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political analyst eric drache. what is important is the fact that the opposite the government in venezuela remember that. fire to oust chavez in an illegal. on the streets in that country that could not be shipped to break apart that base of. allows for wiggle room here is.
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to create something both a pace if you want to share a home out in the cold. one hundred my husband this from have been i'm from terrorists and i found work in jerusalem and used to live there with my children but without my husband because he is not a lot to live there he couldn't visit me even once at the end of each week i would get. we lived like that for four years well come to no man's land a neighborhood that is technically part of jerusalem but in reality is on the
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palestinian side of the security wall that israel has built some two thousand mixed couples live here. the problem of cooper arco is that so many people are immigrating to the area because they have to so in four years we've had a growth of thirty five thousand people it's become more crowded than gaza. so here and so one came to live here six years ago with their three children but life in the village is far from ideal the schools are overcrowded garbage is collected only once a week and there's little fresh water so if one is old and sick and basic health services are hard to come by. my husband and my daughter don't have israeli i.d.'s and they can't pass through the checkpoints they need special permission which is very difficult to get far curb is in north jerusalem eighty two percent of the land belongs to jerusalem eighteen percent to the west bank residents pay taxes to the
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israeli government but because the area lies outside the israeli wall israel is slow to provide services the municipality says that many of the people living in far curb are doing so illegally and so it's not obliged to provide them with services it also says that the security wall makes it more complicated to carry out the services and the state needs to give it more money there have been small victories though residents took the municipality to court and one garbage collection at least for now should be more frequent this is them in a bubble and from them it's really they deal with us as an enemy as an arab in jerusalem so we have to carry that because we have our right we will be the text of everything and the suffering from that phones and internet access are limited because palestinian companies are not allowed to install lines in a so-called israeli area and because the israeli police won't come here law enforcement is. and living in the middle of it all couples work so hard and suffer and then merely want to be together but politics and division are making that more
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and more difficult every day. r.t. jerusalem. in southern russia security services have for the a planned terror attack on churches to coincide with christmas eve offices received a tip off and were able to intercept the suspects the three militants opened fire on police and their car was stopped near the city of back sand explosives inside the vehicle detonated during the gunfight killing all the passengers a search is underway for possible accomplices the national antiterrorism committee had formed a special unit to prevent the attacks would block. some other international news in brief now suicide bombers have killed five people after managing to enter a government compound in southern afghanistan two militants arrived in a car killing a guard before detonating a bomb inside the building the other victims were reportedly members of the local council along with two were civilians fifteen people were also wounded the taliban
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have claimed responsibility for the attack the district of spin boldak is one of the most violent in the country and a known smuggling route for weapons and drugs. a strain authorities have started a search for up to one hundred people missing in areas hit by wildfires thousands more have been evacuated to safety winds and very high temperatures nationwide have provided optimal conditions for bushfires to break out your storage is warned that the extremely hot and dry where there is likely to continue throughout the week. in bangladesh demonstrators led by a coalition of political parties have protested against a nine percent rise in fuel tanks twenty five people were hurt and several vehicles were set on fire police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the angry crowds it is the fifth time since two thousand and nine that the government has high fuel duty. now it's been
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a week of new year's celebrations around the globe with fireworks and cheering crowds greeting twenty thirteen there were mixed emotions regarding the year that's passed with some sad to see it end but many more hopeful of better times artie's lucy careful of takes a look at the world that could have been. twenty twelve was certainly full of disappointing headlines hope fueled by the arab spring turned into the turmoil of the arab autumn the war in syria claimed countless lives and a fiscal crisis all the european union torn apart at its very seams and the problems facing our world today certainly don't offer themselves up to an easy fix what if things had turned out differently what if opportunities were actually seized upon instead of missed or here's our look at the twenty twelve headlines that could have been. diplomacy succeeds in syria and bloody conflict.
