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but this country uses violence when it reaches and then it legitimizes the violence they are made in america on the auntie. as the christmas presents get on wrap to santa been reading the wish lists of european leaders we are asked when we find this out. also egypt voters passed a new pro islamist constitution but more violence is fear as the opposition both will not stop fighting against. israel signs off on twelve hundred more settler cities jerusalem as it continues to defy global condemnation in the aftermath of palestine u.n. upgrade.
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hello and good morning for me kevin owen here in moscow if you just joined us just after midnight now here at the new center of top story santa has been busy doing the rounds of course and hopefully you've got what he wanted for christmas although reports are that there's been a lot of window shopping people actually parted less of their hard earned cash this year round even the catholic church is time as well the pope holding a more spartan mass in some people's electric costs for this year's more frugal nativity scene were mostly picked up by donors to as for elsewhere around europe paid all of has been looking at whether the wish lists of those in charge could be just too much sometimes little. it's a time of goodwill and cheer and giving and for one particularly jolly gent it's busiest time of the year but santa has taken a little bit of time out from clear delivering presents to the boys and girls to
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join me here in central. well you have not come on the sled that i see new it's just to say where it's more comfortable you know keeping within the twenty first century there and you've got some letters from the boys and girls that you're going to share with us something here ok. all right now this one has come from a little boy in greece he says exactly what he wants for christmas and for twenty thirty. dear santa for christmas i would really like a fiscal policy which would see my country's debt be reduced see one hundred twenty four percent of our annual output from twenty twenty i know that this is a big ask but it will stop the international monetary fund getting in from more annoyed with us although we didn't make the whole thirty billion euros worth of savings we promised just recently we did try very hard. dimitri said marise.
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well who else has been writing to you oh well this one has come from somebody not too far away from where we are right now this is come from a little girl and perlin with her christmas wishes for twenty thirty. thank you for the positive economic growth i asked for last year it has been very helpful this year it would be great if we could have more of the same just is there a way we can give less of our money away to the eurozone countries all the best angle america p.s. i also want to win the general election next year thank you of course you get letters from little boys and girls from all over the world these drones just from here in europe produce this from us once come from from paris from a little boy who says this well all of his famous friends keep running off and leaving him. hello santa it would be great if this new super rich followed gerard deputy you and left france we really need their seventy five
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percent income taxes if we are to stay with the likes of angola and i'll find ourselves in the same trouble as demetrius thank you francois hollande. oh right well this one comes from a little boy who has been on the naughty list in the past but he insists he's going to be good in the future. here's the thing i want to be prime minister again i know there were some problems last time however now i'm ready to step back in leave this lead to success quite possibly out of the euro sincerely silvio berlusconi well we'll have to wait to see if their christmas wishes come true but santa did you get my letter yes was i on the nice list you're in minority list. peter all of a. no surprises ok no artistic tracing europeans austerity battles all here and we will remind you of what we witnessed
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some more but later the staff. festive spirit takes on a whole new meaning for britain said police and hospital staff this time of year is christmas revellers down a few too many drinks for some it means spending the holidays in a cellar award so a first spin out among the party goers this year. well it's the season to be merry but for some of us perhaps a little t. merry but the christmas period once again upon us during so when is campaigns a warning people to be careful about how much they drink over the holiday period now in the last couple of years we've seen the figures increasing so the number of alcohol related injuries and we continue in the u.k. to pay too high a price for alcohol abuse now every year it's costing the n.h.s. and millions of pounds in dealing with the people who are coming three the hospitals and in the build up to christmas it really puts a strain on services such as the police and searches are ambulances now that's a very sobering thought indeed we've come to the north of england to new castle to
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go out on the town and views of the sensitive nature might want to look away now because we've been joining some people getting into the festive spirit to find out whether they're going to be drinking responsibly was a typical nice. to be sorry but it is actually very yeah and there's a thing with the underage drinking to feel that young people who drink responsibly know. that hello you know everyone just gets upset him all. over it he thinks. it's a strength. and. drink responsibly yeah. well sometimes i'm not but i. i'm not tonight because of the good night out with a drink responsibly brought on order you heard tell me your school where you can also. see apart from these guys you will be
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a prophet of god who want you well you have to get more responsible over that you just want are you more slow through and people are over the age of twenty five not really both. of the people that we've been speaking to here tonight have told us that we can this. for christmas they have a day nicknamed blackeye friday a reference to the number of fights the breakout had excessive drinking this is why a campaign is a calling on the government to really tighten up their policies to make sure that we keep seeing these increases in alcohol abuse in the case for their part the government this year have really tried to target the sale of cheap alcohol campaign is a really calling on people to be very careful about how much they drink over the festive period surface r.t. . it's been confirmed that egypt's new constitution has been passed to the majority sixty three point eight percent voting yes tonight opponents have vowed to continue
