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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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you free. for your media project free media r.t. dot com. the international peace envoy for syria and russia's foreign minister say the geneva agreement is the only difficult path to peace for syria. human rights round between the u.s. and russia resulting sanctions in an adoption ban evoking sensitive cold war memories. and iran are rolls out the big guns for new exercises in the bottle and the strait of hormuz saying it wants to show it can defend itself while pressure mounts over its nuclear program.
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twenty four hours a day. now russian foreign minister sergei lavrov and the u.n. and arab league he sent. me have both declared the situation in syria will only deteriorate unless a peace process is pursued by all sides to point to that the geneva agreement is the suitable platform for a long and difficult journey to peace but that's listening now live to what else they have to say. yes. but if. you go to rounds unfortunately so both missions were aborted. and we believe. it was done due to subjective reasons. and. it was dictated by someone's ship political interests not the interests of the syrian people and i believe that when we are. ready to reach
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stage when we can reach a cease fire agreements we will support some international mission a large group of observers and we would be ready to support any other option that both warring parties would agree to some of the ships to that are made in. t.v. network. taken out by me. treating children so you can reach the region especially when i need. to know to. not you know that you could my question is as follows what is the greatest obstacle to folks that he was close. with the thing that's going on work was the cool. stuff as he would just need
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a new laser glove but that's not the kids. in the house voted for working. for you good afternoon mr lover of mr bray me yesterday's reaction of mr had to is used by many of your very sort as something being prompted to him not his own thoughts but somebody actually what i mean it's not important dictating him look you know i can name do you know i'm such a capitalist don't have to have any secrets i have no secrets but i also want to be said diplomatic. but it is known that capital such as. well we will know it's a v. and. end it in this regard i have a question to both of you. because that is what is the main obstacle
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today. to implementing the geneva. arrangement is it the resistance of the opposition or the syrian government or any of these capitals of international i would say stakeholders. may i starts yes this is a really important issue and. this is the core of the problem. and to understand what is an obstacle would be to do half of the job. and that's what we're trying to do today and we come came to the conclusion that it's a package of factors and that's the build see of the positions of the two sides. and as i repeatedly said all of the year the stakeholders have to agree the warring parties could to
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convince the warring parties that the principles of the geneva settlement. open up . very good but you need see for a way out of this. for that to happen and that's we really with brahimi assurance we need all of the external players that have. one of the parties they should be sending one signal the same identical signal. you go to the parties you. send that signal is to stop violence. sit down at the negotiation table of course we we can preconditions and brushes off cues that it's making a mistake critics. of russia's position they say russia's position is wrong and
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we're criticized for two of your points the first is that we hold on to bashar assad's and so that we prevent we block a resolution based or all know the years on article seven of the u.n. charter for europe it's that food paves the way for sanctions and i've responded to these two claims for bashar assad's history he himself publicly and also behind the behind the scenes the especially the meeting with. me. he will stay conscious in syria defends the syrian sovereignty as he said personally to the kids and there is no opportunity to change his position as for the other second claim to us and to china that we block. resolution based on article seven of the charter yes we
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believe that this is not acceptable because any resolutions based on article seven of the u.n. charter. and so that's would of course provide for in the foreign interventions and seems to all of the external players both the u.s. and turkey and arab countries in europe are against any foreign intervention was serious then you are why do you criticize it. we will not do that because we have the responsibility and we will keep this with this responsibility. to protect you completely within the people who do still we should let. you know the main hurdle is that the syrians themselves disagree violently
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literally violently about their even their analysis of what their problem is on the one side the government says we are doing our duty protecting our people like. terrorists who are mostly foreigners on the other side people are saying you know this is an illegitimate government this is a family that has been ruling our country for forty years and it's time for them to leave and that you know the only problem is that these families power and then everything would be easy so they're not talking about the same problems they're talking about two different problems this is not the first time that you have a situation like this and in situations like this the international community has a duty to come together and help the parties. you know find common ground and find a solution to the to their problem. this is what i think we are all discussing this
