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and yet at the same time he realizes that the afghan people deeply resent the foreign occupiers who have been there for more than a decade and so in order to have any credibility especially post two thousand and fourteen the karzai government and his followers must show at least some degree of nationalist credentials in other words some independence from the occupiers to whom they owe their survival so he's on the horns of a dilemma he cannot really escape i think this allegation against the foreign n.g.o.s for not paying their taxes which is probably true is his attempt to solve his own or save his own reputation for those who deeply resent the foreign occupation the fact of the matter is the occupation of afghanistan like almost all foreign occupation is riddled with corruption by the occupiers and by the elites whether we sippin of their assistance and does the karzai government really represent the afghan people does it represent working families does it represent the poor farmers i would say absolutely not there is no indication of that
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whatsoever to the extent that the karzai government is demanding from foreign forces or independent domestic forces any sort of revenue you can you can believe you can gas for sure i would say that much of that money will be treated as loot something that will be the private premise for those who are in power the elite themselves. a quick look now at other news from around the world former egyptian president hosni mubarak has been readmitted to hospital after his health took a turn for the worse the eighty four year old was ordered into care by the state prosecutor who led up to three decades serving life in prison for failing to protect protesters killed in the arab spring last year the country is currently adopting its new constitution which passed the referendum but which is condemned by opposition groups of being too is alarmist. a court in argentina has found a former economy minister guilty of corruption handing her
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a thirty year sentence at least some of chile was forced to quit in two thousand and seven when more than fifty thousand dollars worth of argentinian currency were discovered in her office bathroom she maintains she's innocent and says she will appeal the ruling. british scientists trying to cut through the antarctic permafrost have failed to tunnel down into an underground lake a technical problem with the drilling system meant they were able to pierce through the three kilometer thick ice they were trying to find evidence of ancient life in the water which has been untouched for half a million years. and this is one hundred sixty million dollars worth of seeds drugs being incinerated in peru which the authorities have been destroying over the last couple of days the five tons going up in smoke is a combination of marijuana and cocaine seizures were part of a record haul of more than forty tons in the past year alone.
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the international monetary fund raising the alarm over germany's reported plans the measures are due to be rolled out after next year's elections and would apparently raise the retirement age height taxes cut welfare bring europe to a grinding halt according to the i.m.f. and on top of that is peter all of a discovered it's unlikely to make dejected voters and happy. they're top of the european tree but don't think germans feel that they have nothing to grumble about a v.f. un back in the park to show their measuring public mood by telephone and face to face through thousands of interviews we've got a pretty good idea of what the people are thinking stats boffins have been gauging the country's mood to come up with the biggest moans of the year from your average german at number five it's national debt it's better to give than to receive at this time of year but germans festive spirit ran out long ago over chancellor merkel being a little too generous and bailing out countries like greece especially when it's
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their money and for is climate change the mayan world ending prophecy may have turned out to be hocus pocus but germans remain seriously concerned about keeping mother earth ticking over for as long as possible number three is a very twenty first century problem getting ripped off online as we bank in shop on the web more than ever before the fear for germans is that someone else's netting their details on their cash. poverty came in second towards the end of the year it was revealed that around a quarter of europeans are at risk of living below the breadline germans watch with despair at what's happening to the greeks and spanish images they struggle to shake from their minds but the biggest worry for germans in twenty twelve was rising prices cost so rocketing everywhere from food to fuel and next year looks set to
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get even more pricey germany is a world leader in using renewable energy and over the coming year it's the consumer who will be paying to keep it that way with a shocking fifty percent increase in the subsidy paid towards renewable energy sources so that's what troubled germans this year but what are their fears for the future but i'm concerned maybe to find a good job because i want to do something different trying to thirteen minutes on sure what is happening in an economical crisis perhaps the euro is having another crisis but i actually love berlin that's why i want to stay here but if i can find a job here so will have to try to get somewhere else i worry about everything job crisis everything is going down the hill that people i concerned about job security that they just heard that yeah the contracts are not secure in our that firms
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companies no longer have enough money and that people are just get fired. as with most situations in life when you ask people what their concerns are or what they want to see changed you do have to be prepared that their own says might not be exactly what you want to hear really one of the off the top around us wants to legalize soft drugs i don't think legalizing soft trucks is one of the media that concerns the. politicians in two thousand and thirteen so what will germans be concerned about at the end of twenty thirteen even though they've less to worry about than most europeans it's unlikely that worries over spending it's on other countries will disappear within twelve months peter all of the early. has just come out twenty five twenty seven here in moscow and in a couple of minutes time daniel bushell goes on a quest for the facts and truth seeker uncovering stories which other media changed
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to sidestep.