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the fight against adopting these misleading charter nonetheless the the official declaration was delayed while fraud investigations took place egypt see violent mass rival rallies in recent weeks the opposition slammed the referendum is quote fundamentally illegitimate for the start of musharraf or means to do for arab and islamic studies told me. neither the chart. broke democratic rule. this is the first time in the constitution that you have the president cannot move the wind and cannot. you have a prime minister who is actually empowered to take decisions without going back to the president so it empowers other centers as other elected civilian centers of power but you have. democratic elections brought the parties to the to become the majority what will happen if these islamist parties could not deliver on the promises of not have
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a guarantee of better security about the economic conditions i think what will happen the people will vote against them if you looked at the voting behavior in egypt the parliamentary elections around seventy percent voted for islamist party. parties and in the presidential elections around fifty one percent so their vote is declining going down mainly because they are not permanent opposition anymore they have to deliver on the promises they cannot just for most while the end not delivered so now people have expectations and they can control politicians by voting. however middle east history professor lawrence davidson told us the opposition has reason to be worried. i think that the opposition. democracy. then the law. if you look at them ocracy in the way that you can be in the united states and. then you're a. constitution to be democracy.
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on the other hand not kind of kind of constitutional government. unusual or not normal lifestyle not going to be something that should. so it's the rights of the minority that are. some of the liberals and. they have a right to be worried. israel's plans for even more new settlers are causing a stir we talk about that soon it's approved a further three hundred housing units in east jerusalem in continue to tally a show start if you're not great but also. poor feel used to live in the slums now the economically disadvantaged occupies substandard housing in the inner cities and voters with vocabulary we look at are the new america political lexicon
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of how semantics could mask or parties are really up to the right. i never thought i could earn a living this way. i should just small arms so that's what i was to machine building plant a lot are also lost count of all the weapons just fired over the past twelve years when i got so used to it sometimes my friends ask me to join them at the rifle range and i say no way i'm so tired of shooting. the plant's history goes from making firearms during world war two to ballistic missiles from nuclear submarines during the cold war the bulk of the soviet industry was moved here in the 1940's to free the advancing germans so if you were also became the heart of soviet military
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production closed off to foreigners for half a century it thrived on the message of the soviet military when the u.s.s.r. collapsed but life here was shaken to the core but some adapted to better than others. this is the fuel truck factory russia's number one truck maker or rather than look at how well the workplace is organized everything's gone to make sure the workers don't waste time waiting there was so production is booming the factory has largely managed to get on to civil rails these giants are sold around the globe hey are both a brand new b. now wait for it to be delivered to acquire seventy trucks like this one roll up the bronx conveyor belt every day look about this things that absolutely huge. well i'm no formula one pilot but hopefully if i can get that. well i can go
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far to drive. oh that was fun perhaps i should get one of these to travel to whatever in the morning what with the cost of about forty thousand dollars i should start saving money. israel's given the green light to build another twelve hundred new satellite homes of east jerusalem on land which is considered illegally occupied under international law but said additions of the already approved construction of thousands of houses in the west bank in retaliation over the palestinians un status upgrade our middle east correspondent paula slipper reports what we're witnessing is that israel is continuing with its expansion of settlements and this new announcement is that it has approved the building of some one thousand two hundred
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new secure homes in globe which is a neighborhood in east jerusalem across the green line it comes in less then a month after israel's controversial statement that it was planning to build in the one credible which links jerusalem to the west bank and this is a real line for many states and so he we've witnessed that kind of criticism and condemnation from the international community since the palestinians went to the united nations several weeks ago for upgraded statehood there have been some five and a half thousand new secure homes announced in terms of what the israelis were building is what we have undergone as i say strong international criticism for these announcements but many in the international community voicing their intense displeasure at these actions by the jewish state in fact the israel's closest ally which is the united states in a rare and blunt move so it is well was engaging in to quote a pattern of provocative. action by continuing with settlement expansionist plans
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domestically but kind of statements that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is making with his proposal and plan to go ahead with a settlement building is current favorite among the israeli left certainly he is appealing to the right when voters and according to all the polls he is likely to win the next parliamentary election so these kind of statements are playing into election that are said to happen about a month from now at the same time has largely rebuffed the criticism from the international community saying that you receive them is the eternal capital of the state of israel and will continue to build there a united to see them he says expresses a wide national agreement and certainly this is the kind of sentiment that is feeding into the israeli public and then there is of course some school of thought that points back to two thousand and five when the israelis withdrew from settlements in the gaza strip with some critics asking whether or not all of the
