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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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israel says it's going ahead with plans for fifteen hundred new satellite homes in east jerusalem despite them being illegal under international law. to gas and rubber bullets meet anti-government protesters in bahrain while many are taken into custody as human rights rallies refuse to die down. and thousands of angry spanish march out against ever mounting cuts to their pensions health care and education.
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online on screen in the. international news and comment live from moscow this is a very warm welcome if you just joined us. bahraini authorities have used tear gas and rubber bullets on anti-government protesters arresting a number of them during mass rallies in and around the capital leading human rights campaigner saeed yourself will be held for seven more days after he was detained prosecutors say he's being investigated on charges of spreading false information on twitter police have expanded their presence across the capital as groups of hundreds of people commemorated protest is killed during an uprising eighteen years ago the shia majority are demanding the release of all political prisoners and a political voice bahrain has come under increasing pressure from rights groups for not reforming instead it is banned public gatherings jailed opposition activists and taking away their citizenship political scientists calling cavell says the gulf
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monarchy is purposely misleading the outside world. trying to crack down on. the international community they have left the protests but at the same time they are. beating protesters they are generally three quarters of the population are opposed and the relation is no longer scared of them the population wants to leave to abdicate to leave the country they want democracy they are tired of two hundred thirty years. here why is science in the united states when the violations of human rights are so gross i just mean and generally quiet it is completely carcassi and of course you and everyone else no matter the reason and that's because the fearfully based in bahrain and on the bahrain the us uses that as
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a pivot point to try to intervene in control the middle east the idea. is completely there are. a joke in the modern world and the only ones who don't get it on the. israel's prime minister has defied international criticism and is pushing through settlement expansion in the occupied west bank he's looking at the possibility of four hundred thousand homes in two more settlements on top of the controversial fifteen hundred in east jerusalem which already have the initial go ahead when benjamin netanyahu called jerusalem the eternal capital saying israelis should be united there the palestinians want east jerusalem to be the capital of their future state and threaten to go to the u.n. security council and the bodies of four current e.u. members are reportedly preparing a statement condemning israel's plans to push for expansion was announced after the u.n. upgraded palestine to a non member observer state it's a step towards recognizing its statehood when i discuss this now with political
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analyst phyllis bennis who joins me now live from washington so israel is looking at a total of six thousand homes in. east jerusalem why did they need these homes on this land. they don't need them they don't need them for security they don't need them for what they like to call natural growth the settlements are a political point and the timing makes that very clear in this particular case this particular illegal group of settlement houses is being announced just in the wake of the united nations decision to acknowledge palestine as a nonmember state in the united nations not as a member but as a state and that's critical because among other things it gives the palestinians the right if their leadership pursues it to join the international criminal court and at least begin a process of trying to hold israel accountable for these violations so this is very
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much a political move one that will be condemned perhaps by the security council criticised even by the obama administration but without any serious repercussions for israel which will largely be allowed to get away with it but could it not still lose some sort of support at a very critical time when it's now being surrounded by governments that clearly appearing to be anti israeli and also of course islamic governments it's very neighbors that don't like it i mean this is dangerous is it not for israel to become isolated in this way. israel is already very isolated as you say the changes that have come with the arab spring particularly in egypt have been dramatic in terms of what it means for israel israel can no longer depend on a u.s. backed dictatorship in egypt which will enforce its will enforce israel's will despite the opinion of its population you now have despite the the extraordinary
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chaos in egypt at the moment you have a government that is largely accountable to its own population and has to take public opinion into account in a way that the mubarak tater ship never did what you don't have is a change in u.s. policy and as long as the israelis can count on uncritical support from the united states which so far they can there will be mild criticism but there will not be a hint of what real accountability would look like that would mean for example the u.s. saying to israel your settlement policy is illegal all the settlements are illegal and you need to stop them now when israel says no the answer would be ok you're an independent country you can do what you want but you know that thirty billion dollars that we've pledged over these ten years you know the four point one billion dollars in tax money directly to your military that we're giving you just this year alone we're not doing that anymore and you know how we protect you in the united
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nations so that you're never held accountable we're not going to do that either that would be what real accountability would look like what real pressure would look like until we see some version of that which is ironically what many people in the united states are calling for but something that neither congress nor the obama administration is yet prepared to do until that happens i'm afraid that israel will take the risk of being further isolated in the region what about domestic interests will there be support for this move within israel there is a parliamentary election coming up quite soon. there is and unfortunately i think that the timing of this was also rooted directly in that election that's scheduled for january the current prime minister bibi netanyahu who is supported by the right the far right and the extreme right in israeli politics is looking to shore up the most far right component of his supporters he's kind of given up on the center
