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care so much he's all right as it is it's rare that some find selflessness especially in the bay is it was still bone those trials as they must be. in a chamber maid whoever stole bungalows trousers wrapped around deserves to get their fingers broken the end of that send in the u.n. troops all systems go cause bone go minus trousers equals i don't want to
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know. that my christmas wish has come true bongos trousers i heard or read that over tom baker shop and so are i got this fabulous jacket i did with jack. all right first thing and asked john cooper clarke what is the inspiration and what were you thinking there on the bongos trousers and i don't think i'm speaking out of school when i say i think that's referring to panto i think sure is yeah yeah well i was about four five years ago when was it the g eight conference satan truvada subway it was an ecological event you know. all the world leaders were invited obviously prince chief of the po that. whoever was president of the united states but they and will leaders with but that would ecological concerns were all me. true but also
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canadian. it easy to forget about canadian so way down there next to mexico but it it it came out that the point of it was that was the focal point of anybody that was concerned with the planning right of course bono was the represent the. the dissent from shows the record buying public now what about this idea that bond our bond represents the global disenfranchised i think when he's just. fabs occur they have got the world leaders and then there's bano who is there i stand simply to represent well what does he represent exactly what do you reckon he's there to represent those descended from rock and roll by in public and that it's a boy's aout couldn't. carry a sleeve we could serve as big carry asli through the likes of both but the
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thing is i was writing something else entirely at that when i heard this on a news flash that somebody had been a nice dresser groom he don't basically go out there a nice leather stride stetson wrap around shades it took a look at the dress codes of his consent for is a comb out look a like they a road a still they've even the dalai lama in the pope will wear a lamb and shoot so it's. got change and a lamb stew to give himself a bit a grab it sas on behalf of those that dissent from blah blah blah. while he's been out there given his five minutes go back to chad back in sort of a bone go super hero rookie rules go into his usual strip of lead the jean said rep or absorb losses and somebody paged him and that was it that was the moment was that was that i thought well you know he is trying to go to the well what's that what does he get something even swine said and the kids all these pieces that john
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cooper clarke the you're having an enormous resurgence people are beginning to realize that there is still a master of genius from the punk era still alive and kicking and doing great stuff why now is this punk resurgence happening in oh it looks to me. you've got a rejection of everything that's going on right now including the the g eighty seven g. twenty conference and there's a new spirit out there something about to happen something about to change what do you what are your thoughts is there another kind of social revolution coming well i don't want just to get there it's a it's really you know it's. things like punk and so house music and things like that you know that these phenomena these pop phenomena that sweep oh before you know could never be predicted i don't think they
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seem to go hand in hand the way that they used to be and back in the days of the music business which of course has taken a bit of a bashing recent. in outside about that for a second because of course in the last few years you've had a tremendous technological revolution with room with and people don't really buy new zick anymore and to talk about that here don't want to live performance is there a connection there well i was that was always my main squeeze anyway like the phone would just so things up and change that much for me and not rigged but who knew when they learned how to send a message via a computer it would lead to compulsory pono graffiti in every home of the death of the music business it's what they called a load of old and said dude comes equipped with right now the impact on the business there's a lot of people arguing that it's been a positive thing in terms of bringing about new forms of distribution is new means it's getting out there there's more music out there of course the artists are not
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being paid as they want to. eat as they were but they are me doing a live show as they are changing their models a bit are you having any of this or is it just. it's a tar and terrible development this what's gone on i can't i really don't know much about the world of computers to be honest so there's a new phenomenon called steam punk you heard of that it's kind of the technological book of the century style the logical hands the steam and i've got a lot some for that kind of. code that they i wouldn't say it was a little bit i just. you know not going to check no logical generally i'm pretty low all right so let is so. but it saves how to say how any where any new music would be defend what really and right and in any way that i
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would do you know did it so. the message of music the music and its message and the fact that in the sixty's for examples it was right there with the the civil rights movement and music was a huge thing during the seventies had the stature kind of revolution and that seemed to bring about punk as saying out against that what was going on in society then you had this period of really reaganism and fatter ism which you seem to go into a more stadium punk rock you two kind of period of yeah you quite right lot of patriotism but things are changing obviously they're changing because john cooper clarke is back in the house and really the king is back and so something is happening we are the subjects of the king must hear what's happening what's going on well like a state things up and changed a bit for me to say well. you know of always kind of always been my main thing live but live show well were you surprised when your poetry was included now in the
