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tv   [untitled]    January 10, 2013 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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but back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour forget about helping to cause obesity diabetes into the case sugary drinks could now be doing damage to your mental health i'll tell you about the startling findings from a new study and tonight you can science and the stuff beneath us is worth trillions of dollars so why don't we see any of the well. it's a nice daily to. welcome to your take my take a lot of our phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion make a comment ask a question live on the air give us
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a call at two and two nine zero four twenty one thirty four and i'm for first call of the night mark in toronto canada and mark what's up hi there tom you know i wanted to know if you had heard of the group called the a c l g there is a radio program that are sort of costly getting people to call in for petitions kind of christian religious stood for things this kind of like a real freak high rhetoric and you know i'm not and i'm not familiar with them. you know i think they've been on fox news recently but the really do heighten the rhetoric and i worry that we've got another ralph reed kind of christian religion machine happening again like they did with the jockey room off it may well be i mean ralph reed's participation in jack arrow off was more of the in my opinion corrupt variety of then media variety but mark thank you for your college. bill in philadelphia pennsylvania
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a bill welcome to the program thanks for calling. tonight. let's kill it. and they. are buying up all the property for all the well off market what do you think of that. if you do your welcome thanks for the call. you know this is happening all across the country right now is a really good time for people with a lot of money to be buying america because when the when the deregulation and thirty years of reaganomics combined have have just basically wiped out the middle class we're seeing thirty two years the middle class being wiped out there for all their wealth is on the table their property their homes their pensions and you know it's fire sale prices so the canadians are coming in the chinese are coming in the europeans are coming and anybody with a lot of and the american billionaires are coming in and buying up real estate
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right now because american the average middle class americans who used to own all this stuff don't have the money to buy it and so this is this is what we're talking with michael hudson earlier about as we're seeing the cancer stage of capitalism or see in this and again being played out it's the stripping of the united states the stripping of the resources principally of the middle class in being given to the top two percent thanks for the call scott in philadelphia pennsylvania hey scott with the. great show and i'm calling about one way to. security for the schools would be a direct tax to gun manufacturers so in the sales or generate revenue to go directly to school security if you ever tried to charge into coal or any of the manufacturers of mcdonnell douglas you know security.
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was. possible way. to really he really didn't do much but it's one way to direct sewers. ok i'm not here. thanks for sharing that i think you know there's so many of us who are talking about how can we make our schools more secure or safer and you know short of turning them into prisons it's never going to happen. it's just not going to happen. you know the the school in newtown connecticut had put up put in a security system with a with a locked door and buzzers and all kinds of stuff after columbine and you know. skid comes along just shoots out the door just shoots out the glass there's always going to be a way around those security systems and once we've put bars on the windows and we quite literally turn our our schools into prisons the fact of the matter is that the odds of a child dying in school in america are like one in two million i mean they're very very low the odds are much much higher that children will die in bathtub accidents
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or around the house of the consequences. of household products things like that so i think you know we need to not overreact to this and turn our schools in a prison that's going to ruin the lives of our kids and at the same time we need to look at the systemic issues in our society like poverty in the in the great gap in well in wealth and our response to every middle illnesses and other things. you know before we start talking about turning our our schools into jails eduardo and san francisco head of our you want to talk about chuck hagel. a critical nomination i think that it would expose americans need to be talking about this first. but rather embarrassed by the how the. slash jewish lobby. how they have basically turned the charge of them
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into hate speech to use against anyone who disagrees with anything israel does and they really have created a. bad history of intimidation but what really concerns me is that some of their statements about the. disdain. semitic going to because he imposed. the jews from the loyal citizens it seems are totally false. it is totally false thank you for your call and your phone is breaking up and and beyond that i mean nick kristoff i believe it was in today's new york times lays this out you know if you. had a once referenced the jewish lobby when he meant the israel lobby it was a slip of the tongue but on top of that if you go to go to israel people talk about jewish lobbies all the time haha that's the major the second largest newspaper in and israel you can look at their website there's thousands of references to it chuck hagel is not an anti-semite and and frankly i don't think that it's any lobby
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that has made anti-semitism in this context as a political tool it's more the people who are. pandering is not the right word who are who are trying to protect who are trying to pretend that they are israel's best friend it's largely the republican party who like to throw this against others when it's when it's not it's not a real cost charge and what it does is it reduces the ability to actually identify the genuine anti-semitism which is tragic travis in detroit a travesty thanks for calling. yeah i was wondering what if anything that we are doing already we. to get our public spread the message and get us back to a cause to show government where our rights are actually protected. what
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rights in particular are you concerned about. our fourth amendment rights our right upright us on our second amendment rights. what about a right to have a well regulated militia. what about. where it says that the federal government doesn't explicitly have power over. to the states and the people you know i think those are largely in place and largely intact although i realize there are people who think that. social security and medicare are violations of the nine to ten commandments specifically the ninth well specifically the tenth amendment takes up the state's progressive tax rates are just saying well somebody for something we should be equally i respectfully disagree with you i would submit to you that and thank you for your call i would submit that people who are at the higher end of the income bracket are making
