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assesses that championship credentials. ah this was the first russian premier league season to take a winter break in december and while some of the must go big guns like sports aqua committee and denominator struggling in mid table surprise packages like good wine and terry a reading high respectively in fourth and fifth yet the title race has emerged as a three horse race with just five points separating taste and zinni in the battle for the championship and the two champions league places. i have to bowing out of the europa league in august has got can now concentrate on the domestic competitions and what a run they have been on with midfielder the secu honda and forward particularly influential winning twelve matches out of thirteen in the league however they must go side slightly slipped up in their final two matches drawing at champions in need
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and losing at an g. but the army man going to the winter break three points clear at the top and with players such as strike a say do them be said to return from injury they look at a good bet to end this seven year wait for russian football's biggest price. because of then volman in the europa league and the ongoing run in the russian cup m g have played more matches than any other top flight team thirty three overall yet feedings man have been consistent throughout and i just two points adrift having suffered only two away defeats details guy and to twice former champions were being wildly clinical striking fare of some well at all and less seen that there are what they have netted sixteen of their teams thirty four goals the dentist on side spent three weeks at the top of the standings this season and have much in their favor and in form team an experienced manager as well as the bottomless budget of billionaire owner so they must. kima to fulfill them much
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publicized aims of a first premier league title and champions league football i'd. twice defending champions in need started this season where they left off winning their first four games including a five nil thrashing of last year's runners up spartak expectations were the race following their one hundred million dollars joint signing your fall and knocks a lead said but then it went wrong for china's politicise eager denice of went on strike over pay and they quest out of the champions league. things seem to be returning to normal following a six game winning run but that came crashing to a man following the scandal at denominate where flair was thrown injuring the home side's goalkeeper zinni what handed at three nil technical defeat and had to play three home matches behind closed doors with two of them so far played resulting in draws against a sky and anji as the top sides cancelled each other out so with half the season
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gun in russia the battle for the europa league sports remains very tight with just four points separating fourth placed one and neighbors across the dark who are back in town yet the fate of the crown will most likely go down to a thrilling finale with little to choose between m g and xeni constantine but out of r.t. . so after all that action let's look at the best of the rest from the past week in the world of sport. on monday let's stay in russia as defending champions need hosted angie in the last top flight match before the winter break but if you watch this from the battle as it was played behind closed doors and she took a first half lead through zhao carlos though the home side levelled in the second comforting xian off and one one it finished and she stay second suneet third with
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not being the real winners as they stay top. on tuesday blade runner oscar pistorius proved once again he's the fastest man on no legs after the six time paralympic champion out grand prix races force the arab start was called maserati but the sports car name didn't help the beast in the one hundred fifteen meter dash pistorius pulling off another victory to promote disability sport the south african also made history this summer by taking part in the london olympics was. that on wednesday former world number one kim clijsters ended her tennis career in style as the twenty nine year old beat old rival venus williams six three six three in an emotional farewell match in antwerp the belgian officially retired for the second time after her favorites one amongst the u.s. open this summer and then thirty thousand fans turned up including constance belief
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and princess mathilde to see the four time grand slam winner play for the last time . then on thursday russian side here in key finished second in group a of the year only after a dramatic one point when at home to greek side promise and i pose so our own prime unit top score has sixteen points in the seventy eight to seventy seven victory despite marcus banks sinking the three point of pool the visitors at the bowels of the moscow region team will next a turkish. the ship in the top sixteen later this month. thank. god there russia's alexander to check all of it in a strong performance in the latest stage of the world cup skeleton in france but it wasn't enough to take top spot as all eyes were on martinez due course to clinch gold for the fourth time in five events so far to give a lot in the ninety eight point zero overall read ahead of the russian.