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official syllabus of the of the education system here in britain i was kind of surprised but it did me a lot of good and i think it's generally. responsible for. any renewed interest that my still and because you know that that catchment area when when people were still doing it for the g.c.'s that was a time when. the likes of alex to have a. plan b. would have been through against them and they came across still to think so it's been very good for me that. and there any any hopes for becoming the official poet laureate of the britain well i think i think that should go to a permit is yes because she'd do a great job of it probably all for the. right behind i'm guessing but she'd do a great job of it. it would make her happy all right so john timoney heard that
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makes happen. here for it's me. i saw him and we're on the cusp of them twenty thirteen so you have to put on your prediction and camp for a second you've got obviously a lot of cross currents things happening in politics and culture. we've established that throughout the past twenty five or thirty years the only constant seemingly in this ever changing world is john cooper clarke apart you are the star around which the entire universe appears to be revolving i'm glad you think so much so that we can look forward to that continuing. for the rest of the mortals what trends perhaps do you see in the next twelve months. i know it's a tremendous pressure. being put it sure is it sure well i think football wise i think united are going to get a zero this year. fashion wise i don't see the two piece fading now
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anytime soon the lounge lounge the lounge suit is is making a big comeback and even on the high street that's an awfully that they have now the one z's and you know the style of their comfort yeah but like all comfortable clothes they look it looks terrible at the supermarket so you know when you're looking good when you feel uncomfortable so what one sees perhaps will cross over to the mainstream us again one z. by one z. is that one piece kind of low hanging scallop they are going to bolus the way from guantanamo did they say is that the dress codes out there given aren't spoilers really yeah they used to call them sirens in the days of world war two which is to the church of war will want to pinstripe want to actually pinstripe one was a bethink rod or something a pen striped boiler suit could be the fast food at a point i was talking to tom baker would be the drafts fantastica all right well that i think i think we've done i think i think we would put it we could fashion we
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call it fashion sports politics. what else but i was the john cooper clarke right time but thanks so much for being on the kaiser report my pleasure max all right that's going to do for the first half of the guys report once again thank you john cooper clarke when we come back i'll be speaking with the wonderous and chanting stacy herbert.
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deadly rivals for decades. if good fifteen thousand people killing each other in any other country there would be diplomats there would be a split. self imposed out costs from society i will cut myself and michael attack my brother understand not wanting to follow him into the pot going to eventually attack the
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cause of my anger and my frustration. that up well into the challenge of. two of the most violent gangs in the us history. is just all model kill or be killed with colors matching the national flag. but this country uses violence when it reaches its and then it legitimizes the violence they are made in america on the ati please.
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please . welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser the kris kringle of financial apocalypse time now to turn to stacy herbert my lovely stacy herbert. max i really wanted to get to the bottom of this question of who stole bongos
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trousers and i think it could be there david cameron or george osborne because you know while they have slashed the budget across the united kingdom for the people of the united kingdom they have increased their overseas aid budget and in order to pay for that perhaps they planned on selling bongos trousers or bonnets trousers on the international market blackboard well i think the poem. is about the fred jealousy of the global system you know that you have these g. twenty and g. seven confound. us and they all seem to be talking around the issues meanwhile the stain of a global economy is getting more dire more fragile and something like stealing bottles trousers could be that straw that broke the camel's back it could be the way for that goes into the man at the money python movie where then explodes you
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say that's what a poem is about it's about it's about fragility in the system. i do seem to recall that promise trials were stolen right at the peak of the bubble the global fine before the global financial collapse happened but you know what this increase in the overseas aid budget i'd like to look at this headline here poverty barons who make a fortune from taxpayer funded aid budget britain swelling overseas aid budget has created a new group of poverty barons paying themselves up to two million pounds a year for their work helping the disadvantage so max all of this overseas aid budget goes to the department for international development id i don't know if they refer to as defeated or d. fed. paid almost five hundred million pounds last year to consultants mostly british many of whom earned six even seven figure incomes courtesy of the u.k.