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right aspect he's losing support from them largely because he's seen as having put in some jeopardy the relationship between israel and the united states so this is something that will be very pleasing to his hard right supporters including the current foreign minister who just stepped down foreign minister. who is from a far right party linked to to netanyahu his party this is lieberman's party lieberman has stepped down as foreign minister but he has made clear that he will run again as soon as the current court case runs its course he's assuming he will not be prevented by the courts and that has been the case in most situations like this in israel so if that happens the far right in israel will still be pushing for a netanyahu victory and they will be very pleased with a further escalation in the building of illegal settlements which now total
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somewhere over six hundred fifty thousand people who are living illegally in the occupied west bank and occupied east jerusalem people who are violating international law every morning simply by getting out of bed because their homes are built on illegally expropriated land for those thank you very much indeed political enemies for this ben is joining me live in washington we appreciate home here naughty thank you. well as we've just been discussing with israel increasingly isolated by the international community over its expansion policy the arab spring means the country is becoming surrounded by potentially hostile governments which makes some israelis say the post dictatorships were a safer bet for the country than the new democracies near its borders. reports. there's a storm brewing in the middle east and it's leaving a chill in the hearts of most israelis say what you might about the arab spring it poses an obvious problem for tel aviv zaman and so we've seen just
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a few weeks ago. plenty of missiles falling on israel form a radical. i dream and we see. already the beginning of may be attrition war in the golan heights we see plenty of the angels in the mediterranean sea israel's backyard has become a lot more dangerous in the last two years weapons from libya are leaking across borders and landing in the hands of a known militant groups the trouble ahead is symbolized by the muslim brotherhood sweep to power in egypt from this rally in june and ominous promise by the movement to make sure and not kind of the capital at a minimum what we're seeing is the free flow of weapons money and supplies from egypt into the gaza strip we will see egyptian volunteers going into the gaza strip to fight that's the minimum moving up from there the possibility of egypt israel
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war is by no means impossible but it was democracy that brought the muslim brotherhood to power and our jill both israel and the west came to sponsor but both are now waking up to the reality that things might in fact have been better under the previous dictatorships at least for them we had a difficult situation but at least we had the contact you know with the leadership secondly president was committed to the peace process. the situation today is that we are confronting a new president who belongs to a certain institution a certain movement which do not believe in the right of his work for existence. israeli leaders know all too well that whatever friendships however useful they have with arab leaders it doesn't alter the basic freight posed by an arab awakening that in most countries is empowering militant islamic groups we will expect that these governments when when they will will but pressure not only on the
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friends of we feel also this. the new changes in the border democracy is that is emerging in the world will have a tremendous challenges and. in order to maintain. law and order to establish a real democracy the need some time but elevate fears that in the time it takes for that democracy to really take root and for the arab public perhaps one day to accept a jewish state relations with its arab neighbors will get far worse before they get better the challenge now for israeli leadership is twofold to avoid inflaming arab public opinion while protecting israel and also to counter the growing to speak many israelis feel of a big growing isolation in an increasingly volatile neighborhood. r.t. tell of of. people in spain saying their dignity is at stake that later in
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a report on how. thousands are testing against governor sterility across the country. and time for action american sign gun control petitions is a message to the white house after the latest tragedy in a u.s. elementary school the details on that and plenty of other stories after this break . if you're passing through russia's very region you really can't go on the wild side thousands of kilometers of unspoiled countryside make up an area where it's still possible to live off the land such spectacular scenery makes it a paradise for fisherman and provides a business opportunity for hunches. there are defined hunting seasons in russia but lacks enforcement means many animals are killed out of the allotted times which can leave young animals orphaned and unable to survive the heart of just us forest
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provides a sanctuary for the most famous beast in russia it's home to a group who rescue often bear cubs and raise them when they're old enough to fend for themselves the cubs a target taken to a remote location and released back into the wild but it's not just bears who find a haven here this is wolf island here wolf pups have been captured by hunters or bought from zoos have a second chance at life and conservationists have a unique opportunity to observe them these walls are all around four months old and they'll stay in this area for up to three years then most will go back to the wild for good just viewing them from the car was an experience in itself but then after a bit of a bumpy ride came an opportunity i just couldn't pass up and this is what i was hoping for when i heard i was coming to a place called. a chance to get close and personal with the locals and it's these guys are going to act as pasta parents for the next generation will come here using
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the older walls as a surrogate parents has already proved a successful technique. every year i place infant wolves with one year old wolf cubs his parental instinct is totally shaped and they take them as their own cubs it's going to continue to take time and money to rehabilitate the wolf's reputation in russia. but the keepers here hope their research and dedication will mean that wolf island remains a place where visitors can truly understand the call of the wild. wild. science technology innovation and all the least i'm elements from around russia we've got the future covered.
