of international relations mr hussein must be on. i never thought i could earn a living messmate. natale a show of oil is the norm or should test small arms so those photos to machine building plant not are the source to count of all the weapons she's fired over the past twelve years. i got so used to it sometimes my friends ask me to join them at
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the rifle range and i say no wait i'm so tired of shooting. the clowns history goes from making firearms doing world war two to ballistic missiles from nuclear submarines during the cold war the bulk of the soviet industry was moved here in the 1940's to flee the virus in germans so if you were also became the heart of soviet military production closed off to foreigners full hoffa's century it thrived on the lesser of the soviet military when the u.s.s.r. collapsed but life here was shaken to the core but some adapted to better than others. this is the year old truck factory brushes the number one truck made for girls with a look at how well the workplace is organized everything's to make sure the workers don't wait there was so production is booming the factory has largely managed to get on to civil rails these johnsons sold around the globe hayabusa brand new be
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the way to be delivered to acquire seventy trucks like this one roll up the blogs going bad about every day look at about this things that absolutely huge. well i'm no formula one pilot but hopefully if i can get up that. well i can go far to drive. whoa that was. boxes to get rid of things to travel to work every morning but with the cost of about forty thousand dollars i should start saving money.
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when i'm done you'll post showed that and how milt replay it in this show coming up how to shift a trillion in debt i love and money don't mix. and the fate of the euro in the three ways. credit banks still call nine hundred seventy three hostages freed off to a five day siege but the victims their risky was full saving them. both defending and praising the terrorists. one hostage christine even falls in love with one of the villains and dumps her fiance when she gets out. it's really cold to go greece and spain have full blown still cold syndrome finds the study
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hall stitched a crippling bit bonkers coast full the loans and dependency and a terrifying twist the state's so-called risk of the same as the whole stitch take because first greek premier papademos then it's a nice multi. multi national bank has full stints of power don't call us and thing us developed the theory he joins us now wanted to call it that. is because i can see there that governments are kidnapped by speculate because. kind of people and. they are not defending that. we can see that team greece and spain mainly because. instead of. being able to work all our. ways to go out of crisis they're getting. the solution diesel corsi said gains the interest of. people.
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and these various and example they decided not to use. odious states in international law loans moultrie paid because taken against the interests of the people equate those debts repayments was loaded in favor of lenders like us chase bank president karimov declared it odious the billions saved doubled spending in hospitals and schools. as far as you could see into the future they were going to keep paying debts but would never reach a situation where the country actually benefits from the foreign capital. greece's most popular policy the research has already declared the national debt odious if it wins the next election it won't repay the banks we're joined by michael hudson who advises countries like the u.s. on economic policy profess that is greece is that odious. a minister.
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during goes up well wait a minute are you going to watch it really surrender our autonomy there has to be a. democratic. and angela merkel said you can't have a referendum if you have a referendum the democracy will vote against it we're going to. check that. government you know and. so all of this. not our. only russ. that is assumed to be a requirement for taking on a death. by ending on the population with a halt if the population doesn't vote for that that if that is already here democracy replaced by ditto crissy but is this in the public interest when a bank makes a loan they're supposed to give him something when a minute is just a moment by
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a lot of other words it's the borrower credit for it and the definition of credit where it ends and the bar work on earned enough money off awkward way off what with activity repaying along with the interest it didn't invest for government and government if you do have enough he's our and our rat yes that's what your assets take them away the terms of the bailout call for greece to sell off its land spend the rest lands its offshore oil resources the property of the kings that's a good play that's not libel or civil it's reached the point today where finance is aiming at the same objectives that a military war thanks no waging military wars let's speak to great journalist nicholas motorists was the effect of this on the ground since the mine. thousands suicide's inside the pens by people who know they own their beds their
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grief just go more big loans from foreign banks does this obese bring home. aid we didn't go to the present crisis that the greek government was two hundred sixty three being in yours. according to the recent bill passed in the parliament on november the governmental debt will be. pretty hundred forty six billion euro bonds say to be quickly police make some painful sacrifices and the next ten years we're going to. reduce the debt but. sacrifice like one in two jews out of work has bought the club meant for this national debt in the last decade has skyrocketed most humiliating of all for greece portugal italy and spain the future only gets worse is health claims buying slowed
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to one trillion on the types of private lenders gambled and built three million houses people called to forward one of them thank you no runs off as it was of the national economy claiming this too big to fail government is nationalize them turning a plain crap bank into a bankrupt nation. the worst kept secret on the markets is no one will touch the euro while four of its members at least are on the brink. hardly anyone actually train zeroes any more random walk of the drunken offspring of a failing marriage. bookmakers don't give greece a sporting chance they've stopped accepting bets on the country's euro exit it's all turning people not just of the road but of the european union itself. britain's anti e.u. party just beat the ruling tuileries to gain record support in elections checkmate
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the free citizens was founded by pizza mike a disillusioned advisor to the country's president you prison rules he told me stop nations putting their house in order we have. czechoslovakia and after it goes full out wrote up in the ninety nine three. then the relations between czechs and slovaks have improved and currently the relation between these two nations are better at it than ever and. the reason is that each nation is responsible for its own mattress the well need to morrow until it leaves the euro zone so i think they did eventually do euro
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zone will have to break up anyway but how do you actually quit the currency wolfgang when charles research just that's at the financial times he joins us now so how do you leave the euro. e.u. law that stops you know that stops greece from imposing you know the default there would be emergency laws naturally i mean you would have to you know you would have to basically collect all the money stamp of the existing bank notes to you know make them greek euros and so it's quite a bit of quite a bit of stuff that you need to do in order in order to get through and then you need to impose bank holidays so this is not doable in a weekend single probably have to close down the bank so what are we here greece goes what will happen portugal is in between spain and greece it is it has some of the characteristics of who is a very poor country and has some of the characteristics of spain with a high private sector and that it's an especially foreigner in that it knows supporter go you know if greece if greece could go then portugal could go its route
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of these are the two countries that are most like most endangered you know if spain were to go for some reason the eurozone would be in in real trouble right greece looks weak but that actually puts things in a strong position talk about stockholm syndrome there is a certain certain amount that they become kind of voluntary captives in the system seven european countries that have been only reason democracies like greece and spain and portugal there is a certain fear. among political class it's best to stand up to germany you have to stand up to the c.p.a. to say look unless we get this this rescue done on our terms of even leave the eurozone and then you know if you take the losses i would assume that germany what not like the us and germany would really be scattered anyone who leaving the euro zone because there are risks involved and and the german political leadership is very risk averse at the moment so so so i think they will probably have the greeks the spaniards the police probably would have a much stronger hand and then they think. you know if they stood up to japanese.
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so if greece stood its ground. the banks. greece. and merkel was tough to choose one to go down say in a showed they know. this is the truth.
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little. girls are. there on. the street. you. we're. going. to come out of it in a. moment but i'm a little. you
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know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.


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