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laboratory. to build the needs most sophisticated riddled with lead doesn't give a darn about anything to change mission to teach religion why it should care about human to end. this is why you should care what you only. america's senator braces for confirmation battle as obama big cell phone called assassination of dr john brennan and suppose the maverick has a visit chuck hagel for top security jobs. i don't know in downing street bridges coalition government tries to trumpet it midterm success well its future plans leave the public on impression. that north korea lives so why a wall for the visit of the head of the internet giant google i mean before the secretive state is inviting the german economy as to how to open up for foreign investment. and if they're not i don't writing in belfast of flags of the
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social and political divide in the world when i lose as police use non-lethal force loyalists angered by restrictions in this play the union flag. this is archie. a pacifist i q's job being anti israeli in charge of the military and an apparent supporter of the harsh interrogation methods in charge of intelligence president obama's recommendations to run the pentagon and the cia i wasn't in correspondent guy and she began profiles of the nominees. by appointing chuck hagel as defense secretary president obama is arguably trying to change the perception that he has embraced bush administration national security policies
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because after four years of militaristic foreign policy that's his people see it chuck hagel former senator from nebraska vietnam war veteran as being one of the very very few u.s. politicians who opposed u.s. military expansion and who dares to question and dissent from washington orthodox and foreign policy one of them has to do with israel he's there to publicly point out that the u.s. and israel are separate countries and american interests should trump israeli interests when they conflict and that's a subversive thing to say here in washington could be a career killer yet it catered for direct negotiations with hamas he condemned the power of the pro israel lobby in washington here's one of his statements to that effect the political reality is that the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here i have always argued against some of the dumb things they do because i don't think it's in the interest of israel i just don't think it's smart for israel needless to say his nomination for the position of defense secretary has incurred a slew of objections for the past three weeks different interest groups have been running attack as on t.v.
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saying things like he's soft on iraq and he's a bad choice for the job go on like the vast majority of us politicians who keep repeating the all options are on the table mantra has allowed himself to say outright that attacking iran is a stupid idea is nomination is seen as a bold move on president obama's part and it's an important decision image wise for the president as hinted at possible changing foreign policy but many fear that charge could deliver that change in full solid more than in substance because there's only so much one person can do in washington speaking of the other person along with chuck hagel president obama nominated his counterterrorism adviser john brennan as the next director of the cia john brennan has been in charge of some of obama's most controversial policies including the targeted assassinations program one where the even. gratian determine who will be marked for execution without any due process oversight or transparency is the man who's been in charge of president obama's kill list last year john brennan claimed that the u.s.
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drone program called no civilian deaths being pakistan over the prior year which was an outright lie by so many accounts add to that the fact that as the bush era cia official mr brennan had endorsed torture and rendition and also was a vocal advocate bush administration's warrantless wiretapping program and we can see why he is deemed most fit for the job as the head of the central intelligence agency which over the years has evolved into a paramilitary force the logic some see behind nominating hey goal and brennan for these top national security positions is that when accused of being hawkish the president can say does my defense secretary lew kokesh do you ever accuse of being soft he can point out his new cia director who can be accused of anything but being soft from a cia officer ray mcgovern things obama has definitely missed one target when it comes to america's security needs. i've served under nine cia directors and brennan
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would have to be the worst. he is an open advocate of what is called extraordinary rendition kidnapping torture black prisons illegal eavesdropping and kill list from these drone that they're so proud of flying over places like hockey sun i'm almost compelled to conclude that either he's a really dumb or he sees real profit as the corporations do in the profiteering on these and less wars the difference between hale and his predecessors is this hagel has been there done that ok hagel served in war he was an infantry noncommissioned officer wounded twice to two purple hearts he knows what war is like that means a difference and when hagan says he would be very very careful about employing our forces in fool's errands such as afghanistan god help us iran he's going to be
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a worthy stand up against people like brennan who don't know the half of it and who never served our country home forces higgle famously said one time i'm not the senator from israel i'm the senator from america now. does that make good sense on the face of it would somebody be open to criticism for that kind of the you know it shows it shows how delicate this question is in our country that he can't even speak about the jewish lobby or say that he's the senator from the united states and not from israel without being criticized for what this that tell you about the power of the israel lobby. barack obama's choices for the two main security poses specially john brennan get the abbey mileage and treatment in today's breaking the set at three thirty pm she g.m.t. . the white house counterterrorism policy has gone a little something like this shoot first ask questions later and answer to no one
