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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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tonight so a russian passenger jet overshoots the runway at a moscow airport breaks into pieces and careers into a busy highway we hear from the passers by who became the first rescuers on the scene and ask experts what could have gone so badly wrong. why from the r.t. to central eleven very good evening to you from me kevin oh in our main developing story tonight as i just mentioned that four people have been killed after a passenger plane crashed into the side of one of moscow's main highways earlier on
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the ceiling that jet broke into three parts of the right wing caught fire after it overshot the runway of a new cavell airport on board were only eight crew members at the time for survivors there in a serious condition with head injuries tonight artie's maria financial joins us live now from the airport hi there we've been speaking to you all night can you update us on the condition of those four who survived the crash and any more information comes through in the last hour. well indeed there were eight people on board the crash to pull the airliner in all of them your rights have been crewmembers four people have died three man the captain the flight engineer and the second pilot and one woman twenty eight year old hostages four others have been all clearly severely injured all of them have been young people as far as we know the oldest one has been just thirty two years old and all of them half. in flight
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attendants and now they're being treated at different hospitals here in moscow and we're hearing from the doctors who have been taking care of them for these latest hours that all of them are in a very serious condition and the condition of one of them is set to be very critical but doctors are saying they've done all they could do. in this situation now all they can do is just to wait how the situation is going to change to develop . with these patients i'm going to give a small but ground as to what happened earlier on at four thirty this afternoon what more do we know. more than just a geisha continues but we know that the air to pollute to all four airliner flying from the czech republic to moscow carry it off the runway at new cover airport while lending and then crashed into one of the city's pieces highways kiev's care
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highway and then broke into three parts and almost immediately caught on fire thirty minutes after this incident happened emergency crews policeman fire brigades and ambulances have arrived to the scene and as far as we know. right now the search the rescue operation is over and to parts of the plane or have been taken away from the highway and the road has been opened well the investigation is now continuing and both flight recorders have been discovered and now being examined by a splash list as our investigation continues and it is early days of investigators said anything so far about what happened there. actually no than this to geisha is undergo right now and the raw three main causes that are considered. to
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be the reason all of these tragedies and they are weather conditions. of pilot error and technical failure but i have to say that both the captain and the second pilot have been very experienced passionless with the fifteen thousand for the captain and ten thousands of flight hours for the second pilot this is why it's very hard to say exactly what happened they don't look they don't seem to be an experienced guys who didn't know what to do even in a difficult weather situation but some heavy ation experts are saying that one of the reasons because why it all went wrong could be the fact that the airplane that is designed to carry at least two hundred people has been almost empty and it's very hard they say it's even harder to land. an empty plane than to land
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a full plane so let's see what the investigation into this we're talking to a serving airline pilot in a couple of minutes time to get his thoughts about it. thank you for much appreciated. of course it isn't difficult to imagine the shock of the people who are driving along a major highway close to moscow earlier on this evening when the two hundred capacity person a jet plowed into the side of the road there were on the very first images of the crash appeared on social networks within minutes like this video taken by an eyewitness many of the people driving by stopped to give aid to the injured from the crash waiting with them until the emergency services arrived we caught up with eyewitness earlier she was one of those helping at the scene. i saw one woman well covered in blood it was the flight attendant christina she said that the plane overshot the runway but they weren't carrying any passengers and then there is another surviving flight attendant there the rescue unit came very far but the ambulance. couldn't get through because of the traffic so we gave the injured
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united tended first aid job less knowledge called her mother to tell her she was ok wrap her womanly blanket and clothing we could find and even found a card to take her to hospital. well until now the t. you to afford her a little history of accidents. you told me more about this particular model of the line of the company that owns it this is the first incident involving the triple of two or four blind where people died so the first fatal incident involving the spline only once only on one occasion this plane which was designed back in the eighty's and has been in operation for a little more than a decade only once has been actual incident two years ago it had a crash landing nobody was killed only a few were minor injuries were reported back then so this is the first time something like this happened it is generally considered considered to be a very reliable plane it carries more than two hundred passengers very widely used for charity flights of russian tourists all major holiday destinations the company
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itself is a charter company called the red wings it's owned by alexander the liberty of russian billionaire who is a very prominent figure he has been trying to run for mayor as office several years ago he also owns several british newspapers. including the evening standard so generally it's been a very good company i've used them couple of times and you know i've never thought they would actually have an incident something like that and their safety record speaks for itself they never had an incident of any kind before so this is the first time they've had anything like that. they will discuss the possible causes of this crash let's not talk to mary admitted she's an airline pilot to be with us a bit earlier here is no sir thanks for taking the time to be with us appreciate it we heard a recording tonight purporting to be the actual conversation between air traffic controllers in the crew of his doomed flight we're trying to verify it still but judging by this recording something obviously did go very wrong as heard on the
