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tv   [untitled]    January 3, 2013 6:30am-7:00am EST

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as now the occupation of afghanistan has evolved into an entirely different tactic drone warfare type of warfare that will shatter your sense of security and stability and it's more than enough to create a constant sense of fear and utter hopelessness for the people living in the country for us it's out of sight out of mind so let's cut the bowl the war is an entity that's just developing into a potentially deadly or beast you and i are in a cult like it is so let's break the set. you may have missed this little piece of news over the holidays sandwich right between christmas and the new year i'm talking about the u.s. senate's renewal of the warrantless wiretapping program pioneered by none other than president george w. bush it passed in a seventy three to twenty three vote last friday and now it's on its way to being
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signed by president obama interestingly enough in the midst of the two thousand and eight democratic presidential primary an identical version of the bill was heavily disputed abated in the senate in fact obama and others argue that bush's program went too far in violating americans privacy but this time around now the president obama's no longer candidate obama and surprisingly there is no such contention being made but the voices of opposition becoming more and more muddled when it comes to warrantless spying luckily there is one voice left in the senate presenting a three fresh in the stark contrast and that is the voice of senator ron wyden despite the fact the bill didn't pass why did his vocal opposition against this bill is incredibly commendable before the vote why didn't put forth an amendment to the bill that would have forced the n.s.a. and cia to reveal just how frequently that collected our communications as part of their efforts to gain intelligence on foreign targets white instead. it's not real
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oversight when the us congress cannot get a yes or no answer to the question of whether an estimate currently exists as to whether law abiding americans have had their phone calls and e-mails under the fire as a law but that's not all he's also been diligent enough to raise his voice and question the existence of a secret spying room at eighteen switching center and recount countless credible whistleblower revelations all of which indicate how the n.s.a. is overstepping its legal boundaries you see senator wyden get something that's so many of his counterparts simply don't get that we have rights and if we don't defend them we'll lose them they'll be taken away right under our noses much like what happened with pfizer so for being the voice of truth in a lame duck congress and for standing up for me you everyone's right to privacy senator wyden and you are the hero of the day so he's the hero who is the villain here's the story of another good guy gone wild none other than this fellow hero
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corsi father pure quasi that is a catholic priest residing in italy and while catholic priests certainly aren't immune to controversy this is just another chip off the old block of straight bigotry that has permeated through religious institutions so i know you're all dying to hear what he had to say this through just made waves recently by claiming mind you want to christmas bolton on facebook that women quote provoke the worst instincts and quote should search their consciousness and ask do we bring this on ourselves there's nothing like saying merry christmas to your congregants like a good old fashioned sexist rant but don't worry here i'm out he said quote the fact is that women are increasingly provocative they become arrogant they believe themselves to be self-sufficient and exacerbating the situation yeah don't you love white male privilege telling us women that if anything. bad happens to us well we
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must of prove it it's going to love people like father corsi that perpetuate the notion that hey if we dress provocatively then it's an open invitation to get raped we have no one to blame but ourselves right father he added quote children are banned into their own devices homes are dirty mills are cold or fast food clothes are filthy father corps ear i'm not sure if you got the memo but this is the twenty first century we're not living in whatever your archaic notion of reality is which means that raising a family is a two way street a shared effort in a world where both men and women work and can be self-sufficient but it must be easy to cast judgment on something that you'll never know firsthand marriage treating a partner with respect and having to work together to raise children so after revealing his bleak massage any father course he has decided to take what he calls a period of rest yes take some time to reflect on the shameful behavior which is
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granted you father corsi the title of the one of the day. almost two years ago the city of fukushima incurred a devastating meltdown in three of its six nuclear reactors mediately following the disaster the japanese government said they would implement zero nuclear policy in a post fukushima world by twenty four however japan's new prime minister elect is set to unveil a new energy policy that will dismantle the previous plan to eliminate nuclear power in the country now as the pro-business japanese government rushes to get back into its nuclear facilities back in operation the world is just beginning to see the impact of the meltdown and the toll it's taken on human health and on the environment and addition to the detrimental long term radioactive effects in the region
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a report just released by japan's education ministry shows that children are already feeling the impact and other ways the findings reveal that kids who live in fukushima are now the most obese in the country because their fear of leaving the house and getting dose of radiation it's clear that as this disaster continues to unfold hundreds of thousands of lives are still being affected in the process in spite of this ongoing crisis the japanese government is really initiating its pursuit of nuclear energy so how much more will it take to stop and revaluate this deadly technology for the country and for the world at large to talk more about the situation in fukushima and the growing anti-nuclear movement in japan i spoke earlier with a listen. a citizen journalist who's been covering this issue since the earth take earthquake sorry took place i first asked her about the fukushima dead zone and the concerns of those living in the community take a look. at this mission of to do now is the day it was supposed to be twenty.
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which was a new man as you know and known to give anyone planning to be. called back. to leave. him it is. still. means that there are now the no man's land is only ten kilometer and around a twenty kilometer there would be maybe people coming back so it was really crazy. to meeting not there radiation value which is quite you know. it's not very high. comparing to other cities in fukushima that it's quite you know but the factories that this new. nuclear plant is we dangerous right now and it's quite implicitly to. people who will leave just next to this.
