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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EST

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gas and rubber bullets meet anti-government protesters in bahrain while many are taken into custody just human rights rallies refuse to die down. israel says it's going ahead with plans for fifteen hundred new settler homes in east jerusalem despite them being illegal under international law. and thousands of angry spaniards march out against the mounting cuts to their pensions and health care and education.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at the moscow rule research a welcome to the program. now bahraini authorities have used tear gas and rubber bullets on anti-government protesters arresting a number of them during mass rallies in and around the capital the wife of a leading human rights campaigner. feather says her husband was among those detained now police have expanded their presence all across the capital as groups of hundreds of people commemorated protesters killed during an uprising eighteen years ago the shia majority is demanding the release of all political prisoners and more of a political voice of bahrain has been coming under increasing pressure from rights group for not reforming a state that has banned public gatherings and jailed opposition activists and taken away their citizenship political scientists call and cavil says the gulf monarchy
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is purposely misleading the outside world trying to crack down on the opposition. the international community that they have left in the protests but at the same time they are they're being protestors they are jail in three corners of the population or oppose them and the relation is no longer. the population wants to leave do and beginning to leave the country they want democracy they are tired of two hundred thirty years. here why is a science of the united states when the violations of human rights are so gross i just mean and generally quiet it is completely partisan and of course you and everyone else no matter the reason and therefore the fearfully based in bahrain on the bahrain the us uses that as a pivot point to try to intervene in control of the middle east the idea.
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is clearly there are. a joke in the modern world and the only ones who don't get it are the only. let's turn our attention now to that of israel that says it will go ahead with plans to build fifteen hundred new settler homes in a jewish settlement in east jerusalem what's considered to be occupied palestinian land but the project has received preliminary permission from jerusalem officials and the palestinian administration has called the decision illegal that is a view shared by the international community which is strongly critical of his rails settlement expansion palestinians want east jerusalem to be the capital of their future state promising to raise the issue with the u.n. security council equality campaign betty harshman says the plans are threatening hopes for a two state solution. it seems very clear that it was a retaliatory effort we should also talk about as though in the context of being
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upcoming israeli elections there is clearly a lot of political cash aid to be gained from making these very bold and aggressive announcements after the u.n. resolution and clearly this is and i'm going mark so israel's. planning to consolidate control over easter islam and their political motivations and demonstrating to the israeli public that he's our fortunes are the greater undivided jerusalem and. sees that so clearly all of this construction extremely dangerous for a two state solution a distrust disrupts the continuity of land between east jerusalem and the west bank on which a future palestinian state would. i know with israel increasingly isolated by the international community over its expansion policy the arab spring means the country
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is becoming surrounded by potentially hostile governments which ultimately makes some israelis say the deposed dictator ships were a safe bet for the country rather than the new democracies near its borders this report to r.t. support asli. there's a storm brewing in the middle east and it's leaving a chill in the hearts of most israelis say what you might about the arab spring it poses an obvious problem for tel aviv zaman and so we've seen just a few weeks ago. plenty of missiles falling on israel form a radical. regime and we see. already the beginning of maybe a attrition war in the golan heights we see plenty of the angels in the mediterranean sea israel's backyard has become a lot more dangerous in the last two years weapons from libya are leaking across borders and landing in the hands of unknown militant groups the trouble ahead is
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symbolized by the muslim brotherhood sweep to power in egypt from this rally in june and ominous promise by the movement to make sure we sell him and not kind of the capital at a minimum what we'll see is the free flow of weapons money and supplies from egypt into the gaza strip we will see egyptian volunteers going into the gaza strip to fight that's the minimum. moving up from there the possibility of egypt israel war is by no means impossible but it was democracy that brought the muslim brotherhood to power and our deal both israel and the west came to sponsor but both are now waking up to the reality that things might in fact be better under the previous dictatorships at least for them we had a difficult situation but at least we had the contact you know with the leadership secondly president mubarak was committed to the peace process the situation today
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is that we are confronting a new president who belongs to a certain institution a certain movement which do not believe in the right of israel for existence. israeli leaders know all too well that whatever friendships however useful they have with arab leaders it doesn't alter the basic rate posed by an arab awakening that in most countries is empowering militant islamic groups we will expect that these governments will one day will will but pressure not only on the friends of we feel also this. the new changes in the board democracies that is emerging in the board will have a tremendous challenges and. in order to maintain. law and order to establish a real democracy the need need some time but television fears that in the time it takes for that democracy to really take root and for the arab public perhaps one
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day to accept a jewish state relations with its arab neighbors will get far worse before they get better the challenge now for israeli leadership is twofold to avoid inflaming arab public opinion while protecting israel and also to counter the growing to speak many israelis feel of a growing isolation in an increasingly volatile neighborhood near r.t. tel of of. and of people in spain are saying that their dignity is at stake just a bit later in the program we report on how pensioners students and doctors in their thousands are protesting against government austerity over the country. and time but action americans signed gun control petitions as a message to the white house after the latest tragedy in a us elementary school those details and more after a quick. week
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speak your language. or music programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you. breaking news a little tonnage of angola's stories. you hear. that all teach spanish. visit. sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you know. i'm charged welcome to the big picture.
