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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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free. to try free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects free video dot r.t. dot com. the week's top stories. tragedy a passenger plane slams into a russell highway. into the runway the survivors now. that's the fault. of. the gun store the profits. with no end in sight to the syrian conflict the rebels desperate push for regime change and rejection of dialogue raises international finance at the worst is yet to come. also moscow hits washington with counter legislation after the u.s.
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slap sanctions on the russian officials it accuses of human rights violations. egypt's religious want their opponents outlawed the country's top prosecutors probe opposition leaders predicted the inciting an uprising just days after the referendum approves a controversial new constitution. there you're watching all of you with me carrie. but first step four people have died and four others are in a critical condition after a passenger jet crash landed at a moscow airport the plane is said to have overshot the runway splintering into
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pieces and littering an outlying highway with debris. have reports from the airport . the investigation is currently underway this is the sac and on the biggest to purge of the plane the still remains very close to the highway and looks quite terrifying the other parts of the plane of the cabin that through right on the highway off through the crash and where the forty two members died as well as the black boxes probably already been cleared over the night and there is also a video that captured the exact moment khalid this wasn't true jobs that crashed into the finally and got busy you appeared on the internet over the night because while it so far there are three main diversions why this tragedy happened just these versions are weather conditions pilot error and possible technical problems with the plane in particular there were reports that there might been something wrong with the plane's braking system that's why it couldn't stop while being on
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the runway so the investigation is currently underway out of eight crew members four survived but all in critical condition and according to the witnesses those drivers who were caught by this tragedy in their own cars they said that the scene right after the crash looked very devastating and terrifying that those survivors on board of this plane were all covered in blood and were in such a critical condition that people who rushed to how the survivors didn't even know how to approach with them with first aid asked they were afraid not to hurt them even more we can now listen to one of the witnesses what you got to say i saw one woman all covered in blood it was the florida turned and christina she said that the plane overshot the runway but they weren't carrying any passengers and that there is another surviving flight attendant there the rescue unit came very proud but the ambulance couldn't get through because of the traffic so we gave the
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injured flight attendant first aid to our best knowledge to the mother to tell her . ok perhaps a woman language and clothing we could find and even found a car to take her to hospital one will be a flight attendants was taking out of the plane the woman was unconscious she was all covered in blood and as she was visibly serious the injuries people who rushed to help the survivors did that while parts of the plane were still on fire and there was a risk of a possible explosion this plane to pull your foot to all floor is a passenger a job with the capacity to carry it. with the capacity to carry two hundred ton passengers and this particular plane belonged to a russian low cost right wing. opata turned aviation expert here occur russia believes that human error is the most likely explanation for the crash. many experts believe and reason to believe the. primary cause for the
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crash most likely was pilot error so apparently the aircraft. beyond that and for some reason do. landing systems were not activated only aerodynamic system was active. and spoilers so looks like. we'll brakes. were used this aircraft has a fairly good record of course this is not the sophisticated as modern. boy aircraft but in terms of reliability i have no reason to believe that this aircraft is a standard. for more pictures and i witness accounts from the scene on our website including video footage from first responders there you can also find out more about the plane itself and the problems the jet is set of hack that site r.t.