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instead this was the image of syria the world saw increasingly violent clashes between government forces and the opposition had claimed more than forty thousand lives efforts to negotiate a diplomatic solution fell flat as divisions ripped apart both the country and the international community hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled to neighboring states where many have found conditions to be dismal meanwhile syria's war is threatening to spill over its borders as tensions escalate within and in the region . of told me to try and sanction slashed as iran's nuclear to accept. gunning to end gun fire the us rules to restrict far on. mideast peace with israel league two state park has promised on. yet this was their reality israel's assault on palestinian militants in gaza israel's anti-missile shield repelled a most attacks on its territory but a strike claimed the lives of more than one hundred sixty palestinians many of them
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civilians despite harsh condemnation from many in the international community the war and israel's subsequent decision to construct three thousand new settlements effectively slammed the door shut to any prospects of peace go through people power moment use. step aside and let democracy in. get lost get my notorious kuantan of my prison permanently shot. euro zone cuts the cuts and lifts austerity. but the news of austerity only tightened as deep public sector cuts brought thousands of angry demonstrators to the streets of greece spain italy and portugal. the worst economic crisis of a generation has battered the european union's very foundations exacerbating tensions between member states with some regions now desperately wanting out i grew up in a europe that was divided from east to west going to europe it is divided from the south and never at any point in the history of this union has there been more
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discord of rank that we covered. corporate cash for the campaign coffers as part of the us political clean. no heel for u.k. british quit european union. we found a duty in the song to point to the un free speech and. instead a song remains a political refugee at ecuador's london embassy where he's been granted asylum he continues to fight extradition to sweden over alleged sex crimes charges that he says are politically motivated and tied to his work in leaking international government secrets. the power of people speaking up and resisting together terrifies corrupt democratic power so much so that ordinary people here in the west and the enemy of governments an enemy to be watched and then to me to be can for all and to be impoverished true democracy is not the white house
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true democracy is not. true democracy is the resistance of people with the truth against flies from top to right here in london. everyday ordinary people teach us that democracy is free speech and just sent. from heretics to hero american whistleblower bradley manning finally free. droning on the nations agree to end iraq of remote control. egypt's arab spring sees democracy defeat hardline islamist. the reality on the ground was anything but egyptian president mohamed morsi is foul like power grab unleashed fury and frenzied street battles and a fast track to constitutional overhaul referendum left a bitter opposition eager for change for them two thousand and twelve saw the arab spring transform into an egyptian nightmare had the revolution to get rid of
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a tyrant the dictator. in order to that we made elections the revolution and elections to choose someone to the present us it turned out that this guy is also a tyrant himself and he has had lines may have been the stuff of the imagination but that's the of twenty thirteen and all of them to life with a cough and r.t. moscow. coming up next oh but seeing a fuel stations i'm floating hotels within a decade of what spice entrepreneur eric anderson has in mind so you prepare for launch.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture. government no longer represents the people and the people we're going to take the term. we. traditionally believe in the loop to the money. the way our economic
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system. is not democratic. which brightened. from plans to.
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start on t.v. dot com. space tourism one of the more fun civil ideas of our time or a solid business proposition in orbit around earth for the future well joining me is someone who should know a lot about that question it's eric anderson a space entrepreneur to say back here on earth so mr johnson thank you for joining us it's a pleasure ok we'll start off your company was founded taking people up to space since the two thousands i remember when i heard recently about the idea of a space hotel i made a bet with one of my colleagues that there would be no such thing in my lifetime now aside from the fact that i would never live to see the money if i did when that was the confidence i had that there would be no such thing was i foolish to make
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that too but unfortunately i think you probably war i have absolutely no doubt in my mind that there will be a space hotel within the next ten years in orbit around the earth why. because there's an incredibly good business plan behind it because millions of people want to go to space and because the technology to provide such a hotel is getting closer and closer every day in terms of its cost effectiveness so there is in theory an impetus there but at the moment the principle impetus is this just the fact of let's go and see what is out there let's be a tourist in space is that really enough of an incentive all the market studies that have ever been done will show you that forty percent of the general public wants to go to space in their lifetime it just has to reach a point where they can afford it and it's safe enough for them to feel like they're not risking their life excessively to do it but i do think the tourism market is
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a model and it's not by any stretch the all the reason that the space will go to space for resources will mine the asteroids will get precious metals like platinum group metals from the asteroids people will live in space will do pharmaceutical research will develop new drugs space will become part of our economic sphere of influence but tourism is a fantastic catalyst for that the i.s.a.'s at the moment being the only platform capable of holding people in orbit is a working scientific platform are you planning perhaps to try and make space tourists useful that first of all space tourism honestly is not a great word for what these people do when they participate as private citizens going to the space station every single one of them who's flown with space adventures to the space station has had an in-depth scientific program whether it was material science or biological experiments or whatever it was they have participated they have paid their own way of course they have used themselves as
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part of the scientific community that many of them have gone to space with less than perfect health and have been great examples of how for example laser. surgery on your eyes as affected by space flight they all want to participate in this they are participating and the fact of the matter is quite honestly when private citizens go to the space station a lot more people hear about the space station than otherwise it's just one of those things that they captures the public's attention part of nasa is mission is to encourage to the maximum extent possible the commercial use of space and in fact showing that there is a market showing that there are people willing to do this and showing that you don't have to be a career military fighter pilot the right stuff kind of person that plays a huge role and i think that's exactly the sort of thing that ends up helping the space agencies of the world as well ok we'll get to the to the other economic areas
