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tv   [untitled]    December 25, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EST

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here's you some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. as the christmas presents get on the rap test santa i've been reading the wish lists of european leaders we find out. a man reported missing months ago after losing his british citizenship shows up in a u.s. court charged with terrorism in a suspected case of american extraordinary rendition. and more violence has fared in egypt as the opposition val's they'll not stop fighting against the new pro is the us constitution if it's passed the referendum.
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happy holidays to you all from us here at r t on lucy catherine of. well more violence is pardon me santa has been busy doing the rounds and hopefully you're going to get what you want for christmas although there's been more window shopping than people actually parting with their hard earned cash this time around now even after the catholic church has tightened its belt with the pope for the more spartan mass and sinker silica costs for this year's more frugal nativities seen were mostly picked up by donors as for elsewhere around here all of us and looking at whether the wish lists of those in charge could be just too much for santals house to hope. it's a time of goodwill and cheer and giving and for one particularly jolly gent it's busiest time of the year but santa has taken a little bit of time out from delivering presents to the boys and girls to join me
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here in central. well you have not come on the sled that i see no no it's just a segway it's more comfortable you know keeping within the twenty first century there and you've got some letters from the boys and girls that you're going to share with us something here ok all right now this one is come from a little boy in greece he says exactly what he wants for christmas for twenty thirty. santa for christmas i would really like a fiscal policy which would see my country's debt be reduced see one hundred twenty four percent of our annual output by twenty twenty i know that this is a big ask but it will stop the international monetary fund getting even more annoyed with us although we didn't make the whole thirty billion euros worth of savings we promised just recently we did try very hard. dimitri said marise. well who else has been writing to you oh well this one has come from somebody not
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too far away from where we are right now this is come from a little girl and burn him with her christmas wishes for twenty thirty. thank you for the positive economic growth i asked for last year it has been very helpful this year it would be great if we could have more of the same just is there a way we can give less of our money away to the eurozone countries all the best angle and merkel p.s. i also want to win the general election next year thank you of course you get letters from little boys and girls from all over the world these drones just from here in europe produce this from us what's come from from paris from a little boy who says this well all of his famous friends keep running off and leaving him. it would be great if this year a new more super rich followed jerrod deputy you and left france we really need their seventy five percent income taxes if we are to stay with the likes of angola
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and not find ourselves in the same trouble as demetrius thank you francois hollande . oh right well this one comes from a little boy who has been on the naughty list in the past but he insists he's going to be good in the future. i sound here's the thing i want to be prime minister again i know there were some problems last time however now i'm ready to step back in leave this lead to success quite possibly out of the euro sincerely silvio berlusconi well we'll have to wait to see if their christmas wishes come true but santa did you get my letter yes was i on the nice list you're on minority list. peter all of a burly. forty has been tracing europeans are steering battles all year and will remind you of
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what we've witnessed later on this hour. the festive spirit takes on a whole new meaning for britain's police and hospital staff as christmas revellers down a few too many drinks for some i mean spending the holidays in the cellar or award parties sarah firth has been out among the party goers but it's the season to be merry but for some of us perhaps a little to be merry but the christmas spirit once again upon us doing so when it's come pain is a warning people to be careful about how much they drink over the holiday period now in the last couple of years we've seen the figures increasing for the number of alcohol related injuries and we continue in the u.k. to pay too high a price for alcohol abuse now every year it's costing the n.h.s. millions of pounds in dealing with the people who are coming three the hospitals and in the build up to christmas it really puts a strain on services such as the police and such as our ambulances now that's
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a very sobering thought indeed we've come to the north of england and mucosal to go out on the town the views of a sensitive nature might want to look away now because we've been doing some people getting into the festive spirit a little earlier this year to find out whether they're going to be drinking responsibly the typical night because so. very. sorry but if i don't want to read a yeah there's a thing with the underage drinking she feel that young people who drink responsibly . know who the hell know everyone just gets up. oh boy do you think. it's a stretch if you're. and. responsibly yeah. well sometimes i'm not going to. i'm not tonight because of the gordon.
