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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EST

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the latest news and the week's top stories unofficial tally that indicate egyptians have voted to buy the new draft constitution rather one of them he was told referendum that continues to split society with violence on the rise. of a tide said to be turning against the embattled syrian government as it struggles to find the outside looking for rebels getting more assistance from abroad. president clinton says it is now or never take hold in russia's long way because of the pull of economy corruption and stem the outflow of the country's wealth.
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this is broadcasting live from our brand new h.d. studios in moscow. under a very warm welcome to the program to egypt where both the muslim brotherhood and its opponents are claiming that the country really worked at the buying of a disputed draft constitution in round one a referendum they claim is based on unofficial tally is their fish the results will not be announced until after the next stage of the draft horse trade by the islamists but has been slammed by the opposition correspondent belcher is in cairo for us this video to tell you it's nice here in the capital in cairo is people have been waiting for these key results on the referendum of the constitution in the last few hours we've got preliminary results of course british ones will come out of the second round indicate that it was a yes vote the muslim brotherhood together with the media outlets numbers of matching up they're saying approximately fifty six point five. percent voted yes
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three point five percent voting this will seem to be of course a major blow to the opposition forces particularly because in this round only two of the governorates in both through the ten votes as i see voted as a no to the opposition with numbers as high as seventy percent into ports of the constitution across the country this particular stage of the referendum was largely seemed to be the biggest chance for a no vote to the constitution as the government involved actually voted against the president during the presidential elections so really right now the opposition forces are going to have to either drum up support in the next six days for the second round or final time it's a tactic to campaign i think there will be heightened tensions of course i mean people have criticized the idea that the referendum was split into two days of the week in the middle with these results coming out because of course people are going to react to them as we entered the late stages of the voting process which had been
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extended by several hours by the electoral commission because of high turnout they were violent scenes in the streets of cairo and. what party headquarters the opposition opposition group were attacked by suppose it supports is of has an obvious man who has knowledge or orthodox salafist leader one time presidential candidate one party did i reports that ultra conservative islamists torched that headquarters talking with firearms until the security forces did report injuries so really we'll have to see in the next week what happens in the build up to the second round this crucial rounds as the seventeen other governorates going to vote on this constitution. syrian government forces they were saving and the opposition offensive as the rebel made gains and battles across the country in the push towards damascus this comes after the opposition received another boost this weight on their diplomatic status was downgraded by a u.s. led group of. nations who also donated more than one hundred million dollars to the
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pound and while nato is deploying surface to air and missiles and troops to neighboring turkey oncor requested the reinforcements from its allies after a series of course approved exchanges of gaia with syria alliance officials are playing the syrian government has begun using ballistic missiles against the rebels something denied by the mosque is. takes a closer look at those finds frankenstein's. oh. they call themselves martyrs and. all those you see around you are the fighters you see are living larders and the living martyr has already sacrificed a soul for this country the syrian rebels say they will stop at nothing to defeat us. some of them are so proud of their deeds that they post them on the web including the execution of prisoners. or having a child behead a man who was presumably an assault supporter atrocities are committed on all
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fronts during syria's bloody civil war according to many accounts on the ground it's islamist groups that do most of the fighting on behalf of the rebels dr tatar we come meet was a member of a jihadi spoken ization twenty five years ago he later became a vocal opponent of radical islam that you have this have no problem to behead people alive you deal with people like bin ladin and they're all because of al qaida who have no hesitation to use any form of whip around to to really. control any place. religious believes in ideology the so-called friends of syria including the gulf states the the west the u.k. and friends many morocco to throw their weight behind the newly formed syrian opposition coalition two thirds of the islamic dominated entire coalition has the finest of the muslim brotherhood in cellophane and their idea of freedom for syria well. it's a positive sign for. military struggle is characterized by being mostly islamic
