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and that. was. the most amazing gun buying spree about her seemed to weeks after the tragic school shooting in connecticut by customers as barack obama's threat to ban firearms proved to be their best. international peace envoy to syria calls for a transitional government as the country to comes to being a fertile ground for terrorists plus artes news crews recall how they covered the conflict in twenty twelve. and president putin signals he will sign the bill which includes a ban on americans adopting russian children while pledging to improve the lives of
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orphans within the country. and i welcome you watching r.t. live from moscow with me and. to record levels across the u.s. president obama's pledge to tackle firearms ownership in the wake of the sandy hook school massacre has seen the shooting spree develop into a shopping spree for guns. can spoke to some of the store. about two minutes ago actually on this particular wall here. wrote down four rows across. with everything going on in politics right now with the possible everything everyone is. purchasing right away gun
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stores all across the u.s. are reporting record sales just two weeks after the tragic shooting at the elementary school in newtown americans are scrambling to buy the same type of weapon that adam lanza used in the connecticut shooting plus high capacity magazines and a lot of them panic buying triggered out of fear that the white house is out to ban the weapons but this time the words need to lead to action we we actually i would say he's a double or triple in sales is the best day we've ever had as a business. know a ar fifteen for this customer all sold out at the store while prices on line have gone through the roof had been going for a thousand and fifteen hundred eight hundred dollars now to twenty five hundred three thousand dollars even in some cases it's just the most amazing gun buying spree i've ever seen many gun retailers now quite cynically refer to feed
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ministrations ben talk as the obama girl signaling that's how good it's been for their business so how do you go from a president with a tough gun control agenda to someone gun dealers call the greatest gun salesman in america manufactures of semi-automatic rifles were reported that their market has grown thirty percent over the last four years states like north carolina iowa and new to have seen a one hundred percent increase in gun sales over the same period in the wake of the tragedy in newtown one of the country's biggest ammunition suppliers said they sold more than three years worth of magazines in just three days. although president obama himself has so far failed to act on his pledge to ban assault weapons his words have certainly provoked action just not the type you may have wanted or someone goes against her. doing a great job for us. maybe we should be a third term in order to sell even more weapons many dealers hype up the gun
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apocalypse scenario so the band there would be more the moment. to start not only you start. well but many of them don't actually see any drastic changes happening anytime soon. we're going to. high cap mags. it's kind of most impossible because. it's already circulating now. are you going to get everybody to ring a ring back after all any significant gun control measures adopted in the past ultimately clashed with the second amendment of the constitution and were subsequently scrapped. tilley virginia i'm going to check out meanwhile america is braced to plunge off the fiscal cliff time ticks away as democrats and republicans heigl over taxes for the rich while we hear how the more worrying
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aspects of the deal have long been agreed also ahead afghanistan's president is accused his foreign companies of corruption saying they've withheld millions in taxes but some experts believe he's just trying to save face before nato forces leave. a car bomb has killed at least four people and wounded around ten others outside the syrian capital terrorism has become common in the war torn country is another attack was reportedly prevented in the north pole a slayer takes up the story we are hearing that some four people have been killed and ten people injured in an explosion of a booby. now we understand that most of the people who are legal hild and the injured are students in a separate incident the authorities managed to uncover a truck loaded with some three tons of explosives in the north or managed to dismantle those before any kind of incidents of could there have been numerous
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incidents throughout today and the last few days through the army rebels and through the army troops in the rebels fighting one another we're also hearing reports that the troops managed to destroy a number of rebel vehicles as well as missile launchers at the same time they're reporting that they managed to prevent foreigners there are two russian workers in this area who were also taken hostage last week and the russian government is now trying to secure their release the mounting violence in syria comes against the backdrop of and it's elation of the
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information war that is happening in the country the rebels have continued in posting videos of village massacres that they've been carrying out massacres in which they've laid aside and his loyalists now the damascus regime has always insisted that it is the rebels who are responsible for these killings russia too says that the rebels are trying to provoke. posting such videos point needs to be made that all these kinds of videos almost impossible to verify are middle east correspondent paula slayer there the u.n. arab league special envoy to syria is urging the country to create a transitional government to resolve for a bloody civil war but he calls chime with russia which again underlined that the international community should stick to a peaceful solution the details from artie's peace can off. moscow on thursday has officially denied speculation that russia and the united states have been secretly working on a plan b.