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thank you. thank you. then on saturday russia's hurling the captain and a sitter about the ice she celebrated winning the country's second european crown the twenty one year old through the deciding stone in the extra end to be last year's winners scotland six five in a thrilling finale the last time russia won gold it was six years ago. thanks. on sunday sized american champions provisions won the prefix rob world cup after a one mil win over european champions chelsea in japan paolo good hour though put the brazilian side ahead after sixty nine minutes then the blues had gary cahill sent off in the ninety s. though they thought they'd equalized through fernando torres but he was ruled
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offside ensuring the trophy went to a south american team for the first time since two thousand and six thanks now russian ice hockey fans had a rare treat in moscow last weekend with a host of top stars competing together in the channel one cup and it was here getting malkin and back to the key goals as russia beat finland three wanted to retain the trophy which is all great preparation for the upcoming such olympics as richard reports. this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for russian hockey fans never before have a big for alexander i've reached in here couple chael you can email can and public that song played together for the national team on home ice for channel one comp which she's russia at their wits against sweden finland and the czech republic is always well attended but this year's edition has particular significance and it's
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wonderful to see them all out there when am i going to get this chance again it's a test ahead of sortie and we'll see how they get on your way with the likes of the milk in the flesh for the first time today we saw the arriving on the bus to the game it was fantastic it's wonderful to see our stars they've won world championships and i hope they will win the olympics this is a great team and we will be supporting them over the way. and equally the players were just as pleased to put on a show for the fans as with many playing in north america for a number of years they really get a chance to play in russia together you know it's crazy and so i would work harder for you know when you don't make tournaments coming up in the year and then we just have to fair parasols as i can and what we're going you that the fans will be right behind us and that's going to be our extra got the fans are not the only ones to benefits head coaches in your tool a billionaire deneuve will also get valuable practice time ahead of assault year lympics which is just fifteen months away with his top stars as part of the all
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conquering soviet union success respect continuity given that they constantly played together and for a couple chalk he believes his familiarity can only help the russians billions of at home winter games it's nice you know to feel that chemistry and just be around the guys it's fun you know and especially when you're called some guys play first time for him and he's got a new system so it's got to go through others who would like to feel good about the show as a kind of small test for us you know and you know when you play against with ultimatum to play for the. small step mr this is a great opportunity for bill or dean of to try a new combinations and so far things seem to be going well and if this is a sign of things to come then russia could finally end their weights for their first olympic gold since the breakup of the soviet union it's fitting that on the forty fifth anniversary of the china one card business to campuses now and then with russia putting in performances for the soviet union would have crowded as more
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than that to train as i'm told we told our so firmly to tikkun up all bodes well for the russians with the winter olympics in sochi just trying to corner one of the standard players at this tournament has been pummeled out so you could fit in with native was one of the world's best two way send is as don't go last from a crime with his impressive claim including at one trick against the czech republic which russia won six nail however the former detroit red wing knows only too well the pressure his side will come under when the sorts of games get under way a source of pressure on him. when he will choose out of choice with the chair over the line with what can do best to special pressure force over a few barren years there is suddenly a new buzzword in russian hockey which certainly been held by a number of the country's n.h.l. stars returning home juge of a lockout here there's still much that can change ahead of a such olympics but the practice for getting ahead of the competition could prove invaluable in their quest to get that elusive gold medal which of them boldly to
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r.t. moscow. well that's all for part one but stay tuned for part two where we have some colorful stories as we made the certain year old girl who lifted more than twice her body weight to create a new how lifting belt record and go away. more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has
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been seeing from the streets of canada. operation day. play. play play.
