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tv   [untitled]    December 27, 2012 1:30pm-2:00pm EST

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it is from the same village she now studies in the city and dances at a club. she puts on her costume and the traditional amber necklace only when she comes to visit her grandmother. ok ok well. i did ask untampered answer yes because i want to keep up to date with this morning world but still i would like to camp my very ground home exercise lawyer and this is my treasure their attachment to the church brought his to this remote land by call more than two hundred fifty years ago they were exiled and persecuted for not agreeing to the orthodox who forms introduced in washing the sixteen hundreds they wanted to maintain their time honored rituals deal believers still baal and cross themselves with two fingers not with three as they do in modern orthodox churches in russia and never knew when praying but this fall the city says it's not so much
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the rituals they cherish as the moral principles he does not approve of what is doing. the old believe a woman must never show her naked legs and. things started to spoil during the. more and more young people leaving for big city the fear is the old believers culture could be imperiled nowadays young people prefer urban life to people to their life to agriculture but it's not necessary to leave it inside to remember that and try to keep their. plans to continue her studies abroad the grandmother says wherever she goes as long as the queues are fresh in her memory long as the queues are fresh.
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hello you're with business r.t. welcome to the program consumer confidence in the largest economy in the world the u.s. has dropped to its lowest level in four months in december guess why the fiscal cliff is still there no deal is so far been reached that coupled with the fact yet again the debt is hitting the ceiling in the united states this could lead to dire consequences for the global economy let alone the united states let's talk now to patrick young co-author of the gathering storm brown bear broadband good to see you patrick so how bad do you think it's going to get if not in january but in the first quarter of two thousand and thirteen. well the situation is an incredibly perilous i mean think about the history of american debt three decades ago america owed the world about nine hundred and it billion dollars now that may sound like
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a big number but bear in mind at the moment it borrowing a hundred billion dollars every single month the total debt in america is roughly fifteen trillion dollars i mean that's the sort of amount of money that if you put the notes end to end you get most of the way towards mars it's an absolutely rejects of mind of money and the problem we've got is you've got politicians who are still in never-never land mr obama is wanting to actually exist then the a mind of money that america can manage to borrow it's a bit like giving a drunk more vodka as i've often said and at the same time you've got the republicans who are suddenly wanting to have bogle fiscal responsibility from actually having abdicated their own responsibility for many years this is a very very perilous situation there how far do you think in congress still push the debt ceiling up will we see ratings cut again for the u.s. if we do see another hike. oh look i mean in the course of the last well early two thousand and eleven there was about fourteen point three something like that
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billion dollars they've expanded it by another couple of billion couple of trillion i'm sorry since then. there is borrowing to be repercussion if america does not care about its debt how but in order it's the same with any addict and america is addicted to debt the government needs to be under control the united states of america the greatest capitalist economy we've ever seen in the history of the world but unfortunately it's being governed by people who think that government spending is the best way forward and well we've seen enough collapsed communist regime to understand that central planning just does not work ok when it comes to the fiscal cliff there were about to hit around four days do you think there's still a chance we will see a deal between the republicans and will that change anything. well let's put it this way if there isn't a deal in four days' time it demonstrates the fact that the american political
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classes have got no idea what their fundamental job is president clinton campaigned while elected and twice on it's the economy stupid not president obama the republican leaders need to appreciate that right now i they have got ninety six r.'s to say of the freedom of the united states of america because if they go over the fiscal cliff it could be tragically catastrophic for every citizen of the world not just the united states of america which is likely to be instantly plunged into a severe recession ok so since you're saying every citizen in the world is going to be affected what's your outlook for the fate of russia for example and other bric countries well of course russia or other bric countries emerging markets they do have automatic stabilisers for one thing the russian government doesn't spend remotely as much as a proportion of g.d.p. as the united states of america they could actually borrow a little bit more to try to cushion things certainly there are energy exports that
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russia can manage to make which you keep it going but nonetheless if american consumers stop buying then that's going to cause the rest of the world cup to cold because it's going to be much more difficult for exports in russia in india and china and brazil in poland where i am today to find a marketplace for their goods because the world's biggest consumer is at this point in time as you correctly said on the verge of a complete consumer drug in confidence all right patrick you sound very agitated when we were about to head into two thousand and thirteen what's your new year's resolution. my new year's resolution is certainly to try to make sure that i don't emulate the western governments i'm trying very hard to make sure that i am nice my debts to find a way forward there are great things like there there is an incredible rosy future i don't want viewers to go away pessimistic what we have to be realistic the american government is fundamentally irresponsible and it's the largest factor in
