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home a a. it same with the new around the globe with spectacular celebrations from australia to america we show you the highlights. also looks at the legacy of the twenty eight twelve that could have been if things had turned differently and explore some of the challenges the world might come to face in the next few months. also eleventh hour deal looks set to pull america from the edge of the fiscal cliff and the tax hikes for millions of americans for the time being at least.
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allowed kevin i would hear this new year's day thanks for joining us our top story than twenty thirteen has made it in or around the globe with the array of fireworks performances and cheering crowds we've come to expect let's take a look at where the world's been partying should we use eland was among the first to assure in twenty thirty crowds packed the harbor in oakland to enjoy the fireworks exploding over the city sky. then a stray joy the festivities shortly afterwards with almost two million people gathered to see the now standard jaw dropping fireworks in harbor bridge as the clock struck midnight. continue to triumph and march through asia with one of the most spectacular shows on value in hong kong in fact were a countdown to twenty thirteen culminated in a like to extravaganza on the land and in the sky one of the biggest displays they were ever put on in fact your of then picked up the holiday toss this berlin hosting one of the world's largest open air parties at the brandenburg gate in the u.k. no pulling out all the stops rising from explain the heart of the company the london
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eye across the atlantic over a million squid take. it descended on times square to celebrate the event the ball dropping there the crystal ball. and. the russia new year officially kicked off with a traditional chant of the country's main clock on one of the. revelers will cross russia came to red square to watch the crowd began with a fireworks above the iconic st basil's cathedral. well the mixed emotions regarding the year this past was some sad to see it end but many more hopeful that twenty thirty will see better times artie's music half an hour takes a look at the world that could be. twenty twelve was certainly full of disappointing headlines hope fueled by the arab spring turned into the turmoil of the arab autumn the war in syria claimed countless lives and a fiscal crisis all the european union torn apart at its very seams and the
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problems facing our world today certainly don't offer themselves up to an easy fix what if things have turned out differently what if opportunities were actually the pawn instead of missed or here's our look at the twenty twelve headlines that could have been. diplomacy succeeds in syria ending bloody conflict. instead this was the image of syria the world saw increasingly violent clashes between government forces and the opposition had claimed more than forty thousand lives efforts to negotiate a diplomatic solution fell flat because divisions ripped apart both the country and the international community hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled to neighboring states where many have found conditions to be dismal meanwhile syria's war is threatening to spill over its borders as tensions escalate within and in the region. of told me to try and sanction slashed as iran's nuclear to accept.
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u.s. rules to restrict foreign. mideast peace with israel links to state whose probably story. yet this was their reality israel's assault on palestinian militants in gaza israel's anti-missile shield repelled most attacks on its territory but a strike claimed the lives of more than one hundred sixty palestinians many of them civilians despite harsh condemnation from many in the international community the war and israel's subsequent decision to construct three thousand new settlements effectively slammed the door shut to any prospect of peace go through people power moment came. step aside and let democracy. get lost get my notorious kuantan of my prison permanently shot. euro zone cuts the cuts and lifts austerity. but the news of austerity only tightened as deep public sector cuts brought thousands of
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angry demonstrators to the streets of greece spain italy and portugal. the worst economic crisis of a generation has battered the european union's very foundations exacerbating tensions between member states with some regions now desperately wanting out i grew up in a europe that was divided from east to west but i'm now living in a europe that is divided from old to self never at any point in the history of this union has there been more discord of rank that we covered. corporate cash banned from the campaign coffers as part of the us political clique. nobody here for u.k. brits quit european union. we found a judean the solyndra point to un free speech and. instead a song remains a political refugee at ecuador's london embassy where he's been granted asylum he continues to fight extradition to sweden over alleged sex crimes charges that he says are politically motivated and tied to his work in leaking international
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government secrets. the power of people speaking up and resisting together terrify corrupt and undemocratic power so much so that ordinary people here in the west and the enemy of governments an enemy to be watched and intimate to be controlled and to be impoverished true democracy is not the white house true democracy is not. true democracy is the resistance of people with the truth against flies from top to right here in london. everyday ordinary people teach us that democracy is free speech and just sent. from heretics to hero american whistleblower bradley manning finally free. droning on the nation's agree to end iraq of remote control. egypt's arab spring sees democracy defeat
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hardline islam as. the reality on the ground was anything but egyptian president mohamed morsi is foul mike power grab unleashed fury and frenzy street battles and a fast track to constitutional overhaul referendum left a bitter opposition eager for change but then two thousand and twelve saw the arab spring transform into an egyptian nightmare had the revolution to get rid of a tyrant dictator. in the order to that we made elections and the revolution and elections to choose someone to the present us turned out that this guy is also a tyrant himself but he's had lines may have been the stuff of imagination but that's the of twenty thirteen can bring any of them to life. r.t. moscow. so abrasions on capitol hill were delayed as lawmakers use the early hours of twenty thirteen to try to strike a crucial deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff the salad eventually agreed to