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recording at the very last moment i wonder what that could be do you think. well there are many things that could go wrong in such an approach earlier. participants in a conversation the aircraft was empty at the time so it would have been a little trickier to land because it will float an empirical sometimes flows down the runway for a while since. the wings are sufficient to keep it to last even with engines. but again this should not be in an issue one two zero at the airport which is three thousand meters long and should have plenty of room for this particular aircraft. and if you did run into a problem surely they should be sufficient space at the end of the runway one would have thought to be able to try and make some sort of emergency landing without hitting the road at the end no well the thing is there the road appears to be several hundred meters. and. it all depends on where that
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touchdown because the most a geisha will will now be two different avenues of approach to looking at technical failure such as discussion or radio rising. failure with the wheel switches which are basically designed to let the aircraft know once it's made from touchdown so all the brake consistency could be fully deployed or or possibly into pilot error this is still very early accident to speak of the actual quality of the accident as to what an anti aircraft overruns the runway and whether is that they have to say it was not as severe as it was originally thought it was just a little bit of cross wind some snow but nothing major then you have to wonder what happened was this were the pilots able to recover this and missed something or was completely beyond your help well together this plane lost on the way in full maintenance just a fortnight ago two weeks ago and the check that left said it was fully operational
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when it took off at least. so can you read anything into that i mean you said it could be technical failure just because it takes off ok it doesn't necessarily say that problems can't develop on routes i guess yes the discussion that's ongoing about the. possible technical feel revote. systems in no way reflects on the aircraft type or design because the tool for has proven to be quite robust the charter company in question is not in service and this is basically an equivalent of the boeing seven point seven. these are medium range jets that have very little problems and so it's actually a tad bigger than the say three one nine or the the boeing seven three seven workhorses of the sky both of them what about technologically and safety and safety mechanisms on the plane are they all on par of course i mean any modern aircraft is
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is basically on par with any other modern aircraft which will have its own quirks but nothing major and nothing that could endanger day to day operations otherwise it wouldn't matter a marriage thanks very much for being with us airline pilot as you are much appreciated we appreciate your thoughts there thank you now recap of the breaking news if you just joined us four people including the captain of being killed tonight after a passenger plane crashed into the side of one of moscow's main highways there were only eight people on board at the time all of them crew members that plane can carry up to two hundred passengers had been loaded the four who survived are all in a serious condition with head injuries tonight the red wings flight from the czech republic overshot the runway at the city's the nook of the airport for thirty five pm local moscow time the airline said that plane had had its last full technical check just over two weeks ago a criminal case has now been launched. thanks for being with us
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a lot more news to come at this hour including the international peace envoy for syria warning the nation will the said hell unless the opposition of the government start talking suit russia says the rebels preconditions leading to a dead end we talk about that and a lot more just a few minutes from that. which is slough near enough a knows that to ride a horse you've got to catch it first. for him it's a daily routine that you're soft as a force breeder on the island of horn at the heart of. his life on an isolated farm is about blue sky green grass and his horses work there sometimes it gets lonely
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it or even running water for most people a tent is the on the eruption but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for. a need to buy coal can be a trip of a lifetime and the local say once you've seen it they'll be coming back again and again. wealthy british style. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report. download the official application to yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. and international peace envoy for syria says there are only two directions now for the conflict a political process or hell and russia's foreign minister to meet to elect a brave me of moscow said the syrian opposition's refusal to talk with the government only paves the way for further bloodshed and offspring following the
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talks. the biggest stumbling block in the syrian conflict right now is that the opposition is rejecting any compromise saying strictly that president assad has to go while assad himself says he's not going anywhere he's protecting his country and moscow says nobody's able to persuade him to change his mind and neither side is willing to put its weapons down if. you know the only alternative is. really hands on a political process then we have all of us to work says listening for the political process mr brahimi added that this should be a syrian allowed political process which should be based on the agreements reached by world powers in geneva and they include forming a transitional government which could include all sides of the conflict but the opposition is not only unwilling to negotiate with the syrian authorities it's now rejecting direct talks with moscow which has been trying to be
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a mediator and we've heard from the leader of the recently established opposition coalition who demanded moscow to apologize for what he said was support for president assad. has been coffee i understand that mr hottie because probably not very experienced in politics if he's looking to be a serious politician it is in his interests to hear our position from us and not from the media sometimes distorts information so i'll repeat but we're ready to talk to all opposition forces but we start from the premises that they should not only think about their own ambitions but also the fate of the syrian people and if they think that russia could play a role in the country's tragedy they should meet our representatives without preconditions on notice meanwhile the violence is continuing to ask syria there have been more terrorist attacks the rebels have been also attacking states military air strips of while government troops have been responding with more