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nuclear plant which is really damaged. and you've been covering the plight of people living in the area right now what are some major concerns that they have i mean are they concerned with being called back to live right in the proximity of the disaster that's still on for them. to tell the truth so many of them. don't want to be consume. and. to try to trust in some kind of way because i learned. that it's going to be ok there is no i mean and injure. and the one that will really will all the mothers that. their children and then these mother f. ing their they're really going crazy with this situation because if i create for
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several reasons and financial reason familial reason. many reason that make them implicitly to eventually right now and. this is that situation might never i can tell you that many people are also in the. they don't want to have it create because if the situation is secure we may be discouraged well all. right of course i mean the government never really tells the truth when when they're saying what's dangerous levels are of course it's always under played to prevent from happening well as i wanted to talk about the anti-nuclear movement i mean you just heard me talk about how the japanese government's pursuing nuclear technology in light of this and sanity i mean what what else needs to happen what kind of groups are involved in the movement right now and do they represent the majority of the japanese people would you say is the government kind of taking pioneering this on theirs by themselves or the people of japan behind the government here and saying all right let's try again. no it's
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a measure and elections in the late ninety's elections in japan have proved that it's quite a very small or you know e.t. i'm afraid but still it's very resistant and i know we believe that. it will and will and. there is some demonstration every friday the willing to humanely. has been going on every friday for. late june so. he's not going to. say it's going to grow and there is also many new politicians i mean people who are not supposed to be put it keesha is going to. present themselves to the next elections that will be going on. in jet then because it proves that.
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young people or young japanese that used not to think about the politics engine then oh boy you know it's going changing in their mind and they have received a huge shock in the thing now that the only issue is also. to try to join in on the of the government. in any way to change the government because they see that even if only individuals change it will not be enough in this country the government has to change also so some young artists. like. terrell which was an actor be full of nuclear plant crazies and now he's devoting himself to nuclear fight and people like these which have never imagined be filled and they will be put to shine down now turning. to put to
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politics. what certainly the people do need to mobilize and mass resistance against the government of course the government collusion with tepco the nuclear agency there and yet it doesn't seem like things are going to change if we say that the new pm is pursuing this deadly technology of technological insanity i'm glad that the movement is growing and there's a strong resistance thank you for being a part of it thank you for sharing your story and thanks for coming on alyssa thomas aka talking star. likely is. so far go to our you tube channel youtube dot com breaking the set looks good to us check out our facebook page facebook dot com but if you want to know what i'm doing when i'm not on air follow me on twitter at abby martin we'll take a break from my preaching that's a tune to hear what's allowing the anti muslim sentiment the american culture to the right and what could be done to change course next.
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week speak your language i mean some of the will not be in. the news programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you breaking news a little turn to angles stories. for you here. to try to teach spanish find out more visit. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hardy welcome to the big picture.
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let's look at where. ever seen anything like that. just last month the f.b.i. hate crime report was released for the year two thousand and eleven revealed that the number of hate crimes reported to the police declined slightly compared to the previous year and while this may seem like good news two thousand and ten saw fifty percent increase in hate crimes against muslims want to post nine eleven world this is the one group that has continuously felt the brunt of the ignorance hatred and intolerance in america a dangerous climate of islamophobia which is unsurprisingly perpetuated by the media and government establishment alike and it's not even just muslims it's those who are simply perceived as muslims hindus sikhs essentially anyone with brown skin to take a look at some of the most recent incidents fifty two year old man named randolph
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lin was just convicted of lighting a prayer room on fire at the islamic center of greater to leave you to lay low during his arrest he told the police officers f those muslims they would kill us if they got the chance while later len told the judge that he committed the crimes because fox news and conservative talk radio would quote rile them up and convince them most muslims are terrorists. i wonder we got that idea. i mean dangerous muslims that is the subject of the news talking points memo it's a frightening thought islamic terrorist training camps right here in america in our backyard so we've made it through the holidays without a terrorist attack but that doesn't mean we could ever let our guard down because our enemies are just there and the hundreds of mosques in america before us for care training. or how about the case of sunanda forty six year old hindu man who was pushed onto a new york city subway track and killed by an oncoming train the perpetrator now
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identified as eric and mendez said quote i pushed a muslim off the train tracks because i hate them ever since two thousand and one when they put down the twin towers i've been beating them up. now these are just two cases but there are countless others and look i'm not saying that fox news is the culprit islamophobia is being pushed through every strata of american culture through news media entertainment and politics so to talk about this trend and what can be done to change course i'm joined by madeira. legal counsel of the council on american islamic relations or care thank you so much for coming up here thank you for having me so you're a legal counsel for a very large muslim organization the f.b.i. you we just heard the kind of the stats released this report saying that he crimes have gone down but really i mean when it comes to the muslim community it seems like they're escalating could you comment on kind of the strand absolutely well we