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the blues. in his secret laboratory tim curry was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything turns mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and we're going this is why you should care what you're only on the r.-g. dot com. welcome back to part two and let's not move on to combat sports on sunday the fight night showdown again hit moscow with one of the most impressive cars russia has ever sayed with for my u.f.c. champion and i love ski and up and coming kickboxing stuff bloody american they
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have in the spotlight but it's not on you and how small looks can tell much more than words even for a man who's been through hundreds of battles. the pressure is always there all eyes had been on under lofty before the fight now is showdown him and started with his first bout in russia since two thousand the former year of sea heavyweight champ then after break ups and heard food downs is currently flying through journey to the summit of mixed martial arts the next in his way the form a cage warrior is fighting jumpin mike haste stand up that's where our last ski needed to keep the fight and he did the first two rounds so that the russian showcase his boxing scales and take command of the battle but they're american stay composed waiting for his jones to pounce and it's game in the third place lenat
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a haymaker over the pit bull was quick to recover and regain control three rounds of action store last ski claim victory by a unanimous decision and stretched his winning streak to five ballots. although it was far from enough to satisfy him that the gentleman. on the titles of this of course you will be especially young because it's like a business to that because he has a pair of hands on. it all i was stubborn in order to fall again as a given but. most of the or i still have a lot of work with. like i said a capacity to say except i would have this one he was tough but i knew i could hang with him and i did and i felt like i heard him a couple times and i should have been able to finish the fight and i just but i didn't have the cardio to pull those last three punches and. so more more work
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before the fire next time. meanwhile the main event of the night so russia's key boxing up and comer vladimir min a have faced all age an equal presenting than in the lance and this belt so the underdog provide even tougher opposition for the favorite in the first round the dutchman proved to be hard enough to crack for the russian in the second enough many have down in front of his home crowd but it's moments like this one true champus are made i mean it was skin to show his best and take it quite the next round. and clawed out one of the toughest victories of his career. and you know what you're missing that you're here for me it's always harder to fight on home soil when there's a lot of hype around me with so many people cheering on it loads me with extra pressure plus my opponent was so spontaneous i couldn't read him and all of that is
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good nevertheless there was one man who was still the show both in and out of the ring making it look as easy as a walk in the park russia's biggest enemy hope in the band down weight division ali the pointer but good enough prove his nickname in style as it does the russian twenty seven seconds to san andreas bernhard to the canvas with a vicious upper cut and finish him on the ground. to make for the known r t mr. and now it's time for girl power after conquering russia's thirteen year old power after mariana now mother has set a new world record at the well championships in las vegas the school girl from moscow lifted an astonishing ninety kilograms over ten carat is heavier than a correspondent plate. it's been a busy year for many on earth which culminated in perhaps a great success yet despite only being in early teens the french monster she's
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known and sent over a dozen more records. yet her latest success with low power lifting championships in las vegas show her lift an incredible ninety kilograms which is almost double her body weight says if there aren't any secrets behind my success i eat the right foods and train as i'm supposed to that's all there is to it however money on a ready has a site set on the next challenge where she'll get to meet one of their idols sonal shorts on a go somewhere at this hour lou classic is the most prestigious foreign lifting tournament on the planet that was the but the world's best to be competing here there have only been a few russians who had been invited to take part in the past like legend. who was the first person from my country to get into the pretty m i think that's really cool that. money on it took up power lifting my accident her father was a keen competitor and often took his daughter along with him her dad alexander is
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always with money on her and is also her trainer and is absolutely delighted by her success no more want to first told him and after just two months of competing however her hardest task was getting her mum to approve her new found interest among others as well because my mom is also a sports woman and often goes to the gym now she's really happy for me even though at the start she was worried about my health now everything is fine i also have a little sister and she likes aerobics but i don't think she will become a powerlifting by the way despite being a rising star in the world of powerlifting money on her lips a very normal life as she only trains two to three times a week. she attends school with her favorite subject being literature while she's also developed a keen interest in photography however she loves her sports and sees herself as a role model that age has no barriers and that's part of the age is not an issue in
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our sport i know a girl who's only eight years old and she's also a power lifter she came up to me at the world championships in riga and told me that she had seen my video in the winter to take up the sport as well and i was really tightly this it is another will championship that there was a grandmother who was only eighty three years old and she was also competing there will always be critics saying that money on a may suffer long term injuries due to taking up power lifting at such a young age however she's very mature for a thirteen year old and is adamant about powerlifting will have no long lasting effects on her the biggest battle money on has been facing is trying to get sponsorship to pay for her to compete in the vans around the globe most of the funding comes from a dad and every rouble spains is worthwhile as this unique teenager continues to go from strength to strength as she amazes people from around the world richard unfortunately totty moscow. over to cycling now