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drink response report although it accusing you or heard your score you can also. see apart from these guys you will be a prophet of god do whatever you want just to get more responsible over that you just want our universal food when people are over the age of twenty five not really both. of the people that we've been speaking to here tonight have told us that the weekend before christmas they have a day nicknamed blackeye friday a reference to the number of fights the breakout had excessive drinking this is why a campaign is a calling on the government to really tighten up the policies to make sure that we keep seeing these increases in alcohol abuse in the case for their part the government this year have really tried to target the sale of cheap alcohol but of course many other problems persist a lot of the young people we were speaking to here tonight saying that they're drinking before they come out since the time that school preloading where you're
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getting drunk before you even go out so once again in the build up to christmas we're going to see all raw and stuff we're going to see the police services really eva work having to deal with these problems part of the reason campaign is a really calling on people to be very careful about how much they drink over the festive period surface. well there are fears that america's latest terror trial involves another victim of the notorious rendition program are to have brought you the story of marty ha she several weeks ago after he went missing in africa having had his british citizenship revoked that out of nowhere he turned up in a new york courthouse an update now from our washington correspondent and it sure can . and of providing material support to somali militant group al-shabaab she was stripped of his british citizenship earlier this summer over accusations of his involvement with islamist extremists at the time he and his family tried to contest that decision they claim that m i five. to label him an islamic extremist
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if he refused to become an informant for british intelligence and spy on the muslim community shortly after his citizenship was revoked he went missing on the outskirts of mogadishu somalia and one of our reporters broke with his parents several months ago when they had no idea where their son was and they were very worried about him apparently all this time he'd been in u.s. custody also on trial along with the ha she faces similar charges or two of the men swedish nationalist so all of these men are not u.s. citizens and yet they ended up here this is not the only case in new u.s. courts against alleged terrorists for acts committed overseas in one of the variants that many find alarming is how the u.s. finds smuggling foreign nationals in complete secrecy perfectly a lawful often keeping the families of those captured in in the dark for months as far as treating foreign nationals suspected of terrorism the u.s.
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has a set track record hundreds of people have been through the u.s. prison in guantanamo many of them were subject to torture the chief prosecutor at guantanamo and a george w. bush told me most of them were not terrorists and due to the extraordinary rendition program all kinds of people would end up there from different countries for different reasons stripped of their rights many human rights organizations have been vocal about a lawful practices at guantanamo and yet it's still open by the way despite president obama's pledges to close the prison. numbers alter do but as the clock ticking towards fresh protests opposition val's continued resistance to the draft no matter what later in the program also for you. poor people used to live in the slums now economically disadvantaged occupies substandard housing in the inner city . voters would not have been there i only look behind the new american political lexicon and how some man takes going to announce what parties are really up to
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that's coming up for you after a short break. what do you see when you look at the scroll perhaps you wonder what bright future she'll have or maybe you feel sympathy for her because you see she's in a wheelchair but if you're t.s.a. agent then you see hard core terrorist skull finding a small amount of residue from explosives on the girl's hands she was detained for almost an hour and her tears for mercy did not move the inspectors to allow her mother to be with her as they took her away for further inspection so that the t.s.a. agents could put two and two together and realize that people in wheelchairs get all sorts of random stuff on their hands because the wheels they push roll along the ground when will these endless tales of bizarre instance of the t.s.a. stop when will they stop worrying about girls in wheelchairs when will they stop
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searching under a terminally ill woman's bandages and when will they actually catch a terrorist when you call security feels a lot more like ridiculous tyranny to me but that's just my opinion. wealthy british style. time. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. watch.
