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tv   [untitled]    December 20, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EST

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and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. the. time magazine names barack obama personally get calling him the all he said of the new america critics say they need action not words from the president on issues like gun control. the be late in the day will bring you truth and a scientist christmas address says the end so we can eat small six most of us some of them in the ecuadorian embassy in london. preterm is set for a grilling by the media and his fans to marsland question and answer session since returning as president.
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thanks for us. well affairs although at that time he hadn't had the time to exercise all that
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influence but then president obama also received the nobel peace prize in two thousand and nine ers shortly after his election although again at that point he hadn't made much peace in the world the award was seen as much more of an advance credit then and knowledge meant of actual achievements on the peace fronts later president obama went on to spend that credit sending more troops to afghanistan and carrying out regime change in libya under the arguable banner war for the sake of peace as far as his person of the year title critics argue president obama was time's choice by default their short list this year also included the egyptian leader mohamed morsi and the pakistani girl malala yousafzai who was shot by the taliban for advocating for women's education president obama may be the person of the year for the time magazine but for advocates of gun control in the u.s. he still has to earn that title president obama had a news conference where he was asked why no meaningful action has been taken on gun
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control in the last four years of his presidency although one of his campaign pledges was a ban on assault weapons he basically said he had lots of other things to do including waging two wars and quote it's not like i've been on vacation he said to those in the u.s. who suffered in. the pledge to finally take more active steps in the coming months he says the administration will come up with a more definitive proposal on gun control but people have heard those words before and nothing happened and getting a semiautomatic weapon is not a problem in the u.s. adam lanza who killed twenty small children and six adults at an elementary school last week fired from a semiautomatic bushmaster rifle it's a military style rifle a powerful weapon. why is in the u.s. in the last four years the market for such guns grew thirty percent and journalists
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and activists don't dubon says the actions and policies of the us president speak louder than there was a time magazine editor. time magazine's editors giving me giving him the award can only be you can only guess impute whatever motive they have to them in terms of what he's actually done we have to look at his policies in terms of workers getting jobs nothing in terms of giving people who are in foreclosure relief not much in terms of peace making he started more wars than george bush and so you know we have to look at his policy rather than what some magazine who may be going to the f.c.c. or some other regulatory agency for relief for the many t.v. stations the time inc owns rather than that we need to look at his policies well go back to two thousand and eight when he was given supposedly because of the influence he had on international affairs and within four weeks of receiving that said he had no comment about israel's war on gaza that ended up killing fifteen
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hundred civilians it's pretty meaningless and the thing that's most revealing is they themselves called an electoral college over a popular vote scam when they said it's the editor's choice and not the people but the people voting for the president of north korea over the president of the united states that is how we can leagues june and i just said to make his christmas speech on thursday knocking six months since he knocked on the door of the ecuadorian embassy in london that dress has already sparked speculation over what kind of message they was told whistleblowers to deliver on his lawyer smith now reports. later on thursday julian assange is doing something which is usually reserved for heads of state queens the pope people like that he's giving a christmas message from the balcony of the ecuadorian embassy where he's been holed up for the last six months and in fact this speech will mark his six month anniversary inside the ecuadorian embassy now the last time julian assange appeared
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in public it was back in august and he'd organize a kind of a rally around the embassy so speeches by politicians and other supporters as a kind of a carnival atmosphere with balloons and all that kind of thing and then he came on and made his speech and he made a couple of important points one of which was to urge the u.s. to end what he calls the witch hunt against wiki leaks and he also called for the release of bradley manning who's of course being held. on trial in the u.s. accused of leaking classified documents to wiki leaks so those are two things that he may mention again when he talks later on thursday he also may talk about his most recent bids to run for the senate in the two thousand and thirteen australian federal elections he's made that announcement and he's said that wiki leaks is setting up a political party for which plans are significantly advanced and they have received
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significant support from notable australians he says that that party is designed to promote openness in government and politics and also to combat growing intrusions on individual privacy so one of the things i learnt during the interview that he gave me a couple of weeks ago was that julian assad is increasingly on willing to talk about his personal situation he prefers to stick to the wider issues and so that is why one of the things he may talk about would be the continuing blockade of wiki leaks by a visa master card and pay pal that's a case that's ongoing at the moment and also a possible further leak that he mentioned to me they're talking about leaking more documents in the new year watch this space he said. and as a sign remains locked within ecuador's diplomatic mission washington hasn't stopped its prosecution on the whistleblower says we collect spokesman kristinn hrafnsson.
