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a place in keeping with what anatole calls his work. he's been devoting all his time and energy to it for the last six years now. this former computer expert even quit his job to get ready for it for the end of the world. and the work i do will take me out of body i will ask to meet those superior beings who hold the keys for humanity already clear that he's going to talk to them. to see what can be done for two thousand and twelve. by telepathic trip to get him into contact with mysterious superior beings beings who have announced to him the destruction of the planet on december the twenty first two thousand and twelve very precisely. it will be by fire volcanoes earthquakes and most importantly of course by water floods of comedy as the plates will shift rise
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and lower the ocean bottom will lift and what will appear is atlantis when atlantis rises out of the waters that there will be when the world ends she office two thousand and twelve is a giant plan for i could use a mean word but purifying for me that's what it is. purifying water conference us if you are good or not and it's a rite of passage and that all is convinced that he will be among the survivors. jesus himself told him by telepathy in the new era he's even going to change his name he will be called and told ma integrating christ takes more than just five minutes i mean if i ever have to know how to build your individual. to be able to say frankly to someone so i'm told mark but in fact that's a hidden way of saying i'm jesus christ. by the end of the world and at all has
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become irrational. to devote himself to his mission he has given up his career and his social life. and all over the world there are thousands like him getting ready for the worst. two thousand and twelve with more than five hundred million internet pages it's one of the most written about themes on the web about the day of reckoning there are internet users spreading the wildest rumors. from haiti to fukushima the news constantly provides new support. where the room is coming from who are these new prophets of the apocalypse. and who is making a profit out of the business of the end of the world. look at those beautiful trees over there. and it's not easy to meet people who believe in the apocalypse the she's faced with skepticism from their familiar as they usually
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prefer to remain quiet but force was made an exception for us. for. this former german teacher who is currently out of work comes here every day to connect. by touching the trees she enters into contact with those she calls her masters and before our very eyes she claims to be interpreting their messages i'm telling you. in this tree that floods and devastation will strike the places man has unexpectedly laden guyin our planet with the residues he does not want thank you and larry you hear this strange ritual certainly
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predicts the end of time prosperous says she's an aloof or medium but she also makes use of christian references that's beautiful thanks to you she calls this channeling. my channel opened little by little because the first time i started to receive messages it was well i was like this. i needed stablish in my roots again i've been gentle since i was a little girl because i told you i was a resistor and i'm saint mary magdalene reincarnated to help humanity now to compere humanity at the age of aquarius a new golden age that will dawn after the destruction this is the belief of and of the followers of this theory that if these cataclysms do occur in two thousand and twelve it's so that people learn to help one another and return to real values
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return to see self-respect respect for others for everything it is. an irrational argument that can't force was off from the realities of this world she quit her job and even left her husband who did not share her beliefs. to enter into the new era she started a group a little gathering of initiated followers real joy be with you it's very important the age of aquarius is the age of reconciliation of joy togetherness and love a ceremony orchestrated by force was herself divine power in action activate the chakras let me earth receive the blessing. i am and use this. sort of beliefs without distinction it why this is known as new age. and is seated next to buddha and the angels are reflected in
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crystal ball. who are going to have a body of light which means that the trauma tism is other will undergo you're going to help regenerate them with their divine beings and wait for them in other time space is your own. you are already within every being show yourself she. thank you. like most two thousand and twelve prophets hoops just survive the apocalypse thanks to this what can be at best described as imaginative type of ceremony. is a historian of religions he has studied apocalyptic beliefs closely he says that they're all inspired by a book whose success has been undiminished for nearly two thousand g.s.
