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tv   [untitled]    December 20, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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as for judges. to make amends free is free. to free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects free media r.t. dot com. american legal action against russia saying washington shouldn't be lecturing anyone on human rights. and indefinite detention. in the day we bring you. chris miss address as the editor of wiki leaks mark six months of asylum in ecuador an embassy in london. and time magazine names barack obama person of the calling him the architect of a new america but critics call for action and not just words from the president issues like gun control.
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from moscow twenty four hours a day. has defended russia's position and over human rights with the us president says washington shouldn't be pointing the finger when it's. far beyond anything being accused of. what exactly. tough rhetoric from putin that. the president of the magnitsky act which he says is a continuation of a series of russian laws passed by american lawmakers like the jackson which was abolished recently according to the president the problem isn't so much in sanctioning russian officials he said that. corruption is
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a major issue and more attention needs to be paid where russian officials hold their finances their money it's best if they do that in russian banks but fortune says that the problem is that the united states a country which operates prisons like abu ghraib and guantanamo where human rights are violated on a daily basis other states are the states have no right according to the president to criticize the human rights situation in russia. but. our us are partners and they're. concerned about human rights in our prisons and that's fine of course but there are plenty of issues they have themselves abu ghraib and guantanamo where for years people have been detained without charge it's inconceivable to the prisoners walk around in chains like in the middle ages they've legalized torture inside their own country if something like that happened here it would cause an international outcry if you will but it all remains quiet in
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the u.s. we've heard plenty of promises to close guantanamo but it's still there it's still operating maybe there is still torture going on their secret cia prisons has anyone been brought to account and they're pointing at our problems well thank you we're aware of that making this the ground for passing anti russian laws it's something absurd and we have a no way provoked such action. you. know that never. well as a russian lawmakers are working on what they say will be a proportionate response to the monuments garecht many are proposing to ban americans from adopting a russian children according to the president of the main problem with adoption between russia and the united states is not even in the cases of violations of the rights of children and cases of abuse but if you lack of a proper legal reaction from american afterwards to these cases including the lack
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of serious punishments and the president's also reminded of an adoption agreement reached earlier between moscow and washington which is supposed to allow russian officials to monitor what happens to russian children after they're adopted by americans and brought to the united states but in reality since each state has its own legislation in america this agreement has no legal power in the many of them and in many cases that russian officials are not even allowed to be present in the courts during court hearings of these cases of abuse which the president said. while simply makes this agreement useless now he was also asked a very tough question implying a vats of argument built an authoritarian regime during all these years that he was in power let's listen to what the president had to say on this. we have it with them was that i believe that we've provided the stability that was mentioned in
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previous questions which is the perec was it for the development of our country and as i've already said i believe it's a very important thing but i wouldn't call it authoritative i can't agree with such an opinion and the most prominent example that proves my point was my decision to take to the sidelines after two terms as president if i thought that to tell a tarion or authoritative systems would be the most preferable for our country i'd just. the constitution you know that back in the day it was easy to do it doesn't even require a national vote it was enough to push that change through parliament where we have over three hundred to go i made a conscious decision to leave to allow the succession of power and show my respect for the constitution but let me give you take it with you now the president has also denied rumors that he has problems with his health there's been lots of speculation around that recently in the media but presumably that was your health
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problems with his back so you deny that thing itself is ok and on a lighter note the president has also said that he knows when the end of the world will be and. that that will happen in a few billion years when the white when the sun rather goes out so these are some of the most serious serious issues so far discussed at the conference and of course we'll be bringing you more updates as it continues. indeed ok r.t. if you're pissing off live from moscow thank you. and you can watch a live video stream from president putin is and human a marathon with the press and media when i website r.t. dot com. now the editor of wiki leaks julian a son just said to make his christmas speech later on thursday marking six months since he knocked on the door the ecuadorian embassy in london the address has already sparked mass speculation over what kind of message the world's top
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whistleblower is set to deliver. laura smith reports. later on thursday julian assange is doing something which is usually reserved for heads of state queens the pope people like that he's giving a christmas message from the balcony of the ecuadorian embassy where he's been holed up for the last six months and in fact this speech will mark his six month anniversary inside the ecuadorian embassy now the last time julian assange has appeared in public it was back in august and he organized a kind of a rally around the embassy so speeches by politicians and other supporters as a kind of a carnival atmosphere with balloons and all that kind of thing and then he came on and made his speech and he made a couple of important points one of which was to urge the u.s. to end what he calls the witch hunt against wiki leaks and he also called for the release of bradley manning who is of course being held. on trial in the u.s.