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hold the proposed tax which would have affected virtually every american worker the deal still has to go before the house of representatives later on tuesday night economics expert max kaiser told us it's still too early though pop the champagne. some people call him the crazy kaiser mr max joining us good to see you max. two thousand and two thousand and thirteen a happy new year to you there it's a rule we kept on a nice a here you know you never tell you what made you always go for the juggler with all the guests you have on the cars report is there anyone at this point you already are eyeing up for two thousand and thirteen and he picked him in the future absolutely we're going after jamie diamond i don't think cops are ready for. we're going to find him we're going to jail on a lot of the ranks. this is the year we see pranksters in jail i salute authority putting pranksters in jail now the rest of the world's going to stop putting pranksters in jail the fiscal cliff is just more theater from bankers and
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politicians trying to distract people from the underlying root catastrophe that is a bunch of frankly who are manipulating the system day in and day out destroying the economy this fiscal cliff is just more wrong and more theater and it doesn't really focus on the true underlying problems and we're going to see more of this going forward in two thousand and thirteen anything good bye flecked attention from the mobs what they're pitchforks and torches there are coming after these people they want to just delay that day of reckoning for many months if they can but that day's reckoning it twenty thirty eight it's coming. right now there was one new year wish among europeans that their leaders might ease up on the cuts. all the government's listening well the truth is the government's to afford to listen to one of our economic contributors says countries still heading down the wrong he explains why very soon. it's been
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a tough twelve months for the world's top whistleblower jr songs you spend a hall for twenty twelve under house arrest in the remainder in the door an embassy in london correspondent sara first been following his ups and downs through the. a lot of you say wiki leaks and julian started more in a year ot than most media organizations have done decades we've really had a front seat view of everything that's been going on we had him at the beginning of the year of fighting that extradition to sweden we saw his the pill rejected we then saw that dramatic twist in the tell when he went into the i could do it embassy seeking asylum we've been learning julian assange certainly the british media we've seen a lot of the cold on him quite viciously especially during the course of this year with movies huge events happening surrounding chilean assault a lot of people who would put that down plain and simply to jealousy last year was a success for barack obama who secured his second u.s. presidency our correspondent in washington says he not only succeeded in snatching victory from marge rival mitt romney but also votes from the third party candidate
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. there were cheers of relief here when he won i would say because the alternative was thought to be so much worse many voted out of fear that romney could win for them he was another george w. bush so whether americans have fallen out of love with obama that two thousand and eight euphoria was gone that's for sure back then there were these crowds you know in the streets all across the country shedding tears of joy so bad you were eight years of bush presidency obama was we get this savior and then he went and saved the banks saved the auto industry something he took a special pride in during the election campaign but across the country music people remained out of work and are still out of work so this time president obama ran under the banner it could have been so much worse as you imagine it was not a banner for the national euphoria it was more like you have no choice but to choose me kind of better something that shocked me while i was covering the
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election here it was it was the second debate between obama and romney i'm sure you remember if you remember that i just presidential nominee from the green party joel stein was arrested right outside the venue where the debate was taking place she was protesting for exclusion from that is a nobody like no news channel period mentioned her arrest none and i was switching channels for hours to see if anything was said about that and it was nothing i can imagine what the reaction would be here in the states if a presidential candidate in some other big country was arrested in the media there wouldn't even mention it but apparently it happens in the u.s. no big deal presidential candidates get arrested all the time right well there was some irony and i guess anyway during the election campaign the mainstream media had been focused on nothing else and no one else but these two candidates and we are t.v. as you remember of course saw the is saw an opportunity there to show what others
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don't and we hosted the debate. barack obama's victory overshadowed by the primary school shooting in connecticut to lead the president to pledge an end to the epidemic of gun violence. takes a look at whether the land of the free is ready to loosen its grip from the right to carry a firearm. my guess is what we're going to see is cosmetic change we're going to see probably the or the assault weapons ban come back to be a fair number of loopholes in it but you know the u.s. is not going to end up going the way that's what's a longer israel of daughter many most european countries have done australia when john howard was president one thousand nine hundred eight when there was a mass slaughter and then they said ok that's it we're going to buy back all the guns and it's not going to happen here there's just too much money being made with guns insane supreme court or at least five right wing crazies out of nine on the supreme court decided that even though the second amendment says in order to maintain a well regulated militia necessary for the for the security of a free state the right to you know you people have the right to own guns that's
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half of it the other half of it is that the supreme court also said that corporations interest groups lobbying groups billionaires can throw unlimited amounts of money at politicians. the soul searching among the russian opposition over why the protests moved in the country lost steam in the past year we talk about that soon in the next few minutes. why few of people took part in anti-government rallies in twenty twelve plus examines the activists. also will be a change in leadership in iran in twenty thirteen but what's that going to mean for the west we talk about it just ahead. wealthy british style.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my next concert there are no holds barred look good but global financial headlines in two kinds are reports. sigrid laboratory. was able to build most sophisticated robots which doesn't give a darn about anything mission to teach creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only.
