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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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let there be joy in harmony in every home and in every family. then russia to stand strong and indestructible but i said i wish us happy new year in twenty thirteen.
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happy new year why do you mean it was or was not russian last month and plays with half of the world has already celebrated it going in to the new year and from your friends here at r t the entire team we wish you a happy and prosperous twelve months i have a happy new year so yeah it was well great working with you know we did the same thing la is a bit warmer than last summer so i wasn't ok you go first can often amongst all the fireworks have just started in red square that iconic seems to show it to you.
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mixed of those pictures now we could see the good stuff oh beautiful he got does he can hear me it's always so noisy down the eagle piskun all happy to hear she was well of course reminiscent of the rest of the sea so what can you see. despite the saying if you can hear us. while we're here in the fireworks right now can you use this here. given yes i can you please bring back the sound of those fireworks they were so nice. there because i just want to point out i kept notes as well and inside joke that r.t.d. has not always had the best of luck in terms of getting the great shots this year can we did we did it live for you now from the higher source of capital the best shots possible the firework display celebrating twenty thirteen coming out yes super isn't it that's just i'm sure take the full sound and picture about for a second enjoy what would say.
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to the crowds in the background and i wonder if you're working here as you go or going to join you and see if you can just get a little taste of what's happening there i know it's loud what a fight over red square the center of moscow tonight as the russian capital celebrates the new year. to go the weather held out of you could hear a sort of human problem i know it's really noisy down there isn't it just to describe what's happening around you. he's counting on russians i'm not sure if you're a cigar can you hear us from the studio ok no problem we'll talk. again. it's a good finish that the weather held off with a bit of snow there almost not too cold as it does come for the revelers have to be
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minus twenty now there is a very graphic snow in here but on the streets it's that kind of true fluffy white new year's holiday kind of snow so a lot of kids and people out on the streets celebrating under these fireworks probably pretty happy about the weather tonight it's not as cold as it could be of course a lot of the rest of western europe still got to celebrate still a couple of hours left to go to love the. we saw the scenes earlier on from sydney the usual iconic saw. the bridge lit up beautiful to a lot of cities across the world to go we want to take you on and go say hi to some of our colleagues wish that you were in front of us but here's. what we're going to tell you all the way there and mike you are going to take you behind the scenes so we can take a brand new studios. this is a closer look maybe for you of the studio we want to bring you into our newsroom rory's to say earlier said that he had a bottle of champagne this now he found he opened it and now we're going to have
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a toast with the team here civil we want to wish you a happy new year from all of us here the news of the behind the scenes guys working tonight you get a very happy new year for me kevin and everyone everyone happy new year to you and thank you for watching cheers to you she is a reporter she is now well we. understand. and while we take a moment here celebrate with our colleagues here at r c in our new newsroom it really is the. a big celebration for us here this year i think personally for our channel we're going to let you take a look with our tuesday caffein of at some of the headlines that could have been in twenty twelve. twenty twelve was certainly full of disappointing headlines hope fueled by the arab spring turned into the turmoil of the arab autumn the war in syria claimed countless lives and a fiscal crisis all the european union torn apart at its very seams and the problems
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facing our world today certainly don't offer themselves up to an easy fix what if things had turned out differently what if opportunities were actually. instead of missed well here's our look at the twenty twelve headlines that could have been. diplomacy succeeds in syria ending bloody conflict. instead this was the image of syria the world saw increasingly violent clashes between government forces and the opposition had claimed more than forty thousand lives efforts to negotiate a diplomatic solution fell flat because divisions ripped apart both the country and the international community hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled to neighboring states where many have found conditions to be dismal meanwhile syria's war is threatening to spill over its borders as tensions escalate within and in the region. of told me to try and sanction slashed. to accept.
