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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EST

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you free. the free broadcast quality video for your media projects free video dot r.t. dot com. international peace envoy for syria warns the nation will descend into hell unless the opposition and the government start talking russia says the rebels preconditions on the eating to a dead end. one million euros worth of holiday spirit or paris shines bright with festive lights millions of french people battling poverty are left in the dark across the crisis hit country. the showcase of iran's naval and military might on a vital all root cause international nerves but tehran insisted the proving it can defend itself from foreign attack. blasts from putin's return to the kremlin to
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best serve the public dissent look at how the changes on russia's political scene in twenty twelve will be remembered by those who covered them here in r.t. . well live from moscow this is our take and we start with some breaking news this hour a passenger plane has made an emergency landing on one of moscow's main highways now witnesses say the plane was partially destroyed after landing and is now on fire well unconfirmed reports say it's a red wings' plane coming from the czech republic and was attempting to land the new cover airport and we understand at least. one person has died and of course
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we'll bring you more on this as we get it as we say unconfirmed reports so far of this breaking news that a plane has landed on a highway with at least one fatality we'll get more on this as we get it here on r.t. . the international war for syria says there are only two directions for the conflict a political process or help and russia's foreign minister at a meeting with lakhdar brahimi in moscow said the syrian opposition's refusal to talk with the government only paves the way for further bloodshed. has been following the talks now the biggest stumbling block in the syrian conflict right now is that the opposition is rejecting any compromise saying strictly that president assad has to go while outside himself says he's not going anywhere he's protecting his country and moscow says nobody is able to persuade him to change his mind and neither side is willing to put its weapons down if. you know the only
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alternative is. really. on the political process then we have all of us to work seriously for a political process mr brahimi added that this should be a syrian led political process which should be based on agreements reached by world powers in geneva and they include forming a transitional government which could include all sides of the conflict but the opposition is not only unwilling to negotiate with the syrian authorities it's now rejecting direct talks with moscow which has been trying to be a mediator and we've heard from the leader of the recently established opposition coalition who demanded moscow to apologize for what he said was support for president assad. i understand that mr probably not very experienced in politics if he's looking to be a serious politician it is in his interests to hear our position from us and not
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from the media that sometimes distorts information so i'll repeat we're ready to talk to all opposition forces but we start from the premises that they should not only think about their own ambitions but also the fate of the syrian people and if they think that russia could play a role in the country's tragedy they should meet our representatives without preconditions on notice meanwhile the violence is continuing to ask syria there have been more terrorist attacks the rebels have been also attacking states military air strips of while government troops have been responding with more shelling. the navy has deployed in the strait of hormuz a key shipping route for one fifth of the world's oil but it's showcasing tehran's military capabilities to maneuver device to test combat ships submarines reconnaissance and a new mid range missile drills come amid growing pressure and sanctions against
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iran's nuclear program global diplomacy specialist. rich says the purpose of the exercise is not to show us. ity but a readiness to defend the country's borders. for the past thirty years war the west the united states is a covert war against iran so you want has been preparing itself and demonstrating. to defend itself i don't believe that iran would ever take action if we see more naval military exercises right now it's because the media is focusing on iran whereas in my. earlier this month there was operation lucky mariner with twenty seven countries participating. although a lot of them were observers and they were all the way the persian it was territory and the media was silent but when you run demonstrates it's very nice to defend its
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sovereignty and its national interest then there is the media focus on iraq. where we start again now some more breaking news this hour a passenger plane has made an emergency landing one of moscow's main highways witnesses say the plane was partially destroyed after landing it is now on fire and we understand someone has tweeted this first photograph and i'll confirm reports say it's a red wings plane coming from the czech republic and was attempting to land at the new convert airport and we understand there are at least eight passengers and the crew were on board that well more on this as and when we get it of course here are taking. now it's been a turbulent year for russian politics with vladimir putin's come back to the kremlin met with opposition rallies last pussy riot sinfulness cathedral performance protest and the court case that followed split russian society well
