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tv   [untitled]    January 5, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EST

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innovation all the latest developments around russia we. covered. the british government's costly foreign aid for a while was labeled a waste of taxpayers' money as a new study claims that most of the cash sent abroad doesn't reach those in need. putting up walls and tearing families apart israel continues to build separation barrier is leaving palestinians in gaza and the west bank and able to reunite with relatives. and watch what you say reporter and survey suggesting that americans feel political correctness has made the us hypersensitive nation where people can't speak their minds.
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this is coming to you live from moscow hello and welcome to the program concerns are rising in britain where prime minister david cameron's costly foreign aid program has come under fire for not helping the poor and the wild a study by a center right think tank says that billions of taxpayers' money is being used as a tool to promote the good image of the coalition government and my colleague bill don't discuss the issue without his lawyer smith. well let me give you three quite stark examples the first is the example of british eight ethiopia which totals three hundred million pounds evidence studies of b.b.c. investigation shows that in fact it wasn't used to help people it was used by the ethiopian government meant a corrupt hold on power the u.k. government refutes that saying that the money doesn't even go through the
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government but according to human rights watch they say it does and this investigation showed that in fact supporters of the opposition weren't allowed to receive food or seeds or fertilizer which is what the aid was destined for a second example is in india a three hundred eighty eight million pound project aimed at improving indian schools the government here hailed as a huge success they said more children are going to school as a result of it but the indian government says that around seventy million pounds of it was either stolen or lost. to schools that didn't even exist and that some of it went to by cause for dignitaries officials in india again the u.k. government refutes that and nigeria thirdly one hundred million pound project improve again the quality of education in nigeria an independent report showed that actually the results of it had been not to improve the quality of education at all
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and they awarded the project to nigeria their second lowest rating again the government here refutes that same report sources that only visited a handful of schools so it's a pretty damning indictment of what's happening to all this money so vast sums of aid money how does it exactly help the image of british politicians. well of course the conservative party here in this country has an image of sort of stingy only wanting to help the rich and it does go a long way towards getting rid of an image like that it shows that the politicians and mark not the most sort of make them seem very generous and this information does suggest that the government doesn't really care where the money goes or how it's ministers or how effective it is it only cares that it's seen to be giving this city the study is really quite critical isn't it does it suggest should stop helping communities abroad altogether i know it's not suggesting that it's just suggesting that the money is allocated and administered much more efficiently of
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course this is all happening against a backdrop of austerity at home and many people are saying you know forget it forget giving money abroad let's keep it here at home where it's really needed at the moment so here we're seeing reduction. poor people. so a lot of people say keep this money at home don't give it don't give it a broad and the budget is continually increasing it's now going to be no point seven percent of gross national income and that equates to five hundred pounds a year for every household in a lot of people say you know we could do something here at home with that five hundred pounds in the wake of the palestinians a recent success of the you one israel has stepped up measures which threatened the possible formation of the united palestine does the jurors say it continues building barriers and thousands of settler homes in the occupied territories it's
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not just those divided families to. report. this is the it was crossing one of five land crossings between israel and gaza getting through here is tough you need the right permission and papers but this crossing does not just separate israel from gaza it also divides families who are trapped on either side of the border. these are the tears of a boy who hasn't seen his father in three years mohammed al qaida ran left gaza in search of a better life for his family but what he found on the other side of the border was loneliness and despair and what he left behind distress and fear yes although i miss my father a lot and i want to see him i'm afraid a lot my father must come back here or we must go and live with him but it can't come and we can't go. all they have now to remind him of him are photographs and the occasional phone call. over with love the words and then i
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can live like this anymore i'm sick. this happens when a man is very sad when he has a lot of pressure on his soul and heart. this family is just one of thousands torn apart by israel's separation policy that makes it almost impossible to move between the west bank and gaza it was only after mohammed had moved that he found out his family could not follow because while he and one of his children have west bank identity papers his wife and four other children don't for reasons unknown to them . it was a big surprise for me they told me there is a possibility of changing it so i sent the papers up until now they have the file but they refused to give permission for them to come i can't give up on my kids but i also want to give them a future. israel says the west bank is a closed military zone and it has the right to prevent people from entering it even