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taxpayer oh yeah well that's the thing about a christmas day special like the the all the good chair that people are feeling giving to the aid programs and just you know going into the same bucket of kickbacks and bribes that we see all over throughout the economy and people just don't get the aid and the king of this of course is tony blair who has made a post downing street and surprise of flying around the world like a chris crandell from hell and throwing lumps of coal out of his sleigh with some poxy reindeer that he got from a triple and possibly reindeer shop screaming home oh i'm a parent at home. poxy reindeer yes and apparently mahmoud abbas he was asked what tony blair does for the palestinian territories and he said nothing nothing nothing big fat piece of coal dust and i phone right there is nothing nothing nothing from tony blair and you'd like to rip everyone off and put it in comic square.
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that's right live lives right near the u.s. embassy right here in london a big fat bones state conic square bungalow and bunker henri plots is next. but back to these poverty barons one of the top poverty barons of the u.k. it is from adam smith international the managing director of the london based development consultancy adam smith international a asked which gets most of its income from defeated paid himself a salary in dividends totaling almost one point three million pounds in twenty ten adam smith sensitive it's another one of these oxymoron like military intelligence that you would think there for balance more getting free markets but no there are just a front group for scams toure's they like to go with the idea that they're free market enterprise but when you scratch the surface or just you know scam well it makes sense because the likes of bondo for example fly around the world with tony blair
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and gordon brown and now probably david cameron and george osborne and he says ok why don't you guys raise taxes in order to increase your overseas budget and then we find out that in fact he himself refuses to pay any taxes to actually pay for any of that you know how come they didn't do like to live in. to bail out ireland i mean he's irish isn't it i thought he was irish maybe he's not irish maybe he's just like some poxy coal burning sleigh riding jerk. so back to this story about adam smith international it grew out of but is now not related to the right wing think tank the adam smith institute they were paid thirty seven million pounds by defeat last year to promote the free market in the third world its total turnover that year was fifty three point six million pounds with profits of five million pounds up ten percent in two thousand and ten so as you see most of their income comes from the u.k. taxpayer and there they are pushing this free market agenda which they themselves
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that apparently are unable to compete and they steal from the taxpayer by cooking the books and these scams for aid then they blame the taxpayer for having to to merit aid to demand from their government that they elected some kind of due process or some kind of return of the capital that they invested in social programs that they invest that they put their money in when they when i show up to get the money out whether it's pension accounts or social security council or the u.s. would they pay and do it then they come to get the money they're told you scheming little snow's not right ragamuffin bah humbug you know they stole the money you know whether social security or whether it's here in the u.k. the money's been stolen. so max then they go on to look at the field of who is actually who are these poverty barons aside from the adam smith international and i found that several of the best paid consultants are former dea fitted officials who appear to have gained substantial increases in their personal wealth since leaving
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the department even though they are still doing essentially the same work. again it's the revolving door between government and the you know the appendages of government in the so-called private sector but me it's a private public sector it's a bird it's a plane no it's a no it's not seem to leave it at that dock no what is it it's just about a bunch of guys stealing money left right and center and calling it some kind of quasi quango i love the word when i go in this country it just it just sounds you know corrupt from the from the first q onward go you know instead of a think tank oh it's a question go. to steal from the public in the name of the private enterprise. so how much worse is this going to get how much better in two thousand and thirteen by the way for the poverty barons well well almost all other departments are cutting spending ministers have committed to increase in defense budget which will