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here's how some of the r.t. staff who covered it all in twenty twelve remember what happened. presidential election twenty three cameras up on this roof correspondents throughout moscow and i mean you come across lines throughout the night there's a great noise. the real color is right behind us was me but but so one point when putin came out to show me like crowds a cost to move it thousands and thousands of people or so celebrating his victory one of the main points the unprecedented protests that took place up to that election and protest rallies that never really feels like we're actually taking part in the event it was during one of the massive protests rallies in moscow
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square that it really hit people the first time when i saw the crowd watching a t.v. court right next to ours in another station and i realized how soon was people really turned uncontrollable in the matter with seconds and help in just as easily chaos rebirth of people trying to get political points in the past twelve months. the best way to do that would be a bag on your head and to some right wing in a cathedral the one thing that was important to get across covering it is the people's political flavor in this country the fact was that what they did was deeply offensive to a huge number of people not something that. looking at the case. when they made the press release doubts our interview with president putin the first that he's ever given us he's stirred inauguration we see dozens and dozens of calls from international media representatives and they were all asking us just one question did he say anything about the case nothing in fact the more challenging it is the
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one gauging the conversation would be of course not. i want to hear about his thoughts on the ongoing syrian conflict also whether the polish with the pussy riot was indeed with the two heavy interesting comments to make about that. russian opposition movement one of the big stories of the year the streets are available for protests. and i think it's good that people conscious about politics not politics is not a big deal among most people here in this country would. only be good for society and i think. it would relatively well. where we continue with our breaking news this hour a passenger plane has made an emergency landing on one of moscow's main highways witnesses say the plane was partially destroyed after landing and is now on fire this one of the first pictures which member the party has tweeted through to us
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unconfirmed reports say it's a red wings plane which was coming from the czech republic and was attempting to land. airport are some reports unconfirmed as we say suggest eight passengers and four crew members were on board but our correspondents are on their way to the scene to bring you live reports more on this when we get it will have more from our correspondent on this live as soon as we get it. the legacy no one should be proud keeps of scrap metal littering pristine arctic landscape building stilton over their foundation pipes spewing black smoke over the snow covered peaks the traces of the soviet industrial activity on the burgen archipelago don't make a pretty picture the guiding principle here is the worst the better that can do
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nine hundred eighty bearings work was a burgeoning mining community. and was determined to maintain it costs thirty degree located halfway between north america and western europe bergen archipelago is part of norway but a special status that allows other countries to set up industrial bases here in the middle of the cold war it served as the us is ours westernmost outpost now it's one of the last preserved relics. picture of what would have happened to the soviet union if it was cut off from any financial support for two decades he's a curious sight for western tourists and i think it could be even more appealing for russian travellers the local administration is increasingly under pressure to bring the infrastructure up to more than standards these modernization efforts and not very popular with tourist operators if you come into a very authentic place. it should stay the way it is that would be my wish i mean
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that's the part of the you know authentic tradition here. i should not i would not like to have it in a shiny condition to be honest this time to change even for the better is not always good for business something that even a local band has become attuned to when they try to add morning russian songs to the repertoire of the audience called all they wanted to hear it was a song comfortably familiar. we're back to our breaking news story now a passenger plane has crashed landed and one of moscow's main highways unconfirmed
