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tv   [untitled]    January 3, 2013 7:30am-8:00am EST

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track record of the financial services authority simply does not justify knighthoods or any other official honors so hector sounds was with the f.s.a. the financial services authority from two thousand and four to two thousand and ten now max from two thousand and seven until two thousand and ten he was actually the chief executive when this crime wave was the at its peak you know the whole honor system in the u.k. is similar to the mafia when you get to be a may man when you get to be a made man and then the other mafia kingpins can't really murder you because they would guarantee that they get murdered so he became a knight and the u.k. like that their stance he's a mafioso only he enabled massive financial fraud massive financial criminality worse than any mafia changed in anywhere on planet earth for a room or a door to make him untouchable from any prosecution from any media member in this
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country the media is such that if you if you were to say that your financial terrorist all the local media people get all nervous and they start to cry in their marmite but here on this global network we don't mind saying that their stance is a terrorist because that's what is but we don't respect his knighthood his knighthood means nothing to us well we need to film a few years ago about the cia torture and rendition program and one thing we did discover is we spoke to an expert on torture who deals with victims of torture which were mostly from banana republics and african nations and central american nations their victims were there and there was wide scale torture and one of the things he said is what you noticed with the cia agents is they stayed at five star hotels three thousand dollars a night for these hotel rooms they stayed in for three months while looking for one target that they were going to kidnap and rendering torture now he said this was something that you saw through all the dictators the classic banana republics and
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it was a way to. honor and this sort of honor is a way to tell people yeah you think where we feel bad about these crimes we've committed these banking crimes but we don't well you know the passage toward delusional dictatorship starts with a sharp three piece is first you get a nice suit like john gotti was a mafia chieftain in new york famously you look great had a great quads and while he was murdering people this guy sounds he's a as we said he's a no good necked and he gets a knighthood he gets a nice it eventually you move up the hierarchy of criminality and you get the word the crown hey i'm the number one financial terrorist in the world i've got to look around ok but he's working his way up you get to be the knight then you get to be the bishop then you get to be the pope then you get to be the queen then you get to be the king but it all works out the hierarchy a fraud. and now the telegraph points out that there are two contradictions with
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his appointment as a knight how can the government strip fred goodwin of his knighthood and effectively hand it to the man whose organization failed to stop goodwin's catastrophic ambitions in the first place i like that they call it catastrophic ambitions you robbed a bank you defrauded a country all those are catastrophic ambitions. well it shows you the complicity of the government that the regulators who are the government get rewarded well fred the shred was you know taken out back and shot like joe pesci and the movie i think was the other casino or goodfellas had it not completely up to date on my mafia film history but occasionally i got a whack somebody to keep the population stupid and of course there's no stupider population than the victims of financial fraud around the world then they ask but also how can the government reject the financial services authority in its track record to the extent that it has passed legislation to abolish the regulatory body
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is still awarded chief executive a knighthood in honor official recognition of a job well done so again look to how the empire treats the people willing to commit the hardest of the hardcore crimes for the emperor they get awarded and rewarded over and over throughout history whether it's timothy geitner who is at the heart of this financial global financial collapse the fraud that led to it he was the head of the new york federal reserve bank which through which all of the fraud happened it happened through there and it happened through london who were the two regulators that oversaw this so timothy geitner and actor sounds well you mention empire of cora's empire. have referred to countries that have gone out there and colonized various other countries around the world for goods and and services. gold and diamonds and things but sensed the globe's assets
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of now been for the most part fully exploited the empire is nothing left but to make the value of their looted assets go up in price which means relying on central banks to issue under the challenge of dollars with the money so there's another reason i think he could have been knighted so hacked are sound and that's in the telegraph over the new year's break and this article is actually not online but it's three years on watchdog fails to bite over bankers' pay what do you think the watchdog is that's the financial services authority max and apparently the financial services authority has not launched a single enforcement action against any regulated business for failing to comply with this new remuneration code since the rules were introduced three years ago the rules were introduced by star hector sense and the bankers themselves quoted in this article say they can't believe they're getting away with breaking all the rules on these remain aeration packages again the assets that have been looted the
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the art the gold the silver the oil those prices are going up because of the inflation that's created by not enforcing regulations at the same time wages have been smashed by vilifying workers and destroying unions so that's the that's the bifurcation of this economy is that asset holders are flooding the system with cash to make their wealth go up but they're not allowing that to trickle into anything having to do with the wage. so well they're ignoring all the regulations about their wages and the funniest quote from the whole entire article goes on to say sir hector sense the former f.s.a. chief executive who introduced the rules and was knighted in the new year's honors list once warned banks they should be afraid so hector was this month hired by barclays on a package believed to be worth as much as three million pounds per year so they don't even i mean they put the two sentences together they juxtapose those sentences and then make no reference to the fact that the absurdity of those two