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the global global economy however i'm optimistic none of the technology something which russia has a very good out all manners of bio science all sorts of possibilities in agriculture multiple possibilities within the world of i.t. i'm very optimistic avoid those the difficulty is can we really afford to leverage ourselves or lose opportunities right now i i don't it because we need to be fiscally signed and therefore right now i'm trying to save my money and look and see what's ahead because i believe the opportunity from the corner are going to be incredible but first it could be a very dangerous order ok well i hope the us government will will hear this resolution of yours thank you very much patrick young co-author of the gathering storm all right the consumer boom in russia is back in two thousand and twelve russians have been borrowing more than ever in turn consumer spending has pushed retail sales growth close to double digits domestic factors have become the
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main driver of russia's growth this year despite harsh economic environment elsewhere but this may possibly drastically slow down chief economist at race and capital and russian c.e.o.'s yvon account of analyzes the changing environment. you can see a very significant slowdown from the first half of the year towards the second half of the year and i think there are two key that are driving the slowdown number one the consumption spending that was driving the very good performance in the first half has started to slow down a little bit and also the very very strong borrowing by consumers and corporates that existed in the first half of the year all slowing down so i think this is this is what has been driving distance from a very strong performance in the first half of the year to much weaker but still still i think it ought to be robust performance in the second half of the year in particular so when you when you compare russia with the rest of the world do you want to say that the growth here is driven by the. the drivers because once again
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as you can see and as you know two thousand and twelve was very challenging global environment we had a much slower growth in china we had a recession in the european union and also very challenging the in the us also because of the election yes the external backdrop was very difficult for russia but this domestic diversion and in particular consumption spending private consumption spending was was was the main factor that was helping the russian economy achieve i think a very very decent performance doesn't mean that the russian economy is now more immune to the global challenges actually i think so i think that ultimately two thousand and eight the so-called great recession there is much better prepared to deal with without external shock and there are number of reasons for that number one we have a much more flexible exchange rate so exchange it can serve as a kind of a shock absorber if we were to face another and. also the fact that. during the last four years the russian economy has been able to extend them with q.q.
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in the back so it doesn't relate the share of short term external debt is much more now with the resonate so i think you can be also on the way they use the support from russia in the workplace on the right and finally i think these are the reason is that going to be relative to two thousand and eight is not overheating in two thousand and six two thousand and seven the russian economy was overheating and when external shocks the russian economy fell from a very high very high place right now we're growing on it for four and a half percent which i think is more more normal pace of growth so i guess i think that if we were to face another external shock from abroad. and if we can. all right let's take a look at what's happening on the markets it's a fourth day of losses in the united states as you can see the one percent down on the dow you still had people saying there that would be a holiday rally this month i mean how wrong are they consumer confidence as i was
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saying is on a four month low investor uncertainty at a five month high let me give you an example what that means the percentage of people considering buying a new home right now in the u.s. within the next six months has gone down to just four point eight percent it was six point six in the ember but take a look at what's happening in europe for example it's basically ignoring the cliff it's still high on the christmas celebrations possibly investors also keyed on a well received italian debt auction so the footsie actually ended up one notch in positive but it wasn't enough to even see a. one hundred four percent and the dax is up a quarter as you can see now is easing up a bit after wednesday's big hike on supply worries from the middle east now worries about demand should we hit the cliff coming back and so we're seeing a bit of an easing seventy seven cents for both planes and russia's a ruble managed to gain against both the dollar and the euro that's on the back of still pretty high oil prices and we've got domestic factors like the central bank
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willing to maintain inflation i've been saying this all of this month and it is basically coming true i'm happy about that let's move over to russia it's quiet still traders focusing more on preparing for the partying and the long holiday break the markets will close after friday to reopen only on the eighth of january on the biggest movers today burbank up around half a percent and m.t.s. mobile phone provider is down one point two percent all right that's it from the business scene for now i'm back in two hours time the news continues on r.t. after a short break to stay with us. ok to retreat thank you now there are more stories ahead including france rejects calls for help from the water central african republic polls closing in on the country's capital paris says it only cares about its own interests and not its former colonies leaving you live analysis.
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and so for me take a look back on the stories that shaped the past year today our journalists to recall julian assange his dramatic show almost exclusively on r.t. that's after the break. a mission free critic ation free in-store charge is free to make me free. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free video dog r.t.
