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tv   [untitled]    December 27, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EST

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could be polson twenty thirteen you got inject some bass salts and go slap people in the face with a sock filled to bag is accurate but remember in the testimony before the senate committee about their fraudulent cabos that goldman sachs lloyd blankfein he said you know they read the e-mails and they had said sacks of it were in the c.d.o. but maybe that was just a typo it was socks bush. right it lost in translation because you know he was probably snorting cocaine heavily at that day and speaking in tongues as he was trying to get closer to his god that he says he works for the god of all things corrupt lloyd blankfein jamie diamond so you know last week i did notice that we were handed another gift by the elite our bosses that run our global financial system no charges just. u.b.s. admits to fraud agrees to pay one point five billion dollars after libel or probe
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now the bank itself was not criminally charged just like h.s.b.c. was not criminally charged for trading with the enemy or laundering drug money there were two bankers tom hayes and roger derren they were individually charged with such things as wire fraud well you know major media particularly in the u.k. is as much at fault for this banking crisis as the terrorist banking establishment themselves i mean here's jeremy warner who's in the telegraph who says in this editorial that little evidence of what is a central unit my glasses on little evidence of systematic collusion between banks and without knowing what the libel rate would otherwise have been is quite hard to prove out right harm and certainly impossible to know the scale of any loss right he's saying there's no proof of collusion and yet the financial times in the very
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same day talks about banking collusion and a banking conspiracy so ok gerry warner why does he feel compelled to a misrepresent the facts be outright lie see curry favor with terrorists while it jeremy here's here is you know standing in his sights sure he looks like you know george soros is after birth you know the somebody found out of tailoring shop and gotten all smartened up but he's. he's propagating propaganda that's what it is jeremy so now u.b.s. has been fined they agreed to pay the fine and you mention and gerry warner who there says that there's no way to know the cost well we do know fannie mae and freddie mac. are the two government sponsored entities in the united states which are now fully owned by the u.s. taxpayer they underwrite something like ninety five percent of all mortgages now in the united states well when you take out all these contracts mortgages interest rate swaps they're tie to the libel rate an internal auditor at fannie mae and
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freddie mac. has determined that libel or rigging cost them three billion dollars and therefore the us taxpayer they defrauded the government and remember we talked about one thousand and one that notion that if you lie to any federal authority in america you get thrown into prison and a federal prison for a few decades so. a lot of our scandal they ended up in games with billions of dollars of the fraud which were added on top of the bill that were given to taxpayers from the likes of hank paulson needed the seven hundred fifty billion at the time became fifteen sixteen trillion to bail out these guys so why boras having a direct impact on people's lives and for every dollar that's saved in interest expense on a mortgage of course you lose two dollars in pension money in retirement money so people who think they're saving money on this are either i don't know reference or read german more than a propagandist for the telegraph well you know speaking of him i also got in
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a fistfight basically on the way here and i love them about that because i get all riled up and none of them are married of course you know i look for those times when you literally had to drag me away so this guy a property developer was in a fist fight practically with me over this whole library scandal he's saying it's not a big deal it's not a crime u.b.s. find nearly one billion pounds over a libel rate rigging as payments to brokers exposed this goes into the details of the e-mails that went back between forty. i bankers at least at u.b.s. and at least two thousand requests for quote inappropriate submissions to live or were documented at the swiss bank leading the city watchdog to levy its largest ever find that bit here from the f.s.a. was something like one hundred fifty billion of one hundred fifty million pounds but they say at u.b.s. at least two thousand requests for inappropriate submissions to the key rates were documented and at least forty five individuals including traders managers and senior managers were involved in or aware of the practice of attempting to