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noticed a very large spike starting in around july of last year and it continued until september and now we're seeing this recent uptick for example the gentleman that was pushed into the new york subway and the. gentleman that just pled guilty to burning a mosque in toledo ohio so it's just been continuing yet a can just amazing pace since around july of last year what's really strange it seems obviously i am wrong but logically it would seem to me that. the more time passes from a traumatic event like nine eleven you would think that more people would become tolerant of propaganda would start to stop working on them the fear would be curbed obviously this isn't the case somewhere along the way are we seeing this continue what right yeah you would think that but you know care has been around since one thousand nine hundred four and we've been doing the same thing we've been trying to educate people about muslims and trying to educate them about islam but recently
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the. there are people who are professionals whose main job is to say and do negative things about and against muslims these people have been now giving wider stages. have been given more time on the air on news media for example. fox news as the gentleman stated before is now been featuring many more some folks and they ever have in the past and we believe the media has a direct correlation to the things that are happening in real life pamela geller is whole campaign. really getting vicious showing the twin towers exploding in the subways is just unbelievable i mean you just mentioned the media we just heard these outrageous clips from fox news of course that's the extreme side of it there's a lot more covert propaganda as well creating this islamophobia but i mean really
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should we be blaming the media or do we alternately blame ourselves for being intolerant lacking empathy i mean yes that is exactly right that all play that's exactly right we can't blame the media we can only blame the people at the other end of the media the people who are absorbing the message because the message is going to be there there and it's a vocal minority who make these negative statements and have these negative opinions about muslims and yes they've been getting more air time and pamela geller has subway as calling muslim savages all throughout the new york subways but it's up to the american people to look at them and to think and not to let the media control what they think and what they do so it's up to the american people to actually go out and try to find out the truth and try to find out information and not just sit on their living room couch is and absorb the things that they are being fed by fox news and by other conservative media outlets. but it's also a city for every it's so virt as well we have fox but there's also
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a lot of sophisticated propaganda kind of entering the subconscious of even the more intellectual like the liberal base like lectures like homeland i don't know if you're aware of the show it's like it brings you to the edge saying the cia's. you know yes we're evil for doing drone strikes but then alternately muslims are are you know they're all pretty hard to like this take away message from that show what damage does this kind of course i mean it's just all different elements of perpetuating this myth the damage is obviously deadly you know there is a ramification and people die for people from americans absorbing these negative messages and so what we have to do as americans and sit back and say well this society should not allow any minority group to be persecuted a society is successful when every single member of the society has rights and has protections we cannot live in a community that says love your neighbor a less your neighbor is
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a muslim so we need americans to. say every single person every minority every member of a protected class of a small group of people who may be maligned by the media might be maligned by their neighbor whoever we need people to say no that's not correct these things that you're saying are not correct we cannot. give a negative aspect of negative characteristics to an entire group of people just based on something that we hear in the media and this is kind of you know there is a difficult thing to ask as americans to sometimes step away from the things that they're being taught and to to take a second look but i think it can be done i think it's very possible it's the fear of the known and i think a lot of people don't branch out of their comfort zones how much of this demonization do you think is manufactured in the sense that here we are in perpetual war with a lot of these countries across the muslim world i mean the establishment needs to
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create an enemy for they need to be humanized there's racism inherent in every war in order for a war to be perpetuated i mean how much of this is manufactured by the establishment to create create this enemy image a lot of it a lot of it isn't as you just mentioned that there needs to be a war there needs to be a perpetual war and someone is profiting from this war and it's not you and me and other members of the american society as a whole there's a small group of people who are profiting from this and for them they need to continue with this stereotype and these negative images so that the american people will buy into this and say yes congress give more money to the military so that they can continue you know. expanding the military budget or having drone strikes or allowing the president to have a kill list or all these things that americans know about and they're just kind of complacent about cuz they've been taught that well we need this we need this to protect our country to protect our values from the other who are muslims who really
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sums are being portrayed as the other which has been demonized dehumanised of course easier to accept that reality and just to wrap it up i mean in two thousand and thirteen how do we really reverse this trend how do we stop this i mean should we just brace ourselves for years of this as these wars continue you know. right. you know exactly well like i said i mention care has been doing this since one thousand nine hundred ninety four when trying to educate people about muslims and about islam we have ten thousand kerns to opinion makers and policy leaders to try to educate them about islam and we have made information available in public libraries about muslims and islam and studies have shown that if people know a muslim their opinions tend to become more favorable about muslims and islam than we realize a lot of people don't know muslims because we're less than one percent of the population so in order to have
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a public positive opinion you might not be able to actually know a muslim or meet a muslim a person but just go out and educate yourself and read about the faith and about the people and i think that's a good place to start thank you so much for coming on for your time and. your very legal counsel care for sure that. you see in order for war to function the oppressed must be an enemy in the eyes of the oppressors for the senate to be maintained the media and the government must work together to sustain it this human ization and demonization of an entire race and religion is what i call the islamophobia machine a machine whose gears of racism will continue to grind as long as these wars continue to be fought so you and i need to put our bodies on the gears to stop it.
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