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well we know about the ongoing. investigation and the secret grand jury you know. there is. an ongoing attempt to find an angle to bring charges against julian and possibly all those working for we tell you as a very serious matter of course very shameful for you obama administration not to stop that for the man who was right even taken four years ago to increase transparency and what we have seen is totally the opposite which hunt against whistleblowers. persons in history who will continue our work as we have just by difficult situation that you has been in the ecuadorian embassy now for six months but problems with your house arrest that hasn't stopped us we have continued to work. the economic blockade has not stopped us either even though we are getting into a dire situation financially but. we have to say that. all out war
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and i'm sure we have a victory there as well in the new year. an hour's time lead to be peyton is set to address the most pressing issues brought forward by the media as an end of the the i q. and a session so he'll be grilled by more than a thousand journalists in moscow on subjects ranging from politics and beyond and also can offer is following the conference for us hello there you go or so will correct that to come out of this session so they have been known to go on for quite a while now. but this is going to be why do you know which is first large press conference you know where for years he didn't hold any when he was prime minister but judging by what we saw during his previous terms in office the president quite enjoys extended one if hours four hours and forty minutes to be exact that's his personal record from two thousand and eight this time over one hundred journalists
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. of registered to attend this conference from all parts of russia and from abroad this is the biggest number so far so there are all the reasons to expect a yet another media marathon on friday according to the spokesman no questions were prepared in advance he claimed that the president has been actually studying for this conference for the past few days surrounded by piles of documents with data on. friday last week during the president's address to the federal assembly spoke mostly on domestic issues like corruption improving the root living conditions of the population the economy and songs or you will definitely get a chance to elaborate on that but it's very likely that international issues are going to be touched upon as well like the conflict in syria and the state of the global economy and definitely the relationship will get with washington which hasn't been going through its easiest times lately especially in light of the
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magnitsky act passed in the united states and russia is the reason why it was just currently being worked on by russian lawmakers which mean cool the controversial ban for americans to adopt russian children which has been splitting not only russia's society but even russia's political elite so quite a lot of topics are definitely in the air we'll see how we go to start in less than an hour at around eight am g.m.t. and of course we'll bring you all the updates as it starts and goes on throughout the day thank you very much igor we'll listen together. live from moscow. and still ahead for you this hour worldwide with the united nations security council demands that israel hold the new start in the construction vowed to build more guns in the palestinian territories. also later i'm gay it's rising in the european union where almost a quarter of citizens could soon find themselves promising. like.
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flying north with me in this old soviet work or so the helicopter is dr van amir brodsky and his team from the region's medical aviation service we head across ever more barren tundra higher and higher into russia's arctic far north until eventually we see our landing spot with the arrival of this tiny village after crossing hundreds of kilometers of snowy wilderness as a boy here suffering from favre and the doctors are going to see what they can do. inside a small building not one but two babies and their parents are waiting for us the doctors inspect them but can't make a diagnosis and decide to bring them to a regional hospital for better care spread lana doesn't like taking her baby away from home but she's been before and agrees to go that's the usual practice with
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those who live and they keep mothers with their newborns in hospital for a month. on the way back another stop to check on the health of some native minutes reindeer herders out in the tundra it can take many hours to reach the nearest village so a medical problem simply fixed here in the tent that russia used to be but now we can go to civilized places so we call for emergency help. back at hospital other patients helped by the air ambulance are being treated the service costs fourteen million dollars a year to run and there's been controversy with some claiming that locals exaggerate or make up health problems and use the helicopters as a free taxi service accusations vladimir firmly dismisses your brother is not true usually the calls are perfectly justified sometimes we even reproach locals waiting too long before calling us he's been working as a doctor now for forty three years but let america confident that even after he
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retires his helicopter doctors will remain a lifeline to the peoples of the russian far north. wealthy british style. markets finance can't. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max kaiser there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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morning news today violence is once again flared up. in these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the bat . this is the welcome back the u.n. security council has criticized israel for pushing on with its settlement plans and pushing the two state peace talks at risk earlier prime minister netanyahu referred to jerusalem as a jewish capital and vowed to press ahead israeli settlements in occupied but the syrian lands are seen as illegal under policy under international law policy and are reports. israeli officials say that they're pressing on with plans to build six thousand new homes this defies criticism from western powers who fear that the move
