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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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free risk free. to free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free video down to r.t. dot com. a vote of uncertainty the second phase of egypt's beleaguered constitutional referendum begins made a ballot showdowns between its backers and opponents. russia moves a step closer to banning child adoptions by u.s. citizens we look at the tragic cases of abuse where foster parents got away with surprisingly even punishments. and choosing too often israeli voters say they've had enough of parliament stopping and changing on when asked to turn out yet again.
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from moscow you're watching r t i'm kerry johnston. egypt is voting in the second round of the referendum on the draft constitution which is polarizing the country which has triggered bloody street battles in key cities saturday's vote on the islamist infused document which already won the approval in the first leg was preceded by another flash of anger on that from journalist true. millions of egyptians across seventeen governorates have headed to the polling stations today to votes in the second and final round of egypt's contentious constitutional referendum yesterday this once again was the fact of the violence we saw clashes in egypt second city alexandria between those who are for the constitution very few against the constitution this happened is a myth staged a hundred thousand strong rally in support of the constitution and implementation
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of sharia law the two sides hold rocks at each other they are cars and buses some saying these buses belong to the muslim brotherhood police intervened with take out leaving seventy seven injured so this obviously comes on the after several instances of violence is in alexandria and entire a few weeks ago in cairo and from the presidential palace rival groups clashed leaving ten dead in terms that people are saying here on the streets the country is divided so here against the constitution say would only enforce a presidential dictatorship that it lacks a key social economic rights it was drafted by islamist dominated assembly those for the constitution say it is essential for the progress towards democracy after the conditions draw so they say we'll have parliamentary elections in the first round of course the votes people voted in fifty seven percent in favor of the constitution analysts believe that this will be another yes votes this is largely because of the seventeen governorates voting today many of them a rule of cultural places where the muslim brotherhood have quite
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a strong base of the seventeen voting today only three voted against the president in the presidential or in the presidential elections even many to believe that this will in fact be a yes vote the opposition forces for that part say that the only reason it was a yes vote in the first round was used to vote rigging rights groups did document several cases of electoral violations including supervised polling stations leading both rights groups on the opposition forces to call for a rerun of the first round of the referendum saying it is actually not invoiced the issue judicial supervision remains a point of contention here as thousands of judges continue to boycott the referendum really will have to see the outcome of the results as they come in later on today in the early hours of tomorrow morning but definitely people expect by their own rest in the streets either way that both sides refuse to back down. well whether this is the revolution's second wind or a side effect of political transition with opinion and analysis on the latest on rest in egypt at r.t. dot com coming up on the program
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a five hundred dollars penalty for desecrating says no jail time just a demotion and a cut that's all the punishment u.s. marine gets for you in eight days in advance. also ahead britain's increasingly cold feet e.u. membership why it's rattling nerves across the atlantic. russia's lower house of parliament has passed a bill banning all adoptions of russian children by americans as part of a larger document and preventing human rights abuses of russians abroad gonna chicken looks at the cases which raise the alarm with no makers. the adoption agreement that russia and the us signed in the vampire was designed to provide mechanisms so far overside for russian children adopted by american families but moscow claims it is still being met with obstacles when it attempts to inquire an adopted children still cool here are so many lies about the real
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conditions of children adopted by u.s. parents we have no idea what's really going on the united states does not do follow ups once an adoption is finalized once the adoption is finalized the child is considered the same as if you were born into that family one thousand russian children have died in the hands of their adoptive parents in the us in recent years there is on told numbers of children that are. enduring abuses that haven't been reported that haven't resulted in their get better just surviving the case of matia allen who was adopted from russia. and she was placed in the home of the head of file she was discovered because of a a child pornography sting and she told. reporters and such that she waited every day and kept praying and believing that somehow the
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adoption agency that placed her there would come back and check on her would even telephone and ask her how things were doing and she would have been able to tell them but nobody ever came to check on her much of the fury in moscow over the brutal treatment of adopted russian children has been driven by the leniency american judges have shown towards a number of abusers the adoptive father of two year olds in my jacket who was acquitted after he forgot the boy has car for nine hours the toddler died of heat stroke the parents of russian born aceh craver have been released on bail after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter. the quavers have dodged a murder sentence even though investigators discovered that the child had suffered repeated beatings from his adoptive parents which left him with over eighty bruises and injuries of which twenty were to his head judges have also shown leniency in cases of abuse which did not result in the death of a child called jessica bigley received probation after she went on a popular t.v.