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. more news today violence is once again fled up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations are. cool. welcome back you're watching r.t. . france has refused to help the central african republic fight off rebels closing in on its capital president of france who are under said paris will protect only its own interests not the regime of local protesters angry at a lack of action attacked the french embassy western discuss french. journalist joins us live from strasbourg thanks for joining us here in our
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president hollande said france will protect its interest in the central african republic what are those interests well it's quite interesting he said that the french army which has a base in central africa and republics was not there to protect a particular regime which must have come as quite a shock to the regime seeing as it was them that gives the press the french permission to have a base there talk. and the interests are of course you're right you know there is uranium mine in the state of the country. there is a certain amount of preview with central african government because the french actually suspended operations because of the fall in the price of uranium after the disaster in japan and said that it was unprofitable then they were going to put it on hold out of course most of pockets of the central african republic in government and i don't think president bush was very happy about that there may be friction because that i don't know. but basically because of president hollande
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statement this morning i rang the dog say the french ministry of foreign affairs and said well if they're not there to protect the regime what are they there for and i actually get a very clear answer. will be french clearly have an interest in the country but they're not going to take sides in any potential civil war and willing to either and france has done little help to the local government develop its sovereignty or what are they actually trying to achieve there then. well i think they just want stability as far as far as i can see there's a very odd aspect to this sudden revolutionary situation we're told and of course you know i know that the three groups hostile to the government formed the seleka front on the tenth of december and now here we are only twenty four whatever it is the twenty seventh of december and they are within seventy five kilometers of the capital bangui that's pretty good getting in
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a country where they hardly have any roads it does make one wonder quite how all this came about for protesters in the capital have been saying they no longer need france do you think the only arrests could turn against the french. well i think that the president if he survives what's going on will draw certain conclusions like this with them and it's going to sound well if they're not there to me whether we're there for. you to sort of neocolonialist attitude so we're they're just there for the general good is that we're curious aspect to the president because he's a has been consistently supported by chad and suddenly the chair of the government who is troops are in the country trying to maintain order. not going to take sides either and we have to remember heard in the far east of your country there is recently for the last year an american special forces presence now are ostensibly there to deal with the lord's resistance army which is a dissident group in uganda the congo etc and also in central africa but
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nevertheless one can't help noticing that they're there in the east and the rebels come out of the. great suddenness so a very complicated situation of course president sarkozy was quite active when it came to africa with france intervening in the ivory coast in twenty tell me do you think president alone may opt for military intervention in the future no i don't think he's going to do that certainly not to protect president because he's a. i don't think france is in the mood for that particularly as they have the situation in mali to deal with where they have been very much to the front in saying that something should be done they're very active in syria i don't think that he wants another situation where the french military involved but they do want stability clearly they have an interest. there that you know if you have you. heard the. french nuclear company has owns the mine and they obviously want it to be
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to remain an asset what people will wonder there why does the government remain so apparently cash strapped despite its wealth in natural resources. well the. economic situation is patchy bangui like a lot of these capital cities major cities in africa is growing fast and population economically grew two percent last year which is not bad. and but the rest of the country with it's appalling communications the agricultural situation now going to have to export much. calling into a situation of subsistence agriculture. that's where the discontent seems to be coming from and it's also a country where there is there is a lot of local loyalty to the big town as it spread across the country it's not very difficult to stir up dissidents if that's what you want to do. ok one is independent journalist thank you for your thoughts today here in r.t. . well as twenty twelve draws to
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a close we continue to look at the events that shaped it today on these teams recall the launch of it in the sun just across exclusively on r.t. you can expound they gave voice to prominent figures shunned by the mainstream media when he was still under house arrest in london. it was right on the new year's eve when i went to london to see june to discuss the news so. i am truly an assignment. editor of which she wakes exposed the world secret police documents from the very beginning that came there with high profile shows strong with a lot of it as a boxer so we created this web page with big video player and video feeds
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containing trailers sneak peeks most shows tend to have a spike and then go down on the both mars it's online do with your keep climbing it and quite a quite a study about i think it will be viewed in the story so this was quite an important t.v. series the julian assange show gains over a one million visits and views online and believe me or am interesting is show it's kind of an achievement never before thought we had heard anything like that on t.v. when one person sitting on the house the rapture would give voice to quiet quite a few people around the world whose position of the world doesn't fit in the mainstream media picture.
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i'll be back with more news in just a few minutes stay with us. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture. deadly rivals for decades. if you had fifteen thousand people killing each other in any other country there would be diplomats there would be mediators a lot of. self-imposed
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out costs from society i will cut myself am i going to tax my brother understand my one time immediately haha i'm going to basically attack the cause of my anger and my frustration. that they got upgraded well into the shadows. two of the most violent gangs in the us history. is just all model kill or be killed with colors matching the national flag. but this country uses violence when it reaches its and then it legitimizes the
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violence they are made in america on the auntie. it.
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