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heavier use and proportionately have your use of our commons than our people at the very low end of the income bracket it's like the carbon footprint thing steve in spokane washington hasty to talk about guns and say. well. you know real life is not like a western right where only you. guys get shot in the horses run on. earlier today show the. sheriff joe sheriff joe arpaio was on my radio show today. and he talked about how we know. allover. yeah i said he had a fifty cal i don't know if he said machine gun or not but he said he had a fifty caliber gun and. can match what kind of damage it would do to any school
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yeah it's i mean it's kind of scary stuff i mean that's that's a weapon that can take down an airplane that's a weapon that can you know can take out a bank with the right ordinance in it so steve thank you for the call i think your point is really really well made this is not a western movie. film either rob in fairfield california hey rob thanks for calling want to talk about surveillance state. no. no i don't know what your results read about. a man. and a satellite. around the earth. you know all over are. all over the world these. you know go on the google earth have. they got a tweet or. are you are you opposed to that. what's your point i don't understand your point do you think the surveillance satellites. or or the jews in greatest satellites to shoot pictures of should that stuff should be
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available through google is a. i think with a lot of people i've spoke to like. you know if you talk about i was concerned. but after you know about that i was in. little bit over but after the i doubt it would be able to find. its or like ok you know i get your point these are the rationalizations i appreciate your call and i don't disagree dave vassar kansas we have just a little less than a minute left it's yours. but i can't figure out if you know we want revenue but you know tariffs are never meant to. point to one. to two percent the go go away we in. trouble while in china has
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a rabbit as well as a functional tariff you know that's in the teens as do all the european countries as you know japan's and south korea's over twenty percent and the way that they do that is not by calling it a tariff but my call in a vat tax that's imposable and reversible and you ask why dave it's because our laws and our rules are being made by politicians who are beholden to large transnational corporations of the billionaires who run them and they like it this way and so for your take my take a live thanks for all your calls if we didn't get your calls and i trust back next week coming up is it about time that working class americans were able to make money just like this nation's billionaires do i'll tell you how we could do it and tonight's game you take.
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the worst. white house of the day the radio guy and. i want. to go because you never seen anything like that i'm cold.
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it's thursday let's get geeky i'm getting depressed according to new research what you drink may be linked to how you feel emotional a recent study presented at the annual meeting of the net at the american academy of neurology suggested that there is an increased risk of depression from drinking sweetened beverages while there is a decreased risk of depression from drinking coffee which is typically not sweet to researchers in the study found a relationship between drinking four cops or cans of soda daily and having a thirty percent higher risk of depression and a relationship between drinking four cups or cans daily of other sweetened beverages like fruit punch and having a thirty eight percent higher risk of depression the effects on a risk of depression were also pronounced in diet soda and other diet but sweetened drinks the researchers also found an association between drinking four cups of
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coffee daily and having a ten percent lower risk of depression dr hong lie shown of the national institutes of health and a researcher on the study said in a statement that our research suggests that cutting out or down on sweetened diet drinks or replacing them with sweetened coffee may naturally help lower your depression risk but he was also quick to note that more research is needed to confirm these findings and people with the pression should continue to take depression medications prescribed by their doctors. findings of the study are based on beverage consumption and depression data from over two hundred sixty thousand adults range in age from fifty to seventy one researchers followed the study participants from the beginning of the study in one thousand nine hundred five to the end of the study in two thousand and six and the study period concluded eleven thousand three hundred eleven study participants had been diagnosed with depression or the results of the study are revealing researchers note that they only found an association between consumption of sweetened drinks and developing depression it's
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still unknown whether people with the oppression are more prone prone to drink sugary drinks or if the drinking the sugary drinks might be what's causing the depression however previous studies have come up with similar results study in two thousand and eleven published in the archives of internal medicine also showed a relationship between caffeinated coffee consumption and decrease depression risk and study conducted in australia suggested there may be a link between drinking soda daily and having an increased risk of psychological distress so if you want to stay healthy and happy it might be time to lay off the sugary drinks and go for a nice cuppa joe instead. crazy those swedes really love their hard. news viewers of the nightly news on sweden's
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most popular news station were treated to an unexpected surprise on monday night's broadcast as that using here was reporting a story on syria to millions of viewers porn begin plane in the monitor behind her and it lasted for a whopping ten minutes eventually staff at sweden's t.v. four pulled the plug on the monitor also released a statement saying that the station is owned by a company that also broadcasts adult films and other channels and that a computer makes up cause the steamy form to play during the news you tube footage of the ordeal has gone viral viewers posting comments like what's news doing on my porn so while porn may play every now and then on the news in sweden i can assure you that here on the big picture you will never ever accidentally see any porn whatsoever. what's going on.