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sentences going together. they were almost perfect sense just like tony blair was signed by j.p. morgan exploit the oil patch after he said the war wasn't about blood for oil here this is being hired by barclays to zip caboodle the money supply to make wealthy people wealthier while the government counts the same banks who are all for passing regulations to smash labor just smash the workforce to keep this new feudal system going now over the holiday season here there was record sales people were out shopping madness people punching each other diving into the sales going crazy so not much of this was no it is now in a nation like iceland where people are very well aware of all the crimes that were committed by bankers and who committed those crimes we see something like this executives at collapsed iceland bank jailed for fraud two former executives that an icelandic bank which collapsed in the two thousand and eight financial meltdown were sentenced to jail on friday for fraud which led to
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a fifty three million euro loss and the first major trial vice landecker bankers linked to the crisis so this was actually the chief executive officer of gleick your bank the first bank to collapse post lehman and also the former head of corporate finance they were both jailed for nine months well it's two countries to a different perspective on justice iceland has a more developed sense of what is just so they put criminal like a bank star in jail in the u.k. or the u.s. they have a very poorly developed sense of justice so they elevate bank stores and terrorists to positions of authority to make it easier for the gangsters and the banks are still more money now compare this story to say m.f. global and jon chorus line who is connected very good friends with president obama prosecutors said the two approved a loan to a company which owned shares and go in or so that the company could in turn repay
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a debt to morgan stanley so of course this loan. was never repaid and for this there is doing nearly a year in prison whatever happened to john course nine he's running a hedge fund exactly and the government is printing more money to pay the missing payments which will debased a currency for workers and wage earners but raise the assets of the baxters and so let's go over the sea a little bit to another small island nation and that is ireland which choose to bail out the bankers of their crime wave emigration at famine levels as two hundred leave country each day so private equity groups like blackstone or k.k. are are moving into ireland because the asset value is are good for a trade they'll make money trading those assets the housing and the infrastructure to line their pockets meanwhile the young workforce is getting out of the country
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because they're being targeted they've been marked for death by the hedge funds like henry kravis and his friends over to private equity sphere of influence they've been marked for death so instead of just sitting there being targeted by these guys are living their country and now speaking of being targeted and marked for death of course occupy wall street is dead dead dead revealed how the f.b.i. coordinated the crackdown on occupy so this is an article written by naomi wolf and it's based on freedom of information act documents that emerged over the christmas holidays of course so not a single american other than the only wolf has noticed this and the new documents show that the violent crackdown on occupy last fall was not just coordinated at the level of the f.b.i. the department of homeland security and local police the crackdown was coordinated with the big banks themselves so these are all of the biggest banks they had a bank security group that met with the f.b.i. targeted specific activists including some this is all we've acted for assassination and naomi wolf then says there's
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a new twist the merger of. private sector d h s and the f.b.i. means that any of us can become wiki leaks a point that julian assange was trying to make explaining the argument behind his recent book the fusion of the tracking of money and the suppression of dissent means that a huge area of vulnerability in civil society people's income streams and financial records is now firmly in the hands of banks which are in turn now in the business of tracking your dissent but any were alive today he'd be running j.p. morgan our estates you have to thank so much for being on the as a report thank you max stay tuned for a second half obvious speaking to job perry barlow. if you're passing through rushes to be a region you really can walk on the wild side thousands of kilometers of unspoilt countryside make up an area where it's still possible to live off the land such
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spectacular scenery makes it a paradise for fisherman and provides a business opportunity for hunters there are defined hunting seasons in russia but lax enforcement means many animals are killed out of the a lot of times which can leave young animals orphaned and unable to survive the heart of just us forest provides a sanctuary for the most famous beast in russia it's home to a group to rescue wolf and bear cubs and raise them when they're old enough to fend for themselves becomes a target taken to a remote location and released back into the wild but it's not just bears who find a haven here this is wolf i learned here wolf pups have been captured by hunters or bought from zoos have a second chance at life and conservationists have a unique opportunity to observe them. these walls are all around four months old and they'll stay in this area for up to three years then most will go back to the wild for good just viewing them from the car was an experience in itself but then
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after a bit of a bumpy ride came an opportunity i just couldn't pass up and this is what i was hoping for when i heard i was coming to a place called five and a chance to get close and personal with the locals and it's these guys are going to act as foster parents for the next generation of wolves who come here using the old awards as surrogate parents has already proved a successful technique. every year i place infant wolves with one year old wolf cubs whose parental instinct is totally shaped and they take them as their own cubs it's going to continue to take time and money to rehabilitate the wolfs reputation in russia. but the keepers here hope their research and dedication will mean that wolf island remains a place where visitors can truly understand the call of the wild.