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so here's the book of the apocalypse right at the end of the bible where the apocalypse is the last book of the new testament so while the christian bible and what does this book say it says the world will end that god will decree the world's end the christ will come again and that before he comes again there will be a lot of battles. these are called eschatological battles between good and evil so there will be earthquakes cataclysms wars the church will be persecuted and many believers as soon as there are troubled times and there always have been in the history of humanity they will take this as proof to say that the end of the world is near and in the last two thousand years there have been hundreds of announcements of this kind all untrue obviously all untrue otherwise we wouldn't be here talking about it. some are still trying to predict this famous date and in fact two thousand and twelve is only the latest theory in vogue. in paris's largest bookshop the end of the world department contains dozens of works that link this
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dates to a very old prophecy. a mayan prophecy. these pre-columbian people believe that the world was regenerated every five thousand years. and the next cycle of this calendar ends precisely on december twenty first two thousand and twelve. but according to anthropologists this has nothing to do with the end of the world. in a million mayans never announce the end of the world religion is not part of the mythology the mayan mythology and the mayan calendar are cyclical systems for that matter if you are real mayan two thousand and twelve is no more nor less than a change of era for the real my and we are going from one era to another they would not consider this as the end of the world but some continue to proclaim the calendar is announcing the apocalypse. and they try to uphold this legend with all the strength of a scientific truth. in a suburb of and to
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a catholic give the reform a chemist has become an apocalypse star. over the last ten years he's written several books announcing the two thousand and twelve catastrophe and he tracks the end of the world signs on the internet i am following every day several sites or from the bad fourth university from nasa follow the possibility that the gang gets its for their next flare can be deadly for our civilization it's correlated with the movement of the planets on one line and that is the reason why i am so sure that it will happen on the twenty first of december two thousand and twelve. this amateur astronomer claims to be the first to have understood the mysteries of the mayan calendar that one of the people a percent of the people until a few years ago they thought it would be a new world
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a better life in so one in something is a theory but i found that on that day the magnetic field of the sun will reverse and that will create the discipline got us through. an inversion of the sun's magnetic poles the consequence of which would be fatal for our civilization. to have the south pole you have a wave from particles with south and polarity and the south pole pulls away the south pole. then you will see that in a quarter of the earth will start turning the other way around you expect then away from ten meters they expect according to all the old manuscripts in the whole world i've published them i want to have say there were waves still the highest mountain tops so i'm expecting at least one point five to. one continent alone will survive the catastrophe africa. has bought property there at an altitude
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of two thousand meters today he's packing his suitcases to go to the dragon's bird mountains in south africa where he hopes to build a bunker and found a community of survivors. but nasa has repeatedly contradicted his theories and the scientific community discredits them completely. they buy one of the best known french astro physicians can only laugh about it. he's mixing up. a pretty good idea if he went back to school but he might get bad grades. anyway and what we see here is a tissue of stupidities here we have someone with no scientific background who still in all manages in three minutes to come up with five or six complete scientific humanities. the famous solar eruptions pad to give the list referring to
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present no particular risk. and they are completely predictable in two thousand and twelve nothing to report. i can forecast with more accuracy in actual fact what the sun's activity will be in eight or fifteen days than what the weather will be in brittany or corsica but this is been mastered and this is well known in the sun assures us that there will be no problem in the next billion or so years to come out on it like a. join
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me on a journey to the heart of the problem to a place is hidden from the tourists you're going to meet some real credible insiders although they may not be the usual news makers you see on t.v. .
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it. about the scientific voice is not managing to make itself heard up against the compressing wheel of rumor spread by the internet. directs a scientific review this is mail received over the years that's been sent to scientists
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he's been making a collection of these wild theories for almost forty years. these are what we in the business call cranks which means readers who send in mad theories i would say that they make up these ideas on their own and they put science in question by trying to imagine theories or in any case apostasies that are crazy in the old days these theories would just have piled up on a shelf but today a few clicks on they're available to millions of people. so supreme maya two thousand and twelve here are four million two hundred ten thousand references to duplicate this message millions and millions of times put it on facebook and all the social networks say watch out the end of the world the end of the world have you heard about the end of the world you imagine a huge universe of corridors all occurring the end of the world the end of the world well that's the internet and we get the impression that it's because it's
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repeated because it taken on such amplitude well that it's real. so real that fear of the end of the world has even given birth to a veritable business on the other side of the atlantic. at nearly two thousand meters altitude in the mountains of utah in the southwest of the united states. for anyone who feels like exploring his property. has put up this sign on the door. every day if you're close enough to be sure if you're too bad. for getting dirt on his camera it's several acres of land that he shares with a few friends. they bought it together to build a dozen also buildings like this one. six meters underground bunkers.
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and enough to survive cut off from the rest of the world for a couple of weeks. here with woods up like this. cotton clothing socks underwear toothbrush toothpaste under the floor. we have extra food stored you know pharmacy here aspirin ibuprofen. so this is kind of the. sleeping arrangements for extras you know. people who we didn't plan on coming but wind up coming so we have accommodations for fourteen people to sleep in hammocks i have a flush toilet in my shelter. together they are getting ready to survive the apocalypse earthquakes nuclear explosions even bacteriological attacks they've
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really thought of everything electricity as a lecture in war time and so all of their ventilators are designed to be operated easily by hand. it goes down through this to in war time these two hoses would be disconnected at this joint and the hoses but then be connected to the nepalese on the n.b.c. filter which is a filter that removes chemical and biological war gases and agents this is an amateur radio i have a microphone i can plug that in here and use it for two way transmissions i can listen to radio traffic all over the world with that radio on their headphones. and operate the air handler. and listen to radio traffic at the same time they can stay occupied while they are doing is boring job she told me to and fundamentalists and i don't know if you're aware they take the bible at face value and believe that jesus will come again to earth after two thousand and twelve after
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the second coming and it'll be a beautiful place it will receive its paradoxical glory it will be a renewed world and it will be a beautiful place with no disease no pestilence no problems no illnesses and people won't die only the righteous will be allowed to to live for a thousand years. and so subsequently we need to be morally straight and we need to be good people but according to the bible before this golden age humanity will be faced with the apocalypse. you know i don't know when jesus christ will return to the earth you know no one knows but i know that the world will be an awful place after the apocalypse and that there will be death on a mass scale that we can imagine so to survive the three friends of counting on more than just the gospels bullet proof vest. it'll stop this type of ammunition from. shotguns rifles.