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russian politics or a kremlin return for vladimir putin and fresh anti-government protests in two thousand and twelve although in numbers smaller than the year before arty's political analyst watched the developments in the heart of the rallies he told me i'm a colleague and this is now earlier how he sees the protest mood in russia panning out now. i would say it's kind of bleak but not hopeless ok we didn't come up with any new ideas new organization new faces and if pussy riot is that we are of the opposition that's a pretty dreadful situation for the russian people and political development in general here and there was political change in this country and a positive change does make up the opposition as we head into the it's a very interesting question because i have gone to most of the major demonstrations and there were people there of goodwill in my opinion but then there were fascists there ok who were communists there and they were the czar people there ok and it's
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your right to demonstrate i actually liked the idea but they didn't accomplish anything that i could see they have no organization no unifying ideas except for i don't like but a mere putin which is not a very it's not a political agenda there were a few protests which i was out as well where it did seem like that was the method if you wanted to gain traction on this opposition movement do you see people coming out and take the train lost a lot of its novelty effect right now ok because political change takes years in years and years that have to be local this is what happens in political changes with countries that were often were tearing at one time it takes a long time to get people involved in the process and that is happening very very strongly there are some people that want to really fast and they don't want to do it through elections they want power because they want power because they believe they deserve it and what about the fact that we're not going to see any presidential elections of course that all led up to being elected a third term this protest and now they're kind of down now oh i would say to people
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i mean if you want to continue to protest fine but you know join a political party there are forty four of them now you have a choice ok get involved see one of the things i saw with a lot of the protesters is that they want someone else to do all the hard work ok they want to go out and wave a flag and say you know give out a slogan we don't want to do the hard nitty gritty work of political change and that's what they need to do. russian and global politics it is crosstalk series throughout the past twelve months r.t. dot com our web site it's got plenty of editions of it streaming there whenever you want to catch them if you catch up with them. around choose a new president in june didn't he had served his marksman two terms and there's little clue as to who's going to replace him to tackle the almost inexorable tension with the west over surrounds nuclear program journalist and she returns use often shared his insights and around with siddharth he doesn't expect the new leader to bend to foreign will i think whoever we people of iran elects
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policy foreign policy terms things are going to be much the same people are already talking about the mayor of tehran at the moment i would image at himself as normally in a job as the mayor of tehran the new mayor of tehran ghalibaf and people are talking about him. perhaps winning in june because it's too early and is notoriously difficult to predict iranian elections as to whether they will be as hardline in again the terms in the terminology of western corporate media on this or bizarre image of the islamic extremists in all sorts of different morning because the point is iran is there to stay in terms of forging a very different type of developing nation economy because it has all that oil and has all those resources and it's not going to suddenly start changing things the way the i.m.f. or the way washington wants it to be. well iran's nuclear plans on the power switch about
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a dog night headlines coming out of the middle east this year all along because expert opinion on who the key players in countries are likely to be in shaping how the rest of region's fortunes are going to pan out from iran to israel to the palestinians this is. also to a father so finish for twenty well we've lined up a gallery of. the stories that captured worldwide attention in the past year some good memories. europeans of the year a fairly uncompromising cuts to contend with which already saw plenty of street protests in the past year servicing their own debt and unemployment is one thing but investment advisor patrick young says none of it is enough to repair the
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country which remains the biggest headache. what's happened so far has been swindling cuts on the masses and we really haven't managed to make the remotest impact upon the whole nation itself greece is still fundamentally in a huge problematic situation it does not remotely have a functioning government system that fiscally is going to manage to organize itself in any which way possible to manage to get through the continuing swinge cuts that need to take place out of course then we're looking at the whole issue of the demonstrators are the governments listening well the truth is the governments can't afford to listen because what we're seeing within the european union even if the euro has survived miraculously for twelve months government has run out of money the european union's western socialist model of spending huge amounts of money borrowing even greater amounts of money and hoping to pay everything manyara or