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u.s. rules to restrict foreign. mideast peace with israel links to stage with palestine . yet this was their reality israel's assault on palestinian militants in gaza israel's anti-missile shield repelled in most attacks on its territory but its strike claimed the lives of more than one hundred sixty palestinians many of them civilians despite harm. condemnation from many in the international community the war and israel's subsequent decision to construct three thousand new settlements effectively slammed the door shut to any prospect of peace go through people power moment you step aside and let a democracy in. get lost get most notorious kuantan in my prison permanently shot. euro zone cuts the cuts and lifts austerity. but the news of austerity only tightened as deep public sector cuts brought thousands of angry demonstrators to
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the streets of greece spain italy and portugal. the worst economic crisis of a generation has battered the european union's very foundations exacerbating tensions between member states with some regions now desperately wanting out i grew up in a europe that was divided from east to west going to europe it is divided from the south never at any point of the history of this union has there been more discord of rank that we covered. corporate cash banned from the campaign coffers as part of the us political clique. no we here for u.k. brits quit european union. we found a duty on the soldier pointed un free speech and. instead a song remains a political refugee at ecuador's london embassy where he's been granted asylum he continues to fight extradition to sweden over alleged sex crimes charges that he says are politically motivated and tied to his work in leaking international
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government secrets. the power of people speaking up and resisting together terrify corrupt and democratic power so much so that ordinary people here in the west and the enemy of governments an enemy to be watched and intimate to be can fall and to be impoverished true democracy is not the white house. true democracy is not camera true democracy is the resistance of people with the truth against lies from the right here in london everyday ordinary people teach us that democracy is free speech and just sent. from heretics to hero american whistleblower bradley manning finally free. nations agree to end iraq of remote controlled. egypt's arab spring sees democracy defeated
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hardline islamist. the reality on the ground was anything but gyptian president mohamed morsi is fouled like power grab unleashed fury and frenzied street battles and a fast track to constitutional overhaul referendum left a bitter opposition eager for change for them two thousand and twelve saw the arab spring transform into an egyptian nightmare had the revolution to get rid of a tyrant. in order to that we made elections that evolution and elections to choose someone to the present us and turned out that this guy is also a tyrant himself and these headlines may have been the stuff of imagination but that's the of twenty thirteen and all of them to life with a cough and r.t. moscow.
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so how much does it take to get into russian politics how many hours of hard work and how many patriotic deeds does it take to become one of the people who make the decisions in the world's largest country well i'll tell you how much it takes exactly seven point five million euros russia's federal investigative committee has a stablish that allegedly he of and constantine should show from faire russia and the commies prospectively promised for a fee to get a businessman on to their party's electoral lists giving him a spot in the lower house of the duma the investigators have forwarded the state duma an official request to strip the two m.p.'s of their parliamentary immunity
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and you're darn right they better street have their parliamentary immunity stripped i mean what's worse than government corruption some people in the government being so corrupt they can actually sell the government itself to someone for a fee so positions in parliament corruption on this high of a level needs to be punished severely breaking rocks in siberia or worse sounds pretty good to me tolerating flagrant corruption does not a great civilization make but that's just my opinion. if you. google.
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welcome back to our t.v. i'm used to now i live with kevin owen and it worries to say for our very first broadcast in the new year as a whole like it's mutual for live here for the new it is in the grand new beautiful studios and what a way to ring in the new year really celebrating this year at work putting new meaning into the word celebrating out work i mean you saying that because the new
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digs are because you've just piled up all the couple of glass of champagne back you say. no i'm honestly very very impressed with coming back just you know just enjoying this and this is not but you know she's been away for a very special years which we will tell you but let's sort of the program out so you know. it is and it's beautiful and i've had a blast so far working out tonight i can't wait to get back you know i mean it's been a kickoff to two thousand and thirteen so far we just we just had all the fireworks down at some basil's cathedral in the crowd and i mean it's stunning stunning photos come from there of course you go pers going off was there as well but i should say i should say though that although we're kicking off the year in a good way let's talk about financial stuff here because the eurozone for example it's still the doldrums here you know america is having problems we'll talk to my scanner about american a moment for now but let's let's bring up the kaiser some people call him the crazy kaiser mr max joining us there good to see you max i mean two thousand and two thousand and thirteen a big happy new year to you there it's a rule we kept on and a nice day here you know you never tell you what made you always go for the juggler