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will hamper an already famed hopes for a peace deal between israelis and palestinians you'll remember that it was just last month after the to be fact a recognition of palestinian sovereignty at the united nations that israel made its new announcement in terms of settlement building it said that it would expand settlements in the occupied west bank as well as in east jerusalem and at that time there was international and quiet the point needs to be made is that israel continues to build in i said defiance of international law and as well as of united nations resolutions so many critics are pointing out that is also assertiveness with settlements is part of the reason why it's becoming increasingly isolated by its most now partners primarily in europe but that's not to say that washington is also not losing patience the united states has said that it is deeply disappointed by israeli construction plans in an unpredictably sharp reaction the obama administration has softened the criticism of israel saying that these construction
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plans run counter to peace the point also needs to be made that next month generally israel will be holding parliamentary elections which is why many are suggesting that these a nonsmoker by the prime minister netanyahu are a means of trying to garner up domestic support as well as change the reality on the ground one of the options that myth and you know and like minded people. creating a situation world by the number of servers will be such a significant one that eventually the solution will be more or less let us get the big to the sixty seven borders and let the surplus remain there are the palestinian state rather than evacuate them taught new areas which would be annexed to israel most of the international community see the settlement construction by television as illegal certainly the palestinians to see it as a real obstacle to creating
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a viable capital in east jerusalem course the r.t. tel aviv. on our website for you right now march by russian norway goes against washington's magnitsky bill splits russian society with maine it saying innocent children should be left out of political bickering forty eight hours on i . also use a sleeve to lay down the law in cyber bullying outlining how far common full social networks can god before attracting their attention. our and into all bets the latest i says through blast off on a soyuz rocket from a prig seen by going to cause more drama in kazakhstan you'll find all the details on the space station mission at r.t. dot. almost a quarter of the population of the european union are a triscuit sliding below the poverty line that's according to the blogs main statistics agency and while some e.u.
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citizens are tired of being suffocated by austerity others grow weary of having to stretch out a helping hand. over takes a closer look at the are settled. around one hundred and twenty million e.u. citizens all right risk for falling below the poverty line now in response to the the measures that are being taken to try and halt the european union and the euro zone in particular as economic downturn we've seen violent demonstrations in countries like greece where we're seeing clashes with police and also strikes across the country also in spain and as well elsewhere across the union now these on what we have seen though is these aren't just students so activists that are being demonstrating against the cuts that have been implemented upon them but people from all across society as not just the people have started to show that they're dissatisfied with the way things are going the politicians have already
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started the finger pointing of just who is to blame silvio berlusconi in italy saying that well he's going to run against to be the leader of the country and he's pointed a finger squarely towards germany where i am right now saying that it's up to berlin to recognize the european central bank as a real central bank in his words otherwise well countries like italy are going to have to pull out of the euro zone in fact well there are those here in germany that would say that it's germany that has to pull out of the year or so if this is going on as we look towards twenty thirteen and that difficult task of trying to solve the eurozone and the european union's crippling financial problems. and its financial troubles that have increased the calls from spain's wealthiest region cuts alone here to break away from central government madrid however has stressed it has the legal power to stop it from even holding
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a referendum on independence the warning came hours before the region's pro separatist parliamentary majority signed an agreement calling for a public vote total determination to be held in twenty four teams and an all called the european partnership for independence says catalonia is ready to be honest so it does come from the determination of civil society from a from the steep descent of course i don't know which from two thousand and nine to two thousand and eleven shown davis in the nation by organizing a popular referendum the whole policy of personally i like more than five hundred to the why they both yes because i learned that allows for oppressed people scenario and allowed to tap debates about supplement nation and human rights universal rights you know cuts alone i'd also allows us to explain to people about economical facts and about all the benefits that i mean depth of the snow in the us they would bet if you thought so at these
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a scenario just created the vocalized of open majority for indefinite and that the has been showing in the last official recent polls and actually us was in last elections was now in the parliament of thaksin or the a we do have a majority or five members of the parliament which are for. willing to call for the youth referendum. supporters of russian chants and football teams and it st peters bob say they don't want any african all latin american players in this squad but claim it has nothing to do with racism that address the club's management in a written manifesto way it's also stress no gay team members would be tolerated our sports correspondent richard one portrayed has a story. i don't want any african players black players or latin american players and to be honest i'm going that's an absolute joke i mean. i think again probably the best player was born in venezuela which is latin america danny is probably the