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fear at the moment will ultimately lead to the same kind of conclusion the question mark over whether or not in the future israel will have to withdraw from the city almost that it is announcing today it's planning on building their own five hundred thousand people live in israeli settlement space company dr ron pundak told me israel would only have to adore some of the settlers if a territorial agreement reached with the palestinians. settlements is definitely within the vocabulary of talking into the center right voters so i believe that between now and twenty second of january we'll see only elevation of the discourse from the prime minister and the round of the issue of settlements i hope that those will stay only messages which are connected to elections and not realities and practices on the ground of the five hundred thousand are being divided at all two hundred thousand total with the in jerusalem and these are total agreement with the palestinian side in the negotiations in the past that all the two hundred would stay inside is why we agreed delineate the borders of jews then we have the three
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hundred thousand in the west bank those approximately two hundred thousand out of them which are living very close they just sent to the green line would become part of is well within the exchange of territories and there is a minority of approximately eighty to one hundred thousand israelis which will have to be evacuated as happened in two thousand and five with our previous government offered schoener in which israel evacuated approximately ten thousand which was just a good example for the fact that we can make it so if between us and peace will be standing one hundred thousand is where it's which will have to go and be accepted and we'll be harmed by israel and we compensated etc i believe that this is something which goes within the national interest of the majority of israelis the pentagon is planning to sell high altitude spy drones to south korea the deal to provide for global hawk pilotless craft still needs approval from congress and
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could be worth as much as one point two billion dollars political analyst niall bowie told us the pending deal could though escalate the conflict with neighboring north korea which steadfastly protects its territory. if congress allows these drones to be sold to south korea what i think will happen is that they will use these drones to monitor of the demilitarized zone so the south korean border they could also potentially be used to monitor north koreans and north korea's nuclear facilities however we have to remember that north korea is one of many times but its territorial integrity so i think will happen is if south korean drones for example penetrate north korean airspace this could potentially start a huge conflict and if you look at the results of that latest offering elections the president will let him hey she campaigned on a model of. reaching. into relations with north korea and going will get easier but i think what this shows is that by purchasing these drones or having the
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intention to at least the ruling party doesn't really have any plans to change its foreign policy trajectory in any move for i don't think north korea will attack anyone this is for both first and if we look at reports coming out of south korea or south korea and the scientists at work that the satellite is for you orbit around a small function and reports say that the machine bore down on the galaxy three missile that they watched was for food so i think what the real danger is and it is in north korea pursuing these tests and was staking you know having seen debrief on china or for looking for stuff where japan and china what people intention. a military aircraft crashed in southern style killing all twenty seven people on board the head of the country's border guards on the passengers who were thought to have also included senior military personnel the un staff a n seventy two took off from the capital us to nod but came down just twenty kilometers from the airport at
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kent city with this is a fell from around eight hundred meters will try to land it's not know what went wrong. in other world news now please bahrain abused some more antigovernment protesters continuing an intense crackdown on public gatherings the demonstrators want prime minister to quit and those seeking a democratically elected government activists also say leading human rights campaigners say do so for now stay in jail for the fifteen days he was caged for writing about the crackdown on twitter meanwhile the country's just wrapped up a gulf economic and military summit. school buses cross in eastern china killing at least eleven preschool children on the principal was behind the wheel of the vehicle or from plunged into the lake she was arrested for dangerous driving and on suspicion of overloading the bus kindergarten also closed because it was found to be operating license. the health of venezuelan president hugo chavez is reportedly of prove he called a respiratory infection after as late as cancer surgery in cuba the country's vice
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president said on state t.v. the chavez is up for the started exercising now it's they've already told us that is january tenth inauguration may still well go ahead a few months after his reelection type vote. and the political fits are it's easy for parties to change the script to suit the scene when supports not going their way but are american voters willing to read between the lines and work out what's really bad and he's going to point tries to find out that. the art of politics is made up of many things. handshakes smiles and a good arsenal of verbal camouflage americans have a lot of trouble dealing with reality americans have trouble facing the truth or as the elite american comedian george carlin put it euphemistically language that conceals reality poor people used to live in the slums now the economically disadvantaged occupy substandard housing in the inner cities. and they're her.