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influence submission so as i wrote for you in the opening monologue there this is rico this is a racket this is a criminal enterprise you know tobacco switzerland u.b.s. is a criminal enterprise are involved in a racket and they. hedge fund managers rating agencies governments to local government and they commit acts of fraud and terrorism and they're lauded as being somehow trustworthy and by the way u.b.s. ripped off our good friend slax miser. they did it was a very dodgy deal there but they're saying here now there's a confusion amongst the likes of jeremy warner in the telegraph there's a confusion by a certain property developer here in soho about whether or not they're engaged in any sort of criminal activity now u.b.s. this settlement is for the swiss bank the u.s. bank and in japan and they cite for example that there was a broker in japan who was apparently open in admitting his crimes anyway in his
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e-mails on september eighteenth two thousand and eight he explained to a broker who was submitting the libeler bid he said quote if you keep sixes i.e. the six month japanese libel rate unchanged today i will do one humongous deal with you like a fifty thousand buck deal whatever i need you to keep it as low as possible if you do that i'll pay you you know fifty thousand dollars one hundred thousand dollars or whatever you want on a man of my word so illicit fees of more than one hundred thousand pounds were paid to this particular broker. well yeah and suitcases full of cash they're brought in and i was working on wall street you know that suitcase full of castor used extensively to bribe sales managers and regional managers and the i.p.o. market talked about it before so they are involved dozens of people in in a mafia criminal racket for fifty thousand dollars in cash is his is a bribe to commit libel fraud it's fully documented and yet nobody in these governments are saying we can't go after them because they're too important to the
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systemic health of the global economy so therefore they live above the law that's a caste system that's feudalism and we are all untouchables now and these are the brahmans who get around to be do whatever they want to do and although we have no recourse whatsoever ok that's what we're talking about. so but you know previously on kai's report max has talked about the fact that compliance officers are often bribes so here we have this trader at u.b.s. bribing a broker to submit false a rate for the libel rate now five internal audit had failed to uncover the attempts to manipulate live or despite the emails that the compliance officers and the internal auditors at u.b.s. had they could see all the emails they could see the guy writing that i'll give you one hundred thousand dollars if you submit a bid lower than what it really is but the compliance officers know all the criminal activity that's going on we've talked about it before they were in the christmas season the compliance officers the guy the brokers from the biggest the
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biggest bribe to the firms i work for you compliance officer everyone doesn't actually know how you're committing the crimes you've got to keep them sweet and so in terms of keeping those sweet finally i have one sort of headline here max india must tap household temple gold to reduce imports so india the world's largest bullion buyer should mobilize idle goldline with its citizens to curb imports and lower record current account deficit according to the all india gems and jewellery trade federation so households and temples in india carry twenty five thousand tonnes of gold and last year there was a record import of gold of nine hundred sixty nine tons according to the world gold council and this is leading to a record deficit for india eighty percent of their deficit is caused by. gold imports well the indian population is doing what i've been telling people around the world to do by buying silver across j.p. morgan so the ending folks are buying gold to crash the banks there's an india
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people around the world should be buying silver to crash j.p. morgan buy gold and silver to crash the banks or because if they're above the law and no one is going to go after them and they are given a remit to commit massive fraud and financial terrorism then it's up to everyone in the world and the indians are leading the global charge on this i commend you india you continue to build your gold hoard kill the banks turns off yeah and finally you know on this that one of the reasons why they give for why they store twenty five thousand tons of gold is because there's the government doesn't take care of them there's no social security system but here we have a false illusion that the government is somehow going to take care of us even though all the evidence is there that they only take care of these banks of the u.b.s. guys who are defrauding you of your pension it's clear we see it happening in india right now take position of physical gold cross the banks there's everyone else buy silver and gold crash the bank stores because the banks have not position themselves above the law we're heading into a caste system into neil feudalism and unless you have silver or gold you'll be a debt slave for you and your family and your next generation for generations to
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come to you ever thank so much for being on my show thank you don't go away stay right there much more coming your way.
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let's be. very. very little.
