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the family over internet activists our shorts accuses us prosecutors of being complicit in his suicide after he faced decades behind bars for downloading academic documents for public use. now a nurse objections just anger and they did nervous in london belfast and she speaks to both sides in the weeks old flood conflict as they struggle to explain what their demands actually are. our friends gave the surest says its military operation against the non islam it's all the short and made warnings the country risk of being bogged down in the conflict profile longer than one.
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international news and comments live from moscow this is us he was me. hello and welcome to the program. the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and overreach they says how they family all this celebrated internet freedom and schwartz have described his recent suicide schwartz face decades in prison after federal prosecutors alleged he illegally downloaded millions of academic papers and planned to disrupt the trip get them for free he has frequently interviewed shorts and our own marina porter nine now takes a closer look at the man and his skates. he was a computer prodigy an online activists co-founder of the social news website reddit and he was also a frequent guest on our team but twenty six year old aaron swartz was also the
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target of a federal computer hacking case and the trial was scheduled to begin next month that beginning will never come because swartz committed suicide inside his seventh floor brooklyn apartment in this building behind me on friday morning according to police he hanged himself and left no know behind and according to reports his girlfriend found him in the bedroom with a belt wrapped around his neck now swartz was arrested and indicted two years ago on allegations of breaching a computer network at the massachusetts institute of technology to download millions of pages of academic articles and other documents swartz pled not guilty to the charges which carried a sentence of up to thirty five years in prison and a one million dollar fine in the aftermath of the suicide swartz's family released
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a statement blaming the prosecution the federal prosecution for driving the twenty six year old to take his own life they said in part quote aaron's death is not simply a personal tragedy it is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach decisions made by officials in the massachusetts u.s. attorney's office and at mit contributed to his death unquote many of swartz's colleagues have been quoted remembering him as a genius kid brilliant and funny now at thirteen years old he designed his first web site at the age of fourteen he helped write the ora says program that alerts users to new blog posts swartz also founded demand progress an internet group that campaigns against web censorship in this. ultimately led to many people considering him something of an on line robinhood one of our producers reached out to him in early january for an interview he declined in an e-mail saying that he was under
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the weather for many years also did write openly about his ongoing battle with depression and at least one time wrote about the topic of death but his supporters his friends his family members believe that it was him being targeted by the federal government that caused this brilliant twenty six year old to take his own life reporting from new york. r.t. . so. it's triggered an avalanche of tributes online from leaving internet and like minded of its a german. believes the potential punishment facing his ex if he was way too harsh. it is completely ridiculous people are being charged with fifty thousand dollar fines for just are not into music on the internet or in swat was putting pirates on the internet that should have been on the internet. a long time ago and actually j.-star. where the
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fires came from and said they wanted to put the fire on the internet anyway and aaron swartz just did a good job doing it i think the system brought in this case whenever it comes to internet freedom whenever it comes to copyright infringement then other senators other people in the house of representatives in the united states the same side there's no differences. they're there for the same side as hollywood does they are actually fighting for hollywood and making the last of them. carrying a very heavy legacy that will be difficult to fill its footsteps but there are a lot of people that fight for the same goals that were tried to go into what's what he was fighting for and i think the political movement that is fighting for a free internet is the strongest now and will get stronger and there's no risk that this very heavy loss for the internet community will bring a stop to the political movement. there's
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a shaky cam in belfast what governors of police officers were injured in the latest spate of sectarian violence over the weekend kind of act in the northern irish capital began when the catholic dominated local council voted to cut tail the flying of the british flag at city hall in the vote he is opposed by a loyalist project and it's actually south at reports now there's no end in sight to the violence with the goals they can post i've got a conflict. well it's certainly been a turbulent time full northern ireland it's being six weeks now since the decision was taken to limit the number of days of the union flag would fly here at city hall sparking this feat the board loyalists out on to the streets now if the weekend's only starts today we saw some of the worst they like writing that has taken place thus far we have more than twenty nine police officers that were injured at the weekend in the course of the damage that this is doing to an organized reputation
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much much further reaching this is having a real knock on impact on business and investment in this area to you know we've been talking to people from all sides of the debate to find out what exactly should be done. the riots sparked by the like this speech showing no signs of abating at the weekend loyalists returning from a protest that won't pass the nationalist area with both sides clashing police thing came under attack from loyalists of his many in the nationalist community. angry young loyalists a falling back an old sectarian narrative a worrying sign to those who remember the reality of past troubles.