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no they don't have a negative cash flow position. and today america's love affair with semantics has given birth to a new phrase to describe the rich job creators of america basically are on strike increasing taxes on job creators this administration and this president policies are hostile to job creators that have a saying the wealthy who make over two hundred fifty thousand a year if you say a job creator they say well we can't raise their taxes they're the ones or create jobs when in reality when their taxes are higher under bill clinton three times as many jobs are created the propensity to add softer terms to the english lexicon has surged over the decades particularly when it comes to military related language there's a condition in combat most people know about it it's when a fighting person's nervous system has been stressed to its absolute peak and maximum can't take anymore and puts the nervous system has either snapped or is
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about to snap in the first world war that condition was called show today this same condition is known as an eight syllable hyphenated furries void of any emotion post-traumatic stress to. the aftermath of war includes post-traumatic stress disorder and for those of you suffering from p.t.s.d. we're making it a war where you have the most damaging euphemisms like. saying innocent civilians were killed in a drone strike you say there was collateral damage collateral damages to me is the worst expression no it's innocent men women and children were killed in the collateral damage so that the real estate transactions our soldiers shooting each other has become known as friendly fire kidnapping and transferring terrorist suspect is called extraordinary rendition and the torture america's war prisoners might endure is referred to as enhanced interrogation in most cases these new words are used by people who try to define an argument or frame it in
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a way that will support the position that they're advocating and during the last u.s. presidential election a certain demographic of voters became otherwise known as without what when from asian voters bother went to twitter at two o'clock today to encourage low information voters think low information voters are stupid people but you say low information voters because it sounds nice although in their defense it could be people who are just too busy you know with their lives or family in their work or they don't have time to focus on the election until the very last minute and then they vote based on the hairstyle of the candidate running for president as america's political elites continues creating new vocabulary to soften the hard truth a greater focus could instead be put into asking why so many issues need to be rephrased before being presented to the public george carlin created comedy about the strike but it was george orwell before it newspeak reporting from new york. r.t. . now as we begin to say goodbye to twenty twelve hours he remembers what year is
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prove his soul today on these teams would call the austerity anger the took hold in europe in twenty twelve. it came to the point where if you walked into the studio you knew there was going to be a story about europe and austerity and protests and riots whether it would be spain or greece or even the u.k. and these were real people in real situations in very scary situations and our correspondents were out there in the midst of it all. so we have seen with soap still it's over some type of square and i just see the come around behind the camera everybody else around me putting just months on like you had a few for moscow going to see your life before you can say anything you get that
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horrible taste in your mouth and of course it's the tear gas that's become so synonymous with these demonstrations in greece along with the firing of molotov cocktails and clashes with the place the producers like to see their correspondents in the middle of a crowd which is great but then the crowd shouting correspondents try to speak out everyone's very loud you can't hear anything that makes for good television. it's an incredible event covering it is pretty exciting you've got political elements you use the elements of the court force you've got the tragic human stories of people who are driven to desperation and pushed onto the streets to protest what they see is their livelihood to be chopped away over to pay back this massive. economic pull people to think it's about spain's crippling unemployment figures especially amongst the young about the cost to the states is that this is and then you really get a sense of just how angry at how desperate people. get the full of love that's doing to the country and so yes it's not in the middle of one of these big protest
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movements when the clashes break out. yeah more memories more the year that was from our teams reporting our they saw it throughout the coming days was a busy year too wasn't it but. it's of course christmas it's christmas around the world will was america's cities and some parts of the world here normal day in russia of course so what does that mean for business was ignored because rush hour well no actually to be honest i've had a problem working there because it is a working day but still russian celebrate christmas on the seventh of january and because the markets were trading the only ones basically trading in russia there was very little activity but there were certain moans of pain from the tory industry actually coming you'd think it would be the best year for toy manufacturers it was their problem the biggest manufacturers right now are suffering that is hasbro and mattel because apparently kids want something else for
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christmas and not just a toy which i mean they want an i pad or a kindle for a c. if they've got technological ambitions and aspirations well that's going to go down well with parents isn't it rather world because it don't come cheap and they don't come cheap at all well i'll tell you more about that and some other stories actually in a few minutes in the polls. wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report.
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deadly rivals. fifteen people killing each other in their country there will be. self-imposed costs from society i will myself chemical attack my brother. the cop. and my frustration. that led up. to the most violent gangs in u.s. history. as a stall model kill or be killed with colors matching the national.


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