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show and bragged of how she disciplined her adopted russian child by systematically cramming hot sauce into his mouth and putting him under a cold shower russian officials say they were denied any access to another washing point maxine a bio of who was allegedly abused by his foster parents according florida quote it that the cases of abuse of prompted reaction from russia's top political brass. the judges will not even let us attend the u.s. trials as observers at a time when the adoption rate in russia itself is low the situation of u.s. adoptions seems even more dire the u.s. accounts for around a third of all foreign adoptions in russia and there are hundreds of successful cases each year but the latest developments over whether that good work can continue the argument that if there is a flight is chance for an orphan to find a happy home they should be given that chance is undoubted but just as indisputable seems the or given that there has to be more oversight over the well being of these children because with the way things are now dozens of adoptive children could be
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subject to abuse right at this moment and we may never find out in washington i'm going to. greek banks are lining up for a bailout of the things that. rings the country's biggest banks today these are their choice left but to beg for another risky. and barack obama picks his choice for the next secretary of state moves that john kerry who want to turn down america's military policy. a reduction in rank and the five hundred dollar. cut that's what it will cost a u.s. marine sergeant for desecrating the bodies of dead taliban soldiers he was found guilty of using one thousand on them and posing with corpses retired u.s. kind and diplomatic and right so the people of afghanistan feel a lot of anger of the behavior of american troops oh i was in afghanistan last week
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and i talked to a lot of people in afghanistan and they are very. they are outraged about these things that our u.s. military people have been doing to them the brutal slaughter of people i mean over and above that where you have sergeant bales' that has. killed sixteen afghans you have this incident the u.s. military personnel. you're in aiding on the bodies. taleban you have of the issue of the koran being on a military base so afghans are very upset about what the u.s. military is doing there. president obama has nominated senator john kerry as a candidate for the job of america's top diplomat a vietnam veteran and antiwar activist could take over from hillary clinton who promised to stand down next year ivan eland defense analyst and senior fellow at
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the independent institute believes kerry can dampen down washington's foreign policy. i think he's actually a better choice than susan rice i think he'll be more restrained in advocating u.s. military intervention since he was a vietnam war veteran now he's been for some wars but he has been over all i think he's been a restraining influence on the on the u.s. as chairman of the foreign relations committee and of course he has a lot of experience is combat experience in vietnam and many of the people who are in vietnam john mccain is the big exception are more restrained in their foreign policy they're not as excited to see to send u.s. service men and women into harm's way and i think that that's probably a good thing at this stage meanwhile deadlock over debt and spending is seemingly us towards a fiscal cliff that would trigger widespread tax rises and government cuts on new year's day to tackle a fast approaching deadline congress members have gone on holiday lori oftenest has
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been out and about to find anyone who thinks they deserve the break. as many hard working americans look forward to taking a break from the grind so does congress did they deserve a holiday this week let's talk about that we're talking today about congress because there's that take their break right now you're already rolling your eyes i've only just said the word awful it's awful what you can do they don't do anything and they're taking a break well yeah because that's what they do they don't do anything and they're going to do you think that they have been working hard enough to deserve a holiday never and i won't say anymore because it'll be a bad word of those going to go in kick the can down the road a little bit for the next year yeah and nothing's going to change something may change but there's going to lighten up that we deal with it again next year so do
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you work more than one hundred forty days a year so everyone deserves some time off the extent of it that's another story so yeah i do think they should get a break but with the fiscal cliff being what it is they should probably work through the holidays which do you think that they know what the answer is and they're just kind of posturing because you know republicans have to say that they're not going to raise taxes democrats have to say they're not going to make cuts but at the end of the day they're going to compromise absolutely they have to so what with this posturing bad enough of that why don't they just get real. i think part of politics is being reelected and so the politicians need to seem to their constituents. loyal and sometimes beyond reasonable bounds are we that stupid . some people are what's the answer. i think the answer is is is more more public scrutiny of their performance or public involvement and in the process and does that involve more intelligent public to get involved
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a better informed public and a public that is just plain. attention to what these people are doing so maybe a media that's less bought by corporate interests that keep feeding into the political that would be helping the bottom line is no congress does not deserve a holiday but they probably are going to enjoy more vacation then we commoners could ever imagine so just remember that if you take your measly vacation this year . for a politician's vote to burn out and parliament mischief in israel all that off the break.