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mission. critical three. four three. arrangement three. three. three. old free broadcast video for your media projects free media r.t. dot com. coming to you in h.d. this is life in moscow the news continues now thousands of people have hit spain's streets to protest against the government's ever growing a sturdy people around rage by cuts to health care education and pensions with
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anger also directed at changes to labor laws the protests across fifty five spanish cities been called by unions and social groups the prime minister defended the tough measures saying twenty twelve will be remembered as the year in which the foundations for the country's recovery been made but keeps insisting it doesn't lead to someone buying up despite its deep recession crisis strategist comes on and i spoke to him of that he says that spain has run out of money after years of lavish welfare payouts. the eurozone especially the euro zone is on the path to insolvency and one could argue that spain is one of those that is essentially broke if not in actual fact the debts are just breaking the spanish economy and it's going to get worse so my sense is spain has been living for too many years many benefits social benefits social programs that are simply untenable in the long now that we have had this economic down. as shown now the fact that euros. in
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particular cannot or at this very large social welfare state they're going to start cutting it in order to get back on some sort of growth and of course people are against these cuts because it affects them personally and i completely sympathize on the issue but people have to start looking at the long term health and wellbeing of their country as opposed to their own particular situation. the number of homeless students in america hits a record high topping one million for the first time as a result of the economic recession number that has risen by more than a half since two thousand and seven more on those wiring statistics on a website at the moment plus. russian volcano awakes what shown on t.v. you tube channel spectacular footage of the giant spewing lava and smoke that were it's the end of the world but not for another three days and these.
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stories and others here on our website aunty don't calm the tragedy in a newtown elementary school that left twenty six dead has sparked a long running debate of gun control in the u.s. more than one hundred fifty thousand americans have already signed a petition asking the white house to introduce a bill limiting access to firearms and started chatting and i went to connecticut still deep in mourning to gauge opinion. to describe what's going on on the ground i think if we take all the sad words in the dictionary and combine them together there really is no way to describe no words to find to describe the heartbreak really the grief the sadness the tears. we saw on the ground this town is really at the epitome of grief during this holiday season in this country more or less half of the population supports gun control and the country is split and half believes that it's a civil right and it's a right that americans are entitled to so whether or not any legislation good
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strong legislation can be passed to prevent these kinds of things is a question we're going to have to wait and see exactly what kind of steps lawmakers take and what the u.s. president takes but certainly i'm sure people are going to be demanding this kind of something to happen so that these situations are so they don't happen in the future over and over and over again parents holding their kids a little tighter and a little boy. oh gosh i'm so glad that i have so many opportunities to. i love you i'm so glad you're mine i'm so glad you're in our family i'm so glad. you're here i'm still so glad that i'm having breakfast with you this morning candles. flowers. and grief. i keep hearing on the news over and over about the parents when they. were able to
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get their kids and had to be told. their kids were called home. and i can't imagine. if i was in their shoes as a parent that my daughter wouldn't pick up the twenty first graders none of them older than seven were killed in a mass shooting at school twenty year old adam lanza lived with his mother nancy in a well off residential neighborhood on friday morning he shot and killed her with her own gun got into a car drove about ten minutes to sandy hook elementary quoting two witnesses he didn't say a word during the rampage eight year old zachary was saved by his teacher my youngest son since and he had school and. he was in a classroom right near where the shooting took place and he was with a reading teacher just him in the reading teacher and she closed the door and took them into the bathroom they said bathroom floor until police came and said prayers and just stayed very quiet until the police came six school employees were also