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is what we're trying to do about security council what i've said to the security in the security council a month ago is that there was a matter. immediately after geneva to translate geneva into a resolution that attempt has failed. the fact that. doesn't mean we shouldn't try again and the object is not just to have a resolution for the. pleasure of having. the what we need to have is a resolution of that can work and i think that it is possible to get to that stage . if we continue to talk on this i hope what we're going to try and do. you know. insisting on the fact that we should not make. should not claim that things are easy things are extremely difficult and will
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continue to be difficult but this is no excuse for doing nothing difficult as the situation is. to continue to work together to see how. how we can. effectively help the syrians solve this problem you should probably go slow i would like to add a few words mr brahimi has emphasized something very important and that is that. there was an attempt to approve the. geneva communiqué security council resolution that was ready russia's proposal but anaconda parts were not prepared for that they said they would have to if two things were added to the geneva communique and there was there are two things that we are being criticized for not accepting and that is that mr assad must. quit
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his a position as president and the other thing that. chapter seven the un charter must be invoked toward syria and we discussed that and we had agreed that these two provisions should not be in the geneva communiqué. when we were discussing an approval of the community she. in every solution our counterparts said they wanted to go back and alter the communique which was and as you know according to diplomacy. rules and principles this is very appropriate and there's one more thing the opposition demands that assad must step down as a prerequisite for any further deliberations. including the russian president has emphasized several times that we are not clinging to either president assad or any other syrian leader or decision maker the most important thing the thing of primary
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important for us is the syrian people. who have been a longstanding friend of the russian federation federation. a people of many religions and i think background who has been proof of how diverse and. heralded with history the middle east is. this attitude of the opposition that only assad's resignation should enable a dialogue we believe this is not right we think it is counter counterproductive because what is the price for such an attitude for these preconditions. the cost of these preconditions are more and more lives of syrian citizens lost in fighting. because and therefore today i would like to. have this opportunity to request to call upon the syrian opposition to set aside this was it
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this precondition in so far layouts on paper its own vision if you cheer for syria. mentions if you for syria where. all the minorities be that religious or ethnic could. live side by side in comfort and safety feeling as food. members of the syrian political system. if the opposition were people prepared to make such a step then we could be able to see the foundations for its future deliberations about the future of syria we hope that we will get a response for our appeal and a final question. to which i know mr lavrov. mr brahimi good afternoon. you just russia has been criticized. good to give at this the trust has been criticised concerning its position through syria.
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and. i think. that it's important to russia participants and it was supported. very and several of the countries including regional players have. heavily criticized russia. your position on this criticism would you think of that would you think about the future of assad but you look at people who have already commented on mr had to statements which i hope you will hear my reaction. and that he will understand well about this the statements that russia is actually awarding portie in syria they are just so they are from reality that there is
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really nothing to comment on here we do not supply the syrian regime with any kind of i think they could be used in a civil conflict so that's cool so fact that the syrian government. has ever since its cooperation with the soviet union with the. cooperation while there is a sin. fact but we as russia as the russian federation have not provided anything to syria that could be used as a defensive war and what we have provided are defensive weapons and. defensive systems there is also a well known fact we we have discussed it on numerous occasions and we don't see how it can be used within the context of a civil war we are not supplying the opposition with any weapons. to the country for international stakeholders and actually those arms are becoming ever more
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lethal because we don't have. one hundred of our special operations. around syria. i guess you could say some of the parties are directly involved in syria but that's not the russian federation thank you so so much. just. one last comment. there and. it will be. the conflict has been going on in syria. it is really indispensable that this conflict is finished in two thousand and thirteen and hopefully at the beginning of two thousand and thirteen at the end of two thousand and thirteen. again i think that. everybody recognizes that change is needed in syria but that change has to be really. profound and that the question