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rise by thirty five percent in real terms in the next three years or more than three billion pounds per year worse the austerity where is the austerity has gone for the. it's not for the food the demo for the don't the direction flocking to. the game you know all those christmas traditions of started in germany hundreds of years ago we can end the show on christmas day it's going now going to be hot and flocking to fly and she's mocking. i mean that's a german for these are dumb and bon i was a not an irishman well these dumb efforts have done a lot of work in afghanistan and here i have a next story to look at what's happening in afghanistan says. we went there to help the people of afghanistan the bank boss that nearly took down afghanistan so there's a report out by the independent joint anti-corruption monitoring and evaluation committee that sounds like one of these out of poverty buried sort of groups they
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released a report on the collapse of capital bank and the report found more than ninety two percent of the banks loan book or eight hundred sixty one million dollars was extended to nineteen related individuals and businesses which ultimately benefited twelve people the remaining seventy four million dollars was extended to legitimate customers in loans so it makes sense that here you have you know a country which has been invaded and then all these think tanks some poverty baron sent there to tell them how to run their business then you see ninety two percent of the loans go to twelve guys you saw that in ireland you saw that in iceland use see that probably here and in the united states. in the u.k. as a narrative bring people freedom. and then to bring free money to these twelve people who are damning this is no without a lot of a lack like tony blair. yes of course it's billions of dollars of memory six or
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seven billion was on pallets and cast just airlifted into iraq remember the iraq war few people just got fabulously wealthy on that that's bringing freedom to iraq again just cover for massive pilfering and larceny going on by the thanks guys who are destroying the world economy and blaming it on the people you must and you must not prosperity while we still growing m's. well perhaps afghanistan will have their own version of austerity if that's possible in a country like afghanistan because the report noted that the failure of kabal bank and the subsequent government bailout represented around five to six percent of afghanistan's gross domestic product making cowbell bank one of the largest banking failures in the world so max think about that the united states and the u.k. invaded afghanistan not only did we quadruple can twelve pull ten topple the production of opium but now we also within but few years saw the biggest bank
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bailout in global history as a percentage what about frankincense you know frankincense is needed for christmas and so they burn over their holy house to invoke all kinds of religious ceremonies that all come from that part of the country i think yemen is the most robust frankincense market in the world as america that you have to steal all the frankincense so how was this fraud committed so first kabal bank was moving money through food trays pammy or airway. food. you know they would bring you your food your meal on the plane stewardess their three billion dollars in my soup. bag. oh my god there's a billion dollars in my home and. it also noted that the banks credit department opened a loan for proxy borrowers on instruction from senior management in ford's
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supporting documents including applications financial statements and registrations and employ fake business to lend authenticity to the documents business stamps that harkens right back to charles posing you know who is the whole scam about stamps going back and forth to europe that's great and of course the wording there is a proxy and should be poxy that's the word of the day for this christmas special park site and then finally on this story that you know the greatest ponzi schemes in history have always been promoted by the government whether it was the south sea bubble or the two look bubbles and ordinary afghans had entrusted their deposits to cabo bank convinced by a sweeping advertising campaign and good publicity surrounding the bank which was touted by foreign donors and the afghan government as proof that the country was modernizing and stable i.e. the poverty barons pushed the people of afghanistan into this bank saying where the ones that advised them we know it's modern we know it's great big jump some of
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taliban are out there with the improvised explosive devices going after a few marines meanwhile the u.s. banks are in bank of capital stealing billions. and we've got all right stacy thanks so much darling noticed the wedding rings. thank you max all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max keiser and stacy herbert and i want to thank our very special guest john cooper clarke if you'd like to follow us on twitter cars report or at facebook dot com forward slash cars a report of a happy christmas or just plain old nice twenty five trillion dollars worth of. force in your frank imagination about a frank banking scandal that never happened and the austerity measures are good for you. we speak your language i know i am. news programs and documentaries and spanish
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