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goodspeed. i am. her. and i. wish. you good luck misleader at least. her mother at least sees the amount. of her. home outline of a little. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture.
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please. more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations are all today. please. something. lies beneath. thousands of meters of the ice.
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for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it at a distance. humanises day starts at five am even earlier in the winter tending to his flock of three hundred sheep in the mountains and pains of. thirty five years old it wasn't the life he dreamt of having studied accounting but you dition i'm familiar with duty dictated that he would take on the care of these animals off to his father he just made camp they went to found stage setting up his new it but you just know to fenian round tent made of disk in his p.c. back amongst his family as his job is a lonely one and tough going out in
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a way those braving extremes of plus to minus forty degrees celsius to start with them there are certain difficulties there's not enough time for everything i'm almost a lot and my sister works with my mother my mother is seventy five she's very old and you know i miss mountains when i'm in town and of which i spend a lot of time here right now probably said on the survey as it simply carrying out the work that his father did and his father before him nothing has changed over many many centuries and that's the problem it's hard work and many people don't want to come into in straight now and it's really fit that could dial together. then you think it's difficult to manage everything alone i used to have people who helped me but they were no good they didn't take care of the sheep with all their hearts they hurt the cats or dogs going on for a job with more people leaving than coming to the countryside the region's government is having to act making the life of the herd and more attractive than
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promising largest subsidies for produce and livestock and organizing cooperatives for the sale of day products to ensure the herd a get the highest fair price i asked sympathizes with those youngsters leaving for an easier more profitable life day in their publics capital because ill but he no longer wishes to join them he enjoys his pastoral way of life now looking for a helper who shares his enthusiasm but more time on his hands he says matter of fact we can start to look for a new wife. deadly
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rivals for decades. if a good fifteen thousand people kill each other in any other country there would be diplomats there would be mediators. self-imposed out costs from society i will contact myself chemical attack my brother understand my contacts. going to be basically attack the cops of my anger and my frustration.
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shut up well into the dome. to have the most violent gangs in us history. is just all model kill or be killed with the colors matching the national flag. of this country uses violence when it reaches its and then it legitimizes the violence they all made in america on the odyssey.
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bushel full men who called this crisis and their prophecy for america coming up. we name the twelve bankers who seized the bailout exposed the burning me still on the floor and revealed the pied piper luring america into ruin. the wicked witch of the east symbol of east coast because running america in a sea of did it again and again st lenders have failed every generation time off the time all the time. the bankers have been at the root. problems throughout the twentieth and twenty first century very much implicated in the nazi buildup that continued even after
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world war two started it's an unknown piece of american history in the united states money has gone out of productive investments and. live investments and leveraged buyouts and things that produce nothing real useful in this. time to put them out there misery says one of the world's most so i did economists i sat down with nobel laureate ed prescott says he now i'm not sure why even when even the banks what's in the fractional reserve sounds i get scared with the new i told the washington new york connection who ends up subsidizing them. taxpayers fractional reserve is the poems the banks use today when you give one hundred dollars they keep just spend and gamble the all the million t. in a downturn like nope it's go bad your money gets lost it's as the full story casino . which is what wall street has become true we should trillions of dollars being
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placed on whiskey debts which already on this country a disaster and can lead us down the road in my view when all the wall street bailout. rushes be made is so a game of roadie people put a third of the national budget in his poems eat some made a packet before it went bust somebody told us his and made of pyramids exactly the same as banks only difference they legalized but then they'll bust as well legendary investor jim rogers also says banks of poems is and so is the fed he joins us now twelve years ago or greenspan ignored your warning he's fueling stock market real estate and consumer of the bubbles is the fed at least getting bits and now. that's what i think you're. going to see if there was a it's all been a bit but ok why we think you think every seven now last week it is now going to.