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young people why are they coming out and reacting in this way. we have. the right. around the world. to stop this happening right now. this is going to start. to the still some calm in the form of a peace rally held on sunday many here have watched on in bewilderment some in
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fifth what's been taking place they've been dubbed the embarrassed all silent majority. barrus majority. here. actually there is another countries you see in these three tests so for the test you'll see this nobody would ever think oh well first we think oh yeah i still have these marches in the us they say they were the truth is like us when we were going to maybe get so they're so full of good things up and that's where the culture of. the race is now on to come up with a solution to calm the situation before it gets any more and every riot every rock throwing chipping away at the hard will. piece. of this is some ahead for you this putting weapons i had a while for with a pile of ensure that these are all approaching people question the government's
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priorities as the country splashes the cash hosting another large scale war games but ignores demands for economic change. and also later germany's said to persuade the greek opposition that austerity from needs some say but then is making approaches towards what and believes will be the future leader of the troubled euro zone and that. france now says the u.s. and britain are providing support for its military intervention in mali french troops have been fighting in the african nation since friday to help the government regain the north from rebels who sees the area nine months ago but political writer barry lund believes western nations are dealing with the fallout of their campaign in another african nation leave the current operation in mali will be a long one is also part of go for a message for the its colonial past its great price.
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also in asia and the french are still not forgotten i think that's very much part of it and also of course the economic interest there you're talking about a country just north of the mallee which is twice the size of france how do you track down these rebels these different groups who know these areas how do you deal was up with a few hundred troops away as well as the potentially huge involvement a very long task what happened was after could have feet fell a lot of so-called mercenaries who had been paid to fight for him who had a lot of very happy arms and took off and came south and some of them originate from northern mali decided it was now time to establish their claim which they wanted to do for a long time to having their own homeland in northern mali he's with us. they were better than joined by radical more radical islamic groups and of her we
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have now been tossed out and it's really the radical islamic groups that run things who will be back with more news in just a few minutes to stay with. us more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images you're seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are ruled today.
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i. you know watching hasi line from moscow alone will banning u.s. citizens from adopting russian children has become the target of their latest opposition iran in moscow thousands marched in the center of the capital on sunday protesting against banks our correspondent in your piece was that. the protesters are demanding that the e.u. the authorities abolish i walk by some recently which bans americans from adopting russian children well this button is part of the russian lawmakers response to the magnitsky act passed recently in the united. for sanctioning russian officials
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suspected there in the states of violating human rights are the reason why russian lawmakers chose to ballot meghan's from adopting russian children is due to the meaning pieces of lobby usually sometimes even deaths of russian kids after they were adopted and brought to the united states in fact the whole issue of the option has been quite a problem between russia and the united states for several years now and officials in moscow say it's not always the cases of abuse themselves but also the lack of a proper legal reaction from american authorities including the lack of heavy jail sentences which could have prevented these cases from happening again so authorities say that banning americans from adopting russian kids is actually aimed at protecting them and it's fair to say that they do have quite a large number of supporters in society in the russia just recently about why the russian girl in her blog online wrote
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a personal letter to president putin from the sides of the bill in the end asking him to change his mind to abolish this law she explained it by saying that in many cases the orphans which are being adopted by americans and many foreigners what americans in this case. and they are simply not able to receive the proper medical attention here in russia and we both already heard from the president's press secretary to be scoffed who said that i was going to put in will review this blog post even though it's not an official request but also right before the end of last year one of the russians newspapers managed to gather around one hundred thousand signatures now protesting this law and under the de cleave off of the president the parliament also have to review this protest is also needed to point out back to due to the current agreement between moscow and washington on adoption all those
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people who have already been able to find the children who are going to be adopted and brought to the united states they're going to be able to finalize the process so these kids who are already sort of approved to be adopted it will be able to go to the united states all the way until two thousand and fourteen. and we've got more pictures and videos from the latest opposition rally held in russia had to r.t. dot com for a closer look at that and more stories waiting for you there including say goodbye didn't find a new collection of clothes designed to hide the wearer from drones and other means of detection is said to be unveiled in london soon had to r.t. dot com to read how man could do big brother's watchful eye. and also than not just cheering crowds for the pope's prayer that says members of the notorious he korean famine group stage and make a protest are right in the heart of the vatican online above the details of what
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sparked the women's discontent this time. it's. is going to be a battle of austerity when they german finance minister meets the greek opposition leader who's been holding firm against the burning banks austerity strategery alex as he presses expected to demand international lenders change the terms of the international bailout for greece and to political economist again his memory found kate says there's also a particular reason why germany is interested in this meeting with me i was in a position from which was like
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a little. and then found it much harder to stop the work relationships once he became president of the french republic similarly because the person may well be in government after the next election in the future in greece so germany me to have a mode of communicating it not in order to work. either with the eurozone but with us to convince me about the right or wrong they are thinking so there has to be some kind of government communication. and some other international news and brief for you this hour on to government protesters in bahrain have reportedly clashed with police at the funeral of an activist who died after being overcome by tear gas it follows a series of demonstrations urging the current government to step down the uprising in the gulf monarchies started an early twenty's eleven a majority began its push for greater political freedoms and rights.