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on the conflict in syria and has once again stressed that it's taking by the agreements reached last summer in geneva a peaceful transition of power involving the creation of a transitional government which could include all sides of the conflict syria's deputy foreign minister met with russia's chief diplomat in moscow on thursday behind closed doors very little details came out of it but there is speculation that they were discussing the a long awaited peace deal in the syrian conflict and it comes after international envoy on syria mr brahimi met with the syrian president on monday in damascus after this meeting he said that he had a good feeling and some positive things were happening in fact mr brahimi is also expected in the russian capital on saturday moscow has a good chance of mediating this since it's been in contact with the syrian authorities and with the opposition unlike most western countries who denounce president and the syrian government as the official power in the country well the
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chaos in syria has pretty much dominated news programs worldwide reporters got as close as they could to bring you the real story out of the bloodshed that is tearing the country apart and that is what we are focusing on today as we look at events that shaped twenty twelve. after a massive regional arab spring and in the wake of that the next context of a pro-democracy movement and a revolution or civil war was not what was happening in syria when you see some politicians there and the media circus is just competitive or sad cracking down on people you think but what about the other guy on top of the politics and diplomacy the facts that are simply too important to ignore. i remember i was
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a training session of the syrian football team and the coach was very angry with how his players were practice and he was shouting he was swearing from time to time and then i move my head like this just like this and i saw two helicopters flying at very low altitude and firing we were each had hotel restaurant and close to us there was a group for rich syrians playing cards and smoking and living life as usual and just thirty minutes before that as me and my colleagues were live in the local t.v. station there was an almost lost a few blocks away most likely terror attack most likely people have been killed and what struck you was the coexistence of those too. from the real to the most interesting interaction for me with our side happened before and after the interview obviously in that it's often the case. i ask him if he's afraid.
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said no. he said no i'm not afraid that's a moment whether you believe the person or not and the only reason you know if he's right or wrong is intuitional i think syria is becoming the next iraq it's a country that is totally disempowered from within. and murder don't surprise or shock anybody and like in the case of iraq all this harm was done to syria with the substantial help of the outsiders on the guise of good democratic and tantrums. president putin says he will sign a bill which includes a ban on u.s. citizens adopting russian children the move came after washington's travel and financial restrictions on russian officials it alleges are involved in human rights violations moscow insists the current legislation is not orphans or potential adoptive parents but it america's lax treatment of child abuse really explains. he
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says that he doesn't see any reason why he shouldn't sign it but he did mention that he should take one very close careful look at the final draft of this law on top of that however within has also mentioned that he is ready to sign. a law which would increase the protection of russian children in the country itself now the law bears the name of this was a young boy who was adopted by an american family and died while in custody of his new adoptive father now the father was left off with just a fine after leaving him with just a fine after a lever in the blistering heat for hours and it's the cases precisely like this that worry the russian lawmakers who say that the american law system is not is not cut out to provide enough security for the russian children who are being adopted by american parents and should another tragedy like this strike they don't want the
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russian children to suffer a lot of people see this as they get back at the americans for the magnitsky act the so-called act which entails a list of people who are prohibited from ever entering the united states and their financial assets in the country also are frozen miscue was a russian lawyer who was imprisoned on charges of tax evasion and died while in custody that case has never seen any any logical conclusion it is not possible at this point to say whether or not the people who are accused of being involved in the case are actually at fault and should be blamed for his death. while a former director of american adoption congress told us that tracking her russian children are being treated in the u.s. is all but impossible. a lot of the cases have gotten very very light sentences for the caretakers whether forster or adoptive of russian children here in the united states but we certainly have no idea how many children are enduring abuses
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surviving abuses of all kinds but children that died at the hands of their adoptive parents were tortured in some horrendous ways they were sexually abused they were burnt they were starved they were killed aged ever any conceived one human being could inflict on another was done to these children so these were the parents that were caught and prosecuted nineteen how many more are there is there is absolutely no way of knowing the united states has no system of follow up on adoptions once an adoption is finalized the child is considered as if born to that family. now there's a claim of sinister moves behind the death of iconic sing at whitney houston online the investigator he said she was killed by a massive drug debt the details are on
