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tv   [untitled]    December 28, 2012 10:30am-11:00am EST

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well he's done since he tells the stories about his mother around. bloody mary up to now has a one thousand strong reindeer herd when the enemy saw the lichen and mopsa around it is gather their tents and move to another posture they travel hundreds of kilometers in winter we men and children for them. the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds in the new songs are similar.
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i'm joined by nicholai the queue for off russia's minister of communications at a time when the future of the internet as a global communication medium is very much up for debate a recent meeting in dubai about this very subject ended with much division over the topic of how much to divide up the internet with more national control mr mchugh for thank you very much for joining thank you so we'll start on that actual theme that that summit in dubai which had a lot of division in it many people say was a failure. when we look at that if we look at the split between the participants would you say perhaps with the e.u. and the u.s. refusing some you e.u. states refusing to sign on the other side russia and china some other states happily signing that that agreement is it could it be called an internet cold war starting definitely not and i could hardly grieve that it was a kind of
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a failure because we have like eighty nine countries already who openly schol dear editor and openly agreed to sign the new document. even though the they're just eighty nine countries many remaining countries they are still in the process of signing ok let's just zoom in on the russia itself for a second. russia was one of those pushing at this summit for more regulation of of what was to was called a national segment of the internet first of all could you just help me i find that an odd concept of the national segment of the internet how do you define a national psyche in something that everyone really thinks of as as without boundaries as a as a global phenomenon you know my personal edited to add to what happened in the way and to it exactly to the coverage must media. it seems to me that musk media definitely overreacted on what was actually written in the documents. i'm afraid
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that many people reading all those articles. discussing all their views instead making statements on the topic actually didn't look in the documents and in the concrete phrases concrete their statements written in the documents the very they're definitely very neutral the they're not about some kind of a strict control ok on that point and i've got a bit of it here member states will have the sovereign right to establish implement public policy including international policy on matters of internet governance and so on and so on if it's so neutral there's no point in writing to the first place russia obviously has a keen focus on more national control of of this national segment of the internet but what the russian government already has good controls over the internet why would it need more what for because before that internet was not even mentioned there. we have to agree that internet to d.
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is the reason is different district of communication which unites millions and even probable billions of people already on the plane and it has to be mentioned we are for this for the for the security in the very positive sense of it and. many states have agreed that the internet has to be mentioned in this in the say two years and. i could hardly find any any negative context of this or this particular phrase why for example to the u.s. and some e.u. states among others not like this idea well i think. we have to divide our political and economic issues here because. internet is it is a kind of a global economic model for certain companies most of them are located and the store equally based in the u.s. definitely i care is that it is not for profit but we have kind of
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a. tier one operators we have big market players as google has facebook and many many others that are probably concerned about the some some some potential change in the business model and i believe that this this must media. reaction was mostly based on the on the on the push from those global corporations to to now a void any any possible economic model change i think it was a kind of a major factor for their part. of google's their example but there's this facebook there's there's many others they are they seem to be terrified of actually sex regulations they say this is a very bad thing it's going to increase censorship the regulation is totally unnecessary if these proposals you say that they're nothing revolutionary just standardizing all practice why why you terrifying all of these internet companies so much. you know once again you should definitely ask those companies on their own
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to clarify their position there's nothing about censorship in those documents yes definitely probably those global. leaders which are making billions out of the individual economy they would prefer that internet is just not mentioned at all and the some kind of this. uncontrolled. development that information exchange could could could could still be drawn up by but many governments the the are concerned you might have. to. finally to finally agree with that they have to have to discuss it but they to use just one of the platforms for the discussion unfortunately i can could could be hardly their position is that is the person for the discussion of those issues out of the technical technical ones russia now has new laws where the authorities can shut down and tire internet resources without even having to go to court how much power is too much i think that you mean the federal russian law or concerning
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the the idea of blocking the resources containing child pornography. and drugs promotion and. promoting of certain ways or for for for their making a suicide which concerned been come forward for our child audience of the of the internet which is which is rapidly growing in russian yes we believe that these three types of information are not acceptable for. young users and that is why we have a right if the hosting company of the content provider does not. block this information on their own in this in a certain time frame we cover right through to work access to this to these resources how as your opponents point out you already have the ability to do that before by going to the courts. in a court order to stop it why do you need to bypass the courts altogether because