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welcome back to the kaiser report imax guys are time now to go to new york and speak with gerald celente of trends research dot com gerald celente a welcome back to the kaiser report oh it's great being all with your bags all right joe also want to ask you that they sold out of all their guns at wal-mart what's that all about. well it's the knee jerk reaction to the slaughter in connecticut and you know they don't want to look at the root cause of this and they're blaming it on guns and president obama is talking about you know
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ending this cycle of violence to which i say if you're going to end the cycle of violence. why not start from the top down this is a culture of cruelty you know when a bomb drone blows up a family and they are collateral damage or when a million people are killed in iraq because of a war that was started for fake reasons well there's no blowback on that when predator drones are killing innocent people in pakistan afghanistan yemen hey that's ok so you know they say that the fish rots from the head down and that's what's going on in america it's rotting from the head down and this is just another part of the culture of violence that sweeps this nation a culture of cruelty so what they're trying to do is blame it on guns and now
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they're reagan talking about putting the national guard in schools and more surveillance and more why it's happening we can't let this happen and of course they're not talking about it all about what kind of drugs this kid might have been on like so many of the other mass murderers these young people that have been on ritalin and prozac zoloft on all of these drugs they're not bringing that up at all they're blaming it on guns but i got an idea you know gerald it's you mention the culture of cruelty in the united states of course there at the same time pro life so i thought maybe a transitory thirteen would be to arm fetuses in case someone tried to abort them they could shoot their way out of the womb i think that'll catch on well that what they already have it they call them ballistic missiles. all right that this talk
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about your latest trans journal you talk about generation after generation that was it will have to fight the the next american revolution as you're calling it so talk a little bit about that. well they call them the millennia old and you know this is the young generation just coming through the workforce and the generation as if you know this is the first time in modern american history where current generations feel they're going to be poorer and have less opportunity exe than the ones that were previously before them you know what the generations before them and this is really it historic event in the united states where people have lowered the bars of expectations and it's also very interesting because these were the children that were brought up with a parents had names for that they were special when they were little kids and then they started to grow up a little more and they became amazing you know having never done anything but of
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course they were special an amazing they could never lose it anything and even the losers won trophies so now it's happening there into the real world down it doesn't look so good because when you look at kids graduate college max fifty percent of them that have jobs have jobs that barely require a college education they're moving back home they have a future as suture so now we're looking at it was say where is it going to go we'll be looking at really the second american revolution it's already be god the groundwork has been laid when you look at what just happened with the presidential election and i've been following this stuff at thirty three years i used to be the assistance of the secretary of the new york state senate i have pictures with me and reagan me and john connally other people i was in washington for several years i know what it looks like and i've never seen an election that ended with
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a thud like the two thousand and twelve presidential election. and so what we're looking at is the repudiates sion of both systems so we believe that we're going to see some really big changes happening in two thousand and thirteen and beyond all right gerald you talked about generation after you saying that the incomes are crashing unemployment in the youth is rising quite substantially at the same time the country is incurring exponential growth in the obligations that it owes its creditors the debt ceiling has been raised the quantitative easing has been raised so isn't this going to end how is this going to end because if the next generation isn't making enough money to substantiate the growth needed to pay off the bonds and the bond growth keeps rising exponentially that seems like at some point there's going to be a huge disconnect your thoughts. well there is going to be disconnected since it is
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the same disconnect that's going on in greece the same one that's going on in spain and ireland and portugal and in italy so yeah the disconnect is going to be there there's not going to be any money for them there aren't going to be any jobs and these are the things that revolutions are made of and we're going to see more of it you know its bonds away twenty thirty eight and dr paul craig roberts one of our contributing editor of the trends journal is going to be writing an extensive piece on that he says the bond bubble is ready to burst so these kids are going into this society and there's nothing in front of them that gives them any optimism i mean they don't even believe in hoping change anymore so what we're going to see when we you look around europe for example max you have unemployment rates among the youth that's over fifty percent in spain in greece it's approaching that in italy in portugal and they're going to have the same thing in the united states you
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have these young people with their hormones raging in their raging mad it's the same thing that brought down the governments in tunisia and in and in egypt of course they've been co-opted the revolution has been stolen but the people that brought it about with the young people and this generation asked we believe is going to be the spark be high the second american revolution all right child it talk about the second american revolution it's in the latest trends jonell and you mention in the journal when you talk about the second american revolution that it is a revolution of the hearts. when i read that i'm thinking well you don't want to veer too close in the direction of calling for an all out violent insurrection and yet jelled you're talking about a country with all these huge social issues that has amongst its population oh. over a quarter of a million in one quarter of