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welcome back well the pentagon is planning to sell high altitude spy drones to south korea the deal to provide for a global hawk pilotless aircraft still needs approval from congress and could be worth as much as one point two billion dollars well let's cross now to political analyst. star thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us now south korea's been trying to get its hands on these for quite some time in your view how far is
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the country going to go in actually deploying them and using them. ok bill if congress allows these drones to be sold to south korea what i think will happen is that they will use these drones to monitor the demilitarized zone so the south korean border they could all sit with attention would be used to monitor north koreans and your korea's nuclear facilities but we have to remember that north korea is one of many times but its territorial integrity so i think will happen is if south korean drones for example penetrate through airspace this could potentially start a huge conflict and if we look at the results of the latest offering elections the president will lead or kim k. she can model of. reaching. into the relations with north korea and we will get easier in pyongyang but i think what this shows is that purchasing these rooms or having the n.p.t. at least the ruling party doesn't really have any plans to change its foreign policy trajectory in any meaningful way and you say that if the drones actually
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cross over into north korean territory this could potentially provoke conflict do you feel that the sale in itself could perhaps make north korea more reluctant to enter into dialogue with the international community. absolutely i mean they're going to use it as a justification to continue to be a no i don't think north korea to be attacking this in the book first and if we look at the boards coming out of south korea or south korea and the scientists it looked at the satellite that's when you orbit around the a small country and reports say that machines were down on the galaxy three missile that they watched a certain food and i said i think what the real danger is and is in north korea pursuing these tests and mistakingly you know having seen debris from on china or for looking for stuff where japan and killing well people intention that what we did will or isn't possible will you mentioned sort of the missile testing a recent agreement with the u.s.
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actually allows south korea to nearly triple its ballistic missile range meaning that they can reach any part of north korea do you feel that this move could perhaps force can yank to perhaps not celebrate its own arms program with similar weapons but i think i think that it's already in the process of happening now it's a real shame because look at all the economic progress that south korea has been able to achieve over the past thirty years and it's very bewildering to the ministrations will continue with this aggressive policy towards north korea look at the recent elections the disputed candidate. and what he preached and also taking a more progressive long in north korea offer an unconditional aid and what i think really needs to happen to be could be relations including. basically economic ties tourism things like the case i'm going to strip chocolates and maybe cannot even point out that north korea has set itself up to be the next tech shop in the world and it offers that lower state labor rates in all the asia i think there's really
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any precedent here for both parties to work on each side of the border to profit and it could be relations well certainly and i want to ask very briefly of course china has been at odds with the u.s. over washington's attempt for further sanctions against north korea do you feel that this sale could further stoke diplomatic tensions between these two global powers. yes very. i think we all get beijing but i think at the same time it is the top exporter to china and i don't think the south koreans will be pushed into using these drones or anything of that nature over chinese territory nothing like us interesting. thank you so much for that analysis political analyst. you. egypt is poised for more tension with the opposition promising to continue the fight against the new constitution if it's passed the official referendum result is delayed on tuesday not the declaration of was delayed because of fraud
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investigations and official tallies show over sixty percent of all that the yes to the islamists based charter egypt says c n n violent unrest and mass rival rallies in recent weeks between both opponents and supporters of the new draft the opposition claims the documents undermine the democratic freedoms and slams the referendum as quote fundamentally illegitimate meanwhile middle east professor professor lawrence davison says that they have reason to be worried take a look. i think that the opposition and there are things democracy. then yes there's a large. but if you look at them obviously in the west particularly in the united states. and in europe. their constitutions of these democracies we get our. rights minardi on the other hand you know i kind of i don't want to show current to the sort of.
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i'm usually not normal like star and i'm not going to be something that's your real god's word to get. so it's the rights of the minority that are worry and some of the liberals in egypt and they have a right to be worried. well the u.s. was pledging to teach africa how to fight terrorism looks like. a report online planning to deploy soldiers for thirty five african countries to prepare a local troops for any future crises and medical rowing threats from extremist groups. also for you the vatican vacuum for visitors to keep the master abuse was looking their best at the details of how they are keeping pristine pristine part in resisting travel. and the political theater it's easy for parties to change the script to suit the scene one supports not going their way artillery of
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an ocean and finds out whether american voters are willing and nuff to read between the lines and work out what's really meant. the art of politics is made up of many things. handshakes smiles and a good arsenal of verbal camouflage the americans have a lot of trouble dealing with reality americans have trouble facing the truth or as the elite american comedian george carlin put it euphemistically language that conceals reality poor people used to live in the slums now the economically disadvantaged occupy substandard housing in the inner cities. and they're her. no they don't have a negative cash flow position. and today america's love affair with semantics has given birth to a new phrase to describe the rich job creators of america basically are on strike increasing taxes on job creators this administration and this president policies
