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if you knew morgan is the one who stole the show this week in the cage cheryl with his middle come on you've got side going to open the ist on wednesday they still make me that long five three and gene up with his brilliance on the show once again being both impressive with his outstanding puck control and effective cue with four points and his first head trick in the league so far. struggling that plant was again on friday dropped there from gillette ends with one of russia's most gifted new generation of players. netting twice and adding one more goal to be beside the shoot out when. time to have a look at skill to get going cup holders are still top of the league with ups on their ovechkin having scored sixteen goals so far for this one against.
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east probably the most beautiful. meanwhile to score still on the road to their full capacity performance so kids giving up his magic on the ice. but you're davies a man against the bars but the visitors managed to go on from behind to draw this race to win it q one with a win that suit losing control. and we close with hockey special wants to go tenders and there is help saves all the way.
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from work but i know our team. from the ice let's look at the best of the rest from the world of sport. thanks. on monday linsanity was back at madison square garden after jeremy lin made a winning return to new york the twenty four year old posted twenty two points as they used to rockets beat his former club the knicks one hundred nine to ninety six lin is the first player of taiwanese descent in the n.b.a. and shot to fame last season. on tuesday thousands of fans parted in the brazilian city of south paolo as they welcome back the club world cup winners that engines the south american champion stunned chelsea one nil in the final in japan to claim the trophy for a second time and they received a rapturous welcome bringing back the pope at this present with their support.
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on wednesday staying in brazil as former greats ronaldo and zidane sedan went head to head yellowy collina refereed at a sellout charity match current start neymar also delighted the fans france legends are down rolled back for years by scoring a crack at his team lost three two but everybody was a winner with the proceeds going towards helping reduce poverty. on thursday still in brazil another spectacular goal flew in but in a different kind of football as michael stahl falcao netted with a bunny hop during the exhibition footsore fest. then on friday russian snowboarding fans went wild as their new hero vic wild finished third in his first race at the opening world cup leg in italy the former
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american citizen took a break from the sport after receiving his russian passport secured bronze in the parallel giant slalom the event was won by a few less time ago. then on saturday singapore were crowned southeast asian champions for a record fourth time after beating co-host thailand three two on aggregate in bangkok the thais went all out to reduce the three want a first leg deficit before it all to cross on but headed home just before the break but that was as much as they could muster and singapore coach raddy ever mode which celebrated his third crown but ornament. on sunday cricket great sachin tendulkar retired from one day internationals after an illustrious twenty three year career the thirty nine year old indian batsman
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holds the world record for caps runs and centuries and that it will master says he was blessed to win the world cup last year on his six appearance for his country. football that in the famed i actually use academy will hold a training camp for russian kids in the moscow region this summer with the prospect of making this a permanent fixture because i didn't get up off has more. established at the beginning of the twentieth century i exist one of the world's most successful football teams and has become one of the biggest brands in the world the amsterdam side has won thirty one domestic championships and the european cup four times including three consecutive years from nine hundred seventy one and as the now champions league in one thousand nine hundred five yet the club is a renowned not only for this impressive record but also their tech minded philosophy they apply our fans like attractive football let's check the football to us is playing the side of the of the other one and have
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a lot of ball position be creative and do attacking that's our philosophy because we think that's what kids like for winning is not the most important this style of football is the most important trick the beautiful football one of the clubs a recipe for success has always been the i x youth academy the breeding ground of dutch football has unearthed numerous stella talents such as the legendary york in croydon. mark of one boston. and a lot of. over the past decade or so it has become harder for i.x. to compete in the top european tournament with homegrown players being lured away by ritual leagues but the talent factory never stops producing excellent footballers and we're fairly proud when you see players from us playing all over the world and that makes it really feel good but there's always this sort of sadness and that we think that if the players would be with us one or two more
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years then they would even be better if they don't leave when they're seventeen eighteen but leave when they're twenty five we can develop them very good so it's good for the player and at least we have to let them go and that's no problem but we want to stay there we want them to stick along the way the club the traditions that the famed academy remained the same as they have been since the late ninety's sixty's when the dutch created the concept of total football i extract to keep their way of playing football recognisable attractive offensive minded and fast and always using three forward so the young where is already accustomed to they are you . have to establish a new club in south africa in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the amsterdam outfit have set their sights on russia as a training camp using the best coaches will be held next summer twenty kilometers west of moscow with the prospect of opening a permanent i execute them in russia i'm a really big football fan and boring in amsterdam next to the next day the m so it
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was a unique opportunity to get here and start this football academy the population of the entire netherlands is around seventy million people just twelve million more than the russian capital moscow but the dutch can boast dozens of top class footballers playing across europe is healing and they have already proved dutch coaches can succeed with the russian players and if the dutch coaches can start working from the grassroots level then russian football stars could start training sooner rather than later. our team. now the russian women's curling team thinks gold at the european championships with a six five victory over scotland their new trainer is swiss coach thomas lips and as richard ample of late discovered lip service is working wonders. the disappointment of the two thousand and ten vancouver olympics seems