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because martyrdom for the sake of allah has always been the main motive of people. in what's seen as a symbolic attempt to distance themselves from terrorists in syria washington has designated one of the rebel groups a terrorist organization but the same syrian opposition that the us supports welcomes the efforts of groups like al nusra the decision of considering one of the factions fighting the regime as a terrorist organization should be reconsidered. this is a demonstration of support for in syria with people heard chanting we are students of osama. people here in washington don't seem to understand that if you don't like the government in cairo or if you do like the government in cairo i guess i should say then you will love the government the comes to power in damascus because you will see a sunni muslim islamised government
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a muslim brotherhood style government that is absolutely intolerant fundamentally hostile to the west washington has failed to officially denounce the many suicide bombings perpetrated by the rebels in syria preferring to focus on the wrongs committed by the assad regime alone the u.s. is also ramping up the rhetoric about the possibility of the assad government using chemical weapons against civilians something that damascus says would be suicidal on the other hand many rebels are not averse to the idea of suicide in the name of what they call holy war militants have recently taken control of a toxic chemical plant in the country's second city of aleppo a video was uploaded to youtube showing them testing chemical weapons on rabbits we could not independently verify the authenticity of the footage. you will die like these two rabbits in its own words the assad government is fighting terrorists that battle has claimed thousands of innocent lives the measures the syrian government was ordered to have been widely criticized but there's that crisis mean the world
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should keep their eyes shocked at who's actually fighting for power in syria now in washington i'm going to check on. earlier this week period in the heart of russia's political elite on the edges of the seats in his fast annual address to lawmakers since returning as president tough new corruption measures and the plan to stem the flow a wealth from the country which also called for a drastic overhaul of the resource based economy and a boost to the social sector. reforms. several years ago when former president made very if a dress to russia's lawmakers this signaled major constitutional changes for the country with a presidential term being extended to six years this time when president putin delivered his first annual address after returning to the kremlin for the third time it ran no major sensations nor political changes but at the same time this speech was even more significant as some have already said that many others
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before this time put in barely spoke about any foreign policy issues the main focus was on domestic problems in russia and there has been with plenty according to russia's president in fact he started his speech by saying it is now or never as the world is going through a crisis russia must stand up to all these challenges and the first and the most correct way to do that is to invest in two youths not richard is the what's the as of today the percentage of healthy active able bodied people in russia aged between twenty to forty is one of the highest in the world twenty years time economically active population could shrink by fifty percent less we do something this trend will continue either we provide interesting jobs give opportunities to create business build families raise children be happy just a few decades russia will become a poor country populated by an elderly generation incapable of preserving its own
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territory. but the biggest issue dragging russia backwards for the past several decades has been the corruption among the higher echelons of power and that is why the largest chunk of putin's speech was dedicated to the struggle and the president came up with some very tough rhetoric and heard in all twelve years putin has been in politics in russia but no wonder it seemed at times that putin was not in stressing the whole russia and not for the whole world to see but he directed a stern warning to those. sitting in front of him cuckoo or david in order that we could you know when you go how can people trust an official or a politician who talks a lot about the good of russia at the same time and tries to take his money out of the country i ask you to support the trail to limit the amount of foreign account some stocks that officials and politicians can have. the people. don't applaud yet maybe you won't like everything i have to say but even put in
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will be holding an annual press conference for the world media and the eyes of the entire planet will again be on the russian president let's see russia r.t. reporting from inside the kremlin. the pride of any charles to have children will mean they've victims of this the lies asia and in this case and all your journey explore one will be you ask how they had to receive any compensation for our special three. years some to see. destruction without mercy. what could be just ruins. saved by a great sacrifice a great many understory by huge ethics
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a remarkable reminder of courage and selflessness. is a. huge all brushed aside. do we speak your language anybody will not advance. news programs and documentaries
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and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little tentative angles keaton's stories. you hear first see the choice altie spanish find out more visit eye to eye. tito it's called. a golden. girl i live a. good speech. she gave. her her. wish i. look. good luck with