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reports say eight passengers and four crew members were on board. here for us now what more do we know we know very little so far very many unconfirmed reports but we have it confirmed by the transport department of the interior ministry that this was the redwings plane coming from the czech republic it landed in the airport and then for some reason the plane just went off the runway and crashed into the highway which is just next to the airport unconfirmed reports from eyewitnesses say that the plane broke into several parts of the fire started also unconfirmed reports say that there were eight passengers on board including four crew members and one person source unconfirmed is reported dead we're only have one photograph from twitter of exactly what happened we can see the plane part of the plane lying just next to the highway which is in the south of moscow which is one of the biggest highways in the outskirts of moscow and certainly the news are coming in we're waiting for more confirmations and more news and where there were many more
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casualties or many more injured but survive but definitely eyewitnesses have been saying of survivors there and indeed a very dramatic photo that we can we can see here i mean the ground to be several casualties on well the photo looks really dramatic and we just have to wait and see whether there will be any official reports from the interior ministry specialists at the site we are certainly waiting for that those reports. ok ok well as we say a passenger plane has crashed landed on one of moscow's main highways now these unconfirmed reports as we say that eight passengers four crew members were on board who hope to get more on this as soon as we can hear it r.t. . but unease now moscow's a ban on the adoption of russian children by u.s. citizens to come into effect on u.s. day the bill of containing the measure was signed into law by president putin on friday the legislation also includes travel and financial sanctions for a second americans as well as further restrictions for noncommercial organizations
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working inside russia and the law is in the tally ation for washington's a stall of russian officials which it links to the death of the listening that made ski in two thousand and nine when russia studies on history professor steven cohen from new york and princeton university's says he's never held any visions about the two countries relations. there's an old russian saying we're friends are also deeds a lot of people in moscow and in washington when they pass the magnitsky act and now the ban on adoption in moscow may have thought they were just talking showing off playing grandstanding politically as we say in america but these words have consequences they have bet a few all this new cold war atmosphere which is enveloping the relationship between our two countries it's going to affect american relations with russia regarding afghanistan regarding missile defense regarding syria regarding iran these are very
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serious matters obama has continued the policy toward moscow begun by president clinton a democrat and continued by president bush a republican that policy is advancing nato toward russia's borders building missile defense on russia's borders interfering in russia's interim the politics most recently the street demonstrations this is the same policy that began twenty years ago with the soviet union the fundamental american policy toward russia has not changed so it's ridiculous to call long soft on moscow i mean just because two leaders get together. the. reality. is that the partnership between washington to make it. has. and we may be farther from. today as a result of this all. right
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r.t. dot com we have the full text of russia's reply to washington's magnitsky act head online for that and much more including forget anonymity when using the internet china where new rules insist everywhere from must use their real name online reporter r.t. dot com. and controversy after a five year legal battle belgian prosecutors are ready to charge the church of scientology it being a criminal organization. details of r.t. dot com. in iraq tens of thousands of sunni iraqis have been protesting against the shia led government for a week now demonstrators blocked
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a key highway west of baghdad demanding the resignation of the country's prime minister. and the sickness to control the country until saddam hussein was toppled during the u.s. led invasion ten years ago the current demonstrations are seen by some as a prelude to an arab spring uprising and a return to sectarian violence well riot in iraqi american blogger u.s. interference in iraq played a big part in the seeds of today's trouble. unfortunately. after. the u.s. invaded the country and destroyed it and promised everyone on the wall down in iraq that it will build functional democracy what everyone will be happy living in peace and prosperity became one of the was places to live on earth the country is completely destroyed the society has been destroyed the infrastructure has been
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this destroyed five million people have been displaced and a million people were killed and there is until this day in two thousand and twelve we still have five giant with a consistent that the iraqis view as. a very dysfunctional one so unfortunately it's another example of the failure of installing a government system by u.s. or nato invasions. well some other world news now this hour the clock is ticking for the u.s. where negotiations on avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff again produced no results if the republicans and democrats fail to reach a deal on how to reduce the national deficit tax hikes and spending cuts worth billions of dollars in mass we take effect on journey the first another round of talks is saturday barack obama is already considering an emergency bill for the workers and the army if agreement is not reached before the deadline.