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with all the guests you have on the cars report is there anyone at this point you already eyeing up for two thousand and thirteen any victims in the future. we're going after jamie diamond i got the cops ready for. we're going to find him we're going to jail on a lot of the ranks to come this is the year we see pranksters in jail i sort of started putting bank stores in jail now the rest of the world's going to stop putting pranksters in jail well max ok you talk about putting people in jail but has anyone actually paid for. reactions i mean we seen the riots in greece and italy and spain and you know the the eurozone that many people have been saying for ages now has just been going down the drain is anyone being held to account yet. the only people paying for this are savers and pension holders who are being forced to get only one percent or less on their savings they're the ones who are subsidizing all these bailouts they're the ones who are paying for all these bailouts and those people are getting angrier by the day as we see more
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quantitative easing and more bailouts are forcing money from savers of hardworking savers into the pockets of the speculator and the banks that are that's the that's where we're seeing this money and those people are getting angrier by the day i mean so many people are getting angrier by the day but now in the united states there's almost a moment of desperation a lot of people talking about this so-called a fiscal cliff kevin and i do know that the american president is due to make a statement in the next several hours from now saying that they could be they could be toward some sort of agreed sort of solution is that a realistic idea here the now president obama is going to pull back the country from the so-called fiscal cliff are you buying it. the fiscal cliff is just more theater from bankers and politicians trying to distract people from the underlying root catastrophe that is a bunch of wankers and franker who are manipulating the system day in and day out destroying the economy this fiscal cliff is just more drama more theater and it
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doesn't really focus on the true underlying problems and we're going to see more of this going forward in two thousand and thirteen anything to buy flecked attention from the mobs what they're pitchforks and torches there are coming after these people they want to just delay that day of reckoning for as many months as they can but days reckoning is twenty eight isn't comic is there anything to look forward to . what's that i could hear you this beautiful eve. here in london. herbert is dancing on the bridge i could hear you is there anything to look forward to it twenty thought you know we all do. it carney rory well you know get up and i'll just going to say let's get the whole you are problems and the whole fiscal problems out of our head it's you're in london there we got the big london eye behind you looking absolutely gorgeous the thames which is probably a bit icy in chile right now don't go for
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a bit like i did but max what are your plans to ring in the new year for two thousand and thirteen london style. oh yeah offertory thirteen up it was stacey arbor these are special props firstly you're going to be. what it's going to be fifty shades of fun and you know i max i max i think you go for it once or handcuffs back and i think that's about it i wishing you a very very happy new year for a moscow to london i'm enjoying your program as always max because a thanks so much for coming on. happy new year to you see again. ok ever a dull moment with max kaiser we're going to let you go mr i don't know he probably has a case of them i think every show now house one but we're going to bring in the new year here in our teeth throughout this hour by speaking to some familiar faces that you've seen here and are going through of course some of the biggest events last year america's struggle to know which way to go next making barack obama sweat before returning to the white house for the four years but he and the twenty twelve
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was defined by tragedy of course twenty infant six teachers must loosely go two weeks before christmas the soul searching over gun ownership laws has rarely been more intense than tom hartman from archies the big picture now joins us live to talk about whether america is ready to surrender its cherished second amendment tom i was in the states when this happened just awful it touched so many millions of people around the world and outside of the country it's a question i get asked all the time in europe is how is it. of all that people are allowed to own these cons. it's possible in part because our insane supreme court or at least five right wing crazies out of the nine on the supreme court decided that even though the second amendment says in order to maintain a well regulated militia necessary for the for the security of a free state the right to you know you people have the right to own guns but they found this individual privilege to own guns that's half of it the other half of it
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is that the supreme court also said that corporations interest groups lobbying groups billionaires can throw unlimited amounts of money in politicians they can buy politicians they can sell to sell and threaten politicians and the n.r.a. has been doing that for decades and now they're doing it on steroids so i was going to say it seems to be working because nothing really happened after columbine happened after aurora i do have to say that the one thing i heard over and over was that the children being this young that this was that this was the last straw or do you believe that we're going to see change. i think it is for the average american in fact i know it is for the average american public opinion polls are fairly overwhelming. and my guess is what we're going to see is cosmetic change we're going to see probably the or the assault weapons ban come back they'll be a fair number of loopholes in it but you know the u.s. is not going to end up going the way that's what's a longer israel have done or many most european countries have done australia when
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john howard was president one thousand nine hundred eight when there was a mass slaughter and then they said ok that's it we're going to buy back all the guns and it's not going to happen here there's just too much money being made with guns kevin zero inhaler the year two for most go things speed with this just in to the other event that dominated the news of course the presidential election count plagues you so relentless t.v. appearances and photo ops we've seen so much money being spent money that could have gone into the deficit of the country no. well it could of unhappiness. do you have and. in fact all three of the the money could have gone to pay down the deficit and frankly the deficit is not that big a deal the united states debt as a percentage of g.d.p. is not all that different from most of the developed countries in the world the hysteria that going back in the seventy's a republican strategist juden is key said whenever republicans are in office run up the debt whenever democrats come into office scream about the debt and so that you