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on the edge of human capabilities. struggling with a dream. layout to become the first. force call in the. morning news today violence has once again flared up. in these are the images from seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are all today.
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all right in our ten minutes past seven in the evening here in moscow this is thousands of people hit the streets of spain to protest against the government's ever growing austerity people are outraged by cuts to their health care education and pensions with anger also directed at changes to labor laws the protests across fifty five spanish cities were called by unions and social groups but the prime minister defended the tough measures he says that two thousand and twelve will be remembered as the year in which the foundations for the country's recovery were laid by jared keeps insisting it doesn't need a sovereign bailout despite its ongoing recession but economist yanis varoufakis says the mistakes made by the country's government could ultimately cost
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a part of its territory. this is a government like the one greece like the one island which is with all its eggs. with germany in. it will take a little more from one of them and. they. risk losing an election to change the course of the spanish government and i'm very much afraid or all in. the possibility of losing. if. you start thinking that perhaps better off outside times the. protesters in spain have been getting rather creative with their posters one read quote our cuts will be with the guillotine later on our financial experts max keiser and stacy her but both discussing whether the trend in any way could indeed pick up. but
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major the something the first store max and getting throughout europe where you can find this tool in solid pine with a height of two meters and the motto is cuts are necessary they encourage people to get one for their home for their living room for the bar and perhaps in the public square right well you can cut. more cut. i told you two years ago to buy yes you did because the price and the market's going to be exploding and expect a gay teen manufacture to go public. and you can watch the kaiser report in full at four thirty pm g.m.t. that's in just over an hour's time. for now russia's foreign minister believes it's wrong to ban americans from adopting russian children but said the u.s.
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should certainly take responsibility for any that are sent there and the freeze could be part of moscow's response to washington's travel and financial restrictions on russian officials implicated in the death of lawyer sort of magnitsky in two thousand and i let's clear it up and i'll get all the details that you're going to spin off now joining us live on the program make or other the issue obviously now being discussed by the very top of the political elite. well definitely the among the. russian officials suspected of being connected to violations of human rights in russia is seen by many here in moscow as the name a russian one and the proper reply to it has become a source of some heated debate now among the political as well some deputies of the state duma want to see this response include banning americans from adopting russian children in connection to all the cases of abuse sometimes even like the story of twenty one months
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a year old. who was suffocated to death. after his american foster father left him in a locked car on a hot day or another story when an american force a mother put her child onto a plane back to russia only with a note and some underwear and it's not only the cases themselves but the lack of a proper reaction from american authorities to prevent them from reoccurring including the lack of some heavy jail sentences which is causing some serious outrage here in the country and debate as well since it's clear that those responsible for the abuse have to be punished but some are speaking out against banning americans from adopting russian children altogether we've heard from the minister of education earlier who spoke in against the ban on what was to see criticised by some members of parliament who basically accuse the ministry of wanting more for russian children to be adopted by foreigners and rather than to develop properly in commissions for them here in the country now we've heard from
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the foreign minister has also spoken against the ban so there is some very definitely some very heated debate which is set to continue in the state duma on wednesday as the deputies will continue reviewing the draft alright r.t. so you can persuade a fair thank you. to the tragedy in a newtown elementary school that left twenty six people dead has sparked the long running debate of gun control in the u.s. more than one hundred fifty thousand americans have already signed a petition asking the white house to introduce a bill limiting access to firearms and i see a truck and i went to connecticut still deep in mourning to gauge the opinions. to describe what's going on on the ground i think if we take all the sad words in the dictionary and combine them together there really is no way to describe no words to find to describe the heartbreak really the grief the sadness the tears. we saw on
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the ground this town is really at the head of me of grief during this holiday season in this country more last half of the population supports gun control and of the country is split and half believes that it's a civil right and it's a right that americans are entitled to so whether or not any legislation good strong legislation can be passed to prevent these kinds of things is a question we're going to have to wait and see exactly what kind of steps lawmakers take and what the u.s. president takes but certainly i'm sure people are going to be demanding this kind of something to happen so that these situations are so they don't happen in the future over and over and over again parents holding their kids a little tighter and a little longer these days oh gosh i'm so glad that i have so many opportunities to tell them i love you i'm so glad you're mine i'm so glad you're in our family i'm so glad. you're you're here i'm still so glad