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a billion two hundred fifty million guns so if there is a second american revolution even if it isn't a revolution of the heart it's happening it within the in the context of a very well armed population allisat going to be not anything but a bit chaotic jerrold because when you go back to the first american revolution the foundation under it was an awakening and the awakening of course back then was tied to religion but part of the awakening in these sensual part of it was people understanding it's their responsibility they're responsible for their own salvation and it's not about looking to leaders who are deities to lead them but to lead themselves and we believe that we have two choices it could either be guns and armies or mind and heart and when you look max at
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a read of sonce and i started thinking about it you know the renaissance began after the dark ages after the black plague rather so you had what sixty percent of europe was decimated and the people realized they were doing something wrong the people that survived it went to the monasteries the comments went out to the areas away from the destruction realize that there's a different way of living and went back a renaissance or a discovery to bring back from the past so as we're looking at it now i started thinking a renaissance has already begun. it speak god in frood and it's really one of the essential elements food clothing and shelter think of the renaissance in food you europe former you know ex-pat you're an ex-pat you remember when they used to serve sanka as they used to call it coughing you remember when you couldn't get a good loaf of bread you wondered what wonder bread was there's
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a renaissance it grow. growing local it higher qualities of food if we keep expanding their renaissance of thought if we could fill our bodies with fight or food we could start filling our wives with different messages that the messages of cruelty well. you know you mentioned the black clegg you know going back to european history and of course the medieval period before the enlightenment before the rana sonce you had a system of serfs and lords there was very little in terms of justice here now today in london you have a bank h.s.b.c. one of the biggest banks in the world they were they were caught laundering money and financing al qaeda and other terrorists but the government is saying that we can't prosecute them because it might disrupt the global banking system so we've
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gone from too big to fail to too big to prosecute we have a two tier justice system where the folks at the top i can break the law without any fear of any prosecution whatsoever so i understand what you're saying that people are going to go back to the hippy commune are going to grow their own food and it's going to be a big summer a love but if you've got banks who are out there committing crimes with no penalties whatsoever and they're bankrupting the global economy how do you get to the hippie paradise from their general yeah i'm not so upset about the hippie paradise i'm talking about when i'm talking about food in culture. or that you go to you go to great restaurants now and have food that you never had before it's all over the country but it's more than that it's an understanding of quality i mean you're one hundred percent right about you know this is the christmas season fit give me if i mention jesus christ during the christmas season and not retail sales but let's remember that the one time that the prince of peace becomes violent
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is to drive the money changers out of the temple the reality is there you're talking about h.s.b.c. how about the live board scandal how value b.s. out barclay how about m.f. global yeah the word justice is j u.s.t. us just us and that's what i'm saying max it's never been more transparent than now the vacuum is so watch the be as serene chief obama could no longer get away with the baloney i'm really happy that he won for one reason or one reason only is because if romney were one people would. give him a chance give him a chance as things to go and down now we know or not many people now have any high expectations from all bamma people have no high expectations from government
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when the vacuum is this big you can fill it with something different you could fill it with different music you can fill it with different entertainment you can fill it with different messages so there are very a lot of positive things happening as the whole system is on raveling as well again a renaissance was born from death and we have a death of culture a death of style a death of integrity a death of passion. death of death begs and the death of courage so when this death happens something new is born reborn born to replace it all right yeah like your point about it's a return to quality and not a happy revolution but i think you should consider a neighborhood jacket and love for a tyrant twenty thirteen but we're out of time general thanks so much for being on
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the kaiser report hey thank you max and happy new year all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me back to kaiser and stacy herbert i want to thank my guests gel celebs a trans research it led to some e-mail please do so because they reported on t.v. dot are you and i like time as well.
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which brightened. from pundits to question. these stunts on t.v. don't. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard look at the big picture.
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understand my contact image of law going to be basically attack the cause of my anger and my frustration. that. well into the dome. two of the most violent gangs in u.s. history. is just all model kill or be killed with the colors matching the national flag. but this country uses violence when it reaches its and then it legitimizes the violence they all made in america on the odyssey.


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