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those from gaza but palestinians have extensive family ties in both areas and the policy affects just about everyone and there are a number of policies that explicitly say that family separation is not a justification for being allowed to enter the west bank so even if there's no serious security claim against an individual even if there's no question that that mother is separated from her child that's not enough to justify a travel international law protects freedom of movement and israel itself has recognized guards in the west bank as a single territorial unit but that's not enough to guarantee something people in the west of the world take for granted a couple from different cities wanting to get married or a father looking for work. the children miss him so much they hold his pictures and cry when they speak with him on the phone this is that it's not coming back and he says i can't i want to bring it all to the west bank i want to go and they will be
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safer for the children and they have a better life ahead of. it. it's a choice no father should have to make to be separated from his family so he can provide for them or join him and together chase a bleak future policy r.t. israel and gaza meanwhile in gaza hundreds of thousands have run it celebrating the anniversary of the fatah movement there so was the first such event allowed by hamas sense to thousand and seven which saw them out there vital from the trip home of the major without hammerhead a break from the west bank as the train movements continue their efforts at reconciliation their fight for placing your faith political analyst it's about time that the two groups put their differences aside hamas will have to look and to to further hand the audience that i would have to look into the hamas in the eye and both sides have to agree on only one thing we don't need more the consolation talks
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we don't need more the conciliation agreements because there were so many agreements signed between the two parties but not one of them has been on a door implemented with hamas cannot take over palestine the concerns of netanyahu are baseless and groundless he's the only israeli leader who has been giving support to hamas or not only to have got out to every extremist group on the palestinian side simply because he's dumping the palestinian moderates is dumping the leadership of theirs in a bus and dumping the put a political negotiations with the with the palestinians and he is carrying on his own agenda of pics of increasing the number of duis settlements in the west bank even though they are illegally they are illegal under international law he carries on his policy is that the slap every chance of meeting a two state solution between the palestinians and israel and israel on an agreement with the palestinian authority we have we would have seen a totally different middle east today. well it was a statement of financial one person could be an insult for someone else that's
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a view of political correctness that appears to be taking hold in america was so now say the phenomenon has gone too far. in a fortnight investigates why a nation that prides itself on its freedom of speech has become so sensitive. america is a country that pioneers freedom of expression but is the rising tide of political correctness reigning in the right to say what you think people do. to actually speak it's almost as though you have a sort of a code to call them sometimes you want to call a spade a spade and sometimes you want to call it according to a poll the majority of citizens think the u.s. is overdosing on p.c. turning the land of the free into a nation of hyper sensitive sissies. were even corn chips can cause mass controversy in this ad priest substitute to do read zero for the eucharist the body of christ. the commercial was created for
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a possible super bowl broadcast but after an uproar among catholics frito lay apologized and pulled the plug on the. commercial being pulled is a classic example of americans freaking out about something insulting to do with religion i understand why the catholic league might flip out that's their job however be able to laugh at yourself folks. the price of humor can end up costing big maybe captain owen honors intrusted with a nuclear powered aircraft carrier worth half a billion dollars was fired over racy morale boosting videos created years ago having survived eighty five combat missions owing was shot down by fertility style gestures and comments as for the man who wrote nineteenth century classics not even mark twain is protected from present day p.c. two of tweens books are being republished with the word sleeve replacing the n. word it's about laziness it's not about liberal guilt to not want to do offend or
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conservatives want to want to sanitize or plain vanilla is history and art it's really about laziness we don't we don't want to trust people to look and examine to look at something and then go beyond that so what does it mean what were those times like what is the author trying to say when film critic roger ebert took to twitter to criticize the censorship he was criticized for simply writing the n word a federal jury will soon decide if white people can use the n. word at work this as a white t.v. reporter is suing a fox news affiliate in philadelphia after being fired for using the n. word during a staff meeting white house chief of staff rahm emanuel has apologized he's apologized and of course the r word can also make you a glorified villain as was the case when former chief of staff rahm emanuel privately called a group of liberals retards rahm emanuel and i think he has some indecent and insensitive ways of being sarah palin is a great talk at e.s.p.n.