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that i'm having breakfast with you this morning candles flowers toys and grief filled newtown i keep hearing on the news over and over about the parents . or evil to get their kids. to be told. their kids from school. and i can't imagine. if i was in their shoes as a parent that my daughter wouldn't be coming home with a twenty first graders none of them older than seven were killed in a mass shooting at school twenty year old adam lanza lived with his mother nancy in a well off residential neighborhood on friday morning he shot and killed her with her own gun got into a car drove about ten minutes to sandy hook elementary quoting two witnesses he didn't say a word during the rampage eight year old zachary was saved by his teacher my youngest son since and he had school and. he was in
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a classroom right near where the shooting took place and he was with a reading teacher just him in the reading teacher and she closed the door and took them into the bathroom they said bathroom floor until police came and said prayers and just stayed very quiet until the police came six school employees were also killed in the shooting including the favorite one of eight and then devon in the midst of. them which i would like to encourage. the six and nine year olds held a garage sale with their family after surviving the shooting with proceeds going to their school they did tell them to close their eyes my my daughter. course you never listens so she she didn't and she's pretty she's been talking about that a lot she said she said mommy i can't get that body out of my head i keep seeing people's emotions are stretched to the limit make an end here like make it worth something. because you can't you could create change change that
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heartbroken locals are now demanding. strict severe gun control. but really a look in the second amendment to bear arms but. then man it was written three hundred years ago two hundred fifty years ago the forefathers never thought that it would come to this while politicians don't have the power to bring back the twenty little children who used to play on these streets they do have the power to decide what happens next in a country where two hundred seventy million firearms almost one per person aren't private possession. and r.t. newtown connecticut. now the number of homeless students in america has hit a record high topping one million for the first time result of the economic recession a number that has risen by more than a ha since two thousand and seven more on those alarming stats on our website.
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plus a russian a volcano awakes so you can watch on all of these you tube channel the spectacular footage you can see right there don't worry it's not the end of the world well not for another three days anyway. and. soon which will brighten if you move a song from the funniest impression. starts on t.v. dot com. please
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. more news today violence has once again flared up.
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these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are all today. this is r t thanks for joining us here on the channel garia has denied reports that it has invited the u.s. to permanently stationed military forces on its territory and the country's defense minister responded following stories put out in the local media however government officials have been holding talks with the pentagon seeking to boost military links planning to almost double the number of joint exercises in two thousand and thirteen there has been though an american military presence in ball gary going back to two thousand and six ultimately permitting the use of one military and two bases and an. antiwar activist brian becker says this is just the us trying to
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extend its. we've seen that there is a strong motive force to maintain the cold war even without the soviet union and to incorporate the countries of eastern and central europe the former warsaw pact countries into an american sphere of influence through the medium of nato and so i think what the what the troop deployment the creation of more bases there already for. the incorporation of this as part of the nato strategy is one threat to russia a threat to the national sovereignty of the people of area because they have foreign military bases and it incorporates both gary makes it more secure as part of an american political and economic as well as military formation. all right into the r.t. world out there we go now starting with heavy clashes between the syrian government and rebels as anti assad fighters say they are making major advances in the battle
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for the country and the armed opposition claims to have taken control of a palestinian refugee camp in the capital which was earlier shelled by syrian warplanes activists in sr more than twenty were killed in that attack damascus said the camp was assisting terrorists loyal to opposition forces hundreds of palestinian refugees are now fleeing syria to neighboring lebanon and syrian rebels also say they've seized the central town of hell's fire and stormed an army base near the city of there are capturing a few at least a few tanks. violence returned to belfast in northern ireland overnight this time protesters wrapped in union jack flags a storm but a local council meeting chanting sectarian abuse of councillors and making threats to members of a nonsectarian alliance party loyalist anger was sparked two weeks ago over a decision to end the century old tradition of flying britain's union flag over city hall three hundred sixty five days
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a year. egypt's justice ministry has ordered an investigation into alleged appalling violations in the first stage of the constitutional referendum meanwhile the opposition is gearing up for a fresh rallies to protest against the charter which if used as discriminatory early results show the islamic leaning draft was backed by fifty six percent of voters a slim majority after a low turnout of the opposition has called on egyptian is to take to the streets and now the judges are refusing to oversee the next stage of the referendum. at least eighteen people have frozen to death in ukraine's cold spell with temperatures dropping to minus twenty three of them being found outside more than one hundred other people sought medical treatment after suffering frostbite heavy snowfall is also blocked traffic on a major highway hundreds of feet. in half an hour my colleague bill daughter is
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