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a top russian team got to sherry's under threat of being kicked out of the sport's elite division as the team's registration for the twenty thirteen season has been rejected by the international cycling union the two shot that finished twenty twelve second in the world rankings and the u.c.i. his decision has sent shock waves through the sport the russian team's license to compete expires later in twenty fifteen and union has yet to explain why it's made this decision but the two sure will fight back you know it was a problem of we've already been to the court of arbitration for sport in the zan and our stance is very tough in this case eighty percent of the entire cycling community right is and officials are on our side but the other twenty percent on the friends we want our license back and we give our role to achieve those teams. to more festive matters now and limping gymnastics champion liam was tough and i was among the russian athletes rewarded with a night out at the coveted olympic bowl in moscow last week the annual event brings
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together the best of the country sports stars but becomes even more special in them in picking is as michael craft cenk a fan that. russia isn't shy in lavishing praise and fortune on its successful athletes and olympic glory is no exception the olympic bowl is just one of those benefits an exclusive event held behind closed doors within the kremlin walls in this li set up in one thousand fifty two to think russia's medal winners this of the rights of its great to be able to bring together the whole in big family including the current crop of olympic athletes as well as former champions it's about looking back at this excesses of the year but also together ahead of another challenging year of sport. not only current medal winners are invited champions of previous olympics like lena dunham are your who won the us is our first ever gold sixty years ago in helsinki were in attendance and there are also some big name
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athletes on the guest list who've been charismatic ambassadors for us in sport it's my first ball thankfully olympic any of the balls is my first one so. i can see a lot of very good looking people it's very nice to see the big stars for the past . hopefully for the future. but it's a nice and there's a most fair a lot of friends. who dress dress up nice if everybody if they get serious blasted huge one the event has been held since the u.s. saw finally allow the athletes to compete at the olympics and this has added extra value to the board with the russian committee celebrating sixty years a participation at the games the show was a lavish affair and something that many have spent their lives aiming to be a part of the ocean at arsenal in europe i'm extremely happy to have been invited to this ball i've heard about it when i was a child and i have been dreaming about attending ever since so i'm happy that london twenty twelve gave me that opportunity it's amazing to be around such a sporting a late it's the crandell
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a crim over russian sport. and the event is not just a celebration of animal achievements but also an award ceremony olympic gold winning diver he has a heart of was named sportsman of the year and champion gymnast alia me stuff in a sportswoman while russia's gold winning volleyball team grabbed the men's team of the year and the all conquering synchronized swimming and gymnastics teams were named joint best women's team in the city and to a rather busy here for many of the athletes and a well deserved party before the focus turns to sochi twenty four teams plus a good chunk of r.t. master. and finally following russia success at this summer's paralympics a group of the country's medalist visited children at a school for the just. able to here in moscow to trade presents tips and a few success stories like ally charles reports. in december each year the russian paralympic committee hold events across the country aimed at encouraging
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a new generation of young athletes at the recent paralympics in london russia finished second overall in the medal table behind china the country's best ever position claiming thirty six golds and the hundred two in total and in the spirit of spreading their success i knew here cheered the committee in the group of paralympic champions this is the most go boarding school for the second year running to help inspire a new set of potential young stars. and go on the paralympic champions who are the proud of russia are not raised in offices its care centers and schools like this one that nurture these talents and train them really appreciate the hard work of those people who make it all possible among the athletes who come to see the children table tennis player of seneca over the paralympic silver medalist whisking to share the secret service experience and gave a master class to group a very enthusiastic pupils and other such high profile this it's can make a huge difference for these children and prompt them to have
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a go at one of this poor it's an emotionally it's also great moment with you can see their eyes are filled with joy and happiness and that's the most important thing for us and it wasn't just the children who enjoyed the afternoon the women's paralympic volleyball team also joined in the fun and games as well as weightlifting bronze medalist glad to make the range of sports these athletes represent the pleasure they gave to the kids and the chances they offered the youngsters to show off their skills means that everyone involved is a winner he made of it a wish and events like this are vital for people with disabilities for the paralympic athletes and for people in general it helps to raise awareness and tolerance of the results with achieved quite hard even for the standards of aid. bodied people so these master classes really play a big role for people with disabilities who don't have a lot of opportunities to practice or to get a graphic example of what they could achieve events such as these not only stimulate children's interest in sport but also help them believe in themselves and
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discover their sporting talents and with the added inspiration of the upcoming such a winter paralympics in their own country it's possible that some of these kids might one day get their own chance of olympic glory like a large ols r.t. moscow. and that's often the other sport i. download the official ati up location to cell phones choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch on t.v. any time i didn't.
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