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are hostile to job creators that have a saying the wealthy who make over two hundred fifty thousand a year if you say a job creator they say well we can raise their taxes they're the ones or create jobs when in reality when their taxes are higher under bill clinton three times as many jobs are created the propensity to add softer terms to the english lexicon has surged over the decades particularly when it comes to military related language there's a condition in combat most people know about it it's when a fighting person's nervous system has been stressed to its absolute peak and maximum can't take anymore and puts the nervous system has either snapped or is about to snap in the first world war that condition was called show shock today the same condition is known as an eight syllable hyphenated furries void of any emotion post-traumatic stress disorder the aftermath of war includes post-traumatic stress disorder those of you suffering from p.t.s.d. when it comes to wars where you have the most damaging euphemisms like when and so
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saying innocent civilians were killed in a drone strike you say there was collateral damage collateral that. it was to me the worst experience you know it's innocent men women children are killed in the collateral damage so that a real estate transaction our soldiers shooting each other has become known as friendly fire kidnapping and transferring a terrorist suspect is called extraordinary rendition and the torture america's war prisoners might endure is referred to as enhanced interrogation in most cases these new words are used by people who try to define an argument or frame and aware that will support the position that they're advocating and during the last u.s. presidential election a certain demographic of voters became otherwise known as without will win from ation voters bother went to twitter at two o'clock today to encourage low information voters think low for mission voters are stupid people but you say low vibration voters because it sounds nice although in their defense it could be people who are just too busy you know with their lives or family in their work that
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they don't have time to focus on the election until the very last minute and then they vote based on the hairstyle of the candidate running for president as america's political elites continues creating new vocabulary to soften the hard truth a greater focus could instead be put into asking why so many issues need to be rephrased before being presented to the public george carlin created comedy about the strategy but it was george orwell who first coined a term for it newspeak reporting from new york. r.t. . all right let's take a look at some other stories making the news this hour we begin in bahrain where police have used tear gas on more anti-government protesters continuing an intense crackdown on public gatherings demonstrators are calling for the prime minister to quit and for a democratically elected government activists also say leaving human rights campaigner saif yousef will stay in jail for further fifteen days he was caged for writing about the crackdown on twitter the country is currently hosting
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a gulf economic and military summit. a school bus has crashed in eastern china killing at least eleven. schoolchildren the principal of the kindergarten said that they were from that they were driving partly driving vehicles which plunged into a pond now she was arrested for a dangerous driving and on suspicion of the bus being overloaded the kindergarten will also be closed because it was found to be operating without a license. the health of venezuelan president hugo chavez has reportedly improved he had caught a respiratory infection after his latest cancer surgery in cuba and venezuela and vice president said on state t.v. that thomas is up on ash are that just sizing is raised hopes that his january tenth and auger ration may still go ahead a few months after his reelection and a tight vote. as we begin to say goodbye to two thousand and twelve our team remembers what the year has brought us today our news teams recall the austerity anger that took hold across europe.
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it came to the point where if you walked into the studio you knew there was going to be a story about europe and austerity protests and riots whether it would be for greece or even the u.k. and these were real people in real situations in very scary situations and our correspondents were out there in the midst of it all. so we actually we also i thought stood with the public square and i just see the come around behind the camera a. few for both those going for you for your life for the coast
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and all of us with these demonstrations. blow a crowd which is great but then the crowd are shouting because panos tries to speak up everyone's very loud you can't hear anything that makes for good television. it's an incredible event covering it is pretty exciting you've got political elements you use yellow is a new record force you've got the tragic human stories of people who are driven to desperation and pushed onto the streets to protest what they see is their livelihoods just to chop away in order to pay back this massive. economic pull people to think is about spain's crippling unemployment figures especially amongst the young about the cost of the states the services and then you really get a sense of just how angry at how desperate people the day reading get the full impact of what does doing to the country and so yes it's not bad in the middle of one of these big protest movements when the classes break out.
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coming up after a short break max and stacey expose the dark secrets of the global financial industry stay with us for the kaiser report. do we speak your language i mean some of the will not advance. news programs and documentaries of spanish matters to you breaking news that will turn it into angles stories. for you here. in troy altie spanish to find out more visit. all tito to comb.
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was eleven.
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at. least. eleven. merry christmas time for a very special.


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