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dot com. it feels like gun business in the us has never been better with people rushing it to stores fearing firearms may soon become forbidding fruit so after president obama urged a ban on some weapons on the connecticut promise school tragedy what he's going to teach you can it takes up the story. about two weeks ago actually on this particular wall here. we are is four rows down four rows across. with everything going on in politics right now with the possible there and everything everyone is floating in. purchasing right away gun stores all across the u.s. are reporting record sales just two weeks after the tragic shooting at the elementary school in newtown americans are scrambling to buy the same type of weapon that adam lanza used in the connecticut shooting plus high capacity magazines and a lot of them panic buying trigger it out of fear that the white house is out to
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ban the weapons but this time the words need to lead to action no a r fifteen for this customer all sold out at the store while prices on line have gone through the rules have been going for a thousand and fifteen hundred dollars to twenty five hundred three thousand dollars even in some cases it's just the most amazing gun buying spree i've ever seen so many gun retailers now quite cynically refer to the administration's ban talking as the obama gun stimulus that's how good it's been for their business so how do you go from a president with a tough gun control agenda to someone gun dealers call the greatest gun salesman in america manufacturers of semi-automatic rifles report that their market has grown thirty percent over the last four years states like north carolina iowa you have seen a one hundred percent increase in gun sales over the same period in the wake of the
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tragedy in newtown one of the country's biggest ammunition suppliers said they sold more than three years worth of magazines in just three days although president obama himself has so far failed to act on his pledge to ban assault weapons his words have certainly provoked action just not the type he may have wanted for someone they say is against. going to read job for us all wrote. a review should be a third term in order to sell even more weapons many dealers hype up the gun apocalypse scenario for the baby and then bring more of the women over to some with the star not only start with serious reasons but many of them don't actually see any drastic changes happening anytime soon after all any significant gun control measures and up in the past ultimately clashed with the second amendment of the constitution and were subsequently scrapped. in trying to leverage julian
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i'm going to check out. egypt's top prosecutor is looking to outlaw the leaders of the opposition launching a probe into muhammad merce's three top opponents they're accused of inciting their followers to overthrow the islamist president this week the country's new constitution was officially adopted offer to stage a referendum to receive the support of more than sixty percent of voters amid a low turnout in that occasions of massive fraud opposition activists say the new charter hastily join up by the muslim brotherhood effectively imposes shari'a rule on the country well neil clark a world affairs contributor for britain's guardian newspaper explained why he thinks mercy is going after the opposition now. think he wants to sort of deflect attention from the economy because the underlying problem plate the biggest we're facing is the economic crisis one of four egyptians are without jobs poverty is on the rise and the subsidies on fuel which means that the prices of gas and the city are going to rocket and so this is
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a kind of sort of smokescreen for him and he was very keen to get the opposition tied up in these the legal challenges to it to sort of stop them from focusing on opposing him on the issues where he's he's very weak and i think also he be worried that you know a sizable minority thirty six over thirty six percent of people voted against the constitution and the fact seems to be that he said hope is on the way. and i think that obviously you know i think we can see more protests in the new year. let your imagination run wild. like all the better did he set himself the task of creating a new superhero every day of the year you can see some of his creations on our web page. and it's a case of another day another scandal as twelve million euros goes missing from the city truest industry this country needs it most find out who's to blame dot com.
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adoptions of russian children by u.s. citizens will no longer be possible of the president putin signed the bill containing the amendment into nor the measure is a tit for tat response to america's sanctions against russian officials its human rights violators. brings a small now on the diplomatic route. you have to understand that the law the so-called denton magnitsky law actually deals primarily a with imposing travel and financial strictures on the number of american officials and persons who have committed crimes against russian citizens and only only part of the law actually bans the adoption of russian children a by american citizens it has been in part inspired by the case of a russian toddler who was adopted by the american family in two thousand and nine and died in their custody several months later after his father left him in a locked in the car in the mystery heat for nine hours the russian lawmakers feel
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that the american system does not provide adequate adequate protection for the russian kids and also does not punish those responsible for the deaths of russian kids for example do you activists father adoptive father walked away with a fine but you have to remember that russia is going to boost the care and the situation with orphanages and foster homes in the country as well as improve the further condition so for orphans it is seen as a sort of retaliate a measure towards this so-called magnitsky act which was adopted in the united states just a couple of weeks ago. which entails a list of russian officials whom the united states believed to be involved in the case of cynthia mckinney's scheme and now the act itself. puts a severe restrictions on the travel and freezes financial assets of the russian officials in question now the case of the game against. involved the russian lawyer who was arrested on tax evasion charges and died while they printed it for
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a limited confinement but again these two acts are seen as the latest developments in the diplomatic row which seems to not to get any better between russia and the united states despite the whole affair with the reset button. with high unemployment and no than the average life expectancy northeast of aig. in this facing tough times for the wealthy to sing out to the south of the country that's coming up. if you're from my generation or younger and you were born into the one percent that i have a lot of college debt i sure do you know the deal used to be that you paid a significant amount for education but in turn that gave you a much higher salary later but now the system works in reverse many young americans
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studied very hard to not make any money at all around nine percent of americans with student loans have defaulted and at least nine but maybe up to eighteen percent are ninety days late with their payments given the situation the people at u.c. berkeley were nice enough to give away a million dollars in scholarships for everyone everyone that's an illegal immigrant yeah that's right if you're born in america then pay till you die but jump the border and enjoy the red carpet education treatment the people who will be getting the scholarships are mostly the children of illegal immigrants who spent many of their formative years in america and yeah i could see the logic that could be hard for them to get an education wonder when they aren't citizens but they came into the country illegally it isn't taxpayers jobs to help them but wait berkeley it's a private institution so i guess they can give out the money to whoever they want whenever they want however they want but berkeley management if you're watching this i would really appreciate if you chose some financial mercy to american
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citizens it isn't like they don't need the help but that's just my opinion. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew. you don't know i'm john harvey welcome to the big picture. something. lives been each. thousands of meters of ice and rock. the lava. that is aloof from men.