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thousands of activists have begun their march on the pakistani capital after their leader voiced his discontent with the current political system islam about has tightened security and want to demonstrators a possible terrorist attacks some politicians claim the march was initiated by the state's military to disrupt the polls ahead of the train or election in the spring the cleric who is functionally movement says the government should deploy drastic reforms and break up the corrupt regime. nigerian military forces claim to have captured a key figure out from the islamist group boko harrar mohamad as a beginner was reportedly caught in the country's northeast in a city believed to be the heart of the insurgent group the government is trying to oust the islamist group which is responsible for thousands of deaths during have talks on civilians. israel is increasingly under fire for its settlements
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plan with the latest wave of international criticism sponsored by the forceful other palestinian protest camp dozens of antecessor meant activities were detained after police raided this site despite an earlier court order preventing the government from such action and which walked up palestinian man who took part in the nonviolent projects and he believes the upcoming is really election is the reason behind the commotion. when you have five hundred more than five hundred fully armed israeli soldiers. raiding villages with the forces of an armed does that by itself is violence but even within the process of actually. many activists many of those that suffered brutal beatings for no reason they did not even exist. or less but they suffered due to the beatings we had at least six or seven of thought there's an activist treated in the hospital
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and a lot of them are hostile to see doctors for severe problems that they suffered from the beating it's a political issue for. the going ahead with their settlement plans. to connect violent means to them and to do so and they don't want anything with the legal or illegal to disturb the settlement expansion. and there's a lectures are coming up senator mel has to take the. stand tough position on on this particular case meanwhile a zero has hosted also been called the largest as the nazi national air force exercise was more than one hundred fighter planes taking part in the combat training came just a couple of months after another large scale military drill conducted jointly with the u.s. and with a parliamentary election in the country just around the corner and growing number of israelis are questioning such huge expense and will gain politically. israel and
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the united states are sharing military drills bigger than any they've done in the past thousands of troops and millions of dollars but with social grievances that still need to be addressed and a prime minister looking for votes ahead of early january elections israelis are asking themselves yet again if netanyahu has his priorities straight. he's a couple terrorist and under his term as we saw in the last few years of the cleavage between poor and rich with. the big elephant in the room is the defense budget israeli military spending was not supposed to grow more than one and a half percent a year but those figures have more than doubled in the last three years alone and now after an eight day war with hamas in gaza the defense establishment is pushing for even more money netanyahu chances of a victory come january are high and television homeless are preparing themselves for more of the same joys of bench moment arrived at this tent city with nothing
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more than the clothes on his back and a tank of gasoline threatening to set himself on fire. only one owed to me by the state nothing more nothing less i sold my country as a soldier and i will stay here to the end i do not fear death i saw it in the army many times but is this what i deserve. his tears echo the pain and abandonment people here feel the government has no time for us there is money there is a lot of money to help people like us netanyahu couldn't care less he will win again i know this. is a disgrace the prime minister netanyahu has formed committees to deal with the demands of anti austerity protesters but they complain he hasn't taken a single concrete step to address their concerns. i think we need to invest more in social issues housing and cost of groceries and heat the security budget and
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proportion of. the security of society it's more important not less important than their security. but the voice on the street is drowned out by the bubble of weaponry and tell of obsession in showcasing its military prowess policy our team television and coming out shortly after the break crossed over to stay.
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what makes life complete. love and a happy family. or self-expression. a show. that seems so true. for a little. child. you
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know only one. hello and welcome to cross town peter lavelle ending international impunity this is the stated goal of the i.c.c. the international criminal court but is it delivering impartial justice to the world the court supporters say after a decade in existence it's too early to say its detractors claim the i.c.c. is racist and hypocritical as well as a tool of the great powers. to cross-talk the i.c.c. today i'm joined by lawrence douglas in chicopee he is a professor of law jurisprudence and social fun at emerson college in boston we
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cross to william kaler he is a professor of international relations and history at boston university and in new york we cross to george samuel he is a fellow of the global policy institute of london metropolitan university are a gentleman cross talk rules in effect lawrence if i go to you first is the i.c.c. delivering impartial justice to the world today. i don't know if we can necessarily say it's it's you know this is a fledgling institution which is still getting its sea legs and we know that it's only delivered one verdict so far i would say that one verdict met certainly met the our expectations of a fair trial that accorded the defendant due process so i think we have every reason to believe that the court can deliver impartial justice in the future though again i want to emphasize it's still very much an institution that's gaining its sea legs and certainly has certain issues that it's confronting that has to work through in the years to come.


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