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good. play. lists. and. i don't mind i'm a better little. clip . they used three presidents have received the nobel peace prize on behalf of the
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union one ceremony and also brussels was recognized for its efforts in promoting peace and democracy on the continent but even before the prize was handed out the nomination sparked mass controversy several former winners wrote to the nobel foundation demanding that the e.u. base triple the award and on the eve of the presentation hundreds joined a protest march in the norwegian capital as aussies peter all of a found out those are not the only issues undermining the credibility of the prize . from our poor little children. will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of about them but by the content of back character i'm the one that can be probably wouldn't become a glorious tikki hamby assassinated however the nobel peace prize is only awarded to a living person this is when it tests trying teria especially when it comes to finances
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the announcement the european union was to pick up the twenty twelve gong sparked heated debate the award has been discredited particularly after the outrage of who's picked it up recently so see what's. done over the last twelve months to come vince the nobel committee it's with the of such a prestigious award. supported regime change in foreign countries and several member states indulged in violent crackdowns on demonstrators outraged by the failure of the government's. skeptics and no it devalues the whole concept of the nobel peace prize what's really happening is that the european union is having its worst year ever and it's mates and the international community coming to it's a brit to have been awarded of the announcement to be made in the very week that i went to athens and was greeted not just by tens of thousands of protesters but
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people dressed up in swastikas and giving it the salafis frankly i grew up in a europe that was divided from east to west and i'm now living in a europe that is divided from north to south and never at any point in the history of this union has there been more discord of rank that we currently got among more moderate voices there are concerns the peace prize is being used as a political football i think this award basically does a lot to kind of discredit past people who've won this prize. i mean it demonstrates a sort of heavy politicization of the use of this award now it's been suggested that this year's winner of the peace prize picked it up more for not having done something as opposed to having food the peace around the globe it seems like they got the prize more because there hasn't been any war in europe for many decades rather than having done anything specific i think as long as civic institutions like the nobel prize continue to lose their legitimacy in their spirit through
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political favoritism these prizes are always political but such blatant and obvious political favoritism and maneuvering i think it actually takes something away and i think it's actually damaging leaves the whole institution of the prize facing the question whether the nobility is being drained from the new down. r t fairly. and as the prize winning european union continues to battle it can all make and social turmoil increasingly more people in britain want out and steven wells a spokesperson for the u.k. independence policy says his country would be far better roles going into. there is a certain code of politicians and advisors in this country who are petrified that they're no longer going to be at the central table of europe in joining the late night events in the flash cars and the hotels that they get the decision making the real buzz of being there but there are those like me that actually are party that
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believe that being outside of this particular about would actually influence great great britain's influence when actually rise and we'd be able to trade more easily with the rest of the world because we're freed of these regulations at the moment you can see that even from the government's own statistics they show that recently trade with the rest of the world has risen dramatically whilst our trade with europe has actually fallen and that's not surprising to ourselves because we see that the rest of the world recently eastern in asia are looking at south america or indeed the middle east and then there's going to be a great push in africa there are countries with rising populations and rising middle class that demand products we have expertise that could and should be used trading with them it was a long running program of forced sterilization in the u.s. that left turns out fountains a woman unable to have children though it ended decades ago not all the claims for compensation have been heard oh he's marina burton i met one of the victims we want
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what are our parents eighty four year old virginia brooks was just fourteen years old when north carolina's widespread eugenics program would forever alter her future then why don't i have to go to the hospital i'm not saying. rucks was with two other girls when a social worker picked her up she said we're gonna take you pin. down there and they did surgery i didn't know what he was doing to me eugenics is a pseudo science aimed at improving the so-called quality of the population by forcibly prevented reproduction by people thought by some to be inferior in america it targeted mostly young poor minorities the mentally disabled or those otherwise deemed unfit to raise children like brooks who was an orphaned teenager she came in my chart was on the phone and. she says well. now you