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can force the democrats to cut the social programs and that's what's been going on we've been seeing as the script played out for thirty years but the money could have been used for things like making solid medicare it could have been used for getting the guns off the streets it could've been used for building our schools it could have been used for rebuilding our crumbling roads of a lot of things that could have been used for you right it sounds like so many issues are just going in circles guns campaign finance reform the fiscal cliff where does that stop tom. i think it stops in revolution and i don't mean that in the violence. but i think you know more like the reagan presidency was a revolution the the f.d.r. presidency was a revolution. major shift in the way that the united states looks at things basically what we've done is we've gone back to the one nine hundred twenty s. in the united states we're back to the reign of the oligarchy plutocrats in this country and eventually that system crashed on on itself in twenty nine and we came
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we woke up and we came out of it in the thirty's i frankly believe that that's the cycle that we're going to see over the next few years here in the united states played out again. and just briefly tom of course you hosted the third party debates it would seem insane that are to you would have to host them tell us a little bit more just briefly about why that's the case and why most americans when i went home this last month didn't even know there were any third parties. well i think it's a real commentary on the political industrial corporate media complex most americans don't know you know who the who the third party candidates are what the real issues are again you know it has to do with with money and reagan stopping the enforcement of the sherman antitrust act which had kept small businesses small and medium sized businesses medium tom thanks for being with us in a say happy new year to look forward to speaking to you to you again in the next twelve months good stuff thank you. happy new year to all of you thank you well
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from politics in america to politics in russia russians political voices gold loud last year and they go leaders to pick up the pace of making some changes in the way they did r.t. it peter the bell has taken a fine tooth comb to russian politics over the years we spoke to him earlier to ask how he's thinking sees things i should say panning out in the future. what is the future of russia's political opposition as you see the new compared to two thousand and twelve i would say it's kind of bleak but not hopeless ok we didn't come up with any new ideas new organization new faces and if pussy riot is that we are of the opposition that's pretty dreadful situation for the russian people and political development in general here and then there was political change in this country in a positive change but who does make up the opposition as we head into the it's a very interesting question because i have gone to most of the major demonstrations and there were people there of goodwill in my opinion but then there were fascists
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there ok there were communists there and there were these are people there ok and if you are right to demonstrate i for actually like the idea that they didn't accomplish anything that i could see they have no organization no unifying ideas except for i don't like but a mere putin is not a very it's not a political agenda there were a few protests which i was at as well where it did seem like that was the method if you wanted to gain traction on this opposition movement do you see people coming out and take the train lost a lot of its novelty effect right now ok because political change takes years in years and years that have to be local this is what happens in political changes with countries that were what they were carrying at one time it takes a long time to get people involved in the process and that is happening very very strongly there's some people that want to really fast and they don't want to do it through elections they want power because they want power because they believe they deserve it and what about the fact that we're not going to see any presidential
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elections of course that all led up to being elected a third term this protest and now they're kind of when i'm down now what i would say to people i mean if you want to continue to protest in but you know join a political party there are forty four of them now you have a choice ok get involved see one of the things i saw with a lot of the protesters is that they want someone else to do all the hard work ok they want to go out and. wave a flag and say give out a slogan we don't want to do the hard nitty gritty work of political change in that's what we need to do i would be looking at the next parliamentary election for change will know we certainly will be impeached and they're going to be easy to clean up as one of the great programs in store will wish you all the very person you cross talk to the new year on r.t. thank you. recorded a bit earlier people are talking to us now we've got more on what's ahead for america after the break plus the plan for a round two is repairs to change president suspects story over the next year as well as in and they said right here on our team from moscow live in our new studio stay with us.
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been home to a rats local just laugh for centuries most still live off the land cattle and fish. by coal is often called the pearl of siberia i know corn is said to be the pearl of by. it's all end of fake forests. and vast staps. virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was cornish quickly becoming a magnet for nature lovers and fuel cigars you're quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about a t.v. or even running water for most people a tent is there on the eruption but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for. in journey to buy coal can be true.


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