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but dangerous even to those who keep it at a distance. it's . russia says that the refusal of a serious k. opposition coalition to enter into dialogue with the government is
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a road to nowhere and will only result in further bloodshed at a meeting with international peace envoy to syria any foreign minister said in the roles reiterated that dialogue is the only way to resolve the conflict he also stated on numerous occasions that although russia condemns the methods used by the syrian army. it will take no part in that regime change is his response to the two of syria's key rebel groups who demanded moscow apologizes for what he described as support. if an emotional response i understand that mr had tb is probably not very experienced in politics if he's looking to be a serious politician it is in his interest to hear our position from us and not from the media that sometimes distorts information just lost so i'll repeat we're ready to talk to all opposition forces but we start from the premise that they should not only think about their own ambitions but also the fate of the syrian people and if they think there is russia could play
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a role in the country's tragedy they should meet our representatives with no preconditions national notice. well also getting an exclusive interview with the foreign minister more official thoughts on the substance of the syrian crisis is coming up in a couple of hours' time meanwhile our reporters were on the ground bringing you the real stories of the bloodshed that's tearing syria apart their experiences make up . vents that shaped twenty twelve. it became fairly apparent after a massive regional arab spring and in the wake of that the next context of a pro-democracy movement and a revolution or civil war was not what was happening in syria when you see some politicians there and the media circus is just. cracking down on people you think
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but what about the other guy on top of the politics and diplomacy the facts that are simply too important to ignore. i remember i was a training session of the syrian football team and the coach was very angry with how his players were practice and he was shouting he was swearing from time to time and then i move my head like just like this and i saw two helicopters flying at very low altitude and firing we were each other. and close to us there was a group for rich syrians playing cards laugh and smoke and living life as usual and just. as me and my colleagues were live in the local t.v. station there was an almost lost a few blocks away most likely terror attack most likely people had been killed and what struck me was the coexistence of those two. reality the reality of death and the real to most interesting interaction for me with assad happened before and
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after the interview obviously and that's often the case. i asked him if he's afraid. he said no. no i'm not afraid that's a moment when the you believe the person or not and the only reason you know if he's right or wrong is intuitional i think series becoming. iraq it's a country that is totally. wired and murder don't surprise or shock anybody and like in the case of. all this harm was done to syria with a substantial help of the outsiders on the guise of good democratic intentions. recession and with more spending cuts on the horizon the u.k. is struggling to get back on its feet and in england it's the northeast that has been hit hardest with more than ten percent of people unemployed. went to see what
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has brought the once powerful region to its knees. as he'll saying impressing gays it's grim up north it's a perception of life in some of the nation's other major cities recessions hit the case hard it's been in the northeast where it's been felt particularly acutely. recession and that is right. here i mean you know the very people who are living on the poverty line trade union leader about scott's furious with the government's decision to close sunderland's rempel a factory it's a government venture that began back in the 1940's to provide employment the people with disabilities two weeks before christmas the government going to close the packaging factories and leaves a very bleak an uncertain future for disabled workers killer stops was laid off from another rempel a factory back in april and accuses the government of forcing people out of paid
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jobs and on to a life of welfare. in the week before we left three. jobs . in fact just four people from his old factory found a job it's not the first time the northern workers have felt the firm hand of a conservative government back in the one nine hundred eighty s. and the miners' strike and the margaret thatcher became a symbol of a divided nation this mining village in the living museum in the northeast gives us a snapshot of the past three decades since margaret thatcher and her conservative government crushed the miners unions the impact the policies had on the northeast was extreme and long felt the conservatives reputation up here is one that's hard to shake and it makes it hard for them to get a fair hearing on any plans to regenerate to find out more we decided it was time