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ammunition and we were ordered to survive yes twice that we live in an area that's rich with game to begin with there's also the human element you know if we need to defend ourselves we're capable of doing that we're all highly trained in the use of firearms and we all carry guns all the time. thank the book says that if you're prepared you shall not fear. and if we're prepared i think we have a better chance. pete and i and paul we won't have to worry about. what did we forget to bring we've had years to preplan this and bring what we need to preposition our assets so all we have to do the big challenge is just to get here
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where over an hour away from our homes and that's driving and that's an awful long walk and so my prayer on a regular basis is that i will know at least twenty four hours in advance that i need to be down here instead of in my home and if we're open and receptive to the promptings of the spirit or to that hair on the back of our necks standing up and realizing something is coming when i get that feeling then i just need to get in my vehicle and come down here. for christian fundamentalists two thousand and twelve is the pretext for religious proselytism. but for paul it's also a business in this factory he's constructing the famous shelters in one of the great nice qualities about corrugated steel pfeifer that flexible any lasting. he sells them for forty thousand euros apiece and over the last few years business has been rather good for him. we've built our first shelter in one nine hundred eighty five during the height of the cold war the production rates vary somewhat from one
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year to the next to kind of depend on what's been in the news obviously after nine eleven we were quite busy it's good business for us it's kind of like being a doctor you know there's a disaster businesses. better unfortunately and paul is not the only businessman to whom the mention of two thousand and twelve brings a smile to his lips. a single action gun which means basically that you have to cock the hammer did a little nine year old genesis has a new school see where you know where's the bullet at i call that. about she has a rather special teacher why her mother robyn peterson now you're just going to relax or. like it's a pillow. you pop one and push a lock and it would really low. rubin is a certified firearms teacher. she's also once known as
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a survivalist who confirmed christian who's teaching her family how to survive the apocalypse suiting help here situation like. that just as some are so that natural disasters happen because there's nothing we can do about that it's the way that people act towards other people when natural disasters happen. we know that from all earthquakes and big hurricanes that people attack other survivors for resources i think that firearms are essential for people survival in many ways to say goodbye to the barbie doll because target practice. and this training seems to amuse the children a great deal. i don't know yet. but the birds. and their preparation doesn't stop with firearms. i know how to filter water yeah
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yeah and how would you do that. you can get your share and you know. you can tear it apart and you can like put it in a cup and it filters it. you know as for her oldest sister angelica she's learned how to find useful plants in the wild. that will stop bleeding and you can use it as a tear carmi. it'll help with internal bleeding. everybody should be able to be an army of one too in case they were get separated or lost you want them to be and dependent but we also want to work together as a team. only training haroun children big huge disaster happened solar flares electrical grid is completely out that means there's no gas stations there are no grocery stores you can go to. a panic and riot in the city. and you guys feel like you need to get out. for one hundred to two thousand and twelve has become
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a business she's offering to teach families survival techniques based on american army training. why would that be important to hide from people you never know when people are going to come out like you if you're still take your stuff. ok. to advertise her business she has traded in her kalashnikov for a pair of spiked heels. this morning she's giving a conference in a special place the funeral parlor of colorado springs. she seems to recruit new clients and new investors. people can definitely make this
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self-made prophecy come true we have a mayan calendar the end of days we also have some very valid threats happening in two thousand and twelve we have solar flares we also have the planets aligning for the very first time we are all very aware that there has been a dramatic increase of natural disasters and just in the last three to five years after reminding them of all the reasons to believe in the apocalypse she offers them her services people ask me will connect you about this well i don't want you to crawl up in a corner and cry about it i want you guys to pull your own weight i want you to seek knowledge and get training i am building a big self-sustaining survival community holds about three hundred people it has full power its own water supply self-sustaining food supply it has tactical team security teams in place to protect it are all means a campaign in the rocky mountains structure and also for sale but not just anyone can apply basically families will go to my website and they will upload their video essays their written essays they will tell me why they should be selected i'm
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choosing people for their moral character for their virtuous principles if you make it public people will be able to vote on it just like american idol and who should be selected two thousand and twelve is also for her a way of propagating the christian moral values she believes in when i was a little kid i used to have nightmares about the end of times hour about the second coming things like that and you know the die. and staff would say that i was depressed and i wasn't depressed i was just concerned about what was going to take place i was having very very vivid dreams certain things were taking place and they never stopped some would say maybe it's you know i'm for zero danger or it's my destiny to do what i'm doing you know i think that people are eligible for their own revelation and visions and promptings and things like that because i think that god is real.
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news today is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are only day. the government no longer represents the brave. the people are going to take the terms. with. the traditional flew. the way our economic system currently is not going to.
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