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sensitivity surrounding sex has become a touchy subject announcer ron franklin was fine. for allegedly calling a female reporter sweet baby many say political correctness has neutered the american language creating a super sensitive society incapable of the laughing things off by p.c. employees that blow up more people wiping their tongues for fear that freedom of expression may be more trouble than it's worth. artsy new york. times coming up later in the program a split over online hucking. that's to be done if you like we have the means to do it we should do it. he's a resident all speedily new york what they think about a notorious group of hackers who promised to return with a veterans in twenty thirteen. and french quarter is waiting to hear evidence
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that might support claims that nicolas sarkozy accepted fifty million euros from mahmoud gadhafi to finance his presidential election campaign more than eight. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard bargain with the big picture.
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download the official application yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't matter about what your mobile device is you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. this is the welcome back a french quarter is waiting to hear evidence that former president nicolas sarkozy received fifty million euros in campaign finance from the lately been need mama khadafi years before helping to topple him that occasions were made by lebanese born businessman while on trial in
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a separate money laundering case christophe head to toe french were clearly express that while the allegations are being taken seriously hold prove to be presented. it's true that libya under gadhafi must have generated lots of dirty money with a system in place and poured cash into western countries look at this alleged contribution to sarkozy's campaign the g.d.p. in new zealand the maximum presidential campaign expenditure allowed is when it's nearly fifty million that is more than doubled over to this left over one certainly didn't go towards a campaign but instead ended up in someone's pocket at the time to prove his need and as of now there's only a statement by one man on trial who's tried to blame someone else to shift the attention away from watching each carries a legal weight. and let's now take a look at some other stories from around the globe venezuela's vice president says that president charges could be sworn in by the supreme court at a later date if he's not able to take the oath of office next week the news comes
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amid conflicting reports on charges his health has severe respiratory complications following a long infection called during his cancer treatment in cuba but his island law says that if the president is unable to be president during his inauguration a new election must be announced with a thirty days. nato has begun deploying surface to air missiles and troops on the turkish border with syria the block approved the reinforcements last month after unquote rest of the support from its allies nato claims the move is purely defensive but some countries including russia say the deployment will only serve to escalate the syrian conflict and stoke tension in the region some also fear a foreign intervention is in the making. a snowmobile accident in the italian alps has claimed the lives of six russian tourists with two more remaining in critical condition and hospital a group were heading to their hotel when the driver lost control of the vehicle
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after which it fell one hundred meters down a ski slope speeding and technical problems have been named as the likely causes of the accident. second to nobody that's how ranks on the list of the world's most powerful people according. to the consultancy firm says no person has consolidated or more domestic and regional power or he's going editor can now explains. it was a international political thing tenure asia group that came up with a list of the world's most powerful individuals with the russian president at the top of that list then they decided no they couldn't leave him there so they put mr nobody at the top of their list so was it was in his second to mr a lawyer mrs nobody according to this big tank and to the foreign policy magazine that published the list authors explain that they left the top position empty because the modern world has no clear leaders they said they also said that they based their choice of names on that list on the individual's ability to single handedly quote bring about
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change that significantly affect the lives and fortunes of large numbers of people of the russian president followed by u.s. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke you for the influence the organization has on the u.s. economy and by extension on the global economy german chancellor angela merkel for policies that are quote the glue that binds europe and us press mark obama he ranks the fifth on the list and then you have the head of the european central bank the chinese communist party leader and others. from the title for using steroids counts designed a lot considering publicly admitting his guilt as a reporter not what kind. of business meant to get the loans he has been arrested and can both evil and
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making too much noise down the crime rate in mexico local authorities destroyed. us human rights too. the trees authority to indefinitely detain terrorist suspects including americans without charge or trial the national defense authorization act of twenty thirteen also allows for the notorious gun tunnel of a military prison to remain open despite the presence of a pledge to shut down the facility some americans fear they could now face prosecution for that. i think gauged in activities that my government disapproves of and one of those activities was supporting wiki leaks and joining us on also bradley manning as you probably are you know many people and our government have declared them a terrorist group am and julian assange. is extremely scary
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and certainly could be used against our people like me and my international team there seems to be no backbone either in the administration or in congress to actually stand by civil liberties and the constitution and basic human rights people's lives are being used as a political football and to really sort of hold this. head in my power and political realisation that it's no longer our all or what mainstream media has they're not reporting real news and critical news so that the general public is really has no idea i just how serious this assault on our liberties so you more people would care if they actually knew but they're not getting that news. no tories hacktivist group anonymous has promised to shake up the internet in the new year was mostly about tonks motivated by social and political issues aussie america's web producer i'm sure blake says they have finally managed to get some good press interactive while people with this group are who are aligning with this