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divine power in action activate the. i and. we need these we are under the control of those governing you somewhere at the service of a space mafia i found on that day the magnetic field of the sun. to create disappear. after the second coming and it will be a beautiful place it will receive its glory it will be a renewed world and it will be a beautiful place. full of the best. will stop the emulation. thank you.
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it's good business for us it's kind of like being a doctor you know there's a disaster businesses. better unfortunately. well into the. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got this huge you're covered. on the edge of human capabilities. struggling with pain and really. layout to become the first. four years old enough. to meet speak or language such. as programs and documentaries in arabic
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in school here on. reporting from the world's hot spots seventy yard p. interviews intriguing stories for you. then try. to find out more visit our big teeth.
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with r.t. more well that news for you now israelis are expected to trudge back to the polling stations again next month and a parliamentary election that's happening earlier than planned no government has survived a food term in office for decades and there's a point to reports voting for teeth is rife. call us money as you know in back in my political career i was minister of regional cooperation minister of agriculture minister of housing and construction minister of immigrant of the option and minister of justice i have even held this post serial tenuously but it doesn't mean i'm talented it just shows that the system is so messed up be toyed. it's a system that's been in place since the founding of the state sixty four years ago
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it's seen thirty four governments in sixty four years that's a new israeli government almost every two years and a new minister just as often in the last twenty years there have been twenty interior ministers fourteen foreign ministers and fifteen justice ministers and now more and more israelis are saying enough and joining a movement to change the political system as. a young citizen ghost elections so many times who starts to lose the sense that this is a democracy not for nothing of the past ten years voter turnout has decreased from eighty to sixty four percent. kirillov's eventually as it was. but reforming the system is unpopular and has created controversy this online campaign by local celebrities shows that whenever someone tries to talk about it they're interrupted. the. prime minister says he must call for elections
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because he can't pass the budget he's scared that his coalition members may bring down his government and we will act as if. we really say there's no problem with our system. critics say israel's multi-party system gives too much power to smaller parties. behind a sham of the system here weakens the political center and gives a lot of power to the sick to all parties ultra orthodox ultra rightists right wing extremists and so on and in fact the soon to be becomes a hostage to these marginal groups there is no democracy there's crissy the minority rule over the majority. another problem is that because government ministers change so often they can't plan. today a minister in the state of israel serves for an average of one year until he understands the position and creates a vision and the long term planning he's no longer there. but many of these
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people want is a complete overhaul of the system with parliamentary elections slated for early next year israelis are bound to see yet another round of deal making between parties who make up the next coalition but they tolerance is running thin with latest figures suggesting more than half the population is unhappy with his government's performance points here r.t. tel aviv britain's resurgent euro skepticism is now even getting the us a little worried washington is afraid of losing its influential ally in the european union and even warning of consequences if the u.k. leaves the bloc but political analyst robert all service says it's a britain's business alone. i think the people in britain really will make their own minds up about a future we don't need what to don't need to be told what to do by someone from another country be that the united states or or stall the president of the european commission for that matter really president obama needs to understand is that the
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european union is actually damaging for europe it's actually undermining the economy of different member states many member states are suffering a very harshly as a result of these economic policies policies which he has thoughtfully rejected and he wouldn't like to be told how to manage his economy by an unaccountable bureaucracy like other countries in europe countries in the eurozone are being told how to manage their own affairs having to hack into have all things over to be forced upon them so really he needs to perhaps learn a little bit more about the undemocratic nature of the european union before commenting but meanwhile or four of greece's largest banks are queuing up for bailouts after posting huge losses this year the reason there could be their own government or for lenders to hits during a state debt buyback scheme the greek economist pulis says it's the country in even worse shape. it's not the banks that failed it's. the
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economic situation that was created that has decimated it. banking sector which was much animal when among the most resilient. in europe it was not a never exposed to toxic instruments. fine but then. we had forty thousand small businesses closing closing these student loans and. unemployment rate of twenty six percent. so we have really on the one hand or strategy on the other hand bank inability to. provide liquidity for the month. to chile now where long running street battles over education reform have seen more trouble in the capital hundreds of students have again clashed with police there it's green here in the heart of the protest leaders of the movement say they're fed up with their standards of private
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universities and students won a major victory two days ago when she sees justice minister wise to be qualities was forced to resign over a corruption scandal. in central china firefighters struggled for seven hours to contain a massive blaze which raged through a sixteen story office building is one man the security guard is still trapped inside around fifty people staying at a hotel in the upper floors were evacuated to safety of a dozen people hospitalized for smoke inhalation. a space capsule carrying three astronauts has successfully dr the international space station it took two days for the craft to make it into position one hundred ten kilometers above the earth the russian canadian and american crew have joined up with three others already at the station and they'll stay in too much. blasted off on wednesday from the bike you know cosmodrome in kazakhstan.