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welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max keyser time now to go to san francisco and speak with poet s.a.'s lyricist john perry barlow a founding member of electronics from tir foundation barlow is out with press freedom foundation dot org a site that provides you with an easy way to donate to journalism organizations dedicated to transparency and accountability john perry barlow welcome back to the kaiser report teddy max nice to almost see all right fantastic so joe perry barlow along with daniel ellsberg famous was a blower and john ku's act famous movie star you have set up a new website called press freedom foundation dot org tell us about it what we're doing essentially is finding your way around the find it actually argo that was imposed on wiki leaks back in two thousand and ten when they first started to make serious trouble for serious people that is to say reveal things that are also in
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there in there so i'm sure we'll be in competitions or we could miss or moline and intend to various parts of the government and at that time. to. joe lieberman senator from connecticut and peter king a congressman from new york. went to amazon and to take its servers up with the amazon cloud and then they went to pay pal b.'s and mastercard and essentially persuaded them that we give weeks was a terrorist organization and that they should not have the benefit of credit card flow through their donations and this had a devastating effect on funding that organization they've been limping along not in their shoes during your sense. dan ellsberg and me that you know it would be unlikely that if we set. kind of flow through
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conduit to actually this embargo and made enough of a fuck who we were and what we were doing that it was kind of unlikely that the government or rather private individuals corporations would come in and place another bargo on top bus john what happened to the internet i mean i heard you speak in one thousand nine hundred five at an internet conference about they afraid of advance and that it was kind of like the greatest thing since dropping acid in your south was a lyricist for the grateful dead and there was a spigot loving in the mid ninety's that the internet was going to bring back freedom but now everything's encrypted everything is being surveyed there has been trashed by a centralized government and the corporations vied them what happened to the internet john. it characteristic understatement max. no i don't think that i think the internet actually is doing just fine i think that
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there is and continues to be a mexican standoff between the forces of liberation and the forces of surveillance and control. the internet is a very powerful. force field inside of human affairs and it and even as it allows many people that could never had a voice in the past to speak up. there's never been a better surveillance tool the internet so i mean we can expect this back and forth . but i would say that in some. the internet is is definitely living up to all of my my most libertarian dreams about how it could now and could enable human discourse and i could point to places all over the planet where the internet is making it possible for people to say things that couldn't have been said before to make changes in their governments to overthrow old governments but by the same token it is being used in just those places to
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surveil political activity. but i've been doing the electronic frontier foundation now for over twenty years and i would say that it's been a dead heat throughout that i have no good reason to back away from my dream in expectation that someday the internet will give everybody everywhere. the ability to say once every news heard in have the other people who might be interested in actually hear that message on the government just renewed the ability to have unfettered access to people's emails on the internet people don't longer trust the internet if people don't trust their own email box they don't trust the internet and they have a government that is spending hundreds of billions on an militarization of the economy and china is now saying that they're going to have a registered access less than you know the encroaching forces of the man
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are becoming manifest in a way but let's talk about specific for example pay pal has also frozen account of p r q the famed swedish pay your thoughts on this trying to finance a corporation is cutting off individuals for political speech or activism or doesn't that sound like a trend that's growing john well i don't know that it's growing it certainly has reared its ugly head you know i mean and you find it in a lot of different ways i mean comcast which is a very major provider you're the united states won't let you get through to pirate bay. and there's nothing you can say legally you can't you can't go to comcast and say well i have a right to have access to pirate bay that because you don't have any rights with comcast except for whatever they may have conceded you with their terms of service agreement the same applies to apple and apple flies very soon sorious
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standards and believe me they have to do with freedom of expression with what with what appears in their app store which is essentially fascism. and there are many many different organizations that are in a position to do this to you and nobody is in a position to tell them stop now. and you can describe yourself as a libertarian and this of course way suggest that people have the right to their own. money and that this money should be anonymous to a great degree what about the strand that we're moving away from anonymous cast of being every single transaction on the web. you're trying to get to this with your organization do you feel they can successfully do an end run around this trance or trance every every single transaction being being being registered with the central database number one and number two i don't hear you mentioning bitcoin and yet bitcoin same sipping a huge part of the solution or maybe i'm missing something is bitcoin part of all