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a long way away for russia's women's curlers victory at the recent european championships has given them renewed confidence as bibi the reigning olympic gold medalist on their route to victory going to see that over the skid and a lot of the headlines for her displays and rightly so however the head coach thomas philips has also played a major part in getting his team to realize fair potential. in the beginning to learn from. this test how do i mention how the game should be but also. what kind of people are there. we have spoken a lot together and i think the way to get that how to work with. it was really i think it's a question of didn't each other that i think that the main point was that we have confidence loops is originally from just one side judy has been involved in curling
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for most of his life and was more than happy to give a master class to russians up and coming generation there's not much he misses about home as he spends around half the year in his native switzerland and he's continuing to go from strength to strength in his adopted country contend with helping russia with the first european women's curling gold since two thousand and six thomas lives is a really busy preparing the next generation of the country's because of the swiss is only been in the job for around six months or so he's enjoyed fantastic results and it's all bodes well for the salt she two thousand and fourteen olympics just round the corner but the truth the european championships more very important is in reality a warm up in two thousand and fourteen soccer lympics the win will only heightened expectations but russia can get a first ever limpid curling medal however lips doesn't feel any extra pressure. because bridget means always there will be. afraid to execute no though not a little i'm proud of the team first of all well reach no gold that's one thing
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even mainly will probably force a no medal ok people wouldn't be so happy. but i see the progress at least doing curling is continuing to going in popularity within russia with new rings popping up around the country while the men's team on the same level as for women's at the moment things could change with continued investment how many generation already have plans to compete at the highest level by teenagers kareena and alina. just have to. show that. they can't. just do what is right it's always very interesting. things. was it's great to have a. sense of this person such as. the next test for the senior squad will be the two thousand and thirteen world championships in riga in march but val look to build on
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their success at the europeans however the future is looking very bright as coding continues to develop in russia boldly tonty moscow. time now for short break a state chainsaw to cease.
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the. lines in motion would be soon which brightened if you knew no bounds phone from phones to impressions. from stunts on t.v. don't comb. welcome
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back to part two of the sport show now following this summer's triumph at the london olympics some of russia's top rhythmic gymnasts held a special show class in moscow where fans met their idols and learned a few tricks michael crafts to reports at this summer's london olympics russia's
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you gania come over was again the undisputed star of the rhythmic gymnastics arena winning the individual gold medal for a record breaking second straight games that it took silver while russia also claimed gold in the all round team event in a competition the country has dominated for the last twelve years but unlike many other sports the stars that lead the way are often secluded from the public and inaccessible to young fans something this inaugural event aims to stop those impacts not just them but of course this show class is a fantastic thing firstly it's developing our sport fabric for the kids it's simple and real to see their idols and stash the fallen and trying to teach them what we know sure not all of it will stick but it will try to teach them the best we can ironically rhythmic gymnastics has a more to stick approach than even artistic gymnastics itself combining elements of ballet gymnastics and dance while competitors perform with the hoop clubs and
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ribbon during their routines the sport demands an extremely light and flexible body meaning girls between the ages of fifteen and twenty three are the ones that usually excel many enthusiastic braved the minus twenty celsius conditions to get a chance to finally see the olympic stars up close. and a few former gymnasts showed off their skills allowing some keen sense to mimic the every move so with the inaugural new year show class in rhythmic gymnastics it's no surprise that it's been a hit among young and aspiring gymnasts but also one of the first of what she thinks of all the girls to be able to meet their idols up close and possibly even get an autograph. but it's not only the fans that are taking full advantage of the up close interaction the stars themselves often kept away from the public eye to focus on training and preparation are also only too happy to provide tips and inspiration to anybody youngster you know what i'm really enjoying the fact that
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they all like me that they remember me there's nothing more or less than children i see the drive and determination in their shining eyes so i'm having a lot of fun being here although this first ever show class was probably more of a meeting great than a full on workshop it's hoped it will serve to improve youngsters as well as further promote the sport across the country that may play out in the in my view where these kinds of bands i true more helpful and need to be held more often because these girls watch and see and it's inspirational to them i remember given a girl and had to grow up a while back and them four years later she was performing with me so it does mean the world to them it's not often that you see massive events where both sides stars and fans alike seem equally thrilled to meet each other yet with such a wealth of enthusiasm to match the already evident talent in the country this all bodes well for russia's chances of continuing success in rhythmic gymnastics at
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real twenty sixteen and beyond michael jenkins r.t. moscow. two fighting talk in two thousand and five andrea love's won a u.f.c. crown four years later and defeat a few other. clients now. the better option was back but the other hand has mall. reaching his pinnacle in two thousand and nine when he took on the great brother