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accused of leaking classified documents to wiki leaks so those are two things that he may mention again when he talks later on thursday he also may talk about his most recent bids to run for the senate in the two thousand and thirteen australian federal elections he's made that announcement and he's said that wiki leaks is setting up a political party for which plans are significantly advanced and they have received significant support from notable australians he says that that party is designed to promote openness in government and politics and also to combat growing intrusions on individual privacy so one of the things i learnt during the interview that he gave me a couple of weeks ago was that julian assad is increasingly on willing to talk about his personal situation he prefers to stick to the wider issues and so that's why one of the things he may talk about could be the continuing blockade of wiki
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leaks by a visa master card and pay. that's a case that's ongoing at the moment and also a possible further link that he mentioned to me that talking about leaking more documents in the new year watch this space he said. and that sound remains locked within echoed those diplomatic mission washington hasn't stopped its persecution of the whistleblower according to wiki leaks spokesman kristinn hrafnsson well we know about the ongoing. investigation and the secret grand jury in alessandro in virginia there is. an ongoing attempt to find an angle to bring charges against julian and possibly all those working for with police is a very serious matter of course very shameful for the obama administration not to stop that for the man who was right even taken four years ago to increase transparency and what we have seen is totally the opposite witch hunt against
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whistleblowers. has no first place in history it will continue to work as we have done despite the difficult situation that has been in the ecuador embassy now for six months but prior to the house arrest that hasn't stopped us we have continued to work. the economic blockade has not stopped us either even though we are getting into a dire situation financially but that's a battle that we have decided to turn into an all out war and until we have a victory there as well in the new year us president barack obama has become time magazine's person of the year for a second time getting the award for being the symbol and the architect of a new america but the publication's enthusiasm for the president is not shared by all and he remain unconvinced by his actions on such topics as gun control what he's going to try to kind of course now. they're choosing president obama as the
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person of the year second time the first time they gave him the title right after the two thousand and eight election as to someone who had the most influence on global affairs although at that time he hadn't had the time to exercise all that influence but then president obama also received the nobel peace prize in two thousand and nine shortly after his election although i guess at that point he hadn't made much peace in the world the award was seen as much more of an advance credit than and knowledge meant of actual achievements on the peace funds later president obama went on to spend that credit sending more troops to afghanistan and carrying out regime change in libya under the arguable banner war for the sake of peace as far as his person of the year titled critics argue president obama was time's choice by default their shortlist this year also included the egyptian leader mohammed morsi and the pakistani girl malala yousafzai who was shot by the taliban for advocating for women's education president obama may be the person of
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the year for the time magazine but for advocates of gun control in the u.s. he still has to earn that title president obama had a news conference where he was asked why no meaningful action has been taken on gun control in the last four years of his presidency although one of his campaign pledges was a ban on assault weapons he basically said he had lots of other things to do including waging two wars and quote it's not like i've been on vacation he said those in the us who suffrage and numerous incidents of gun violence would probably not be satisfied with such an answer but the president pledged to finally take more active steps in the coming months he says the administration will come up with a more definitive proposal on gun control but people have heard those words before and nothing happened and getting a semiautomatic weapon is not a problem in the u.s. adam lanza who killed twenty small children and. six adults at an elementary school
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last week fired from a semi-automatic bushmaster rifle it's a military style rifle a powerful weapon and its sales are on the rise in the u.s. in the last four years the market for such guns grew thirty percent well journalist and activist dundon says the actions and policies of the u.s. president speak louder than the words of a time magazine editor is time magazine's editors giving me giving him the award can only be you can only guess impute whatever motive they have to them in terms of what he's actually done we have to look at his policies in terms of workers getting jobs nothing in terms of giving people who are in foreclosure relief not much in terms of peace making he started more wars than george bush and so you know we have to look at his policy rather than what some magazine who may be going to the f.c.c. or some other regulatory agency for relief for the many t.v. stations the time inc owns rather than that we need to look at his policy well go
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back to two thousand and eight when he was given supposedly because of the influence he had an international affairs and within four weeks of receiving that said he had no comment about israel's war on gaza that ended up killing fifteen hundred civilians it's pretty meaningless and the thing that's most revealing is they themselves called an electoral college over a popular vote scam when they said it's the editor's choice and not the people but the people voting for the president of north korea over the president of the united states. well still ahead for you this. rebuke the united nations security council that israel needs settlement construction. to build more homes in the palestinian territories the details just ahead. the stunning beauty of reindeer gracefully dancing across the arctic tundra more
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than just a scenic image it is a way of life for some traditionally the people are nomadic reindeer herders and though in many ways they lead a simple and rustic life they are also highly skilled and organized in their trade . another weekend will be preparing for. a response to some religious depending on. the day we found this particularly camp they were settled near the coast of the sea here for families work together to manage nearly a thousand reindeer herding reindeer is not just a job for the people in fact they say it's a part of their entire culture heritage and way of life and back they say that they can use almost every single part of the reindeer to help them survive. a deer is a means of transportation. and clothes and for the outside a nice. little life in the tundra is harsh and so before winter hits
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many of the children are helicoptered to the center of the district and not even marked for boarding school. utilize modern technology. scientist who wanted a better way of life for his people but even with the most progressive ideas in education many minutes say they don't want to trade the modern life for their beloved tundra but i have returned to the tundra and i actually like it here if you're outside there's fresh air fresh water looks at the site you can see deer it's a joyful sight a sentiment that hopefully ensures that russia's northern reindeer will have caretakers for generations to come.
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on the edge of human capability. struggling with a tree. layout to become first. fourth. in.