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group are doing stuff where. the majority of people at least in our society might actually accept with what they're doing we saw that just last month after the newtown shooting when the westboro baptist church said look we're going to go over to connecticut and we're going to protest the morial services and anonymous pretty much sent out a call to arms of mediately they were anonymous from all over the country who actually traveled to newtown and were not just on the internet but they're in real life trying to stake out members of the westboro baptist church so they can alert other people of where they're going to be how they're planning on protesting what they were going to do to demonstrate a lot of people don't realize it because a lot of people think these are just some nerdy computer half truths that are hiding behind screens in the united states who only care about you know the walls if it where but no actually there are you know thousands upon thousands of people spread out over the course the entire world who are making sure that people still have open access to information that people are safe that people can can figure out
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how to get by these hardships when government regimes step in and try to censor the internet or you know like we saw in gaza to kill innocent civilians. and she's very own president asks people in new york what they think and feel about this so-called how to make. the hacking collective anonymous issued a statement warning the world to expect them in two thousand and thirteen is that a good thing this week let's talk about that it is an all course of business that they interfere with they can write their congressman they can vote. i work for the government i don't appreciate people hacking us we've got people's personal information that has to be protected that these people they decided hey i want to
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take that. that's their information because they've decided to take the law into their own hands this is ok yes definitely keep on going why are they important in the world today well because to bring a certain information to the public. because of the activity is social justice is real thing and so something has to be done if you like if we have the means to do it then we should do it what about the fact that they do it anonymously they don't show their face or their name do you think that they have to because what they're doing is illegal or do you think they should show their names and faces well i think showing their names and faces would just block them out and blacklist them and stamp them out so i think that's the reason why they had to be anonymous i think they're meddling kids legally should not be doing what they're doing definitely but so do we just let governments and corporations do whatever they want unchecked no not unchecked but do it legally through the law and follow the guidelines that are set before us for example with the united states were built on
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the constitution and that's how we have to follow the law through that i'm against anything illegal just because i like to follow rules and i don't want to be it put in jail or i wouldn't want to be put in jail even if it does mean. doing what about the people who say that they're just meddling. i think. purposes love them or hate them anonymous has promised to put on a good show for twenty thirteen we'll just have to wait to see if they live up to that promise.
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coming up in a few minutes we'll hear from a prominent russian filmmaker and what's next for the industry. ron paul has rejected the national rifle association safety plan and by safety plan the n.r.a. proposes basically turning every school in america into a prison camp so on this with ron paul i'm with you in the wake of the tragic events at sandy hook elementary and every vice president wayne la pierre called on congress to immediately appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every school so yeah what is the solution to isolated incidents of extreme violence make every child live their entire school life at gun point before
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putting armed guards in schools maybe we should take a look at the fact that more than twenty five percent of american kids are on medication and that's just the kids altering their mental state legally mom is working two jobs so she isn't around dad is a wall and the t.v. who's the new parent shows kids nothing but images glorify violence for advantage and torture when someone is getting harassed every day at school and maybe getting harassed at home they feel totally alone and they see no future and no escape from the hell that they're in they are going to take drastic measures to get out of it you know in the fifty's sixty's and seventy's there were still plenty of guns and there were no armed officers in schools but there were no shootings society change and school violence erupted societies what needs to change to call them things back down but that's just my opinion.
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hello again and welcome to spotlight the interview show on r.t. i'm alderney of and today my guest on the program is shut up the world is waiting for the oscars the final ceremony where people will know the best films directors best everything in the movies this year the russian nomination this year is world war two mystical thriller called the white tiger the director of this movie is my guest on the show today that. russia's bid for the upcoming oscars is a war parable the story by filmmaker occurrence of is a reflection of the nature of war how does it happen how does it end during world war two a russian tank man mysteriously survived severe burns. now he is obsessed with the
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hunt for ghostly why german tank that terrorizes soviet tank man it shows up suddenly and disappears into nowhere but the main character talks with tanks and prays to in my tank god. of says he was immediately duped by the original noble then he came up with a story about mysticism and the reality of a war the conclusion is why tiger is always out there. are welcome to the show thank you very much for being with us today well and first of all i want to ask you why are you surprised when russia decide to send your white tiger to the oscars. you are. friends.


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