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this information is really harmful every day every week or every month for those court procedures they could be really harmful for this special young audience of the of the internet and the decision is taken by certain government officials that the full responsibility of their decisions as well and this procedure is very very balanced as well. yes we do have certain. we have like maybe five times there were some serious issues about walking the store that particular website but but but but today we have only only a few hundred resource. in internet resources blocked and well i've been looking through this list please believe me. you could hardly find any any person in russia or any other countries globally that want their children to to see those those resources i don't we don't have any idea of censorship and censorship
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from from any government authorities is totally and possible in the this legal environment that today exist in russia when we published a list of the blacklisted sites well today today it's not required to publish this list and they don't think it's a good idea because it's a kind of a promotion of all those. information that won it one place it's it's not a secret least because all the telecom operators in russia they receive daily to block it so it's not kind of a government secret document but i don't see any any any good with any i don't think it's a good idea just to promoted this list by publishing it on some website what about the wiki leaks of this world what about the anonymous says of this world they're not making billions from the internet however they have put prove that they're perfectly capable of causing chaos and severely embarrassing governments they don't seem to care which governments they hurt it's fight the power for them it's you
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know they don't have any sort of people that they protect all that they they hold back from what do you feel about them are they the enemy are they are they dangerous. i think that every government this concern is concerned the. question really are only information that could be concerned a secret one but it's not about internet at all it's still about. government. information security and me and the stability of those systems are working i mean for the for these groups i mean i think many people would agree they couldn't exist if it weren't for the internet and for their part they say they are on a crusade to protect the people against governments that only want to try and hide their own misdeeds and corruption and so as far as these groups are concerned. would you not say that they have the voice of the people behind them do they need to be shut down does does the damage that they can do outweigh the good that they
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can do well there are several areas of the of the openness of the government information for example today russian federation has definitely focused on the open government strategy and it was initially introduced by the president in a visit from the prime minister an invasive and we're trying to be as much as possible for example if if we speak about corruption issue russia is one of the leaders in global leaders on the opening all the information concerning the if the government supply chains were very open in the in this kind of kind of information but if you if you ask me about my attitude to we call leaks showing out some secret government documents which could be harmful for the national security of this or that particular state that i don't know why i don't but we stayed exactly it's it's definitely a serious issue and i think that sometimes they could. underestimate
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the potential just harm to the national security system so the government activities done by these. information leaks ok from the individual's perspective internet privacy millions of people every day give astonishing amounts of personal information to companies like google like facebook do you think that. the citizens own mistake maybe they have destroyed the very concept of internet privacy that now that's a nonsense term that doesn't exist anymore unfortunately it's it's almost the way that you described. every internet user has to follow i think the very simple concept that internet never forgets any information that you once have. pushed in to do this or that web based system can be stored for some probably
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unlimited number of time it could be some whole transfer used and nobody could. could control it in in any way definitely every serious. web service every serious big platform for the communication has some user agreement which states the the the privacy issues is one of the most important but on the other hand many people are concerned that. for example that information there is that flow through these big with services. could be could be available to even. if in those governments that are hosting those those global corporations and primary. they think about you notice these and many other countries and. they're concerned that the information could be could be also used for some other procedures and nobody has a clear answer about that but everybody has to be concerned and information
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security issues. and also the issues of using. the legal called don't on line is a probably the most difficult legal issues that mankind and that men kind of has ever faced missed in the confront thank you very much for think it's much. cheaper as your language. because we can we don't offend anyone else when i say still someone. chooses to use the consensus here because i can. choose to opinions that you think are a cool. choose to stories get in high school like choose me access to your office.
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little bit. of gold. i will. not speak. to you. wish i was. going along with sleet and good. luck. to the enemy. that i don't know by no means a reality.