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here with r.t. more world news for you now the u.n. security council has criticize israel for pushing on with its settlement plans and putting the two state peace talks at risk in addition to the construction of six thousand new homes proposed earlier reports are emerging of the approval of more than three thousand other houses in jerusalem and the west bank israel's building in occupied palestinian lands is seen as illegal under international law reports. israeli officials say that they're pressing on with plans to build six thousand new settler homes this defies criticism from western powers who fear that the move will hamper an already famed hopes for a peace deal between israelis and palestinians you'll remember that it was just
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last month after the the fact a recognition of palestinian sovereignty at the united nations that israel made its new announcement in terms of settlement building it said that it would expand settlements in the occupied west bank as well as in east jerusalem and at that time there was international unquiet the point needs to be made that israel continues to build in i said defiance of international law and as well as of united nations resolutions so many critics are pointing out that is also assertiveness with settlements is part of the reason why it's becoming increasingly isolated by its most now partners primarily in europe but that's not to say that washington is also not losing patience the united states has said that it is deeply disappointed by israeli construction plans in an unpredictably sharp reaction the obama administration has softened the criticism of israel saying that these construction plans run counter to peace the point also needs to be made that next month
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generally israel will be holding parliamentary elections which is why many of the just thing that these are nonsense by the prime minister netanyahu are a means of trying to garner up domestic support as well as change the reality on the ground one of the options that myth and ya'll and like minded people. creating a situation well by the number of settlements will be such a significant one that eventually the solution will be more or less let us get the big to the sixty seven borders and let the settlers remain there under the palestinian state rather than evacuate them to new areas which would be annexed to israel most of the international community see the settlement construction by television as illegal certainly the palestinians see it as a real obstacle to creating a viable capital in east jerusalem policy r.t.
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tel aviv. on our website right now a backlash by russian all makers against of washington's magnitsky bill it's russian society many saying innocent children should be left out of political bickering more details on like. a police lay down the door on the cyber bully outlining how far comments on social networks go before attracting their attention . and all that latest i assess crew blast off on a soyuz rocket where freezing baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan to find all the details on the space station mission. almost a quarter of the population of the european union are at risk of sliding below the poverty line that's according to the blocs main statistics agency and while some e.u. citizens are tired of being suffocated by austerity others are growing weary of having
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to stretch out a helping hand all of it takes a closer look now at the unsettled region. around one hundred and twenty million e.u. citizens all right risk for falling below the poverty line now in response to the measures that are being taken to try and halt the european union and the euro zone in particular as economic downturn we've seen violent demonstrations in countries like greece where we're seeing clashes with police and also strikes across the country also in spain and as well elsewhere across the union now these on what we have seen though is these are just students so activists that are being demonstrating against the cuts that have been implemented upon them but people from all across society as not just the people have started to show that they're dissatisfied with the way things are going the politicians have already started the finger pointing of just who is to blame silvio berlusconi in italy saying little
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he's going to run again to be the leader of the country and he's pointed a finger squarely towards germany where i am right now saying that it's up to berlin to recognize the european central bank as a real central bank in his words otherwise swell countries like italy are going to have to pull out of the euro zone in fact well there are those here in germany that would say that it's well germany that has to pull out of the year or so of this going on as we look towards twenty thirteen and that difficult task of trying to solve the eurozone and the european union's crippling financial problems. well a few minutes time we'll take you want to tour of sochi as the black sea resort city prepares for the twenty fourteen winter olympic games to stay with us.
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since childhood america's always stood out from his peers he hates losing and has never missed a single training session he came first in everything swimming ballroom dancing or chess at the age of sixteen started to lift weights four years later he took on the bronze medal in weightlifting from the london paralympics. coming in third place at the olympic games was his first serious defeat. in the bronze medal for me was poor consolation because when you know that you really could do better but you could show a much better result of course that upsets you but i'm only twenty. those were my first paralympic games so the result was a good start and i must keep up this level and move forward to.
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avoid the i was born with a spinal injury when his mother was leaving the hospital they told her she had to do some special massages and he would be able to walk to help her son the dish to become a coach and adopted physical education every day they did special exercises hoping for a miracle however the boy could never stand on this feet to walk forward it was very difficult i had stupid thoughts in my head when we were at a hospital with him i even thought of jumping out the window with my son i even wished he was mentally handicapped so he would not understand that he could not walk but my husband told me think about what you are saying do you think you'll feel any better do you think you will feel better. there's no way except at the sad truth and began to fight. grandfather saw it on t.v.
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. a vehicle powered by the arms and by it's a really special vehicle for people with leg disabilities. they used to ride it very often and he drove it literally everywhere but if we put him in he used his homemade hand bike to go to a regular school in russia children with disabilities receive home schooling as a rule but for his parents it was a question of principle. did not consider himself to be disabled who in the us in the world there are three steps going into the school building about half a metre and once he fell over. and after that the headmaster wanted us to take him in after all the time but i said no it's no big deal if a child falls down happens to everyone when they're kids when you. don't because you're on we made him go outside for a walk when he was driving his hand bike his knees were shaking because of the atmosphere around him but i shouldn't i saw that people looked at him and it made him very.


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