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killed in the shooting including the favorite one of aden and in that in which i would like to encourage. the six and nine year olds held a garage sale with their family after surviving the shooting with proceeds going to their school they did tell them to close their eyes my my daughter. course you never listens so she she didn't and she's pretty she's been talking about that a lot she said she said mommy i can't get that body out of my head i keep saying at people's emotions are stretched to the limit make an end here like make it worth something we could meet. because you can't you could create change change that heartbroken locals are now demanding. strict severe gun control. that's really all it can be it's a second amendment to bear arms but. then when it was written three hundred years ago two hundred fifty years ago the forefathers never thought that it would come to
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this while politicians don't have the power to bring back the twenty little children who used to play on the streets they do have the power to decide what happens next in a country where two hundred seventy million firearms almost one per person aren't private possession and is the future can r.t. newtown connecticut. syrian rebels say they've delayed the execution of a ukrainian journalist they abducted in october and question of his kidnappers and threatened to kill her last thursday but one of the free syrian army commanders said they'd given the freelance reporter one more chance reports that suggested the rebels were seeking a fifty million dollar ransom from ukraine whose foreign ministry says they're doing everything possible to secure her release the armed opposition in syria also claims to have control of a palestinian refugee camp in the capital which is earlier shelled by government warplanes damascus said that the camp was assisting terrorists hundreds of palestinian refugees are now fleeing to neighboring lebanon.
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be back with more news for you with the news team in about thirty five minutes from now in the meantime after the break all financial experts max kaiser and stacy herbert discuss the sturdy situation in spain that's the kaiser report next on. a sacred place rising out of the waters of the lake the lawn ministry is home to one hundred fifty orthodox monks mostly younger than thirty five and that come from many different places and backgrounds to live in isolation here spiritual life it takes up many hours on the road to becoming a monk requires both hard work and religious to the cation.
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to become and has cattle as part of this preparation. however these beasts is a musical company i mean. they can remember sound sequences you know they want to the sound signals the flutes the herders had in the old days they needed them it wasn't just fun but these meadows didn't come naturally requiring decades of composting to bring the soil up to farming standard this island is mostly rock. the soil here is very thin on the monks can't just get more of it because they're surrounded by the lake so they have to work very hard in order to provide whatever food they need to grow their own crops form their own fish and repair their own churches. but the central purpose of alarm has always been religious the main ministries surrounded by smaller priories spread through the many archipelago the monks here know their existence is a little different from that of other ministries here we are out of the way and we
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do have. built rooms and song times tourists as well but only. tranquility use these coddling. disturbed. the it is that combination of high religion and down to earth hard work that motivates these men the. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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wealthy british style. that's what i like. martin why not. why don't what's really happening to the global economy with mikes cars are run no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune
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in to conjure reports on our. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser you know stephen hawking once said we are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star but we can understand the universe that makes us something very special he obviously never met a central banker stacy herbert exactly if you're supposed to understand the universe in which you inhabit stablish in yourself is above monkeys clearly the central bankers do not know what they're doing and i have a little video here max called the monkeys before him cannonball jumps into a pool this is what i think the central bankers look like is they're jumping into the dark pools in the shadow banking system and don't know what the heck they're doing but this you're having fun having fun i mean i'm still gobsmacked that
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h.s.b.c. admitted to being a financial terrorist this past week something we've talked about for a while they finally came out and said yeah we laundered money for terrorism and drug monitoring drug laundering cartels in mexico and i think it's some of the moment that they come up to being terrorism so let's look at some scene voices looking at these western central banks. running a deranged policy monkeys that don't understand the universe in which we inhabit the central bank backlash first hong kong now australia gets ugly case of truthiness so first the hong kong monetary authority recently said that it was over borrowing and over leveraging and essentially fraudulent lending that caused the financial collapse so all of the quantitative easing is going to do nothing and now go.


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