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cut you phrase for which we should thank john brennan in fact he coaches obama every terror tuesday on how to assassinate around the world this is the number one advisor overseeing the drone king's kill list john brennan's nickname is the assassination czar for godsake and this is the guy who is ushering this country to the next phase of the war on terror. mocking the halfway point of its term in office the u.k. is ruling coalition has touted a list of his achievements also served up with one hundred and eighty reform promises mostly minor but others threatening more i'll share a team for his reports on the midterm review. prime minister david cameron and the deputy leader of the kurdish nick clegg giving one of their rare chewing public appearances together to deliver this mid-term review it was an awkward appearance
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it was really really difficult watching there were red faces there were or could pose is there are these really embarrassing it was certainly i think rather public to into appearances somebody would say after today's performance that's probably quite a good thing this is something up we're half way through the coalition now of course a huge question was whether the coalition are going to be breaking up whether they're going to stay together. the main message from the to leaders was that presenting a united front that they're in this for the full five years of course their plans that they laid out the next steps that are going to follow already being criticized by the opposition who says this is from it is no real substance here you know there was a lot of summing up we're going to get the details of this sort of bulk mid term or the in the coming weeks that some of the things that they saw to touched upon that they feel they've achieved and among the things like the welfare reform the
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education reform you know you cast your mind back to what that actually entailed we saw these huge protest movements a hike in the university fees that needed huge outrage and feet of london you know i think when you get this bulk of detail like this some he certainly seems to be brushed eva as i said a little bit awkward and it was very noticeable that people were laughing genuinely that was sort of met with a kind of any silences some part saying you know this is no laughing matter it's a very serious point in the coalition there are big questions for the future this is a question still remain every time they give an appearance like this we also years and people trying to clean a bit more information and you know it is quite short on substance i think a lot of people are just behaving that the plans that were laid out today in the. going to be better received than the prime minister's jakes we're at the take a little bit of a closer look at the detail of what the coalition has achieved or not the case
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should be here's my colleague. well it does look like the private pension could be going extinct that's according to one prominent pensions expert here in the u.k. he says that by twenty fifty they could be no more because it turns out that just twelve percent of young people in their twenty's and thirty's are saving for their retirement so we've got a lot of young people in the u.k. who aren't thinking about their pensions a tour and that's leading to concerns over potential pensions gap in the future the sad reality is that young people nowadays they have a lot of very immediate financial pressures on their plate you know with austerity measures in full swing with the financial crisis with young people on very low wages having to live with a very high cost of living at the same time they could have debts in the form of university fees that they have to pay off if they're lucky they'll have a mortgage but the the truth is is that a lot of young people have these very immediate precious and so they just don't
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have time to think about putting money away for thirty forty years down the line that's money that they might not see again and there's a double sort of irony in this because by the timing that they retire the pension age is going to be at least sixty eight and there are reports saying that some people have said that well if the pension age is going to be sixty eight we might not live that long so why save for it so it is quite a grim picture at the moment. sliding down a slippery slope into the economic abyss the eurozone has a new unemployment i would span is not the worst affected one that later in the program. that the syrian crisis means a goodish aspirations for statehood with taking paralyzed by fear as insurgents step up their game on home territory. belfast the scene of a straight night of violence as police wire plastic bullets and water cannon said hundreds of lawyers protesters the angry mobs hurled by bombs and bricks at the
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affording injuring three about sixty officers have been wounded in a in bouts of violence over the last five weeks and so do you also decision to only fly the union flag on special days analysts and political blogger make fealty things and shows that loyalists don't have enough representation in local politics . what we're seeing here is in northern ireland as a result of the peace process we have a government in which everyone who's elected to the parliament is part of the government that leaves no spears for parliamentary opposition i'm sure when something like this happens that is seen by certain mostly working class putting suddenly in lower middle class communities to being provocative there is no political way of actually expressing your opposition so to some extent we're seeing just hard difficult it is to manage a popular protest in a situation where there is no option to change the government so to speak because
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the government includes everyone who ever gets elected. changing direction to in search of a better a live. report from ben what is becoming an appealing place for those who fail to find an economic and social paradise a more traditional and even. wealthy british style. sometimes right. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report.