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to pay a visit to number ten i was shocked at the. standing on the conservative benches of hope people who live in. the northeast. they don't come from the areas they don't really visit the areas very often and i think they have a completely different view of how people's lives are the government insists it's treating grace in the area seriously and his earmarks money for infrastructure projects targeting the northeast in particular but a legacy of let downs has left many northerners less than in the east what we're saying is the government this is going to happen this is going out. of it is art. it's a complete shambles so all in it together all and nation divided one thing seems that with many predicting an increase in unemployment and a triple dip recession for the ek the challenge is if the year ahead looks set to
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be testing times but everyone surf city sunderland. well next to the second part of our special report takes a look at the gun violence plaguing los angeles a softer short break. trimmings a mystery even for specialists how a voice can produce several sounds that kwame's to the unions the art of throat singing comes naturally picked up like a language. a
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language of communicating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from the unions believe not only animals but also surrounded objects like reverse forests and even stones of souls imitating the sounds they believe can capture the power of nature. through our special instruments that accompany the singing if danny says there is even a legend about his instrument a gill it says it wants to leave to poor shefford who had the best horse that won every competition but jealous people can. eldred's course was revived as an instrument. or was it of some pitiful is because of the spirit of the horse going to his dream he said make an instrument from a tree the sounding board from the leather of my face the strings. and to remember
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me make an engraving of my head of the instrument he did so i called the instrument again which means come back and this melody on the instrument is called craw you began. to fly as one of the most famous groups in the republic their next goal is to tour peru and they say for you are peons it's difficult to pick up and sing so i asked them to teach me and see if i can do it. cheer it up. shero you shared that was shrewd say can ya who was you take gara oh. but now it is the and moody part of the song and not the actual throat singing which i wouldn't
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even dare try to refute. so maybe you have to be born here to be able to sing like this i thought so until i met mall she looks like a deveny and i don't even speak their language but she is from japan. most s. to foreign mindset that you come from two hundred years ago until soppy here she's not planning a professional singing career but she keeps practicing just because it's become part of her nature. no brother walk out the door to school six in the morning and you get him is going to school so you got there what's up a signal in his world be up that early in the morning just know i'm saying to do
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some like that. we've been burying one of offerings while congress and we've actually alex at the funeral when another one of our way gets killed at the gilman and then. so as we live amongst each other there might be one street it might be one gas station the service too with three different gangs when i get to the gas station i have to find out what are your intentions with me while i'm pumping gas so i cannot turn my back and allow you to shoot me or hit me in the back to here to look you in your eyes and see your intentions and when i look you in your eyes i'm looking to see if you will feel well and i'm a wolf then we need to come to some sort of agreement so we can both get out of here peacefully. then if your porch up i'm happy to let me go and get my guestbook up i appreciate your opinion but i was in the communities talking to guys in the game seeing lots of content and with that so many of these particularly the younger
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guys had never seen the pacific ocean in a gang infested community there are situations where people will not believe a given two block radius for years like this man for though they don't go no where they got a fuck about it to the bob a lot of why because they don't known that. he's been told met that you a quick you did this what they call slip it don't get caught slip it. slip in nice relaxing being off guard. not on point not always. down i'm ready to do it dance and be the one who does it because of what exactly. you can have and if you have to be on your told it all ties and because anything at any time can happen to you can have a hard knock on.


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