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of what you're doing you know we will accept donations in bitcoin. personally i think it's got a ways to go to reliably when fungible currency or think it's. it's somewhat subjective seven somewhat subject to manipulation but it is actually reaching a point where i think it's an increasingly reliable currency but you know i really reliable currency has to be credible and all down use you can't just have this sort of unix weenies thinking that bitcoin is good you've got to have the people down at the grocery store thinking it's good and we're a long ways away from that in the meantime though i think that there are things that we can do. to kind of obscure the application of money so for example with with what we're doing with the freedom of the press foundation we've got four different organizations that will be shifting around wiki leaks is
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likely to be one of the most of the time but we have four different organizations you give money to the freedom of press foundation you establish on a slighter how you want that money divided up we use in christian to make sure that your energy and how you divided your money it's obscure and you can actually get into that database even with the subpoena and find out it gave. so you were essentially anonymized your your donation but you got this idea that john perry barlow that the with the folks at visa master card and pay pal can act extra judiciously to decide what is in their best interest of the public and why or how they will get away with that or is it just another financial crime like all these other bankers are committing financial crimes at any prosecution whatsoever it's a two tier justice system your thought is not a crime i mean there are private business they have they have
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a perfect right to handle transactions for whomever they see fit l.h.o. there are subsidized by the government there that's a government utility visa master card go there go our public utilities quas i publish like fannie mae and freddie mac. we're not a private institutions are there government subsidies we enter the gov of the people on these things they only architecturally on the infrastructure they get as willy nilly decide that they're going to allow this to work and our work on a day to day basis that's completely tire radical it's absurd to justify this in any way it may be absurd it also happens to be legal you know and i beg to differ a lot of these were written by the finance companies that the laws are written by visa and mastercard these banks and in the u.k. h.s.b.c. just got caught laundering money for terrorists a lot of money for travelers there brooke clearly putting a lot and the defense was that if you come after us we're going to crack the
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financial system that was our defense how's that tolerable well is tolerable be you know it's kind of like the same reason that animals lick their genitals they do it because they can you know i mean they can get they can get away with this i'm sorry it's it is it is not there is a lot of stuff that they're doing that is against the law but with regard to deciding that they will or will not do business with wiki leaks that's something that any business has the right to do in any event you know we were. able in the last week we just get with it in a week's time by setting up this new foundation using real dollars not bitcoin using pay pal d's and master card we've so far managed to raise one hundred twenty five thousand dollars in all of that in donations under one hundred dollars one of anonymous which is kind of the sheriff out there on the internet at least somebody has some kind of moral grounding they decide that they take a look at your organization and they say you know what you guys are better the visa
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and master card and that's really not going to be in keeping with the mission statement of wiki leaks or anonymous and then they go after you guys what's your recourse or or what do you have thoughts on that. well i think that would be that would be much sillier than i generally think anonymous is i be very surprised if they did something like that we're not in bed with these or mastercard we've just managed to use them to get money to wiki leaks which they'd otherwise refused to do we had we set up another another entity that receives donations on behalf of wiki leaks and several other stream really important organizations. and you know there's a very important point to be made here which is that what we're trying to do is to find other things that are really like wiki leaks we want we want there to be a proliferation of transparency journalism sites where people can show
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a hole in material that they think is sensitive from in institutions or their governmental or business material that they think that people have a right to know and that there will be people there will edit that material and bring out the stuff that is most important for whatever reason whether it's heinous or even because it's because it's grating whatever it is going to can it's going to freeze public awareness of what institutions you do it. should be noted that the revolutionaries in tennis of course very publicly thanked anonymous as the only ally they had in the west and it was as a matter of an entire success of the arab spring but john five hours out of time thanks so much of ink on the kaiser report. yeah nice nice to almost see you guys open arms oak we're together the same place and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy arbor i think my guest john perry barlow is going to same email please do so it ties
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a reported r t t v dot ru until next imax guys are saying bio. the. line. would be soon which brightened if you knew all about songs from the finest impression it's. nice for instance on t.v.
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dot com. object.
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and. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada as. a child corporations are all today.


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