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shelling. well as no talk to syrian political activists he has an of dollars also a member of the syrian dialogue organization is joining us live on the good evening to you well the opposition listen do you think to today's dire warning and start talking. opposition coalition now international coalition rejects the russian offer and the progress made today by the brahe me this again raises a skepticism around their real intention to proceed with a peaceful solution to the crisis in syria i think there is there is some progress now but we have to look at it with a very careful optimism that things are progressing the americans and the russians seem to be on board but the syrian coalition now has a decision to make probably an executive and important decision to make whether
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they want to proceed and join the talks abides by the geneva communique or still get stuck really down with the islamist governments that are supporting them i think i think their statements to reject dialogue today where exactly as were described by mr lavrov a little inexperienced and probably represents. the who are behind from the islamised governments who probably prevented them from traveling to russia i hope this will change in the near future because it seems to me that the political process is is near maturing and for them really for them to prove their credibility in syria and for them to prove that they represent fragments of the syrian opposition or from the syrian population they have to get to get on board and how can the outside world help both like brahimi
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and sergei lavrov both say foreign powers need to use their influence to get talks started in your view is enough pressure being put on both sides from the outside sorry can you repeat the question again should foreign governments be doing more here to get the talks started to avoid this hell as it's been described. yes well i think russia has maintained its stance and russia has again made statements today that they want the syrian government to show serious commitment to engage the opposition from inside and outside now if the turn comes to the united states to apply pressure on on the powers that many plates in the in the gulf and in the region especially specially its arche and the gulf countries really now reduce the arms flow and and and the infiltration of the armed rebels into syria unless unless the arm flow stops and the militarization.
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settled things will be will be difficult i think the united states itself has has shifted its stance on syria they've probably achieved what they want to achieve from the syrian conflict for months now they've engaged to of their historical enemies in a three way war where they weakened the syrian regime and weakened the extremist forces probably stream them into syria and engage them in an a war of attrition with the with the syrian regime for them they've probably achieved what they want to achieve and now for them it's not very difficult to change their narrative the americans have reduced their tone against the syrian regime and in fact there have been absence of their strong statements recently the they've reduced their military presence in the mediterranean water they've installed the. more than one hundred kilometer away they've listed as
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a terrorist organization and reduce their diplomatic representation in america congress i think they are on board they're not in a big rush to reach peaceful settlement for them the weaker the syrian regime is the better for them to control the region but they do believe that they do not want a radical change in syria however things are slightly different i think for the governments they've engaged in the syrian and in the syrian conflict in and it is nana so for them they had their bets on on on the fall of the syrian regime and if that doesn't happen that will probably really create a big crack in their credibility absolutely will really shift a final ten seconds of final ten seconds for you as a syrian yourself do you think the situation would stabilize if the government toppled were your personal thoughts. well as a syrian myself and as a member of the syrian dialogue now who is forty people. engaging in the and the
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politics of syria from inside and outside syria with different views right or left and center there there is a strong believe that a political transition organized political transition is certainly possible in syria armed conflict has never been the solution to syria most of the syrian population believe and a peaceful transition in fact almost most of those who fight in syria have been streamed from the outside so the key issue is to stop the infiltration of arms the to stop the the tab of of what pones and arming the rebels and i think reaching a peaceful solution could be very understand syrian political activist years in a villa thank you for your time on the program tonight. thank you for. a recap of tonight's main news four people including the captain have been killed after
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a passenger plane crashed into the side of one of moscow's made highways there were only eight people on board all of them crew members on a plane that could if it were full carry two hundred passengers the four who survived are in a serious condition with head injuries. of course throughout the course of the night this is r.t. thank you for being with us.
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a major banker infestation everywhere you walk you step and banker fraud dropping stinking up the global economy. well we're going to talk about some ideas and stories that may actually help eradicate this unsanitary infestation problem stacy herbert yes max the banking rats are all over the place but their days may be numbered peer to peer lending boom could make banks obsolete the rise of peer to peer lender such as zopa and funding circle which directly match up for rooms in need of cash with investors and so-called crowd funding where small amounts are resort a large number of funders will challenge the nation's major financial institutions according to andrew haldane the bank's director of financial stability of course well the internet which makes this possible has been highly disruptive to a number of different industries the banks have been caught doing all kinds of bad
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things so the market is taking the industry in a new direction getting rid of the middleman getting rid of the banks to offer appear to be peer lending schemes but you know the banks will fight it and the banks will fight it just like the hollywood fights the innovations and the content business and the copyright business so for example in hollywood still protect the monopoly positions of hollywood producers they have. transformed the internet from an interactive to a medium to a one way cable t.v. type model that's their goal so they're destroying this entire potential growth sector of the economy the internet to keep this in the old style alive same thing for the banks they have an incredible lobbying presence in the u.k. and around the world they will do whatever it takes to stop.


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