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the best way of mining in that a while but the moment we have just seen the dragon spacecraft go up to take supplies to the i assess that was a significant moment. however it was it was a small parts of what is otherwise a vost state and surprise and without state capital it seems that at the moment no private and devised could exist you can point to companies like space x. space x. has a contract for services to deliver cargo to the space station but the capital that it was started with has come from its founder. and so this is an inflection point this was not always the case you were absolutely correct the for the first thirty years of space it's all been controlled by the government but we're reaching a point now in fact i think the flipping point was in the mid ninety's when private commercial expenditures in space finally exceeded government and that was of course driven by the satellite telecommunications market and things like that no one would
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argue that those are successful businesses but we're reaching a point where commercial enterprise is creating its own space program and it will stand on its own it has been well noted that in the past year and a half the have. in a number of worrying mistakes with russian space programs a supply rocket up devices fell back to worth a mission to one of the martian moons never got out of orbit and it's course some high profile resignations and will likely lead to a lot of restructuring in the russian space agency serious concerns is this technology that's going to take people up there good enough the fact of the matter is that despite reaks recent hec ups that may have occurred on different types of launch vehicles the soyuz spacecraft and rocket have the best safety record the best history of being a proven technology for reliably taking people to and from space in human history there is no other vehicle that comes close nasa uses this vehicle itself to get to
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space so while there is always room for improvement and while i'm sure and highly confident that the russian space industry is is going to great lengths to to to make sure those things don't happen again spaceflight is inherently and they are an activity that is risky and so the risk is managed but it's never going to be perfect at the end of the day i think there's not many people in the world who would want to go to space who wouldn't feel comfortable flying on the soyuz the key technological breakthrough that we need is rapid and cost effective reusability like flying in an airplane when you land at moscow airport or you landed new york airport they can turn the plane around in a couple of hours and leave actually less than that this is the problem what you're saying to me immediately i think of his shuttle there is no shuttle you can't reuse soyuz we're going the wrong way. so the shuttle was a vehicle that was incredibly high performing it was an amazing feat of human
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engineering but it really wasn't reusable i like to call it rebuild a bowl certainly parts of it were rebuild of all certainly some of it was reusable but there was an incredible number of man hours that had to go into certifying that vehicle for re flight every time it ended up being far more expensive and far less reliable in terms of its reusability that's why i use the word rapidly reusable so the shuttle was not a great example of that however many of the vehicles that are being built now including for example the falcon and the dragon by space x. are designed and the c s t one hundred by boeing to be reusable ten times one hundred times a thousand times and those kinds of advances will be the ones and it's going to take time that will yield those price decreases that will eventually enable millions of people to go to space every year there is one of the costs that perhaps hasn't been looked at enough at the moment there's already
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a lot of criticism leveled at people flying all over the world for the holidays about emissions and about pollution that not many rockets launch from of the moment but they certainly don't environmentally friendly the ones that launch if that program is going to be expanded one could be the environmental costs of such space tourism. so when we calculated the the carbon emissions of a soyuz launch it ended up being something like a fraction of a transatlantic air flight so it's actually not as much as you think the fuel on the space shuttle was liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen and the exhaust was water so these are not the kinds of things that are really going to affect our carbon emissions and our environment as a whole even when we get to the point that there are literally tens of thousands of launches per year it's a drop in the bucket compared to all the other forms of emissions and pollution and
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i'm sure that's an issue that will will take shape in time we'll see how that one puns out the tourism isn't the only idea that you've got on the on the books as it were you also mentioned earlier mining asteroids this seems like a lot more to do with hard nosed commercial idea just trying to paint a little picture for us i think a lot of people can't really invision envisage this perhaps from pictures from animations that we've seen perhaps that there are asteroid belts so i don't think there are any asteroids that close to us because that's the kind of thing that people get scared about from destroying so what kind of distances are we talking about how is this actually with this actually look a fully running asteroid mining operation that wonderful question so in the solar system we have literally hundreds of millions of asteroids the vast majority of those asteroids lie in the asteroid belt the asteroid belt is between mars and jupiter one hundred million miles away or more however there is
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a small but not insignificant population of what's called near earth asteroids anywhere between ten and twenty percent of the material on them are what we call volatiles what that means is most of it's water water ice and water is great because when you break down water into its constituent parts you get hydrogen and oxygen not coincidentally of the same. fuel the space shuttle used to go to and to and from orbit and so we first want to use the asteroids to build propellant depots in space that is gas stations we want to be able to reduce the cost of space exploration by allowing spacecraft and spaceships to feel up no matter where they go and by doing that we will enable a space economy for all different kinds of businesses this is the second half of the equation of how to reduce the cost of space travel once we have the capability of propellant depots in space moving asteroids around becomes much easier and then we can go to the more valuable materials the higher cost per ounce materials for
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example the platinum group metals now fifteen fifteen hundred dollars an ounce on average you have platinum palladium rhodium osmium iridium and the asteroids are chock full of these materials they appear in concentrations orders of magnitude better than the best platinum mines on earth in the asteroids and start to seem like a skeptic but i think i'm not alone in the image of of us sending out teams to try and move asteroids to try and land on them really starting to see much the realms of science fiction i mean they managed to recently land on mars but that's really the very limits of the moment of our capabilities is this really a serious proposition how on earth would you go about doing something like so let me be the first to admit there is a long list of technical challenges and it's going to be very hard this is something that we don't know all the answers yet but we do know is that there is no
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laws of physics that prevent that these are pieces of rock out there that for example something the size of the international space station could be worth two hundred billion dollars and so where there's a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow there will be a way people thirty years ago thought drilling a hole down into the bottom of the ocean and pulling fossil fuels. under the north sea was impossible and now that's what we do as a matter of daily practice well we will have to see whether that does indeed transpire big promises perhaps certainly big ambitions and perhaps big achievements as well whether there will be a future for space tourism and indeed space mining is down to people like eric cantor some mr honest and thank you very much for joining us thank you it's been a real pleasure.
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