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north korea known for its reclusive menace and time to internet controls is playing host to a high profile visit from the u.s. one of the guests being head of online giant google the trip while promoted as a private and humanitarian one is breeding speculation about the company's plans to expand into the secretive state washington from the one of the streets demanding
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for sanctions on pyongyang off the recent rocket launch meanwhile the have been reports that north korean authorities are hiring german economy is to help open the country up for foreign investment after a good friend from the universe of e.l.o. says economic development in north korea is still a distant dream. the big problem is actually not north korea willingness to receive investors it is the reluctance of western investors to actually go to north korea the north korean investment environment is not the cure there although the state has been trying a lot still be do have reports of investors who have difficulties with the red tape and also would change of attitude of the government you know ball to burst through specially chinese investors who have left the country for storage of the biggest problem i think for us the west the suburb is western sanctions this is easy actually it's almost impossible not to violate any section if you deal with north
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korea because almost anything is dual use and the procedures will be checking whether you are not why they did sanctions are very complicated very costly and there's also a great deal of knowing that insecurity about what the actual rules are and my freshman is that this is keeping away the best and. those approaches are the big ones. getting to the teeth so there is a controversial day being set aside on the calendar in the united states a right move americans have special day to call the motives of weapons to buy them and fire them we tell you why online. and to the mystery of the missing million dollar jesus a sledgehammer wooding thieves measured twenty five years ago but now it's turned up again. a kurdish militant raid on a turkish border post has left thirteen people did the soldiers eventually manage to force back the attackers and surgeon scene there's all these has rolled on for
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three decades with talk to resolve the separate as crisis showing no signs of yielding results and as in we are going to school reports turkey meddling in syria may only embolden militants at home. turkey's prime minister may have shot himself . by openly supporting the syrian opposition the country's leader may have overlooked the fact serious political mayhem may have on turkey especially in the border areas largely populated by kurds some observers believe any turmoil in the region between un corralling damascus will have a devastating effect on to guns country. turkey now involved virtually in a war it's used as a base by the syrian rebels and now to the kurds of march this was perfectly predictable but the dangers here argued early guns reasoning
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behind his support for the rebels can stem from lessons of the recent past. what do you. make of. the syrian opposition because they've made the same mistake in iraq. the kurdish region which is. now. thriving gave the problems in syria but that could come as a dear cost for the current conflict between turks and kurds has been simmering for some thirty years with thousands of victims on both sides in fact the last eighteen months have seen seven hundred deaths from the confrontation between turkish security forces and the kurdistan workers party or p k k recognized by some western nations as a terrorist organization some believe the thirty million kurds are ready to rise at a moment's notice to at least gain some autonomy if not reach their ultimate goal
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the kurdish state the syrian crisis may very well provide such an opportunity and uncross increasing animosity towards both kurds and damascus it may very well be turkey that will end up being the biggest loser in this call that. game kurdish representatives in the turkish general assembly firmly believe no matter the outcome of the conflict the kurds in syria are set for some sort of autonomy and are eager to follow suit the syrian kurds so will have their own status political status autonomy for long years we also struggling for a democratic or ptolemy we want our identity to be recognized and we want. democratic autonomy and regional autonomy then we should have our south governance right but these desires seem to fall on deaf ears within the turkish government within caracas kurdish conflicts coming under increasing scrutiny from human rights
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organizations accusations of rape torture kidnappings and use of chemical weapons against suppose it pretty separatists have been backed up by independent through the records and investigations and are a major stumbling block on and crusade for e.u. membership the turkish government nevertheless seems determined to avoid the issue altogether instead of turning its attention across the border into syria in a ghost go r.t. . and turkish involvement in syria's internal war becomes more apparent laid down better even for the military personnel from the e.u. and the u.s. by heading to the border for what the alliance describes that protection from on cross the volatile neighbor more on that ahead for you. the euro zone's jobless rate has hit a new record high with spain again suffering the moans followed by greens while nearly told to send out of work across the block of
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a quarter of people in spain on find a job that worrying number comes amid fresh demonstrations in madrid thousands of doctors have been marching against government plans to prompting private tile health care a move they fear will ultimately lead to further job cuts spanish political analyst for me miguel and it's an alarming find that traditionally pro-government medical workers turn out in protest. british interests you know about these protests in the health care sector is that it's different from a sociological point of view from all the protests we're seeing around spain we've seen of course teachers and. public sector workers of all source transporter all the services are basically on strike or are staging protests now what is different about the is that you have doctors which are traditionally in spain like elsewhere are traditionally more conservative they most of them they backed the government prior to each election so this is their own people that he sent happy with the way