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the mayan calendar has run out but we're still here some don't have empty your pockets next to look at those turning apocalypse into profits. the sun rises over what seems like a most forest but here in the new directions quite hundred kilometers north of life are stopped and in much of the world it's disappearing at a catastrophic rate. thank you. for your crew lawyers both illegal and those finding ways to outsmart the system for filing down the forest of the put more secure region for them profit goes well beyond the future of our planet and the result could be an ecological crisis the world
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wildlife fund for nature makes regular trips to help local rangers do what little they can to stop the logging but it's not easy logger set up traps making them hard to reach in an already rough terrain and have mastered ways to jump through legal loopholes. this is a nature reserve were only sanitary logging of disease trees is a route according to law and not a single berry can be picked up along like this used their sanitary logging permit to cut down absolutely healthy trees and sell the profitable timber over the border in china we are on the hunt for illegal loggers and it's not going to be easy to forests. and our chances are slim now for now we can stay in our dreams but as soon as we find quality tracks we'll have to drop our wheels and get out silently in order not to scare the loggers off alexander some morning has been a ranger for over twenty five years he can spend weeks at a time tracking
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a single group of loggers easier to work when snow falls in autumn it's impossible to find human tracks and even transport tracks are hard to see after hours of driving we get sent in the right direction by word of mouth you can see that the ground is soft here which means that there are twelve tractor trails are very fresh which in fact means that we need to be quiet in order to not scare them off as we get closer. this team says they're illegal but have no documents now xander can now call the police to take over his work here is done overwhelmingly outnumbered there are too few rangers working in the promote the region and the w w f says the government isn't doing enough to stop it i guess the government now for more. than your forest and according to. the guys in the forest through
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this still. no one tries to stop them in just five years the forest will be gone. what will the people who live after us do. it's a question more and more people are aware of to. climate change in the safety of our environment as a whole are being discussed around the world and perhaps it's those small steps that might be a start to people living in harmony with nature. it's a job but it's also a religious vocation that's pushing her to constantly find new ways of developing her business. today she visited this cave in the denver area. it's a more than three kilometer deep maze this spot is for sale and robin is thinking
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about buying it for the construction of more underground shelters if somebody was to light a fire someone in here what about the ventilation with the smoke or something like that you probably would want to get yourself back in a small room with a fire or anything like that but when something like this we are close to an entrance there's a lot of here we're going to probably be all right ok. if you think it's a good survival it's not because i do a cave like this we get easily howell's a thousand or so people and me so it would be a great project a great resource to have. for robin it's the perfect place but her family seems a little less enthusiastic would you like to live in a cave like this if it was like mandatory. but if it's. according to robin the girls will surely not have the choice because according to her the end of the world science is already well and truly visible starting with the crumbling of christian values in our modern societies if you go one bookstore
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or one movie store friend's sense how many of those books and how many of those movies do you think that jesus christ himself could watch. and that'll tell you how many things are going to get burned those things need to be cleansed out of the world for him to be a part of it again so he's going to come back there's going to be a cleansing process the millennium for so that tells you how bad the world could possibly be. living quarters for a large family in a bunker being sold up to two million euros. to meet the demand real estate projects like these are sprouting up all over the united states. just a few months ago larry hall was building skyscrapers but today in the middle of the kansas plains in a spot he means to keep secret this businessman has decided to devote his time to a project worthy of the fairy.


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