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is not have some cosmetic changes in the system. but as i think we all agree this is one of the syrian people. to make but this is people are not in a position to start this process along they need a lot of help from outside i think it is the duty of the international community to provide. and i would like to add in conclusion that i fully share this. wish of mr brahimi on the eve of the new year to see this conflict resolved peacefully. next year to the benefit of the syrian people in the region and to the benefit of international law as such and i also agree that it would be great to see it happen rather. sooner than
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later. within the year two thousand and thirteen will contribute every effort. unfortunately this will hardly be possible. first even though that would have been a great present to mr brahimi who have his birthday on january first and i would like to congratulate him. thank you everyone and happy new year to all of you. happy new year. yes the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov the u.n. arab league envoy lakhdar brahimi in a news conference in moscow talking about syria and the for his part said all warring parties must lay down arms and enter negotiations and he rejected criticism over russia's position on the conflict of course we'll have much more reaction to
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this throughout the day here on r.t. . now moving on iran has entered a new phase in its naval war games in the strait of hormuz which is a vital oil shipping route the exercise involves warships submarines and jet fighters names to show tehran can maintain security in the region but on earlier said it could block the straight back to the shutting off a fifth of world oil trade if it's attacked iran is feeling the pressure from the west as the u.s. and its allies piled on sanctions over its nuclear program. which is a global diplomacy specialist she says iran only wants to show it's capable of protecting its borders. for the past two years war the west is simply united states is waged a war against iran so you want has been preparing itself and demonstrating. to defend itself i don't believe that iran would ever take action if we see more
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naval military right now it's because the media is focusing on iran whereas. earlier this month there was operation lucky mariner with twenty seven countries participating. although a lot of them were of service and they were all the way persian it was territory in the media was silent but when you run demonstrates readiness to defend its sovereignty and its national interest then there is the media focus on iran. a mosque is a ban on the adoption of russian children by u.s. citizens will come into effect on us day the bill contains a measure was signed into law by president putin on friday that just nation also includes travel and financial sanctions for certain americans as well as further restrictions from known commercial organizations working inside russia the law is in retaliation for washington's list of russian officials which links to the death
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of said again like need ski in two thousand and nine russian studies and history professor steven cohen from new york and a princeton university's says he's never held any illusions about the two countries relations watch there's an old russian saying we're friends are also deeds a lot of people in moscow and in washington may pass the magnitsky act and now the ban on adoption in moscow may have thought they were just talking showing off playing grandstanding politically as we say in america but these words have consequences they have bet very few all this new cold war atmosphere which is enveloping the relationship between our two countries it's going to affect american relations with russia regarding afghanistan regarding missile defense regarding syria regarding iran these are very serious matters obama has continued the policy toward moscow begun by president clinton
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a democrat and continued by president bush a republican that policy is advancing nato toward russia's borders building missile defense on russia's borders interfering in russia's interest politics most recently the street demonstrations this is the same policy with began twenty years ago with the soviet union the fundamental american policy toward russia has not changed so it's ridiculous to call lama soft on moscow i mean just because two leaders get together as they always do and say we are friends it doesn't mean in reality. which is that the partnership we need between washington and moscow to make the world safe for all of us has not existed since the soviet union ended and we may be farther from it today today as a result partially of this. then we have been in twenty years. now if your health has taken a hammering this holiday season technology updates had some medical breakthroughs
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in a few minutes stay with us here. you know his secret laboratory makes him a kirby was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and we're going this is why you should care only on the dog.
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hold it. hold it. i must tell. you. that good speech. her. mom it's good. to. see. a little mouse bottom a little.
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hello and welcome to technology regardless of who you are and whether you live in moscow or anywhere else in the world. which we're all hoping for good health to keep us in tip top. russian medical science. it's not surprising that.
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with previous. seventy's more or less modern day by the scene but these still work perfect. whatever the position of leaflets inside the ring they create some amount of resistance so the pressure on the heart is generally as high as thirty forty or
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