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a website so that the palestinians un great sees them think about taking israel to the war crimes court. and when thirty million dollars just isn't enough thought t. dot com explains why soccer superstar little messy won't be leaving barcelona for russia at the time see. the u.s. is teetering on the fiscal cliff with the president and the senate and the house of representatives still no closer to a deal it is just days to go until taxes for americans across the board jump massively at the same time as spending plummets activist and journalist don de bar
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says it's not the deadlock that that bothers him but what has already been agreed. the real problem in my eyes is not the fact that they can't reach an agreement but rather that they have reached an agreement on many fundamental things the grievance they have reached is that neither of them are going to advocate put more money in the hands of working people they have no problem whatsoever removing a trillion dollars or two trillion dollars from the economy and delivering it to the bankers they did that inside of twenty days back in two thousand and eight and again in two thousand and nine was very little discussion. everyone agrees on both sides of the aisle that sums sort of reduction in benefits from social security and medicare is inevitable quote unquote well you know the rest of us don't believe that it's inevitable or even that is necessary and certainly not to because that is
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not desirable yet the greenman between the democrats and republicans on these fundamental issues is in my mind more important than their disagreement the posturing that they're doing for the media basically to try to blame each other for the you know going over the so-called cliff so that one i'm on the world's economic recovery is being held hostage by those talks in washington the public saving in europe's premier economy we report on what's getting jim and so upset with the government as it puts together a grand austerity plan. or any court has or taste the sentences of dozens of jailed activists who took part in anti-government rallies last year but it's not enough to satisfy the opposition which once the immediate release of all political prisoners human rights groups are also aging the gulf kingdom to end its bloody crackdown on public gatherings elect heads he looks at who's really benefiting from the two years of unrest. when it
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came to supporting calls for democracy in middle eastern or north african states while denouncing government sponsored violence leaders of the west were vocally critical from our graphic has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave out a very clear message for president which is it is time for him to go but when scenes of violent clashes between riot police and reform company risk came from bahrain the definition of democracy shifted and rhetoric softened. in the summer of the us state department came up with a statement expressing its concerns over the human rights situation and alleged torture in bahrain this was only several months after washington had restarted weapons sales to this gulf state dissenters in bahrain have been directing anger at their government for months now stop arming the killers is a message they are more often sending out to the west some of the in bahrain blood is worthless and the libyan blood is more important it's just critical
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a stand so youssif often travels to europe to direct attention to what he believes to be brutal repression in his country he and others like him have managed to alert human rights organizations but that's as far as it goes months ago. clinton made a statement about bahrain about the human rights situation in bahrain and this. one protester was killed you know and show you that there is no impact on the ground we are a victim because we live in a country they condemn the violence committed by the bahraini government against the peaceful to put the sword and beheading but that is still continuing for decades bahrain has been one of washington's closest allies in the gulf its naval base houses the u.s. fifth fleet and six thousand troops in a seemingly irreversible decision made decades ago despite a growing anti-american mood among some of bahrain's neighbors. anything happens
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the bushehr a plant or any of the other plants that there are allegations of a nuclear weapon being built we are very close to all of those sites and we have to make the right decision in preventing any kind of catastrophe coming here we are or are not capable of doing that and that's why we turn to our friends and allies and officials firmly deny that washington plays a decisive role in preventing any revolution happening in bahrain even the bahraini government's information minister suggests the us main fact be playing a double game. i think the bahraini opposition is a key ally of the us leader of the opposition and the terrorist members of the opposition have close ties with foreign embassies in bahrain we can leak some of the old many documents proving that if this is true then washington sitting comfortably we can quickly switch sides but for now the opposition in bahrain is left to wonder as to why goals to support democracy from such tension when others
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like see russia have ski r.t. reporting from the kingdom of bahrain well the car rain well the crane the government is pursuing activists online as well and the technology used to spy on dissidents comes from britain one that and other stories affecting bahrain r.t. dot com. free. education free. for charge of. the major free. free. free. free broke your video for your media projects free media r.t. dot com. afghanistan says it has lost over seventy million dollars because nato link companies are operating there and are not paying taxes
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president karzai keys is foreign business is of corruption for using their connections to avoid punishment but antiwar activist brian becker believes karzai is more concerned about his reputation and revenue karzai is caught between a rock and a hard place he owes his very survival i mean in a literal sense to the occupying forces and yet at the same time he realizes that the afghan people deeply resent the foreign occupiers who have been there for more than a decade and so in order to have any credibility especially post two thousand and fourteen the karzai government and his followers must show at least some degree of nationalist credentials in other words some independence from the occupiers to whom they owe their survival so he is on the horns of a dilemma he cannot really scape i think this allegation of. those who are not paying their taxes which is probably true is his attempt to solve his own or save his own reputation for those who deeply resent the foreign occupation the fact of