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nobody you won't have no bread they. said what wait a minute what do you mean. to say you you won't know hannah twelve. and there's a lot handed to me this is an angle of this that the renaldo brooks went on to adopt a little girl and mary howard her husband of forty two years between them they have four grandchildren five great grandchildren and the unfortunate legacy of suffering under the shadow of mandatory sterilization. or were no way she would marry some modern should be hailed. the day that anything. they should. probably one of the most infamous uses of this theory were the racial purity programs in nazi germany. while north carolina's eugenics program reportedly
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claimed seven thousand six hundred victims before being dissolved in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven north carolina was one of thirty two american states that practiced eugenics and this year it was on track to be the first state to compensate living victims like brooks with a payout of up to fifty thousand dollars they were going to kind of them except they were born this kind of journalist thank you. can do better than this. change but what has happened to this day not one victim throughout the united states has been compensated for their lifelong suffering in june north carolina state senate rejected proposals to allocate funding for the compensation program some argue that paying victims for what was a legal program could lead to subsequent payouts tied to america's other historic atrocities such as slavery seven decades ago this building served as baker
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senatorial it's where state officials took virginia brooks and dozens of other young girls to undergo mandatory sterilization surgery today it serves as an apartment complex where families are living routine lives this as others still bear deep scars over how their lives were forever changed here they had a baby. of the people. a life changing question which u.s. state officials refused to answer for marina port archie north carolina. i was coming out short break when praise the cold weather and travel to the north of russia and of course since here more of my hands.
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it's but atop a jaw drop under view from to the ball scrabble and stretches as far as the i can see up for a city that chilled all of siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was by pos but a chance i bear in railway but the poles cremains a spiritual center. oh seems like these are a yearly occurrence thousands of all the docks worshipped as did themselves and bless it will to commemorate the baptism of jesus. in the fifteen eighties the russians had only just conquered siberia taking it from the muslim. surrounded by enemies the ball supposed to be their stronghold constructed on top of an old
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a city but soon enough it became an economic hub siberian fire was the oil of its time bringing in a third of all russia's state revenue but the balls committed location head of the uses for the russians the russian heiress across who led a revolt against the saw and eighteen plenty for life known as the decemberists will stand here in droves there they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or a place once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also set up some bit of irony for the russian royal family off to the bolshevik revolution. this is the office was solemn nicholas the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled here they led a fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves leaving the ordinary normal countryside life style they even had thoughts of a skate but within the year the czar and his family would be dead.
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the moment screens in lines above the arctic circle and even for russia this is a tough climate to survive even when temperatures can stay below zero for eight months of the year. standing on the outskirts of the city of months it's right up in the far north of russia and it's been the starting point for many polar expeditions hoping i'm going to get to troy to arctic challenges but so. you have to be physically fit to survive up here and the people certainly seem to have a lot of energy from one of the biggest annual events and moments skis the northern lympics a collection of winter games that brings the population out in force and the cities he welcomes take home to. now if you're going to be
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an all to explore one thing you have to how it is plenty of stamina so all you have decided to end. up sort of in during the cross-country march. and so it goes you must meet. your. peer group and thank you very much who's your number number one thirty one thirty which i think is about there's about a thousand people here. i'll make it to number hundred thirty i'll be very lucky ok so i'm torn as an experience on one of the race organizers and apparently i wasn't exactly in for a treat can you tell me a bit about the specifics of the race because it seems fairly true through the hard you know. strange hill has about fifty. two before. i see ok well i think if i make it past the first kilometer.
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if out of my so i think it's a try i certainly try to drive. away get set to go. as the other skiers zoomed off into the distance i try to get into a rhythm i don't have one of the go cross-country skiing and this time it wasn't any easier. so there's a more energy efficient way to do this. come on. early for she like a long history. on the wall too technical issues like how to address. call go backwards. first lesson. at least i was able to pick up some tips as my competitors spot.


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