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over five hundred dollars you know. about five trillion dollars you know this stuff going oh that sounds like it's all you know it was all they would have noted. that thousand. well there are always critics that say that housing in a serious problem is going to collapse well. we have all heard about thousand of the best economists in the wall or. none of us anything's going. on. yes down south yes there were always about the collapse and everything. but raul they were all they were totally of all the local lab they thought it would be why do we why don't we listen to get why do we why do we have oil why don't we
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play it again but that i felt their new warning to america if it doesn't stop the banks will china simply overtake america have a budget that our nation and the world that know it's already been over if it be. the credit of the large. well that of the world how much more nobody can we don't know what's going to have adequate beds think that somehow they get about. what they want and i can't quite say no way no way would it would that where all. that time around steve king was voted to boycott them is the first post and long before repeating to give clear warning of the global financial crisis how was it obvious to you this is all being totally counterproductive when it's allowed to finance speculative objects like when to a lot of oh gosh and so on it's like you're not checking out.
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borrowing money to gamble on what their own next door neighbor's house. an incentive to deny this house down when most americans change would happen if they don't i'm a partisan issue but trying to because you just don't exploit what you you know i mean washington who played way and you know not the one who. are still you know i've been broken away from the finances and i think you need two of these substantial necessarily roost ok i mean he didn't talk on the banks directly or it isn't the russian stage it's all about trying the money when it's out of the champ so it takes a change like. banks. said i didn't buy. documents mean maybe it's a bank so what's most of the banks if they didn't know they were engaged in fraudulent activity. or incompetence that a lot i know what he said and then he got the savings and loans across suspect you
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know not a not a bill why it was initiated back in court about three hundred people. now the saving on. the only person on the night off the bernie made off of the fed no the real a corner that makes them dangerous congressman ron paul if it is working franticly there editorializing they have hired a lobbyist and they do not want us to know what they are doing and they use all kinds of frivolous arguments why the congress is not a lot of know what they're up to the fifth is the bailouts costing just a trillion pastry media quotes several of the documents the federal reserve has tried to keep secret for years showing the real figure is twenty nine trillion dollars that's twice the value of everything produced in the u.s. in twenty twelve. eighty percent of that stash
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is going to just twelve banks included with the fed bankers sitting on all of the regionals but this would be smacks of enormous conflict of interest from building a wall and years ago the fed by calls swirling a massive crisis he joins us how far has it come ok there are only twelve banks that do this stuff. the total number of banks that are involved heavily in credit default swaps and who finance their positions in assets but issuing liabilities to other banks their own twelve of them they should have gone in on the friday and said we're going to have a holiday this weekend. we're going to go in and we're going to take all your balance sheets we're going to see who knows who what we're going to net all of this stuff out we're going to find out that these twelve banks don't. any of the other five thousand united states banks they only owe each other and forced them to wind
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down and net out what they owe each other and shrink to become extremely small banks which is what they most of them would become but they. repeated crises. and wipe out the financial wealth of our households and firms the pension funds the banks goldman sachs and john paulson who's a hedge fund manager you know rigged these things they put together mortgage backed securities that they knew would have very high default rates and they did they had default rates of eighty ninety percent. so the whole thing was just rig so that. the hedge fund manager and goldman sachs can make a lot of money on effectively death and we've gone way way behind in derivatives that some of the drill was actually our bets on people dying so-called death
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settlements peasant insurance this was in the michael moore movie you know where employers are going to win and if their employees die early here the franco crissy of america. brings the industry full circle jesus drove the money and then those. in the inferno inhabit the seventh in a ring of. boiling things. now goldman sachs makes products they know will fail with incentives to boy. gold's work. the poit piper of death sends america over the fiscal cliff. this is the truth.
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will come to the country this month high tech means could help whether it be the latest laser cutters on lifesaving heart valves rushing innovators are working hard to keep you healthy person company it's been a winding road from car simulators to cutting edge training systems for others it's been a lifetime of work unlocking the mysteries of the cell check it all out on technology update we've got the future cover. news if she could laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care
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about humans and we're going to this is why you should care only on the dot com. boom which brightened. the bounds. from fines to oppression. who screamed stunts on t.v. dot com.
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wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max kaiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear so.


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