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best russian in borders come into play in the russian premier league over the last ten years or so and france is a bear manifesto was correct. it was to be submitted. but this player i mean they also say that they want to give preference to home grown players russian based players often every team in the world would want to do that because it would be much cheaper but the fact is. russia don't produce enough good players i mean even brazil even top nations like argentina that you have to import players it's common knowledge and mentioned i did real madrid they don't have players from just romantic story madrid import because this is way over football has grown and has developed i think the problem is a group of around one hundred two hundred hard calls needs and spoke fans who are racist and you get this around the world you'll get this in the u.k. you get this in italy you get this in germany you just can't change them for education for whatever they will say the same the problem is you have a few thousand teenagers who go on to the matches and they don't know what they're
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doing so they copy what these. races fans are doing and what the club needs to do is try to educate the teenagers. the clubs the russian premier league the russian football union they need to get special players involved because it will look up to these players and trying it's and the racism campaign is going. next after a short break marks and stacy expose the secrets of the global financial industry. the legacy no one should be proud keeps of scrap metal littering pristine arctic landscape building stilton over their foundation pipes spilling black smoke over the snow covered peaks the traces of the soviet industrial activity on the bergen archipelago don't make a pretty picture if the guiding principle here is the worse the better local life
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to tell the story about back in soviet times when no regions were visiting barons were they all want to express amazement. at how prosperous the settlement was well times have obviously a challenge when they saw it lags they still attracting a region tourists are bearing the word i would then cons much needed cash that's why one big bad they're ruining our goal is common as was uncovered here a few days ago instead of drawing it that way the local administration decided to paint the bin you and put it at variance work central square that in the nine hundred eighty s. daryn's work was a burgeoning mining community the soviet union was determined to maintain it oh costs. are located halfway between north america and western europe the space bergen archipelago is part of norway with a special status that allows other countries to set up industrial bases here in the
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middle of the cold war it served as the use of stars westernmost outpost now it's one of the soviet union slask preserved relics. the expenses are simply a picture of what would have happened to the soviet union if it was cut off from any financial support for two decades he's a curious western tourists and i think it could be. even more appealing for russian travelers to keep its presence on spitsbergen russia still maintaining a coal mine here but in terms of profit is far behind local shops so between moree bill it is a big hit defunct are incurred still helps keep the money flowing. it's a russian. you can't. grow. your local administration is increasingly under pressure to bring the infrastructure up to more than standards if these modernization efforts are not very popular with tourists if you come into
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a very authentic place like farms it should stay the way it is that would be my wish i mean that's the part of a little you know authentic tradition here. i should not i would not like to have it in a shiny condition to be honest this time to change even for the better is not always good for business something that even a local band has become attuned to when they try to add morning russian songs to their repertoire the audience called all they wanted to hear it was a song comfortably familiar.
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welcome to the kaiser report out max kaiser you know it's well past time to plan a ponzi yes the banking sector and the river is dead and fraud casts a shadow much larger than the real economy and there's no sheriff to protect you from the shootout about to happen at the ok bond corral as everyone comes to claim ownership to the same exact. co-op. you know why a collateral just today oh well max that's right everybody the last dregs of wealth left in the global economy has been chased into the bond market everybody sitting in bonds everybody's waiting to collect on their debts that these bonds allegedly represent the equity the assets and now they're shootouts going on everywhere you look so they don't have to shoot outs or to see a flash u.n. court in germany orders gonna to release argentine naval ship detained on bond
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holders behalf a tribunals in hamburg ordered that gonna should forthwith and unconditionally release the frigate they are a liberty and ensure the ship and its crew can leave gandhian waters well what's the context for this this goes back to paul so i know you made a claim out of paul saying you remember a few months ago he was able to get the gone and government to seize an archon time sovereign ship it's a military frigate which was in the poor. and they seized it on behalf of paul singer who owns three hundred seventy million dollars worth of arjen time debt and he once paid back at one hundred cents on the dollar not the thirty cents on the dollar that all the other creditors had agreed to. as one of his vulture capitalists and he just the games the system trying to squeeze out a few bucks here and there and finally i don't mean a standing up to finally somebody standing up.


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