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when the royal dutch shell colored rig got stuck on the rocky shores of atlanta alaska on new year's eve people at state paid very close attention not because they worried about the potential for another environmental disaster in their backyard of course many did but also because they pay close attention to their state's oil industry in general because they each make a lot of money off of alaska is unique in that it has something called the alaska permanent fund. believing that all residents of the state should profit from the resources that are naturally below their feet alaska takes the money that the big oil corporations pay them in oil leases and royalties invests that money and then distributes the returns on those investments to each and every resident of the state works out to between a thousand and two thousand dollars every year for every man woman and child in alaska so if your husband and wife with two kids you get as much as eight thousand
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dollars at the end of the year and that ain't pocket change for a working family trying to make it during the republican great recession or depression thanks to the supplemental income for each resident of alaska that state enjoys the third highest. and is also the second most equal state of the nation it's a system that works and has been embraced by both democrats and republicans even sarah pail so why not apply to the rest of the country in fact that actually is already sort of applied to the rest of the country but only for the billionaires right now our entire economic model largely controlled by this billionaire class depends on enriching the lives of shareholders and business owners but not average working americans from wall street to big oil to the for profit health insurance industry business decisions are geared to increase the wealth of shareholders. take
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a gander at the forbes four hundred richest americans list and you'll see a slew of billionaires who collect most of their money in the form of what's called non-labor dividend income in the form of things they own like businesses or land or infrastructure business or land or infrastructure paris hilton collects a steady stream of the dishes get their regular checks in the mail courtesy of the massive energy conglomerate their dad built up and the koch industries mitt romney continues to collect his checks from bain capital it's good to be a shareholder corporate owner in capitalist america you know that's all well and good within limits but aren't we all shareholders in our commons just like alaskans and being such shouldn't we collect dividends every time our commons turns a profit for others just like alaskans in alaska the money oil corporations pay to lease and extract oil on public lands is distributed to all alaskans equally so nationwide all the money oil corporations pay to lease and extract oil on public
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lands birkin's equally to what i do down here what they do up there and once in two thousand and seven the us government collected nine billion dollars in royalty payments from big oil just on the drilling down in the gulf of mexico in reality we taxpayers should collect a lot more but the us ranks ninety third in the world and how much revenue collection oil and gas extraction compared to the profits these industries enjoy but still nine billion dollars in royalties from just the gulf of mexico that's a lot of change. and if we were to distribute that money equally to all americans like they do in alaska it works out to about thirty dollars a person which doesn't seem like a lot of money but when you throw in the leases and royalties paid everywhere else around the nation for oil gas coal east coast drilling platforms to the fracking wells coal mines in appalachia that oil direct derrick's of the midwest in texas
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we're starting to talk about serious money not only that think of how much money is put into our common military to defend the interests of big oil abroad to make sure the shipping lanes stay open in the oil spigot keeps flowing big oil should contribute a small fee for the service which can also be added to our common permanent fund to be shared by all americans who are all making big oil pay for their pollution of the commons a cap and trade system which forces polluters to pay for how much carbon they dump in the atmosphere is a great start and could raise even more money for our commons permanent fund to be shared by all of us the point is our commons belong to all of us and should be enriching all of us not just the billionaires who stuck a flag of it robinson says why and it shouldn't stop at just the oil. wall street relies heavily on the commons to our markers are regulated by common government
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enforced through common courts and fuelled by workers who are educated in our commons out of the markets about a small financial track transaction tax a tax on every single trade just a fraction of a penny so that we the shareholders in this nation also see the gains from but we market or better yet as entrepreneur and defender of the commons peter barnes proposes we should all get a cut every time a company goes public barns argues when a company like facebook or google goes public its value rises dramatically experts call this a liquidity premium and it's generated not by the company but by society the socially created wealth now flows mostly to a small number of americans let's say require public companies to deposit one percent of their shares in the common fund for ten years up to a total of ten percent in due time our common fund would have a diversified portfolio worth trillions of dollars. now consider the
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enormous profits that radio television and entertainment companies make by using our common air infrastructure and our common copyright laws for basically no charge they too should be paid into the common fund as off their i'm one of them i have no problem taking a small piece of my my revenues from my writings and aid them into a common add together all of these rents for using our commons that we the people have raised a lot of money over the years to pay for and our permanent fund could go a long way to supplement the annual incomes of millions of americans who desperately need a bit more cash. some oh as capitalism has left to run amok in america over the last few decades we forgot the important role commons can play in enriching all of our lives rather than billionaire c.e.o.'s paying us to use our commons pollute our
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air and water dictate our military missions exploit our markets and hijack our radio and t.v. airwaves it's all been flipped. it up though we give them subsidies huge tax breaks free usage and no requirement that they have to share any of the wealth our commons have produced for them with the rest of us who actually own those columns so in the end they make billions what should what should belong to all of us to make squat which makes no sense and with pressing concerns about economic wealth inequality economic insecurity and environmental disasters we need to move away from this corporate model and embrace a new universal shareholder. and that's the way it is that i thursday january tenth two thousand and thirteen for more information on the stories we covered this in our websites and thom hartmann dot com or in our cars if you missed any of the
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that's huge you're covered.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images cold world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day.


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