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remediating go. in facing and do a stating no doubt. the downward spiral had begun and continued with three more hard defeats. most experts and fans thought the man known as people was down. i lost a lot of hope but to me it's really held down for me. i was on a couple mountains on top of the world and they wanted me and that became a thing national wide and after a while last fall fired some guy came to iowa last ride he shook my hand so it was just a good good fight the. music is the best flat out just the good fight that. obama
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merican in my case it was yet another comeback the first bell in moscow for the russian in twelve years and him on that occasion with pre-fight masa plans to my family and my friends sons they gave me they give me a lot of friends was a good man. is a given that apartment. will if i'm myself around stronger have i still have hope i have the right people like the right that you made so. somebody hit on frame a very far without having to face it dictates that you. leave later on here. it is very shortly here very hard here to change your life i think so he has all the tools in just a matter in the right direction. our last is only thirty three now still far from
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old or heavyweight still hungry and trained by one of the best coaches in the business but it really here for a station. or assuming that all of the claims he's changed a lot on his road to redemption his training his lifestyle his mind though he spent almost an hour with the fans posing for photos and signing posters some things never change and all fall into my mind like my friends a great one so that's why i still. wish it was this one. day with my dream under all ski go zone although he's already passed toughest test . robert for an unknown party. moving on to the italian
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alps and the big name rock fest skiing events where a local favorite took the title from star hall the ted ligety untinged a record top prize climb gray reports. fountains of spectators packed the pagan ella ski resort in trentino as twenty olympic stars began the four round competition of giant slalom various obstacles along the course including an audi beneath a jump while rock bands pumped out the hit last year's winner in hot favorite ted ligety was fastest in all the rounds but to the crowd surprise crashed out on his final run they went ashore and he made one little mistake. that's a it's so i guess i guess sometimes it's something else once. you know i'm really glad it's not. that left a way clear for other big names with norwegian olympic super g. champion aksel and spindle putting himself in contention though he was picked by local star luker day out of plenty me but it was compatriot davida simone chello
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who out of the crowd's posting the best time in the final round to clinch the title his first victory of any kind for almost seventy years. very yeah there's a morning a good imagine that the possibility to wean i love that. is i believe. i'd like to push. every. i mean. with. the phrase mark. so as the italian champion look forward to christmas seventy thousand euros better off the upper party really began up in the peaks of the italian alps colleen bray r.t. . and finally to sochi where russia's speed skaters have been testing the ice and the
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organizers have been signing up new sponsors as russia prepares to host their first winter olympics michael craft a has the latest. well it's only four hundred ten days now until the start of the sochi twenty fourteen winter olympic games and of course preparations are well underway the latest event to be held at the iceberg skating palace one of the specifically built venues for the games was the russian short track speed skating championships is the first time russia's speed skaters got to try out what will eventually be the battleground on which they'll hope to win their first ever medal in the short track events russia's traditionally specialized in the long track form of the sport and being on home ice at twenty fourteen could offer the best chance of finally ending the short track medal drought foreman says have been good so far this year with russia's vladimir gregorio managing to briefly set up an unofficial world record during a preseason competition in calgary. every single team member has a spray chanst to succeed it so i am personally hoping to qualify for the five
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hundred and one thousand meter races plus there is plenty to be confident about where breaking world records so it will be simply depend on how good the ice is and our overall fitness levels now russia has an ace up its sleeve recruiting three time gold medal winner and five time overall world champion victor from south korea after he fell out with the south korean skating association although on fail to qualify for the twenty ten vancouver games he's since been training in russia after obtaining russian citizenship in order to compete in what is likely to be his last olympic foray at the sochi games. because i don't have any specific goals for sorts here other than we going to gold medal that's the only goal for any of the olympics but in the run up to the games i'll be using the various international and domestic events to get myself better prepared meanwhile russia's coach frenchman sebastian cross is quietly confident his team can get
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a result from the upcoming world championships and is hoping for podium finishes in sochi we had to actually stay with you there for good. from the beginning of the. so we hope and we try to make that they would be in good shape for the next work at their inception and therefore for watching friendship. retire get spoiled you know for sure and back here in moscow such organizing committees president dmitri turner shane koch was on hand yet again to sign another partnership deal with a major sponsor bringing the total sponsorship for the winter olympics to a record high amount of the contract signed by this the sixth seed in one point three billion dollars this is. a private fund so that means that we are going to win the games not use and private public money for years and private money and this is very important to the games. track and the brand the most
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successful company looks at the profile of our partners it's really amazing and they're helping us to deliver success of the games and i'm very proud to say that when the great shape we're on time and we're with them but so with less than fourteen months to go now it's very much full steam ahead for athletes olympic park developers as well as the organizers so it's venues like the twelve thousand seater i spoke skating palace already hosting top tier events and with many venues now completed all being completed the final stage of the pre-games testing for russia's first ever winter olympics is well underway mark of tanko r.t. moscow. and that's all the sports news i think if. we speak your language i mean for the war not against. news programs and
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