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the government is going so i think it will it will make a difference it will it will cost some extra problems for that for the current government. as unemployment brings it is spread to what was once a land of prosperity many of those who are hunting for a better life are now making some unexpected choices not reports from venezuela on why the country is becoming a more attractive place to move to with no end in sight to the financial crisis many are finding refuge in countries with an alternative economic model or some business well that represents hope and new opportunities the bolivarian republic may be a surprising choice after all it's been ranked as one of the most corrupt nations in the hemisphere whose murder rate exceeds that of iraq still the world bank says venezuela draws the largest number of immigrants after argentina with one million flocking here in two thousand and ten alone the muscles. get weaker rosa is one of
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them after decades of struggling in the u.s. she decided to start anew in venezuela. and that come to you completely alone when you go that trying to find a new way to really learn nobody helps you there nobody in caracas the helping hand came from the government achieve loans to kick start a small business and subsidies that enabled her to purchase this home that's why rosa and others like her see the country as a place where. you can move more freely here you have more opportunities. robust economic growth and increased spending on social projects to help create those opportunities having the state on your side in terms of the benefits is a huge thing because you don't have to worry about your basic necessities everyone has the right to universal free health care quality health care education at all levels the government provide subsidies to start up small businesses medium sized
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businesses that do the same in terms of housing to help people if they're coming from a country where the economic crisis is so bad they've been cutting all those benefits but as well it begins to look like a paradise that may certainly seem to be the case for those on the bottom president hugo chavez helped bring the poverty rate down from fifty percent when he took office to roughly thirty one percent and the u.n. says venezuela has the lowest level of inequality in latin america. it's one child has die hard supporters among the poor but what about the rich critics say chavez is alienating the wealthy many of whom turned out in droves to vote for his opponent in october closely contended election twenty first century socialism hasn't helped us it is her job his opponents blame his so-called socialist experiment for problems like limited foreign investment they say that it's driving businessmen and entrepreneurs out of the country. by daniel year g.'s himself a young businessman disagrees after spending twelve years in barcelona he decided
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to return to venezuela not just for the economic benefits he says but for the chance to partake in a different sort of future order there are two very different political forces in this country one wants to move towards capitalism the other is on the path of socialism in the october election the people of venezuela voted to make the country greener fairer to create more opportunities i mean in this regard many venezuelans like myself have decided to return home. and so they do showing that for some gambling in venezuela system may be worth the risk you see catherine of r.t. venezuela. around the world now and in china hundreds of people have relit in a rare show of support for a liberal newspaper they saw the clothes for political and democratic reform outside the news headquarters of some of the renewed weekly in the paper had been forced to change an editorial calling for reform of the ruling communist party a protest comes after dozens of academics in china signed an open letter calling
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for the resignation of the provisional propaganda minister who they blame for the censorship. in advance of party of nato troops have left for turkey where they will deploy patriot missiles on the syrian border a larger group of the european soldiers will arrive later this month when they will be joined by the dutch and their german counterpart the military alliance says it's deployed the mess out to protect civilians in turkey but syria's sees it as an act of provocation journalism money well looks and writers says our support of all the mission is lacking in many european countries of course it is a high risk human shield law takes place there but this is what we saw already in the past with other international missions the governments don't seem to be so concerned about what will bring the future in this area but we see something else we see that the population in the european countries if i can say it all during is
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that the population is strongly against such missions everybody knows who sees the situation right there at the border the court is taking place actually not just since yesterday but several months that the leaders that. are coming from turkey on syrian soil to do what to kill their people so turkey is right now the security dangers for syria not the other way. onto the radar tease kinds a report it pulls on punches in the banking world coming up. crime is a plague of the big cities but in a tiny arkansas town of twenty five thousand it is really getting out of hand pure
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gold as a property crime index of more than double the national average and rape burglary and assault are also way above average poor poor gold is a dangerous place to live in but what's the answer to living in constant fear of criminals well the mayor thinks that the answer to that problem is to live in constant fear of the government how logical the mayor and police chief have a doorstop plan to send out police patrols with a fifteen's and full swat are to i guess intimidate the local population into submission well actually the plan is for them to stand around it ask people an important question ask them to show id the answer to crime isn't a police state sending guys out with automatic weapons and body armor around just to check people's i.d.'s like it's the berlin wall or something won't do anything a guy who breaks into your house for crystal meth money isn't going to be affected by this only the good average citizens will have to show an armed thugs their id just to go buy milk but that's just my opinion.
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it should be so much greater. from fines to pressure. from stone totty don't. welcome to the kaiser reports i'm max kaiser or what is it good for some say absolutely nothing but from what i see it's a good way to support a bunch of bullets welfare queens and virginia.


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