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elite. morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after
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. trying to corporations are all today. illegal. bushel full men who called this crisis and their prophecy for america coming up. we
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name and shame the twelve bankers who seized the bailout be exposed the burning me still on the run and revealed the piper luring america into ruin. the wicked witch of the east symbol of east coast because roaming america in a sea of dead again and again street lenders have failed every generation time off the time off the time. the bankers have been at the root. problems throughout the twentieth and twenty first century very much implicated in nazi buildup that continued even after world war two started as an unknown piece of american history in the united states. money has gone out of productive investments and. leveraged
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buyouts and things that produce nothing. useful in this. time to put them out their misery says one of the world's most cited economists i sat down with nobel laureate ed prescott says he now i'm not sure why even even the banks what's in the fractional reserve sounds i get scared with the new york post the washington new york connection who ends up subsidizing taxpayers that fractional reserve is the poems the banks use today when you give one hundred dollars they keep just spend and gamble the all the noise in a downturn like now bets go bad your money gets lost it was before seen a. lot. which is what wall street has become true we should trillions of dollars being placed on the bets which are already done this country a disaster and can lead us down the road in my view when all the wall street
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bailout. rushes be made off. of rodi people put a third of the national budget in his ponzi some made a packet before it went bust somebody told us his and made off pyramid exactly the same as banks only difference they legalized but then they'll bust as well legendary investor jim rogers also says banks a ponzi and so is the fed he joins us now twelve years ago greenspan ignored your warning he's fueling stock market real estate and consumer of the bubbles is the fed at least getting better now. but it's what i think you're going to see if they're going to be. why we think. there are now what last week they're now going to. own. you know. bit by about five trillion dollars of this stuff going oh that sounds like you saw
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you there were thought it would have been noted for a. better job with you by way back in two thousand and eight its chief economist put it better with their rope there all the critics say that housing in a serious problem is going to collapse well he said i we have all heard about the economy thousands of the best economists in the wall work and none of us think anything's going to go wrong he broke down. the world was about to collapse and every. one thousand and raul they were all they were totally of all the local ad they said it would why do we why don't we listen to these get why don't we why do we have oil why do we have. central but thank my fellow here you want me to america if it doesn't stop the banks will china simply overtake america have
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a bar just debtor nation and if you know the world it's already been over if you take it back you know the credit of the large. of the world but how much more nobody can we know what's going to what adequate that's think that somehow they get. what they want to. call it no way no way would it was. that time around steve king was voted to boycott them is the first post and long before repeated to give clear warning of the global financial crisis how was it overused to you this is old. when it's allowed to finance. a lot of oh gosh and so on it's like you're not checking out. borrowing money to gamble on with their own next on my best house down. and i just house down what most americans change will happen if they don't
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i'm a partisan issue but change media because you. just don't exploit what you. mean washington who played way and you not the one told her still you know isn't broken away from the finances and i think you need all the success necessarily restore came in he then took on the banks directly new it is not russian stage it's all about trying the money lenders out of the champ so it takes a change like that banks really said i just bought documents many many heads of banks are what's most saw the banks if they didn't know they were engaged in fraudulent activity to be in jail or incompetent that a lot i mean now what he said and then he because of the savings and loans across suspect you know not any not built like it was initiated back in court about three hundred people go on now they're saving hundreds of tasher. but after the stop the
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only person on bosses bernie madoff the bernie made off of the fed know the real a corner that makes them put it can be dangerous congressman ron paul if it is working franticly their editorial eyes saying they've hired a lobbyist and they do not want us to know what they are doing and they use all kinds of frivolous arguments why the congress is not a lot of know what they're up to the fifth is the bailouts costing just a trillion pastry media quotes several of retaining the documents the federal reserve has tried to keep secret for years showing the real figure is twenty million trillion dollars that's twice the value of everything produced in the u.s. in twenty twelve. eighty percent of that stash is going to just twelve banks included with the fed bankers sitting on all of the real. this to me smacks of all the enormous conflict of interest
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from bill ray warned years ago the fed by call worming a massive crisis he joins us how far has it come ok there are only twelve banks that do this stuff. the total number of banks that are involved heavily in credit default swaps and who finance their positions in assets but issuing lead abilities to other banks their own twelve of them they should have gone in on a friday and said we're going to have a holiday this weekend we're going to go in and we're going to take all your balance sheets we're going to see who owes who what we're going to net all of this stuff out we're going to find out that these twelve banks don't. any of the other five thousand united states banks they only owe each other and force them to wind down and net out what they owe each other and shrink to become extremely small
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banks which is what the most of them would become but they. repeated crises. and wipe out the financial wealth of our households and terms the pension funds the banks goldman sachs and john paulson who's a hedge fund manager you know rigged these things they put together mortgage backed securities that they knew would have been very high default rates and they did they had all rates of eighty ninety percent. so the whole thing was just rig so that. the hedge fund manager and goldman sachs can make a lot of money on effectively death. and we've gone away we endure it as some of the dream was actually our bets on people dying so-called death settlements peasant insurance this was in the michael moore movie you know where employers are
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going to win and if their employees die early here the boeing co crissy of america . brings the industry full circle jesus drove the money. because in the inferno inhabit the seventh in a ring of hell is the oil and things. now goldman sachs makes products they know will fail with incentives to doit yet. gold's work. the poit piper of death sends america over the fiscal cliff. this is the truth. movement.
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deadly rivals the decades. if you had fifteen thousand people killing each other in any other country there would be diplomats there would be mediators. self-imposed out costs from society i will cut myself chemical attack my brother understand my contact immediately i'm going to leave basically attack the cause of my anger and my frustration. got. well into the dome. two of the most violent gangs in us history. is just all model kill or be killed
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with colors matching the national flag. but this country uses violence when it reaches and then it legitimizes the violence they are made in america on the oxy. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it.


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