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the matter is the occupation of afghanistan like almost all foreign occupation is riddled with corruption by the occupiers and by the elites whether we sippin of their assistance and does the karzai government really represent the afghan people does it represent working families does it represent the poor farmers i would say absolutely not there is no indication of that whatsoever to the extent that the karzai government is demanding from foreign forces or independent domestic forces any sort of revenue you can you can believe you can guess for sure i would say that much of that money will be treated as loot something that will be the private premise for those who are in power the elite themselves a quick look now to the news from around the world former egyptian president hosni mubarak has been read me to hospital after his health took a turn for the worse the eighty four year old was ordered into care by the state prosecutor barak who led three decades of serving life in prison for failing to
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protect protesters killed in the arab spring protesters killed adopting these new. which passed the referendum but which he's condemned by opposition groups for being too islamic. british scientists trying to cut through the antarctic permafrost have failed to tunnel down into an underground plate a technical problem with the drilling system meant they were able to pace through the three kilometer thick ice they were trying to find evidence of ancient life in the water which has been untouched for half a million years. and this is one hundred sixty million dollars worth of seized drugs being incinerated in peru which the authorities have been destroying over the last couple of days the five tons going up in smoke is a combination of marijuana and cocaine the seizures were part of a record haul of more than forty tons in the past year alone.
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the international monetary fund raising the alarm over germany's reported a stereotype plans the measures are due to be rolled out after next year's elections and would apparently raise the retirement age high taxes cut welfare am bring europe to a grinding halt according to the i.m.f. and on top of that is peter oliver discovered it's unlikely to make it happy at. their top of the european tree i don't think germans feel that they have nothing to grumble about v.f. un vote in the park we are gathering a sample of opinions mainly over the telephone but sometimes even face to face we conduct thousands of interviews and on that base we can get pretty good idea about political mood out there. stats boffins have been gauging the country's mood come up with the biggest moans of the year from your average german at number five it's national debt it's better to give than to receive at this time of year but germans
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festive spirit ran out long ago over chancellor merkel being a little too generous and bailing out countries like greece especially when it's their money and for is climate change the mayan world ending prophecy may have turned out to be hocus pocus but germans remain seriously concerned about keeping mother earth ticking over for as long as possible number three is a very twenty first century problem getting ripped off online as we bank in shop on the web more than ever before the fear for germans is that someone else is netting their details on their cash. poverty came in second towards the end of the year it was revealed that around a quarter of europeans are at risk of living below the breadline germans watch with despair at what's happening to the greeks in spanish images they struggle to shake from their minds but the biggest worry for germans in twenty twelve was rising
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prices costs a rocketing everywhere from food to fuel and next year looks set to get even more pricey germany is a world leader in using renewable energy and over the coming year it's the consumer who will be paying to keep it that way with a shocking fifty percent increase in the subsidy paid towards renewable energy sources so that's what troubled germans this year but what are their fears for the future but i'm concerned maybe to find a good job because i want to do something different trying to thirteen minutes on sure what is happening in an economical crisis perhaps the euro is having another crisis but i actually love berlin that's why i want to stay here but if i can find a job here so will have to try to get somewhere else i worry about everything jobs crisis everything is going down the hill that people are quite certain about job
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security that they just that yeah the contracts are not secure in our that firms companies no longer have enough money and that people are just get fired. as with most situations in life when you ask people what their concerns are or what they want to see changed you do have to be prepared that their answers might not be exactly what you want to hear really one of the you off the top promise was to legalize soft drugs i don't think that legalizing soft trucks is one of the most immediate concerns that you. should have split titian's. in two thousand and thirteen so what will germans be concerned about at the end of twenty thirteen even though they've less to worry about than most europeans it's unlikely that worries over spending its home on other countries will disappear within twelve months peter all of a. well we're going to take
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a short break now and then the latest that we'll take a look at some of think dirty tricks on wall street. we speak your language. with news programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news that will turn it into angles keaton's stories. are you here to. enjoy it all to spanish find out more visit eye to eye. teeth dot com. download the official application to yourself choose your.


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