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indeed thirty years from mine yana simply does not work. no cost just over two years ago and was bankrupt being bailed rescued failed economy on top of that it's now the country's turn to take on the next six months presidency of the european council as laura smith reports the celtic tiger has some graft ahead of it. it's all changed by the e.u. presidency as takes a six month rotating challenge on the first of january not the ovi choice islands one of the guys in peg's the countries that have the least stable economies in europe and sure enough arlen's the first country to take hold in the presidency of the twenty seven nation bloc while being propped up by i.m.f. money so for the next six months the e.u. and its systemic problems will be presided over by one of its weakest and most problematic members so what specific challenges does and face in europe over the
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six months of its presidency first the european economy is slowing flaws and the crisis is nowhere near over secondly it must preside over leaders actually agreeing to an e.u. budget for the years two thousand and fourteen to two thousand and twenty something they've spectacularly failed to do so far and thirdly there is a problem coming from right here in london increasing british opposition to brussels and the threat to european cohesion that uses the irish government expects the e.u. presidency to coast in excess of seventy million euros money the country can ill afford and what will it be spent on twenty four million on catering accommodation and transport for example and another twenty million extra governments. the recent conflict in gaza regime putting israel off probably more settlements in
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the occupied palestinian territories this despite saber rattling from hamas and fatah to rearm and defend themselves while many middle east correspondent learned some of this modify the region's future. if you look at what's happening on the ground israel continues to announce settlement construction and the palestinians continue to say that for as long as these announcements continue they will be no resumption of peace talks it wasn't so long ago that the palestinians were awarded upgraded status at the united nations but you cannot detract from the fact that we still have palestinian faction groups hamas and fatah who always same to meet at each other's throats in less than a month the israelis will go to the polls and by all predictions they will reelect the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for another term of office and it doesn't seem as if he has an olive branch so certainly the prognosis for any kind of peace moves is far let's hope that as tough as it will be the two sides will find a way to work together a happy new year. happy new year to you too know there's been violence in the
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palestinian territory this new year's day let me bring up to date on some top world news stories now that in the northern west bank at least eight palestinians were reportedly injured when israeli security forces fired on them after the troops were pelting stones and bottles the trouble flared after the soldiers disguised as vegetable sellers apparently tried to seize members of a local militant group there's been no comment yet from the israeli military in northwest pakistan five female teachers and two health workers have been shot dead on bush it's believed the attack is to warn other women against seeking education in conservative parts of the country you're going to hear often raided by islamic militants over a taliban gunman shot a fifteen year old girl for promoting schooling among others. scuffles between protesters and police are up to the march in hong kong demanding the resignation of the city's top political leader the only thing that has saved face falling
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popularity and a no confidence vote against him since he came to power six months ago he was elected by beijing back committee of twelve hundred people. many maybe most of us will head right now but max and stacey are a sharp as ever of course they're here with the cards report on r.t. right after this break. it's perched atop a jaw drop under view from the ball scrabble and stretches as far as the eye can see. for a city that all siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed by the chance i bear in railway but the ball's cremains a spiritual center.
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things like these are a yearly occurrence thousands of all the docs worshippers of them selves and blessid water to commemorate the baptism of jesus. in the fifteen eighties the russians had only just conquered siberia taking it from the muslims. surrounded by enemies the balls to be their stronghold constructed on top of the city but soon enough it became an economic hub siberian fire was the oil of its time bringing in a third of all russia's state revenue but the ball location had of the uses for the russians the russian crowds who had a revolt against the czar and eight hundred twenty five known as the decembrists will stand here and drove. there they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or at
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least once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also served up some bit of irony for the russian royal family after the bolshevik revolution. this is the office was on nicholas the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled here they led a fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves whilst leaving this ordinary normal countryside lifestyle they even had thoughts of a skate but within the year the czar and his family would be dead. in the. imax pageant welcome to the kaiser reporting welcome to twenty third team you know
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more than one hundred thirty years ago the outlaw jesse james when robbing a train you to tell the passengers and i quote we're not ordinary thieves were bold robbers the victims loved it and almost every single one of the victims killed was unarmed yes the population adored him today the likes of jamie diamond and lloyd blankfein similarly enjoy celebrity status as bold robbers of unarmed you know sapelo these and pension funds across the world cheeky jamie lovable lloyd are heroes to many a young hoping to be derivative slinging financial murderers in the high frequency trading and dark pools is twenty thirteen the year however of the banking death penalty we will see the democracy of the outlaws of the law and order restored of all our players of finance then.


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