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the six men involved in the gang rape of a student in india i mean charged with murder just hours after a victim died in a hospital if convicted all could face the death penalty in the case sparked protest in new delhi if you're for it is resorting to banning mass gatherings in parts of the city people still joining to express their anger and sorrow and demanding extreme measures to keep the streets safe. the newly elected prime minister has taken a tour of the fukushima nuclear plant which was devastated by a massive tsunami last year wearing a protective suit to be inspected the complex and admitted that dealing with a fall that is an unprecedented challenge the previous democrat led government plan to scrap the use of nuclear power but i've been liberal party is preparing to reverse that decision. well back to our breaking news
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story now that a passenger plane has crashed landed on one of moscow's main highways police say six crew members were on board when the plane attempted to land at the airport unconfirmed reports say it's a red wings' plane coming from the czech republic well. what can you tell us well judging by the only picture we have so far which was posted on twitter by some of the eyewitnesses it's definitely is a red wing spline should be a tuple of two two or four that we haven't confirmed by the department of transportation from the interior ministry that the plane landed coming from the czech republic at the airport at the runway and then for some reason just rolled onto the highway which was just next to the airport so this picture we've seen it basically shows just one part of the plane unconfirmed reports say that the plane went into flames and that there were eight people on board including four members of the crew and also unconfirmed reports suggest that one person died news
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basically come every hour every minute on on the story and what we heard later that the sheremetyevo airport which is in the north which is the opposite side of moscow is now admitting all planes which were supposed to land in local because obviously the runway involucral is being blocked also the road itself or the highway where parts of the plane are supposedly. laying right now is also blocked the traffic there is immense all stuck in traffic jams that's according to the eyewitness reports on twitter but obviously we're waiting for some someone who's in there and we understand actually information is just reached the airport has been closed and other planes coming into the airport have been rerouted and also three people are in a critical condition at least three people in a critical condition we are getting news of here. and you sent a very dramatic photograph there in the fortune. there could be more casualties i hope that people survived because i would just say that they were survivors they
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seem survivors and i hope that most of the people survived anyway ok well just to confirm a passenger plane has crashed landed on one of moscow's main highways and unconfirmed reports say several passengers and crew members were on board that were to have more on that as we get it here. we head to washington d.c. after the break for law in the capital account. well going into the future this month high tech means good health whether it be the
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thousands of meters of mice country from. the lab. that is aloof from many. but dangerous even to those who keep it at a distance. live because the. lives of at. least.
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live. well see british scientists not. spot on because we don't. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger or no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports on r.g.p. . good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm lauren lyster here in washington d.c. these are your headlines for friday december twenty first two thousand and twelve
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today is a good time to reflect on this mayan calendar which predicts. on the twenty first this year. that will be today and the world didn't end i think it's fair to say so we will reflect on what may lie ahead in the coming new year or reflect on this here in economic trends dave column is a cornell chemistry professor but he's known in finance for his annual year in review which is out today and he is here in studio to talk about it plus new west stocks drop as house republicans cancel a vote on the fiscal cliff political disarray hit stock markets those were how the headlines read today when i came into work but is this just white noise we'll talk about signs of a broken market that go far beyond the day to day news portably moving them plus from market scandals to our very own we'll break down what you loved and hated this week and viewer feedback let's get to today's capital account.
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we're going to break into that now and go back to our breaking news story a passenger plane has crashed landed on one of moscow's main highways unconfirmed reports say eight passengers and four crew members were on board for the. skis are here in the studio for us now what can you tell us we gives of a little for now because we only have one picture from twitter of what is exactly happened we can see only one part of the plane laying on the highway just next to the airport in the south of moscow i mean we had already confirmed from the department of transportation of interior ministry that the plane bound from the czech republic landed at the airport then for some reason it rolled off the high
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off of the runway into the highway which was just next to the airport and broke into several pieces and then also eyewitnesses say that it set ablaze. unconfirmed reports say that twelve survivors have already been extracted from the debris of the plane whilst also unconfirmed reports say that one person was killed in this in this accident so we're waiting for more information but we already know that the airport itself has been closed down and now all the planes which were supposed to land there are being rerouted to a different airport to sheremetyevo airport in the north of moscow and we also know that this highway where the parts of the plane are lying is completely closed off by traffic basically all the crews of of all t.v. stations including our g.'s are trying to get there we hoping that they will try to get through the traffic and get this the best information from the site as boss and of course this is a very dramatic photo of this plane this this first for.


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